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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Fiji's illegal attorney general implicated in plot to charge former PM's son with rape


The woman who alleged and then withdrew a claim of rape against lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry (the son of Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry) says she was pressed to make the complaint by the treasonous attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who promised to drop the drug charges against her, give her immunity and get her to Melbourne.

Muskan Balaggan says in a sworn statement sent to Coupfourpointfive that she met Khaiyum in Suvavou House in June and that the first thing he asked her was: "Can you tell me something about Chaudhry's politics?"

The meeting was set up by the Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, and one of his deputies after they were contacted by her uncle. Balaggan had been living with Rajendra Chaudhry, who had offered her surety for the drug charges she was facing, but she fled the house. In the police statement dated two weeks ago (July 22), she says Khaiyum promised her a deal but she came to have second thoughts. "I then realised my mistake in lodging a complaint against Mr Chaudhry and knew then that I had been used by AG and Commissioner and that their promises were false and they had no intention of helping me."

But she says Sayed Khaiyum police cronies turned on her, charging her with filing false information and keeping her in custody for five days where she was "tortured." She says they tried to make her go ahead with the rape charge against Chaudhry and that Fiji police have not closed the file on the  case.

Balaggan is to appear in court again soon and Chaudhry is reported to be still in Australia.

Read for yourself the Balaggan sworn statement that was sent to Coupfourpointfive:


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Khaiyum for plotting to pervert the course of justice.
That is the real picture of Khaiyum who specifically said on a TV interview that the judiciary is independent and in no way he interferes with the functions of the judiciary.
This is also another trump up charge by the illegal regime.
Its about time now that you guys should leave office otherwise youll be forced out.
Thank you C4.5 for the updates.
Thumbs up for Democracy!!!!!

Tomasi Ulukau said...


This is a 15 round contest.....

Round 1 - Chaudhry 1, Khaiyum 0

ding ding ... round 2

Anonymous said...

Despite all the power he's accumulated for himself through the RULE OF GUN (not of law), it's amusing to hear that Aiyaz matavaka!ebo, still wants to know about RC's politiks.

Looking out for the competition, aye? LMAO!

Here's a tragic reminder for you Aiyaz matavaka!ebo.. u've tried not once but TWICE to get voted into COUNCIL of the Fiji Law Society and FAILED.

Just as you FAILED at being a successful, competent lawyer. LMAO!

I guess that about says e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about ur slimy and superficial style of politicking. LMAO!

Seems that sticking a nation with guns is the ONLY way you can propel yourself into the spotlight. LMAO!

U Lazy, Dumb SUCKER!! LMAO..

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, Unbelievable, Unbelievable. There are quickly becoming GESTAPOS, gestapos of the the Fiji Dictator. Oh my God, where is Fiji heading to?

Without doubt these FLPs and the Chaudhrys have deeply regretted the support they gave to Bainizzz in 2006. They are paying heavily for their much hatered for a God-fearing man IQ. They are scattered all over, sought refuge overseas, the sugar industry which is the backbone of FLP politics is in serious dire-strait as well as trade union movements. So, FLP what is next???

Anonymous said...

This is the Straw that will Break the Camels Back...

Dalip of Samabula said...

This is a classic case of corruption of thr highest order within the illegal regime.

How come AG and Police Commissioner colluding against Chaudhry? Why is the police acting to frame lawyers? Why is AG promising immunity?

ALl these proves that there is no law in and justice system in Fiji. Polce and Courts ask AG for instructions.

Mr, Chaudhry, you are a real fighter.

Can Thakur Singh comment on this please?

Anonymous said...

Great Work C4.5....

Anonymous said...

shame kaiyum your true colours boy are showing now you are adisgrace to every indian and muslim in fiji you and your tappoo family are going to hell even if you run way to malaysia but god and karma with get you my son even karmani or your new lautoka guy from pakistan wont save you your father is agreat man but you like mr nur khala are adisgrace your gin has taken you up there but same spirit will brig you down beta look at your family history all have flown and all have crash landed but in your case all of fiji has suffered you and aziz are a disgrace beta you make hafiz khan look good lol root in hell i dont fancy rajend and lawyers period but you dont play with human feelings beta allah ho akbar

Anonymous said...

what our super clean commisioner of police too shame on you boy how do you face your junior officers when now they now how dirty you are you are a disgrace to any uniform you wear son even if its aprison uniform you will burn in hell morale less soab now when you give aspeech to your staff or any were people will be giggle inside how do you take it only for money you dont relly have power even sad fijian leaders of fiji

Anonymous said...

bomb shell or straw the camel willl go soon

Anonymous said...

what a shame..no matter how hard these thugs try to convince us that what they're doing is genuine..now the truth is out and the whole wide world now knows how corrupt they are..a bunch of thieves ..

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks to C4.5 for giving full coverage of the victim. Rajen you are hero don't be shy go back to Fiji and continue your practice with full dedication,You will shine forever.

Anonymous said...

We are asking The Fiji Muslim Leaque in this Holy Month of Ramdhan is this what Islam teaches. We need
urgent response from FML.

Anonymous said...

Aiyas if you are true son of Khayum than call a live political debate with Rajendra Pal Chaudhry. You pork eater crook let the public decide who has capability of staying in politics.

Anonymous said...

ag and compol should go f each other.
both liars like the boss frank the crank.
no justice in fiji now.
they will frame every people.
who oppose the illegal govt.
time for fiji people to kick some ass.

Anonymous said...

This is owesome c4.5.

Now we know how the judiciary operates, police torture chambers, and fabrication of cases againt political oponent real taliban style....Can Ratu Mara, FTUC, NFP, FLP and SDL ask all members of the f..ded up Judiciary to resign immediately.....they are corrupt....like hell...GO CHAUDHRY GO....Khaiyum bite the dust...

Anonymous said...

I must acknowledge one Dilip of Samabula for having courage to speak against evils.
vinaka k iyar for the write ups.

Anonymous said...

Well! Well! Well!
Ain't we in deep shit eh!!!

convolutedexperiment said...

It's Indian against Indian now !

Anonymous said...

we already knew this was happening - the collusion and corruption of the law enforcement agencies by Kaiyum is clearly demonstrated here.

Coup 4.5 - thanks for the scoops! keep 'em honest!! please repost pages 4 and 5 of this affidavit - they're not appearing on the website. Any chance u can post up the PDF?? many thanks for keeping up the fight coup 4.5'ers!!

Jieke said...

What a circus.

Anonymous said...

if aryse can do this to rejend what must he be doing to baini marama food for thought wake up fijians

NadroKid said...

One word for this...


E sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke.

Anonymous said...

I guess this women has the guts to face up to this gov,,,thank you for standing up for yourself n family, pro demo??? you have to learn from this little person?? face them now with all you have or don't waste our time n yours!! move on....why can't somebody just put some bullets on this gov????

Anonymous said...

all chiefs are lamu now no guts......masipolo to much vei vore....my man is the one at naboro..

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs. The rush to help her and assistance she gets when she's against Chaudhary and the strong arm tactics and torture being used once she changed her mind goes to show exactly what kind of twisted injustice system is in place. No wonder RUM took a slow boat to Tonga....there is absolutely no chance of justice in this heirachy of crooks! The sooner we get rid of this cancerous mob the better it will be for our country.

Anonymous said...

This drug runner seems to be a remarkable woman.For a foreigner to remember names and addresses of all locations she is taken to and all the names of people she is interacting with is amazing!
One cannot just go to a police station and say so and so raped me-

Anonymous said...

This man in the picture has bigger plans. He is on the verge of abondanding the ship to take shelter in one of the isolated place.Dont forget U Chor Rajen will not leave you till you end up in Naboro,

Anonymous said...

Something here is not right.

Anonymous said...

This junta is a gang of corrupt thugs who plot and scheme charges on persons of oppostion who are classified as enemies of state and then use the police and FICAKE to charge them and frame them up and stage cases and bribe judges to gail them. All persons that are a threat are targetted to be criminalsied so theyr cant posea threat to the dicatator when PER is removed and cant stand in the next election.

These are corrupt gangsters who call themselves PM and AG and Ministers but are corrupt to the max. Is this a government?

Justice will come one day when they stand trial for their crimes.

Who is Kaiyum, who elected him.

Now the Comissioner of Police must charge himself and illegal AG for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Sa dua naka vakaloloma sa yaco tu qo noda vanua. WAKE UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

All persons who are a threat to the the juntas corruption and future election are listed as Enemy of the State and a cell in the FMF works on all the options to frame, charge and convict them by using FICRA, Police, FICAKE, bank loans called, civil service jobs kickout, harrasment of family and relatives, using legal commision.

This is junta tactic cos a political party in secret has been formed by the dictator and new consititution done by illegal AG, aim to crimalise by the courts all who will stand for elections so cant contest.

Challenge to Kaiyum to come and stand in any seat in Fiji and see whether he can get 1% vote?

Remove the PER cowards then see the real oppostion, meanwhile enjoy you GASTEPO tactics.

N SINGH said...

Every donation over $10K will be given a free entry to fundraising night planned in Sydney to be in Mahens presence

Anonymous said...

These are not government of fiji but gang of thugs.

The plots they have to gail people who are against is weaker than the will of the people of fiji to make them to stand trial for their crimes.

The 2006 coup was not god sent but a evil plot to save the gang of thugs from trial.

Day will come soon for the gang of thugs to be exposed and stand trial for their crimes for people of fiji to see.

Who will vote for them in any election, bring it on and see what peole of fiji want.

The junta of thugs has hijacked the nation and calling itself prime minister and ministers but are crooks.

Anonymous said...

Dirty schemes by dirty corrupt little men doing devils work and bringing Fiji reputation down to being hellhole of the SOUTH PACIFIC.

Anonymous said...

Ni bula vinaka na Turaga kei Marama I Taukei ni Vanua e Viti kei Rotuma!

Era vakavuna tikoga na Idia na leqa e Viti ena vuku ni nodra kocokoco - kaiviti kece sa kila tiko na ka qo, ka dau tu lo ga vei keda, ia eso sara ga vei keda, eda via vakilakila tale tiko.

Cava tale eda waraka tiko.

Sa benuci na noda vei tikotiko vakaturaga cecere koya eda kilai tani kina, sa vakalaboci na vei vakaturaga taki. Ia, eso sara ga vei keda era tutaka tiko me da sa na kawaboko na kawa i taukei.

Mo ni kila sara tiko ni o ira ga na Idia, era vinaka tiko me da kawaboko na kawa i taukei, ka ra dau utura tiko na kena buka.

Au sa kerekere vei kemuni na vei turaga bale kei marama bale ena vei vanua turaga ena noda vanua lomai o Viti me da bau nanumu keda mada....ni yalo vinaka sara..

Ni moce toka

Na Kai viti

Anonymous said...

SOMEONE WILL BE SEEKING ASYLUM OVERSEAS SOON.!This is a well thought setup.!Someone is using this alleged drug courier to leave Fiji
I THINK I KNOW WHO. Can you guess?

Anonymous said...

The Biggest felony committed by AG according to COUP FOR POINT FIVE news, if so who is going to investigate who ?
This is just counting ABCD...blindly unless some one goes and report on the matter of foreign student Muskan . In the other side it looks suspect in this case is in fear and do not wish to touch Fiji Ground from Australia. At-least there must some truth or otherwise regards as cartoon .
Good Save our Vanua
udre udre

Anonymous said...

Along with all the local thugs and criminals, the foreign CEO of Air Pacific should also stand trial and sent to jail. He needs to be kicked out of the country and reported to the USA Federal Police. He is a white thug. A real loser white guy that failed in his own country.

convolutedexperiment said...

Welcome to Paradise !
Should be " welcome to Paradise lost " !

VereBau. said...

@ Anon 3:35.

Bula Kai - you aware our beloved Islands bears 2 names?

One is Fiji - other Viti.

Maybe time we started fighting him where we're strongest.

Ni Moce.

Anonymous said...

No strikes, job actions, sick outs, slowdowns or other financially or operationally harmful activities shall be permitted at any time for any reason for designated corporations under the new Essential National Industries Employment Decree.

These actions are prohibited in connection with a union’s efforts to obtain registration as a representative of a Bargaining Unit, a union’s efforts to influence the outcome of collective bargaining, and disputes over the interpretation or application of any collective agreements.

The decree states that if the parties have not agreed upon a new or successor collective agreement based on the period stated, the Bargaining Unit through a secret ballot verified by the Minister may go on strike or the employer may implement a lockout however a 28 days’ notice has to be given to the Minister and prior written approval needs to be obtained by the Minister.

The new Essential National Industries Employment Decree states that given the nature of their employment, flight duty restrictions and duty period scheduling, no pilot, cabin crew, or engineer employed or engaged in any airline industry shall be eligible for overtime pay, unless otherwise agreed by the employer and the representative.

It further states that no person employed in any “designated corporation” that operates on a fulltime 7 days a week or 24 hours a day shall, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the employer and the representative, be entitled to any overtime pay for work performed on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

There shall be no requirement for an employer under the decree to deduct union fees from a workers’ salary or wages unless agreed otherwise by the employer.

The decree further states that the Wages Council shall have no jurisdiction over any “designated corporation” or essential national industry, and any order, determination or regulations of the Wages Council shall not apply to “designated corporation” or essential national industry.

President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has gazetted the Essential National Industries Employment Decree and it is stated that the purpose of the decree is to ensure the viability and sustainability of certain industries that are essential to the economy.

The decree has termed designated corporations or companies which operate in an essential national industry and these companies will be designated by the Minister.

An essential industry is also termed as those which the government has a majority and essential interest in.

It is also stated that upon commencement of the decree, all members, office bearers, officers and executives of the union within a designated corporation or company must be employees of the designated company.

Any union registered which represents workers employed by the designated corporations must re-register as a representative.

The Essential National Industries Employment Decree states that any person or body or any union representative who fails to comply shall be guilty of an offence, and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or five years imprisonment or both, and in the case of a union to a fine not exceeding $100,000.

It is also stated that upon commencement of the decree, all existing collective agreements will only be valid for a period of 60 days while new or replacement collective agreements are negotiated.

It further states that all existing collective agreements shall be null and void and no longer binding between the parties.

If no new collective agreement is in place, then the designated corporation may implement new terms and conditions of employment through a new collective agreement or individual contracts.

If an employer under the Essential National Industries Employment Decree has suffered operating losses for two consecutive years, it shall have the immediate right to re-negotiate all its existing collective agreements. Stay with us we will have more at 5pm.

TURUKAWA said...

Well we have been talk about all the lies & the propanganda against this illegal fiji govt?

there is no more truth left in this govt except the people below those ones runing the govt in all govt dept.

The real bullshit that we have been blogging and talking about it on this web, as evrything that is done by this illegal govt is so very very true now.

The bloody power trippers are all this fakaniasi lot of people.

Fiji Police sa kua mada na masipolo tiko ka lomani ira na leweni vanua,ni sa nomuni tavi mo ni qarava na leweni vanua ni sa vakasaurarataka ira tiko qori.

The tax payers of fiji and the people who you are terrorisng are the ones paying your salary and also put food on your tables.

i can vouch for this story too as the JP signing on this girls statement is my neighbour.



Anonymous said...

The war has began the workers of fiji and junta of thugs, now they have put the degree to wipe out all workers rights and law and agreements and unions.

a march and arrest of this junta of thugs is needed by the hundreds of thousands of the workers of the fiji.

PER or no PER, workers must fight now cos the junta has taken bribes from busssines to do this.

Who is dictator and who is kaiyum and who is the nabua horse betting military president to force this on the worklers anbd poor people of fiji.

day of justice for the junta by arrest has come.

Anonymous said...

Ni bula vinaka na Turaga kei Marama I Taukei ni Vanua e Viti kei Rotuma!

Sa i au saka tale qo:

Ena i kuri ga ni tukutuku sa vakaraitaki toka mai cake.

Au sa baci kerekere tale vei kemuni na vei turaga bale kei na marama bale ena vei vanua turaga, 14 na yasana, 3 na matanitu ena noda vanua lomani o Viti me da bau nanumu keda mada....ni yalo vinaka sara..

Ki vei kemuni saka na noda turaga kei na cauravou ko ni lewe ni noda mataivalu cecere e Viti..au sa kerei kemuni talega mo ni bau nanuma na nomuni Viti lomani, na kena i rogorogo, na kena lotu, na kena vanua, na kena vakaturaga taki, na kena veiwekani, na kena i divi, kei na dra e umani keda vata tiko.

Ki vei kemuni saka na noda turaga kei na cauravou ko ni lewe ni noda mata ovisa cecere e Viti..au sa kerei kemuni talega mo ni bau nanuma na nomuni Viti lomani, na kena i rogorogo, na kena lotu, na kena vanua, na kena vakaturaga taki, na kena veiwekani, na kena i divi, kei na dra e umani keda vata tiko.

Ki vei kemuni saka talega na noda vei turaga kei na cauravou ena vei dela ni yavu cecere ena vanua rogo ko Viti kei Rotuma..au sa kerei kemuni talega mo ni bau nanuma na nomuni Viti lomani, na kena i rogorogo, na kena lotu, na kena vanua, na kena vakaturaga taki, na kena veiwekani, na kena i divi, kei na dra e umani keda vata tiko.

Ki vei kemuni saka talega na noda vei turaga, cauravou, marama kei na goneyalewa bale ena vei dela ni yavu cecere ena vanua rogo ko Viti kei Rotuma ko ni tu saka mai vavalagi..au sa kerei kemuni talega mo ni bau nanuma na nomuni Viti lomani, na kena i rogorogo, na kena lotu, na kena vanua, na kena vakaturaga taki, na kena veiwekani, na kena i divi, kei na dra e umani keda vata tiko.

Na kena i otioti saka ga..Ki vei kemuni saka talega na noda vei turaga, cauravou,marama, goneyalewa ena vei dela ni yavu cecere ena vanua rogo ko Viti kei Rotuma..ka da vakatawa vanua tiko e Viti, au sa kerei kemuni talega mo ni bau nanuma na nomuni Viti lomani, na kena i rogorogo, na kena lotu, na kena vanua, na kena vakaturaga taki, na kena veiwekani, na kena i divi, kei na dra e umani keda vata tiko.

Ena vuku saka ni tukutuku sa koto qori e cake..au sa vakamamasu saka ki Viti raraba me bau nanumi ka lomani ko Viti na noda vanua kei na kena i tovo, ka nodra vanua talega na noda qase...era a kauti keda mai Viti..o cei o keda me da qai vakatara na noda viritaki yani kina loma ni wasa liwa.

Au sa kerekere saka me da lesuva ga na noda i tovo..ka vakayagataka na veika tuvatuva e kilikili, dokai ka rokovi e tu kina..ka sa dau vakavuna mai na noda bula..o keda kei ira na noda kawa.

Au sa kerea saka gona kina me da sa vei vosoti ga...me sa tekivu saka qo na noda veivosoti, me da veivosoti kei matanigasau ena i tuvatuva saka qo:

1. Koro kina koro
2. Tikina kina Tikina
3. Yasana kina yasana
4. Matanitu kina matanitu
5. Ni oti na veivosoti vaka i keda, au sa kerea saka me da qai vosoti ira na Idia, Jaina, Vavalagi ka vaka talega na Vanua vaka Pasifika ena vuku ni rogorogo ca kei Viti
6. Au kerea saka talega me da vosoti ira na luveda, tacida, tamada, tavaleda ka curu saka tu ena mataivalu rogo ni noda vanua o Viti.
7. Au kerea saka talega me da vosoti ira na luveda, tacida, tamada, tavaleda ka curu saka tu ena tabacaka ni Ovisa rogo ni noda vanua o Viti.

Ni yalovinaka saka na noda Turaga kei na vei Marama bale ni noda vanua lomani o Viti...da guilecava na veika sa sivi, kakavaki, ka da na tadolava rawa kina na vei gauna vinaka kei Viti ni mataka.

Kevaka saka e sega qo..au kila saka ni dua na vanua dredre eda sa vakanamata tiko kina.

Au sa loloma vei kemuni kece saka na taciqu, tuakaqu, ganequ, tamaqu, tinaqu ena vuvale levu o Viti.

Me vakalougata taki na Viti na tamada ko Jiova.

O i au saka na Kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

A signed, and dated affidavit ratified by a commissioner for oath. This is an amazing feat by a woman who was abused by this illegal system.

Anonymous said...

How much longer can our Land & People take from this unjust, unholy, hypocritical government????

Anonymous said...

Can someone please correct me -is this person an Indian National? If she is, where is the Indian High Commissioner in this whole process? Something is really, really wrong seems to be going on here!!

Anonymous said...

Rajen get the bank accounts in overseas in which the tin pot dictator is receiving kick backs and reveal to the world, dont forget the illegal AG.

Miaw said...

Sab sale chor hai !!!

Thw woman i'm told has drug problems, Kai Yum has a big ego and so has Rajen Chaudhary.

The 3 should hold each other's hand and jump from the roof of the tallest building in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What an UGLY FACE...I wonder how his(AIYAZ) wife tolerate it.AND ALL THE WOMEN HE HAS BEDDED...YUCK

Anonymous said...

who cares about cocaine smugglers - let get back to the fight against frank fools,,,,,hullo,,,,,wake up our mission is democracy not saving a drug smuggler / pros!

Turukawa raju said...

THe affidavit for the drug carrier was prepared by Chaudary Jnrs staff and Maha chodo a stone throw away from the unsuspecting commissioner of oaths office.

THe CID should dig deeper and charge the culprits.

THe affidavit is is of no value till Rajen comes back to Fiji.

CID should find out haw much was paid to Ranjit of Rakiraki and the drug courier.

Only Rajen can answer whether it was a rape or concentual sex with the drug courier.

Medical examination by CWM hospital proves the courier was raped and bitten all over her body by the rapist and unnatural sex.

Since Rajend has released the affidavit in the blogs CID should also release the photos of the drug courier showing the injuries she sustained while staying at Rajends residence.

Miaw said...

Sher Bahadur eh

The ex-manager of National Insurance before he got the boot when they merged with another insurance company in 1979 !!

Whats his role in all this, and this Indian national with drug charges ??

Anonymous said...

Workers unite and bring this regime to its knees. To do nothing at all will be end of a Free Fiji for your children and grand children,

Anonymous said...

Qo ga naka e da kilai kina e vuqa vei keda nai taukei:

1) E da vuni tamata vucesa
2) Qai levu na vosa keina kakase vaka e na toso kina e dua naka.
3) Sa qai levu ga mai na no school.

Pretty Az said...

man this guy is ugly...c.45 you got his school picture? c'mon, make our day

Anonymous said...

No evidence of any rape or sexual activity committed against this woman. No grounds to proceed so no charges and Aiarse Gavoka looking very silly and the media is completely dodging the story now unlike when VEEJAY Narayan Khaiyum (ASKs Ball Warmer) thought he had a real scoop for the regime on his hands.