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Saturday, August 20, 2011

FICTU and FTUC call on news outlets to stand up for media fairness

JOURNOS AT WORK:In the hot seat.

More resistance today against the military dictatorship with the unions calling for media teams not to broadcast or publish if they can't provide balance.

The country's two major unions, FICTU and FTUC, have issued a joint statement denouncing the "misleading and controversial views of the regime being given prominence without fair balance."

In a statement, the two unions cite how the voice of worker's and trade unions have ffectively been shut down since 2009, thanks to the illegal regime. The regime has meanwhile been allowed to attack unions on a daily basis without them getting a right of reply or rebuttal.

FICTU and FTUC say some news outlets have given up trying to provide fair coverage with censorship goons in the newsroom "while others are effectively promoting propaganda."

The say the situation should not be allowed to continue "because the people have a right to be informed of the truth and to have their views publised in a fair and balanced way."

The joint statement is addressed to the editors and publishers of the Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Fiji Broadcasting, Fiji One, Communications Fiji Ltd and Fiji Live. It's signed by Tevita Koroi for FICTU and Dan Urai for FTUC.

It's the latest initiative aimed at encouraging people to stand up for democracy in Fiji. In recent days, there have been calls for people to march at Sukuna Park or to show (in whatever way they can) the regime and fellow citizens that they will no longer tolerate an unelected government that rules via PER and refuses to hold elections.

In a move that can only be applauded, FICTU also earlier this week criticised the regime for revoking FTUC's permit to meet in Nadi.

Such efforts to work together for the common good can only help Fiji and must be encouraged and applauded.

Read the joint media statement


No Retreat said...


Keep it up to their noses......

Their days are numbered and please do address them as illegal....so and so because that is the fact.

Thumbs up for democracy.

God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Listening now to BulaFm and a guy (Waisale Tora?) is talking in Fijian about this whole Charter-Farter by the military regime. The PROPAGANDA machine of Radio Fiji is loud and clear. He talks about democracy when the process of 64% support of the Charter-Farter that was done back then...and how the late Rt. Iloilo abrogated the Constitution and reappointed Voreqe's goons after the Appeals court declared their RULE as ILLEGAL.

The "Vesumona" technique for the gullible villagers is amazing!!!! Qori..kemuni mai nakoro ni TEITEI tikoga vakalevu..what the annoucer just finished the segment with. Oh the programme is Voqa ni Davui by the Ministry of MISINFORMATION obviously for the gullible villagers.
Valoloma dina o Viti.

Anonymous said...

This is the first positive move Fiji has ever taken towards bringing to an end this illegal regime`s dominance over the citizens of this Nation.Bro Te and Bro Dan,your members have been waiting for this unification to happen since 2006.As Presidents of both umbrella bodies,you both now will stand lead the workers in this fight.Solidarity has shattered to pieces forces mightier than this `wanna-be`Govt which is nothing more than an Organised Crime Family.MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD BE YOUR GUIDE AND STRENGTH.

Rickie Chand said...

Well done Mr Attar Singh and Felix Anthony. This unity was long overdue. You both are brave souls and are the hope of the nation. No other group has the clout to deal with the bastard khaiyum and no school bainiboci.

please keep your heads high as you are now the leaders of fiji.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9.34pm..Thank You for the info taciqu.On that front ,the Samoan PM advised that to Pacific Islanders in villages,as long as there's abundance of food in the teitei and sasalu from the sea and rivers they rely on; the propaganda will be of minimal effect to most of them....let's focus on the issue of the duty bestowed upon the Trade Unions to utilize the resources available to them wisely to achieve maximum impact on this illegal Govt .

Anit said...

It is good to see FICTU / FTUC together over important labour rights issues. "United we Stand"...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for us those running radio stations outside Fiji - to promote democracy and free Fiji from the VB & the goons e.g Radio St 93.5 (Koori Radio) does that every Tues night - thans to the ladies & the speakers who run the programme why can't the others follow suit e.g. 98.7 on Sat morning - feel so disappointed & sad to hear the continuation of ignorance of the situation happening in Fiji - 88.9 wed night has a very lenthy time - maybe an hour to be dedicated to the cause - God Bless Fiji