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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fiji regime cancels Methodist Church conference but unions plugging away

No surprise Frank Bainimarama has cancelled the Methodist Conference at the Centenary Church in Suva, tomorrow.

Poor Frank has been unable to sleep at the thought of the powerful Church coming together again, after four years.

He wrested a promise from them that they wouldn't discuss anything political and restricted the number attending to just 1,000 when four times that could've easily turned out.

Then came the order for the top three officials, (Reverends Ame Tugaue, Tuikilakila Waqairatu and Manasa Lasaro) to not be at the conference and for them to step down from their positions.

This morning, the conditions were adjusted  yet again with the regime insisting they only said the three leaders couldn't chair the meeting, not that they couldnt go. Oh, but Tugaue couldn't stand for president again!

Late today the story (in fact, so quickly that even FBC was still running with the old story) was changing again with reports military officials would be attending the conference. Leweni has now been quoted as saying the gathering has been cancelled. No explanation given just the comment: "Let's just leave it at that."

What a mess poor Frank has been in. And the incompetent Neumi Leweni doing all the talking for him, but everyone knowing the orders were being driven by his fears.

It's not the end of the matter; look for the regime spin on things tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, more encouraging signs of those wanting a better Fiji, working together.

FTUC and FICTU have written to Bainimarama about their concerns (raised several times before but ignored by the regime) about the new Essential Industries decree and the PER and lack of media freedom.

The country's strongest unions tell Bainimarama there is no justification for the draconian measures urging him to suspend  the FNPF reforms, the new decrees (31 and 35) and the PER and the media censorship.

They also urge him to respond positively to a request for dialogue and for a return to democractic governance at the earliest.

Read FTUC and FICTU's letter to Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

Just get on with the Conference, dont even bother about what Bainivuaka says. He doesnt own anyone, everyone is a Free Spirit. If you stand up against him than you will get the Respect of all the Fijian people...

Bainivuaka and his boyfriend Khaiyum are wetting their beds and having Sleepless nights... They are dreaming about the four walls of their prison cell in Naboro which are going to be their home for the rest of their life... Bainivuaka tries to put on a brave face in public but deep down in his heart, he's actually falling apart and scared of whats to come next!!!

Bainivuaka your days are numbered!!! What goes around comes around...

Anonymous said...

Another bad decision by the scary cat Vore. This time he won't get away with it. Too late the church members are already in or fast approaching the outskirt of Suva. I bet tomorrow morning the army trucks will be parked nfront of Epworth house. Me 'a ni cava dra ni emuni taucoko. Long live the Methodist church of Fiji and Rotuma!!!

Anonymous said...

Sa qai dua na ka vakailasa. Sa mocemoce ca tiko ena veibogi o bainikaiumu. E rairai mimi moce sara tikoga. HAHAHAHAH.....

Anonymous said...

Laimuri says....

Good on you Methodist tops guns....

Do not fret, Frank & Aiyaz & company are satan sent sons of evil. Sent to destroy christianity and freedom.

raise and stand for your faith and your god will deliver you from these evil goons.

FTUC & FICTU, rally all you members on the street....see what Indian can do. These thugs are day light muderers and rapist of their own children and mothers in their own houses. That is the brand we give to kiayum & Frank baini & Naz-nuni Shamee-mee

kiwlad said...

It's time the methodist church starts non-violent non-coperation movement in Fiji. If they start then I'm sure others will follow. Bainimarama cannot afford to shoot any people as the world will not tolerate it.
See how important the freedom of the church is to the leadership of the Methodist leaders.

Anonymous said...

Is the conference still going to go ahead regardless, as stated by the church leaders:

"In any case, irrespective of the permission by the junta, the church conference WILL BE held."

Pursuit of Freedom said...

Congratulations to the Methodist church for standing up to the military junta raping Fiji. Time is running out for the evil khaiyum snd his running scared hand puppet.
As President Obama said with the fall of Gaddafi -
"The people of Libya are showing that the universal pursuit of dignity and freedom is far stronger than the iron fist of a dictator."
God bless Fiji and the Methodist church for their dignity and courage.

Anonymous said...

@anony, 11:38pm,
Very nice comment.
Bai, rai ki Suva se rai ki Beqa mate ga nikua.

Anonymous said...

So whens the march....

Anonymous said...

Good on you Methodist Church leaders. You are the biggest denomination in Fiji. Don't step back or back down. We all behind you. All democracy warriors are behind you. They don't decide who goes in and who goes out as leaders of the church....who are they anyway...Bainivuaka is an empty headed coward hiding behind the gun(your guns will soon be bulletless) and Leweni the bigmouth bandsman...how do you get the Leut Colonel rank...masipolo..lai masia la nomu biukila....

Anonymous said...

The Centenary Church building is a private property that belongs to the Methodist church.(just like Bainimarama's house belongs to the Bainimarama family)
It does not belong to the government or to a prime minister or whatever.

What people do in their PRIVATE PROPERTY is their business (unless if it is illegal)

It is not illegal to meet in a Church building.

Therefore the Methodists should go ahead and meet in their PRIVATE PROPERTY called "the Centenary Church".

I would suggest that the Methodists should call everyone to just come for a big worship service anyway, Fijian , Indian, all races, just come for one big worship service.
Have a big worship service everyday!
for one week or even one month.
What can the government do? It's not their property.
I thought the "role of the government" is to be there for the people. Not harrass them.
Surely the government are not trying to stop people from worshipping God; or are they?

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

Doing a deal with Frank and Aiyaz is like doing a deal with Satan himself !
Just drag the shameem sisters, gates and pryde's arses out into the streets and put a bullet through their heads, game over red rover !

Anonymous said...

Good on you Methodist Church. Now, Bainimarama knows that the Church wound not take orders from the illegal junta. The Church has its own protocol and chain of command which members observe, mind you it is not the tin-pot stupid type like at Delainabua.

By now too, after circumnavigating the political landscape of Fiji, I am sure that Bainimarama had seen first-hand the comprehensive network and capacity of the Methodist Church which would dispel his secret agenda if any to contest the next election.

Solidarity - Bainimarama had tried previously to break up the Methodist Church by using Epeli Ratabacaca and Atu Vulaono but he could not. Now, if he still knows of anyone, disgruntled Church Minister who could do that for him then go ahead but the Methodist Church will withstand and members would stand in unity and solidarity.

Biggest Threat - Bainimarama's biggest threat is not the Methodist Church of Fiji but his inability to know his boundaries, where his dictatorial authority ends. He lives on his own shadow, thinking he is super but not he is just another human being. So, the quicker he comes to his sense and stop sitting outside like a ruminant species, the quicker Fiji would return to normalcy.

Mafi...USA said...

Their is NO Sovereing Law in Fiji after the abrogation of the 1997 constitution. The decrees that they formulated is for them to carry out their agenda and to protect themselves from trial after a democaratically elected govt comes ro office.
The illegal attorney general has been saying all along that the Unionist are breaking the Law. What law is he talking about???
All Laws of the land comes under the constitution, which is the supreme Law of the Land.
So for the band-boy spokesman to say that the meeting of the Methodist Church to be cancelled is something that they just come upo with because of their own fears.
The destabilsing that they are talking about is being drummed up their own assumption and fears for themselves being overthrown.
If the Methodist leaders are going to convene their meeting, the govt of the day has no right to stop them. They are the very ones who are breaking the law and holding the country at ransom, for their freedom of rights, expression, speech and even dictating terms for their fishing rights.
Methodist leaders should go ahead and conduct their meeting and disregard what the no school Leweni and Bainivuaka are saying.
They are a bunch of opportuinist and scared Pussies...
Freedom to Democracy!!!!

Anonymous said...

And so Tripoli falls, the Libyans did it against a well armed experienced and smart dictator, not this no school brain dead thug here. At least the Lbyan were brave and now will enjoy freedom like the rest of the Arab nations that have fought for democracy this year and won. Fijians you are a disgrace and I am ashamed to be among you. The Church, the business community, the GCC, the Police, the Judiciary, the economy...the list goes on, have all been DESTROYED by this illegal government - and the response of the people....pathetic

Anne said...

Mark 16:15-16 (NIV)
15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

God will bless abundantly when the Methodist Church organisation in Fiji starts to focus on preaching the Gospel and move away from politics. The Bible is very clear about this. The Methodist Church organisation has too many man-made agendas and has now lost its way. Unity, glorifying God and preaching the Gospel to lost souls is what the Methodist Church organisation in Fiji must get back to. Reading the above comments makes me wonder where the Lord Jesus Christ is in the Methodist Church organisation in Fiji. Is Jesus Christ just a figurehead or in the hearts of those who are espousing all this angry political stuff?

Anne said...

This is what preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Politics and the Church do not mix. The Methodist Church in Fiji organisation needs to take a good look at itself and change direction. Life is just too short. http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=178427
Gospel outreach targets youths:
Salaseini Vosamana
Monday, August 22, 2011

Members of the Unity in the Body of Christ youth band sing praises in Labasa on Saturday. Picture: SALASEINI VOSAMANA

REACHING out to unfortunate youths in society and helping them live a normal life is an initiative carried out by a group of youths in the Northern Division.

On Saturday afternoon, The Unity in the Body of Christ started a gospel outreach program in Labasa Town where more than 100 youths heard life-changing messages.

Youth president Pastor Ratu Josefa Loloma said the program was aimed at redirecting unfortunate youths back into society.

He said it was about time youths made right decisions to discover their potentials and talents in life.

"Most youths nowadays are lost because they don't have anyone to lean on when they come across hurdles in life.

"Some of them resort to criminal activities which later find them in correction services facilities.

"We should stand up and help these youths overcome their problems. There should be a collective effort so they are redirected back into the community."

Pastor Loloma said youths needed to be transformed into the person God wanted them to be because they were the leaders of the future generation.

"Youths are our future leaders and this initiative will groom and shape them up as great leaders," he said. The program continues this week.

Pro Fiji said...

Gaddafi's falling guys! There's hope for us yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.39am. Please note that people in middle east region have history violent. Fiji has history of peace hence why it is going to take longer or maybe never to topple this regime. Best we start grooming next generation for this task. It could be couple of decades before we see any change.

Anonymous said...

cmon you all fijians, indians, christians and all the oppressed groups in Fiji now...this is the time to RISE UP...why is no group join up with everyone fiji citizen out there and march towards democracy...god is on your side, who are you to fear!!LOOK AT the people of Libya....IM SURE THERES ONE PERSONS OUT THERE COULD LEAD YOU ALL...????????????????????????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Neb said.
I do not understand when people tell me that polotics and church do not mix.How ?? you mean to say that politics are dirty and church is clean ?? or what.Please anne do understand bible verse because it cuts both ways, to me Mark 16: 15-16, its good for all the churchs to go and preach so that dirty minded politician are cleaned by the men of god from Methordist or any other. so for me it is the men of god who should talk clean politics. So go foth Methordist Church.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8.20AM

No history of violence in Fiji - are you retarded - how many Coups?

Anonymous said...

annon wote...

"cmon you all fijians, indians, christians and all the oppressed groups in Fiji now...this is the time to RISE UP.."

Why don't YOU rise up ?ha ha not fit enough to run the 100meters?
Why it seems all or most of the bloggers hee are methodists.You hear anything from Hindus/Muslims?
And why all of a sudden do we have an association with Libya?..DAH!

Put your hard earned dollars where its needed most...not towards your fav methodist minister.Add up all the soli/cloths/tranportation/arguments/frustrations/ruined plans/going without meals/children missing out on school things/doing without certain everyday essentials/etc that you have donated to these culprits and see how much you come up with .Its sad to see people going to church every sunday dressing up to impress their frends.This specail day has turned into a fancy dress ball.v/sad.

Anonymous said...

Do not Pass Go but Go directly to Jail for the Illegal Regime. There will be NO Elections and NO Freedom for Fiji until that illegal Junta are behind Bars.

Anonymous said...

@ Anne. Your delusional; full of hatred explanation is so shallow… Get to understand your bible better girly and don’t come here and tell us what your feeble mind thinks is good for all..

Anonymous said...

We can write all we wnat about whats happening in Fiji-but the saying HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF fits us so well! If you want to know where you headed, just look where you are right now, if you want to know where you are right now just look at where you just came from!
We can't have democarcy until we are grown up and understand what that means?? So far-we we still confused as to what we want! NO? YES? Sure you want democracy -do you think you can protect democratic priciples if it does come back? Or you just wnat democracy for the sake of saying we have democracy! Do you want to get married? Do you want to protect and make your marriage work, that is thru good & bad times-you sure??! Same principles apply for democracy-when we had it we abused it , now we don't have we cry for it! Can't have it both ways-so what are you willing to do for democracy? Now we talking.

Anonymous said...

You all call urselves Christians???
Y dont we all stop wasting our time commenting and pointing fingures and try and spread the Gospel and most importantly live wats written in the gospel... at the end its hell or eternity..so please lets stop tearing one anaca bt pray that we all go down the narrow path when God comes....

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