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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fiji's illegal regime to try and pin sedition charges on union trio

TARGETS: Mara, Urai, Anthony and Rajendra Chaudhry at Australian democracy meeting.

The first of the three trade unionists on the illegal regime's hit list has already been taken in.

Daniel Urai was grabbed last night by a special team set up to arrest the unionists who've been in Australia and New Zealand recently, lobbying union affiliates to take industrial action against Qantas and Air Pacific, to hurt the regime.

Coupfourpointfive tipped previously the trio would be in the gun when they returned home and the first of the arrests has happened with Urai being taken in last night.

Sources told us just a day ago the regime was ready to pounce and intends to charge them with sedition.

In the course of the meetings in New Zealand and Australia, Urai, Anthony and Singh revealed the deteriorating situation in Fiji and also joined forces with former 3FIR army officer, Roko Ului Mara at pro-democracy rallies. 

The military dictatorship is also stepping up its offensive against Mara, with the Suva Magistrates Court extending the warrant for his extradition to December 21st.

It intends to send requests to every nation Mara visits, including the United States where he is heading to after Samoa.


  1. You cannot reason with this people. Just organize a union march and go. They cannot do anything about it. After all they are illegal. If you wait they will cook up all the decree there are in the world to suite their purpose. SO JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nik Naidu aucklandAugust 4, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    C4.5 please allow me to express my disassociation with Bai/Khyum. My sincere apologies to bro anthoney, urai,raj and rajen. I must have taken Mr Jai Ram and Y P Reddy's advice.

  3. Wake up Fiji its time for action.

  4. Only one solution for this illegal pumpkins. just take 2 story end.

  5. Chamar Singh saysAugust 4, 2011 at 1:59 PM

    Thakur Ranjit Singh your advise re urgently required.

  6. Vinod Lal Bottlewala saysAugust 4, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    What is this castrated Talibaan up to . can the fiji muslim leaque comment on this.

  7. I sencerely the NZ{Aust government and trade unions to act now please or you waithg for the blood shed before the convoyes are deployed.

  8. Whut a said day for Fiji. There must be someone out of the 800,000 people in Fiji who can take this pig out of the equation once and for all.

  9. My plea to the foreign governments to please put a stop this nonsense and @ the sametime distroy the coup culture in fj. please provide assistance to the people of fiji.

  10. Haji Gaffar AhemadAugust 4, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    My request to president Obama.its time now for you to chip in.

  11. just need somebody to step up,all those in the military will take part as well, people power can win this battle,just look around the world people power are changing govements..everyone in the village are not suffring because they eat n drink from they own land,its you who put food on the table n pay school fees n orther bills... would you want your kids n your grandkids to continue living like this in next 10yrs??? Cmon people lets take back our pride that we are well known for... not this BIG PIG n COMPANY who has put fiji back 100yrs. still in those day respect n honesty was a major in they lifestyle.

  12. ENOUGH is ENOUGH we cant tolerate any more.requesting UN.Commenwealth,EU.ACP>ATUC>NZTUC>ILO>and so to immediatly intervene before situation goes to bloodshed.

  13. areeh! kaibiti ekdam kalas!!! taura kutari kua complain reh...malua sa lako mai qo aiyarse na sotia sa maro qo kemudou na unionist. Mate na kaibiti!!

  14. its getting worse by the day FIJI!!!
    all in House union reps- get together and do your bit- do wat you are supposed to do - be a mouth piece for you co workers....thats wat a union is- if not, just shutup and dont complain!
    Im getting sick of screaming-
    I gonna Kill that s.o.b Ayass and Bai

  15. Persh e Imam-fijiAugust 4, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    Ahemadiya Anjuman Irshaad of Fiji is very sad to hear that the president of FTUC is looked up from last night.The actions of the interim government is cowedly and insult to the entire muslim community. Please discharge the innocent immediately.

  16. Hey, don't worry, people will take action when there is no way out.
    Wait a little, let them do what ever they want now but be ready when the time comes.
    Watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. RUM is the one to blame; he skipped the country - courtesy of the Tongan cousins - and started a mini storm-wind that the hangars on ledged to - urai, felix, jajesh, & RC (all labour & MC supporters).Baini has to rough them up to keep the others frightened & quite. I dont see any arab type revolution in Fiji - at-least for some years to come.
    Indians are running away to Canada, USA, NZ & Australia (none to mother India or mother-in-law china)The Fijians are satisfied with the bribes handed out by big baini & his cronies.
    Ayarse is too smart for the likes of MC, RC, etc.

  18. Its war now with the arrest of the union leaders who are elected officals of the workers, they fighting for the poor workers and people of fiji. Its war now decalred on the junta of thugs.

    The methodisr church at its AGM and all workers combined must now march and do citizen arrest of the puppet master and tin pot dictator and the other thugs put them on trial.

    The people are 800000 and a coup by the people is needed with a national strike.

    Fiji people need people power and not bullshit people charter.

    Time for international sanctions on fiji.

  19. Who is this sick, corrupt and no school dictator and horse betting president stooge and puppet master?

    Look at eygpt deposed president wheeled into court for his crimes and corruption, this what the people of fiji must do this junta and dictator.

    the will to fight is greater than the gun and PER.

    International sanctions, fiji national strike, FNPF pensioners and workers of fiji and women of fiji and methodist church now need to march and do a citizen arrest of the junta and its dictator and put them on trial.

    Its time to kick this junta out and time for justice and democracy.

  20. the end of days is near......so much sins by Ak....the workers curse you AK, can you hear or u gone deaf in the ears too....

  21. wait no more Fiji !! it's time to shake this illegal gvt !!!Lets unite as Fijians !

  22. Nur Bano Ali, SuvaAugust 4, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    Well- you break the law, pay the price. All Fiji people must see the good work Hon Khaiyum is doing for Fiji. Please dont only look at social aspects of the new laws. Look at the whole picture. These are all the reforms that we need to have the long term plans grounded on firm structure in terms of law and economy.

  23. Nur Banoo, dont praise your nephew ok. you getting millions thats why you saying that. Dont mislead us. Human rights first then economy later.

  24. Nur Bano, kaha raha tum all this time democracy ke time?

  25. @Nur Bano Ali, Suva. What "laws", aunty? They're ILLEGAL decrees "coming out of Khaiarses ass faster than we can read it!!" Anon., August 4, 2011 12:52 AM

  26. @Nur Bano Ali, Suva said... Well- you break the law, pay the price.

    Well said, Aunty. But you shouldn't be making that kinda statement, aunty. And are TOO DUMB like Aiarse to realize it!

    You see, aunty, there are no currently laws in Fiji, only illegal decrees. And, Aunty, don't you realize that this statement "break the law, pay the price" APPLIES TO YOU TALIBAN TERRORISTS as well and can and will be used AGAINST you. Not a good idea, aunty.

    Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You. AUNTY!!!!!

  27. What is this Nur Jhaat Bano talking about,Saali Kutia.

  28. The illegal Junta is afraid of every body, Unionists and even little old ladies that swear. Illegal regime has every reason to be scared because they are all going Prison very soon.

  29. Please just stop talking about this...it is time to act and we should have acted a long time ago.

    Check out the Gov.Vehic used by certain high level management officials...these vehic. have private numbers...what does this imply? NOT JUST FRIGHT BUT FEAR...YES, FEAR....including the AG.

    But the Puppeteer, Nashat Shameem is the one to target...she is the manipulator and conjuror, coming up with all the illegal initiatives.

    Let's track her movements and report here for all bloggers to know, including the other (enemy) eyes who think they know better.

    This piece of news should be comforting to you

  30. @ Jieke..why not YOU be that man!!.

  31. Let us not generalise all muslims.
    Rajesh and Raju who are trying to spread hatered against the muslim community by using muslim alias to provoke.

    Lets us be construtive with our comments and fight for democracy and justice.

    The editors of C4.5 should stop Rajesh Singh and Shailendra Raju from making racists comments.

  32. Faya Jieke! Liutaki keda mada!

  33. @ Semi Meo................. What is the problem with Jieke's question. Indeed lots and lots of people are asking the same. Only pessimistic people like would be saying there is no one. Of course there is one but one thing for sure it will not be you. Baleta levu na nomu vei-vosayaki.

  34. The time has come. Lets make merry.
    The Norwester, the SOUTHEASTER......18°08′30″S 178°26′31″E / 18.1416°S 178.4419°E / -18.1416; 178.4419 ...

  35. @Anonymous..sooo..it may not be me..but sounds like you are the anointed one to take Fiji back to sanity.

    My advise; First:..run to mummy and ask what was the name she gave you. Second; ask your dad, who like many Fijian fathers a true patriots and brave Fijian to lent you a dose of bravery..then maybe you would qualify to be in the list of potential savior for Fiji.

    Oh…and yours truly does not give a damn how you deduce my posts…most are just simple commentating of how I see things from a neutral pespective….so why should the 99.9% of us harbor contrasting extreme views like you, my daughter!

    ..run to mum now...go on!

  36. Jieke....
    Why don't U thumps up and be that Man....Don't just sit on your big ASS and talk....Jest DON'T TALK THE WALK...you try and WALK THE TALK...so that you can feel the pressure on your big BUM.....

  37. Any suggestion that Mara is going to the United States soon is unfounded and uninformed. As a leading coup perpetrator and supporter, and as a suspect in human rights violations, Mara is on the U.S. Government's visa restriction list. Mara probably wouldn't qualify for a visa even if he wasn't on the list, since he can no longer show he has an established residence outside the United States. If Mara could go to the States, don't you think he'd be there already?

  38. @Meo

    If I had a gun I would be more than happy to that bloody man. Can you provide me one from OZ or are you just full of sheet.

  39. @kinoya kid

    Just walk across the road to the qaqi ni da...thats where you belong.


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