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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Former Methodist president not surprised by return of key officials after conference stand-off

The 80-year-old retired Methodist Church minister who was applauded this week for standing up to police and military soldiers, says he has not spoken to any of the current officials so knows nothing about the service last night which reappointed Ame Tugaue and Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

Rev Tugaue and Rev Tuikilakila and more than 10 Methodist officials were reappointed at a service at Centenary Church in Suva, despite the three-day conference being scrapped by the illegal government who said it didn't want Tugaue and Waqaraitu to run the conference or to put their name forward for re-election.

In what is obviously a move by the unelected government to head off unrest and trouble, the Methodist Church hierarchy has been quietly returned to the ranks despite earlier protestations by Frank Bainimarama's mouthpieces.

Rev Koroi, a former church president, was hailed as an example this week when he told two soldiers and police officer who tried to take him to the QEB barracks supposedly to meet with the other church Ministers: "You'll have to shoot me first."

Rev Koroi says he has not spoken to Tugaue and co but is not surprised at the turn of events. He says the Church has its own Constitution and can do "what it wanted and has every right to decide what is right for them."

Told about the reappointment of Tugaue and Waqaraitu after all the drama over the Conference, Rev Koroi said: "The Church have their own authority and their own Constitution and I would expect it would do what it thought was right for itself.

"I need to understand the context of the decision before I pass judgement."

But Reverend Koroi says it's clear people have been left with a "conflicting understanding" of what is happening between the army and the Methodist Church.

"We are just watching their reasoning's and their methods."

Rev Koroi's stand against the regime came this week as a new group, Viti Revolution Forces, revealed it was behind the graffiti campaign denouncing Bainimarama as 'evil' and a 'murderer' who must go. The open and public defiance against the regime is a first.


  1. Bula Vinaka Qase Levu Vakacegu, keep those idiot at the camp find their own way out, why should they come and you for advise, if they want advised why dont they come to you. Good on you keep them guessing their way around, All they want to do is use your idea and opinion as a weapon against other Ministers which they may call a split in the Church. LONG LIVE METHODIST CHURCH!!!!!!!

  2. Vinaka Rev Koroi.
    Church/God people will not be harmed by the regime attack.
    god is bigger than BAI/ASK/ARMIES.
    glory to god.
    keep the fight up and god will deliver like he did with the israelities.
    god bless you all .

  3. sigh...again we see here a case where the left hand hiding from the right hand.
    The state is the head of the country.the church..regardless of its denomination (although it has its own constitution concerning the inner running of the sect)it still has to answer to the state.
    If the state feels that a certain religious meeting/gathering /(read protest march) is detrimental to the safty of its citizens then YES by all means CANCELL the meeting.
    What the members here don't see is that their so called ministers have a hidden agenda and is trying to bring disrispute to this country.
    Bad enough we have a failing economy that is doing some good to grass roots people in outer regions that were always left out from passed govts(readSVT).roads /electricty/schools/hospitals/water/.
    What has the methodist church done but fill our jails with miscrients.?

  4. Hail the Methodist HeroesAugust 24, 2011 at 4:23 PM

    The world applauds these Methodist heroes on their stance against the anti-Christian Fiji military thugs. How much longer are the Fiji military going to accept being led by the treasonous khaiyum and his heathen hand puppet?

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6xdYDbxZnI&feature=related

  6. Pull down all bill boards of Bainimarama

  7. @Anon 4.14pm
    If you have nothing positive to contribute than just zip up and listen 'cause you are trying to poke your snotty nose into something you know nothing about. You general accusation about any christian denomination in this case the Methodist church is clearly showing your shallowness in thought. There's no point explaining to you the history and the achievements of this church because you were just born yesterday. The so called State that you are promoting is ILLEGAL and mark my word, their MEMBERS and ADVISORS will be held accountable for their action. The time is getting closer and make sure you stay healthy and live long so that you can witness the landmark trial of the century in Oceania. There will be no more Macho man in green uniform after that trial.

  8. Well said Annon 5.53pm.

  9. @August 24, 2011 5:33 PM


    @ August 24, 2011 6:09 PM

    every man has his price to stay in power. You would do well to learn what Anon @August 24, 2011 4:14 PM knows of the hidden agenda. He/she obviously knows something you don't know. You both sound like sheep being led by the blind.

  10. http://wwwfijicoup2006.blogspot.com/2011/08/key-fiji-military-figures-are-sexual.html

  11. Do not buy the Fiji Times and Fiji Sun, because they are owned and runned by the Evil Regime.... I cant believe the journalist blantly lied to the fiji public about what is really happening in Fiji at the moment...

    While the rest of the countries around the world have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, writes, publish and criticise their own government in their newspapers on mistakes and wrongdoings they've done. Our Fiji newspapers praises and fully support the Evil Regime 100%. Twisting every wrongdoings and mistakes to manupilate the public and lie to them. A well known tactics used by countries run by Dictators such as Saddam, Gadaffi and Mubarak.

    Everyone knows that after reading the Fiji Times today about the Methodist Church incident.... Everything's been twisted around, lies after lies just to make them look good in public... What a load of bulshit coming out of those journalist Timoci Vula and Mary Rauto... I believe they've been told what to write with a gun pointed on their heads...

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH DOESNT EXSIST IN FIJI ANYMORE.... It only exsist in this website C4.5 Thanks alot C4.5 for being there for us who dont have a voice in Fiji... Because your website speechs the TRUTH and only the truth... THats why everyone in Fiji reads your website, even all the Illegal Ministers, especially the Evil Dictator Bainivuaka reads it as well... May God bless Fiji and Curse the Evil Regime...

  12. Vinaka vakalevu Qase Levu vakacegu,Talatala J.Koroi.Your stance shows that you are inded a person of intergrity and of human ethics.May your soul be blessed by our Heavenly Father.

    To the re-elected Methodist leaders,you have won the Spiritual battle against illegal VB & his illegal goons.Today i am proud to be part of the Methodist church and will always be proud to be one.The spiritual battle to remove illegal VB & Goons is only starting.Illegal VB's spokes people are like empty drums that only make alot of noise.

    It is a case of the blind (Illegal VB) leading the blinds (illegal goons)

    May the Lord shower his blessings to the Methodist Church.

  13. aiyaz,dont forget your west trip.your body bag has already been sent to nadi VRF team.dont worry,just your suits,this has been custom made as well.

    ready been sent to nadi VRF team.dont worry,just your suits,this has been custom made as well.

  14. VRF is planning something big in tailevu.. run franky run,save it while it while you can.. you know very well what will be attacked!!

  15. aslam,your dog has already been poisoned,next it will be your wife,save her while you can...tik tok tik tok tik

  16. VRF guys in the min of finance are doing overtime right now collating information abt pays been paid by aunty bano..

    go aiyaz,send your slaves and chase them out

  17. aiyaz and franky.. very quite.. who really knows,maybe, frank is also captured by his troops roaming are the sea..

    push him in the ocean..


  18. The regime dogs are running after their tails :)-

  19. Methodist minister and leaders had the right idea - have your conference, stand up to your god-given right to assemble and stand your ground. The whole country should now feel a little brave enough to do the same regardless of what religion you are.

  20. No offence to our Muslim brothers....doesn't make sense to me...why should Khaiyum and Shammeem who are Muslims and Bainimarama who is Satanic and kuku of the highest order be allowed to pick ministers who should head a Christian denomination like the Methodist CHurch of Fiji. The Methodists will never want to pick who should lead the Muslims in Fiji.

    It is mind boggling to me.

    Bainimarama Khaiyum and Shameem sisters your time is up...you will eventually go to prison and the prisoners are all waiting for you...oiaue....ummmmmmmm I feel sorry for you....qai prison tale...their law is very similar to your draconian rules and you will fit there very nicely....cant tell you what happens behind close doors because what happens in prison stays in prison.....mosi sara ga....na cava Bai!!!!!!!!!ulukau levu no sukulu....riva qai lialia levu....laurai vei iko na butabutako kei na murderous ideas.

    Come quick democracy

  21. Bainiulukau and kaiyumiiiiiiiiii your days are numbered. who is that anonymous writer favoring the regime...u know what you are all going to know your fate in tyhe true court of Fiji...if not you will al swim the ocean...waraka namaka...sa vakarau coka na dobui ni veisau....dou forcetaka na ka kecega...cava sara mada o kemudou vana lotu...why dictate terms in the Methodist church...sa rere???? all newspapers and media outlets never write the truth about what is happening in Fiji and what else do you want to prove...kanacawaca.kanabuta.butabutako...daulaba...yavu lasulasu..ulukau levu vata kei bainiulukau...lai PM tu vakacava no school...

  22. Rev. Koroi remember you were deprived of leadership of the Methodist church once are you now trying to redeem your self!!!

  23. Its the hand puppet master, kaiyum who is ordering all these torture of the methodists in fiji.

    Kaiyum is now making a decree to cripple the methodist church like he did to the unions of fiji.

    The junta a gang of thugs must be arrested by citizen arrest and put on trial.

    800000 people have the real power these are a gang of dozen thugs.

  24. @A4.14pm What hidden Agenda?? Enlighten us please... If ever there was one do you honestly think the ferries wheels would be still swinging at Albert Park today?? Or is it the fear of NOTHING that's gotten you delusional...

    @A7.37.. If they are like sheep led by the blind you are like a lost soul in the wilderness... Go find yourself....

  25. ASK uni thesis was to mess with the Taukei land and do exactly this to the Fijians. Fijians in the army seem to be going against the Fijians in the church.If I were you take a deep breath and think about it.ASK and all his Indian,Muslim and American(Dave Pfliger) cronies are hiding in the background while the Fijians have a go at each other.Very said but very typical of ASK.Just remember this you go against the Church,you Go against God.Well done Rev.Koroi,you have the Lords armour.No weapon in the world is stronger than that.They will be struck down especially the sinister ones hiding in the background!

  26. @ Anon 4.14pm - HIDDEN AGENDA.
    @ Anon 7.37pm

    My brother stop worrying about HIDDEN AGENDAS because a day comes they would be revealed from the roof-top, the stones and walls will talk as there are now, with publicity they are announcing your HERO-BAINIMARAMA-AS-A-LIER-THIEF-NEPOTISM-MURDERER-DICTATOR…BLA.BLA.BLA

    Fine, if you have no confidence with the Methodist Church and Church Leaders, that is your problem, me I don’t care but at least believe the Voice from the Rooftop and the Walls because they are real.

    God Bless the Churches, God Bless Fiji.

    Thumb Up Democracy!!!!

  27. Put Sharon and the Shameem sisters into Naboro Maximum with the boys.

  28. @ Anon 8:34.

    Naboro is an institution of correction not pleasure.

  29. @anon.4.14 - Hidden agenda...people ending up in prison is off their own choice to commit a crime. It is easy to sit back and talk and point fingers at this ministers. The methodist church can only give what helps a person to get to the next life that is waiting for those who believe in GOD. They may not give hospitals, make roads or better the living state of life BUT it is to serve people spiritualy through prayers and fasting for an internal peaceful life that is not worried about physical things that you can only see and feel but never have enough of. The Church is a body of GOD to which Jesus Christ is the head. These ministers are part of that body and you not only saying all this hidden agendas but are extremely accusing this ministers who are part of the body to which is GODs body. I would ask you to please consider who you would go against. Vinaka

  30. Can we begn by reminding those that think that ReV Koroi didn't wnat to go to the Camp at Nabua because he was standing up to the Miliatry Officers in fact its the total opposite-he didn't want to be in the same room as the some of the very people who threw him OUT as head of the Methodist Church. We need do get our facts correct before start jumping to conclusions -THE METHODIST CHURCH IS GOING NO WHRE since they decided to unceremoniuosly dumped Rev Koroi!

  31. @Vanua
    I get your point. For the sadistic Shameems and Sharon, Naboro might be just too pleasurable for them.
    I can almost see the boys begging them to stop the torture. lol

  32. Naboro 7-star HotelAugust 25, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    @9:46 AM. Naboro is listed as one of the GREATEST HOTELS/RESORTS OF THE WORLD. Being so popular, it is always full and overbooked and will be that way for the next 100 years at least, as the people of Fiji have reserved a booking there for Airse, Bainivuaka, Shameem, et al,

  33. @10:52 AM. You're a full certified biniarse IDIOT.

    Crime rate is the highest ever because of two factors only: 1) illegal criminal govt. 2) bad foreign (sri lankan) judges.

    "If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law. It invites every man to become a law unto himself." JUSTICE LOUIS BRANDEIS (U.S.)

    In 1776, in America, it was the churches who led the fight against tyranny and British rule. The churches in Fiji should be leading today the fight against this illegal treasonous oppressive regime.

    "With Christians, their involvement in politics is unavoidable. Reading the Bible from cover to cover, it tells many stories and contains many examples of politics and how the early Judeo-Christian Churches were heavily involved in politics." - The NSW chapter of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement spokesperson Pita Waqatairewa

    Waqatairewa says it is an inescapable fact of life in Fiji that the church and politics “go hand in hand”.

  34. Crimes is exceedingly high (at an all-time high) and prisons are overcrowded because:

    High Crime - 1) we have an illegal criminal oppressive government

    Prison Overcrowding - 2) we have an illegal judiciary made up of unqualified judges and foreign judges.

    If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law. It invites every man to become a law unto himself.


  35. e dua na veisusu ca ea vakayacora ko ratu inoke levu mai kiuva,ka ni gone qo sa sega sara ga vua na vakarokoroko,veidokai,vakarorogo,talairawarawa,ka sa qai tu vua na viavialevu,dokadoka,siosio,butabutako meu tukuna e vica.

  36. this gov.is proud of the achievement that has never been done by any other,some are so blind to see where the money is coming from and who is going to pay.no gov.has ever done that. the very poor ordinary villager will be most affected.

  37. anonmymous 2":17pm -ke a veisusu ca e cakava o Ratu Inoke mai Kiuva qai vaka cava na veisusu a caka vei Rabuka, Rev Lasaro, Savua, Ratu Inoke(Qaranivalu), ! Ka kua na vei bei taki tiko-e dua na i vakarau vaka turaga sa vaka rokoroko o raice vei iratou kece ka cavuti tiko e cake na yacadra tou!

  38. e na vuku ni veisusu vei ira kece qo.e laurai na kedratou duidui ni ko iratou kece,Rabuka,Rev Lasaro,Savua,Qaranivalu eratou okati ena nodratou valataka ka nanuma na vanua kei na kawa itaukei.ia ko bainivuaka e mai bokoca na boselevu vakaturaga,vosa beci ira na turaga bale kei viti,mai vakaleqa tu na lotu wesele,vakamate tamata,fnpf,sega ni dua vei iratou mai cake e se bau saumi tu ena i lavo kevu sa taura tu qo ko bai,kei na vei cakacaka butobuto e sega ni tukuni rawa sa yaco tu oqo,ka se sega ni
    dua vei iratou mai cake ese bau cakava. NA KA EDA VAKAYACORA E NA RAI LESU TALE KI VALE SEGA NI SE BAU CALA KOYA.

  39. @ Anon 12:19.

    Vinaka - conforting that not all Taukei have forgotten Viti's culture & heritage. As for a certain suggestion the Qaranivalu won't do as he's told - told by who? Some blow in bati ni wai Gau who claims he's Kai Tailevu?
    Anon 2:17.
    Suggest you log any & all future thoughts in English - let others see you for what you really are.

  40. @ Anon 10.53 if what you said that Rev Koroi did not want to go to camp because he did not want to be in the same room with those who threw him out of the Methodist Church, I think that is a big lie doesn't augur well for Rev Koroi. What you saying is a big disgrace for Rev Koroi, because a true Christian forgives.


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