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Monday, August 1, 2011

FTUC’s Response to Government’s Decision to Cease Union Subscription

The FTUC condemns the decision of the Attorney General to cease Union subscription deductions for Public Sector workers.

This is yet another vindictive attack on the Trade Unions by the interim Government and in particular by the AG.  The AG’s reference to the rights enshrined in the Civil Service Act is incorrect and misleading. 

The rights of workers were enshrined in the 1997 Constitution and the ERP. The Constitution has been abrogated by the AG while the Public Sector Unions and workers have been excluded from the provisions of the ERP.

The Civil Service Act is an administrative piece of legislation and was never intended by Parliament to enshrine workers rights. We have noted the attempts by the AG to misinform the public and his Unions busting campaign.

Trade Unions are democratic institutions and are accountable to their membership unlike the current Government who are not accountable to anyone. Therefore we expect the AG to respect this wish and decisions of workers.

Union subscription deductions have been the cornerstone of good industrial relations for decades in Fiji and Internationally. This provision cements the relationship and recognition of Trade Unions and Employers in Industrial Relations.

The AG clearly has no understanding and appreciation on such fundamental issues. His claims that the withdrawal of subscription deductions is common worldwide, is false. The fact is, he has no idea what the world’s best practices are in industrial relations.

We note that Employers in Fiji make various other deductions by way of written authority to their employers.

To single out Union subscription deductions clearly demonstrates contempt to and discrimination of trade unions. Such decisions of the AG will not deter Trade Unions and will not achieve the desired results that the AG hopes for.

We call on Government to reconsider its decision and adopt a mature attitude to dealing with real issues that confront workers in the public sector.

Felix Anthony
National Secretary


  1. Bonk Aiyaz on the head with one of those Fiji weapons !

  2. The illegal and out of control AG is attempting to completely shut down union in Fiji must know that FTUC leaders are elected and lawful. Their voice will be heard far and wide from Aoteroa to Geneva. Not like the taliban ban and Shameem lap dog who can even get a simple extradition order recognised by any government. Shame Shame. Just watch for another 12 months how the regime will cramble and disintergrate from international pressure.

  3. Great Work Barka maro sala Cut 2 Ke. finish this taliban end of the story.

  4. The junta gives bus industry duty free status to import buses in fiji and itself does scam of 10 million with ASCO to lease vehicles at undisclosed interest?

    Illegal AG busy busting unions.

    Time will come for him to face justice.

  5. This man only want to fill his pocket asap before relaxing at naboro hotel. he has zero knowledge about
    trade union movement. mr anthoney dont let this kafar ruin the future of our dedicated workers.

  6. It's good to see some democracy in fiji... well, atleast FTUC showing their support and having the guts to stand up for what is WRONG!

  7. It is about time that we unite. FTUC and FICTU should both unite and fight this battle!

  8. Good on you FTUC. The workers, who cant speak or give their views are silent, but it is your responsibility to stand up!

    Great work indeed!

  9. I am an employer in New Zealand and I don't have to deduct any Union Membership fees for my Employees.

    They have to organize through their banks. Even large employers like the government in New Zealand don't deduct membership fees.

    I am surprised that Felix Anthony says that deduction by employers is best practise.

    Good on the government for making the move. Felix Anthony attempted to sabotage the Fiji Economy ant its people by a strike by foreign workers. This move has currently been blocked by the Australian courts.

    He can approach his members to ask them to pay union fees directly to the Unions bank account. Let's now see what will happen - will members pay?

    Felix - the Government is two steps ahead of you. now you have to show whether you still have your members mandate.

  10. we also need to hear from FICTU, but great work FTUC guys. United we stand!!!

  11. The civil servants today have declared war on the junta of thugs. Boycott, sabotage, leaking of information, go slow, strike, sick leave, absence, no cooperation, abuse, oppose and so on.

    Who is this unelected cowboy type gun trotting junta of thugs.

    They one dozen crooks but civil servants are hundreds of thousands.

    Where is 6% COLA from 2006 each year till 2011??

    Where is annual payrise of 2% each year since 2006 till 2011, overtime and allowances??

    Where is worker rights and union rights??

    All civil servants must unite with the unions and united we stand and divided we fall, lets chase the junta of thugs doing scams and corruption out of the office into naboro maximum where they belong.

    Power to the unions and worker rights and who elected illegal AG???

    No one, he has no mandate, no authority, no right, no power and no say over the workers of Fiji?

    Who elected him to cut the FNPF pension rate by 65%????

    Who elected him to reduce the retirement age to 55 forceline on all civil servants?

    Who elected him to take away all the civil seravnt rights and laws?

    Get up and fight now.

  12. were is this man who only got 666 votes in the last general election.Pramod Rae we need your comments,come on u gandu support mr anthoney workers are suffering.

  13. Unions are the reason that investment is so far behind in Fiji - As a business woman, I feel that the end of unions will make our country prosper - the likes of Mahen,Felix and Rajeswar seem to make the life of businesses hard and thus promoting US Vs THEM culture - look at Aust and NZ and learn.Unions are weapons of Business destruction.

  14. @anonymous 11:33 it is done that way in your country because those deductions are being taxed by the government you idiot that is exactly why the government wants it done that way so they can touch it too.what lame excuses aiyaz is giving they have boats cars and big houses they have got it because they have brought alot of benefits to us,without them we will simply be a pushover at our workplaces.So felix and the rest of the guys stand up because this world is runned by unions and not someone who self righteously calls himself the AG and i know you are reading this Bainimarama how much is enough?wake up you choking this country and bleeding it out to dry..

  15. Serves the unions right for trying to destroy what was left of the Fiji economy....the good book says "ifyoulive by the sword you die by the sword"...

  16. Who is this guy in NZ saying that employers don deduct union subs, please speak for yourself. I also work in NZ and get my subs deducted by my employer. You might be working for the cleaners where they don't pay your subs, or a company that dose not recognise your rights as a citizen of NZ. As for having mandate, I think Felix and readly prove he has mandate by his election results, what has the current govt got. Oh yeah they have guns...... and I think thats what you should face.

  17. One day the silent majority will rise and lets see where the dictators run!!Blank shots at the unions wont give you eternal power...He IS WATCHING...soon the wrath of the 1000's of workers will be upon you....

    ** NZ employer, pliz stay where you are, no need to interfere in Fiji affairs, u runaway.....

  18. Vinaka Felix Well said .
    ASK you are an idiot/illegal ag get ready for naboro soon.
    Union power.

  19. Just stand up and sacrifice. When was the last time the union ever went on strike? Comeon unions you can do it. GO ON STRIKE!!!!

  20. Don't worry Felix.... If members don't make direct payments then their membership seize and lapses.

    All FTUC property can be owned by the officials thereafter!!!!

    No memebers mean they no longer are owners...

  21. We are with you with Felix, stop not till the goal is reached!

  22. What has the union done since Dec2006? Members better-off stop paying. So Felix Anthony, go and jump, because now the time has come for you find a job and sweat for your money, not conning workers.

  23. Bainimarama's ardent fan and fart catcher, Thakur Ranjit Singh who was fired from Daily Post and failed to secure FLP candidacy in 2006 supports everything that the regime does. This includes lask of transparency, good governance, nepotism. Can he please look into his owns backyard first before opening his mouth about workers rights and other issues on Fiji.

  24. Let me respond to the anonymous 11.33 - you must be Nik Naidu or Robert Khan not allowing your underpaid workers to join unions.

  25. Since 1982, when Rt K Mara caputilated to the unions and gave them an open cheque they have terrorised all governments.

    Walker, Minister of finance at the time, tightened the belt.
    He sacraficed the $30m loan that would have regenarated agriculture in the eastern parts of Fiji.

    Out of this belt tightening the labour party was born.

    Economic and poltical ruin is what we have reaped ever since.

    Qarase was totally and untterly cowed by the unions. Instead of $500 million on roads it was going to be $500 m on government workers pay rises = more imported trinkets consumed by the people with nothing to show for the economy.

    The unions should have shown more responsibility in the national interest.

  26. I work for big successful employer in NZ, 8000 employees. All union members have subs deducted by employer. That other guy Anon 11:33 from NZ is talking BS.
    To be a successful business an employer and unions need to work together positively and a good govt needs to encourage this relationship for the sake of the economy. Fiji govt is trying to destroy this relationship.
    A low paid work force means low tax take and sluggish local economy plus many social problems.

  27. The fault is yours Felix ........You tried to destroy the livelihood of we; the hotel, tourist, taxi, bus drivers, securities, and lowly paid workers, when you went to australia and ask for sanction against Airlines bound for Fiji.

    Now you have to try your best to collect levies from us.....we are not with you anymore, I am so sorry.

  28. Please dont get Rajesh Singh ( not the Unionist but Failed politician ) to comment on unions- he needs a real job first. Lets keep this conversation constructive with facts from educated people. Can I point out that if unions were so strong in NZ, half the country would be voting labour. Those days are gone.
    Its about centre right economies.

  29. Can kaiyum pay 6% COLA and 4% annual pay rise to all civil seravnts direct to their bank accounts this thursday and also since annual infaltion rate is 10.3% pay a 5% infaltion adjustment for bankrupting fiji ecnomy???

    Pay all the civil seravnts and give their legal rights back or face the wrath of the workers power.

  30. It's great to debate people but let's remember the goal: get rid of these marauding thieves and pretenders who were never elected. Remember, people Kaiyum was a nobody before no school Frank gave him his chance. He has no right to run Fiji and to make these laws for the peope of Fiji. Do something about it and put him in his place.

  31. To Fiji Now, frank may be no school and kahiyum a no body, but they have done so much for so little and within a short period. The development in the rural areas is progressing well, and so are the investments in Bua, Ba, Namosi, Mt Kasi and other Mataqali lands that were neglected in the past. 'Now its the hour' as the song goes, for we the forgotten class, to stand up and say 'thank you Frank and Khaiyum for a job well done.

  32. The sooner Felix Anthony is locked up the better.

  33. Sharia Law will be the next thing imposed on Fijians as they sit idly by waiting for a sign from God !

  34. Felix and the cats are good for nothings relaxing overseas. They suported the coup so why liu muri frank now? Felix and the cats have age piche in their blood ,,,,cant be trusted.
    Whats the point of this Felix letter anyway when they cant even get Aust n NZ unions to strike....small sign pf legal action they lamu!
    As usual, a lot of hot air no action and no result like RUM.

  35. The dictator today has been harping about anti corruption and also saying unions are corrupt. Well he he needs to look at his own corruption.

    1. To save himself from corruption charges he did the coup-$7m FMF revolving fund corruption.

    2. He paid himself corrupt 200000 annual leave which he is not entitled to-corruption.

    3. Vehciles lease corruption.

    4. one billion dollar waila housing scheme corruption that will cost taxpayers many billions in the end.

    Dictator and puppet master must stand trial for their corruption.

    The unions must call national strike and drive the corrupt junta out to naboro.

  36. can c.45 or ftuc update us on what is happening with the australian and new zealan unions??

  37. Are these people totally out of control?

    Currently Viti has one remaining source (pipeline) for obtaining internatinal currency - tourism.

    So why are these people publicly provoking confrontation with those that operate this lifeline at the other end?

    What possible motive can there be for such a tactic?

    How can an international refueling boycott by overseas fuel suppliers (operstors) benefit Viti - not forgetting AP?

  38. Well done ASK. This move is slam dunk! Also include all govt entities like Lta, fea, fsc, fbcl etc etc. Unions you are done! Frank you did well. Chiefs, then Church, SDL and Labour and now unions. All have hurt Fiji.

  39. Shailendra Raju and Rajesh choro Singh are using this blog and the Auckland rally to further enhance their case against YP Reddy.

    Please go to court to get your claims.

    FDM and its leaders including John
    should wake up and see how this two goons are using the democracy movement for their commercial interests.

    We are sick of reading comments from Raju and Choro Singh.

    Gopal Nadeva the Groggyman.

  40. Most of the workers of this Nation supports wat the Govt. has done...
    This Unionist thinks they control the workers of this Nation...
    Give the workers their pay and tis up to them ...how they gonna pay their Union dues....

  41. Hey NZ employer(11.33) you must hiring people under the table. you give them yours and they grab it violenlty and you enjoyed it because they don't pay union dues. you know very well without a union hia in Fiji, Aiyaz can make employers pay 50cents an hour to a worker and that is not what we want. jes stay there in NZ and shut up you dumb ass.

  42. @kaiviti dina
    which part of this world do you live in.all those projects you spoke of were done only when the tikina were forced to accept the bullcrap charter for developments to come.so bai asks the chinese to fund them they supply cash,equipment,workers,think about it no one benefits everything goes back offshore and it is us hardworking people who pay tax in this country are left to pay for the maintenance.ever wonder why the australian dollar is tronger today because they mine and produce their own raw materials..as for us only the government will enjoy the tax of this materials the landowners will enjoy the measely lease which only lasts the weekend but the guys that take this raw materials out enjoy 200% turnover profit that they make...so think about it who benefits...

  43. @anonymous12:39 it is people like you we have unions all over the world without unions you an downsize underpay or even sack workers without appeal,wake up you idiot this is what unions are for to protect our rights whatever the cost it is there to make sure we not being bullied and to make sure we get paid according to the hours we labour Richard Branson said that his most valuable asset are his EMPLOYEES just read about the amazing things he provides and does for his EMPLOYEES you will be amazed so i BEG you go back to school or go to church so you can treat your EMPLYEES better

  44. The Union leaders were Elected by their members. Illegal Junta got their positions by intimidation and guns and these criminals try to make out the Unions are in the wrong.

  45. The honeymoon is over for Felix & Co.
    Well done ASK & VB. About time these blood sucking leeches are pulled up. It really hurts these low lifes doesnt it? Keep the pressure on, Frank, we, the workers are with you.

  46. Yes who is this guy working in NZ saying about union deductions.I work in NZ and union fees are deducted thrugh my employer.
    Probaly you dont deduct union fees direct from your employer because the immigration might caught up with you living illegally in NZ.

  47. With improved workplace relations the role of Unionism is becoming obsolete and evidently log of claims and issues reduce as employers proactively pursue recognition of workers rights through benefits and renumeration.
    It is an additional administrative costs borne by Govt when in process of deduction at source, preparing cheque and dissemination. Members must ask those who purport to serve then as Unionists to account for the subscriptions and provide detailed breakdown of monies..Otherwise I think Frank was justified in stopping the payments.

  48. Rajesh Said.
    some people call me rajesh choro singh.
    pls can you report the matter to the police.
    if i stole from you mate.
    if not just stop your lies.
    have the guts to talk to me anytime.

  49. Annon

    I am a Fiji born, Fiji bred and will be a Fiji i die. Dont compare Aust and Fiji. Aust have been mining their minerals even before Fiji became independent, we just started and we will also be there some day. Yes we need funding for these development, why not seek assistance from China. we will reap more benefits per capita, given that while Aust will be sharing one dollar wit 20 million citizens we will with 800,000 only. In due time we will be the fastest growing economy in the world, and mark my word.

    May God Bless Fiji.

  50. @Kai Viti Dina.

    AUS is the worlds biggest Island - it contains vast stretches of land containg huge amounts of natural recources - acordingly mines to scale.
    Viti however is a collection of isolated Islands - for obvious reasons - big recource tecniques not recommended for small Islands.


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