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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hindus restricted from celebrating religious festivals

Pooja or prayers at a Hindu home

Hindus in Fiji will now have to apply for a permit from the regime for small gatherings to observe religious festivals at home.

Just as Christians celebrate Christmas and Muslims Prophet Mohammed's birthday, Hindus celebrate Lord Rama and Lord Krishna's birthdays in April and August. 

The regime says gatherings are not allowed under the Public Emergency Regulations.

But Hindus are questioning why they're being targeted as church services on Saturday's and Sunday's do not need permits. Similarly they say, Muslims do not need a permit to gather for their weekly prayers every Friday. 

Dewan Chand Maharaj
Coupfourpointfive has been told that the largest Hindu religious organisation in Fiji, the Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha, should be condemning this move by the regime but it won't because the President of the Sabha, Dewan Chand Maharaj and Secretary Vijendra Prakash, are key supporters of the regime.

Vijendra Prakash
A letter has been sent to Coupfourpointfive to show how Maharaj and Prakash have been taking advantage of the situation by telling Hindus that unless they are members of a mandali that is affiliated to the Sanatan Dharam, they will not be allowed to celebrate any religious festival at home. This is even though they have been doing so for many years.

The letter written in April also says that any Hindu or mandali wanting a permit must obtain written consent from at least 15 of the mandali, members or neighbours and even the nearest church pastor in an area where the religious occasion will be observed. 

In contrast, a Church does not need written consent from its neighbours or the Hindu mandali.

In the letter, Prakash says these conditions are important for the "promotion of national unity as per the National Charter (Peoples Charter). The Sabha was a active participant in the Charter process through Majaraj while Prakash served as an Administrator of Suva City Council.

But the Sabha's stance of religious persecution even violates the illegal Peoples Charter that says "we recognise the freedom of our various communities to follow their beliefs..." and places priority to "equality and dignity of all citizens" and "respect for the diverse cultural, religious, and philosophical beliefs".


Anonymous said...

C4.5 like i said on previous blogs We're getting to a stage where we need a permit to do things for example to speak to your mother in law, to shit, to leave home and let alone to have sex
Every deed or action taken should be approved from AG

Permit to speak to my mother-in-law nah that'll be the last thing i'd apply for

Dilip Samabula said...

Chor Dewan and his Pelahar Vijen should be kicked out of this august body without any further delay. These kind of people are insult on sanatans.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get a permit to speak to my mother in law......dont like talking to her in the first place..hee hee

Nar Deo mishra said...

what about :
Few Questions to Khaiyum , what permit the following organisation hold?
Cut2's on every friday?
Church on Sunday's?
Night Club's
Bus station's
Market [grog pala's]
Pubs around fj.
sugar cane cutters
and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,
do they have premits?

Bimal Roy said...

Vijen Prakash just resign please before you get booted on your

Sheenaz said...

Insult on all sanatans of fj,wake up bhaiyo..

Sheenaz said...

This zero educated and battery operated corrupt budha shame on you.

Mafi...USA said...

The ppl who wrote the chater and all these decrees are so sick and they are so arrogant...Fiji is under Dictatorial Leadership.
Fiji is now like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other counries where ppl are being oppresed thru the self serving laws that those in power came up with to protect their own interests...
So sad for my beloved Fiji.

kiwilad said...

You know what happens if you stuck in chata (daldal)? Stiiff leg.
That's what happening now.
Its tiem the hindus get their acts together & kick the lackeys off leadership of their prestine organisations; sanatanis or aryas, doesnt really matters.

Anonymous said...

The PER is the biggest enemy of the regime and they are to stupid to know it.

If you want this regime to go, dont ask for the lifting of the PER.

No PER this regime will be around 30years, with PER , a lot less.

What is Graham Davis going to say about this, so much for multiracial/cultralism.

FijiBlue said...

Next Fiji citizens will have to apply to celebrate a birthday party, the circumcision of a boy, weddings, baptisms, funeral gatherings, anything that might have people convene. This is the basic right of all individuals to gather for the sake of celebration, prayer or discussion. This government is so threatened by the average person that they will take out anything that might appear to be 'anti them'.

Hindu Friend said...

What did the Hindus do to deserve this? This is pure an simple victimization by NASHAT SHAMEEM THROUGH AZK AND JVB.

All Hindus in Fiji...you may be Indians like the Fji Muslims but people like Nashat Shameem still see you as the enemy; similar to all Christians who they also see as the enemy.

It is time now that we should re-assess our relationships, alignment and our perception of others.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A JOKE!!! Soon will be having new permit to even use PUBLIC TOILETS?? Just turn up to your local council and ask to apply for a permit!!!

City Council- "Good morning, can i help you?"

Public- "Yes sir, Im here to apply for a Permit to use the Public Toilet. You need to hurry up, if not im going to have to shit on your desk."

Anonymous said...

Chor dewan who wants to buy Government printery at scam price and calls dictator buddha and masi polo him like all previous people in power.

this man is corrupt to is head

Anonymous said...

The methodist church have the opportuinty to march and use its 400000 people power to do citizen arrest of the junta of thug and put on trial and save fiji from doom.

Anonymous said...

Sad the Methodist church may have the numbers but lack the will to initiate a protest march. Some say this is GOd's will but I don't think so! We are all praying and also we need to be seen to be pro-active. If we only pray and hide around so as not to be seen to be anti-govt, then you are counted as a bunch of losers and too much "tabetabe"!!....When the country returns to Democracy the church better get rid of their current "aqe-piche" leaders....who only think of their own self-interests and being served rather than serving the people...

Anonymous said...

Where is the sunday ban church march. Calling Fiji a christian state what has happened now lamu sona ga. The gun is now pointing towards you sa rere tiko lave ga nai sulu vei baini kei aiyasi.

Anonymous said...

ASK is the main boy,Dewan Chand and Vijen are his balls.
I always knew there was something drastically wrong with Santan's for electing dewan in the first place.
What's up Sanatanis? Don't you all have a spine?
There is a saying....when you do evil it's bad,but when you know someone is doing evil and you allow yourself to be subjected to it,then you are are more evil .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are wha! Paile this soowar target kaiviti lokh.
Abhi hum lokh hindu!!
Kaise kaiviti lokh - sako ke nahi?
Mago combine karo!!!!
Kon rojh? Kub?

Anonymous said...

He hasn't thought this thru. He says that he wants the court to decide everything. But meanwhile we have innocent people defending themselves and spending money on legal fees. Can we charge AG for loss of profit? Answer is no. All he is doing is weaning our moral.

Anonymous said...

What next? Being a christian I normally have 'cell group" bible studies and prayers at home. I ask you this Arse - DO I NEED A BLOODY PERMIT ALSO?
This is the height of stupidity!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arse - If my wife, my girlfriend and I want to party [//!!] - just the three of us in the privacy of our bedroom, do we need to ask you for permission?
What stupidity!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharia law is coming I told you so that psychopath is a Muslim what did u expect

Anonymous said...

Vijen should leave sanatan dharma...

sanatan sabha doesnt own hindus. they dont have the rights to speak for us. i as a hindu dont give a shit to sanatan sabha. if they want to block my prayers...let them come and i will take them out in a legal battle.

dewan, the old horse thinks with his money he bought sanatan sabha.

vijen is just a failed politician benefiting from money directly from fundraisings under sanatan banner. -Edited C4.5