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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Illegal regime revokes FTUC permit two days after telling ILO it's not out to hurt unions or workers

CROCKODILE SMILE: Liar Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum grabs chance to press the flesh.

FELLOW LIAR: Bainimarama and ILO.
More proof today that the unelected Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Baimimarama are liars and running scared.

Just days after telling the ILO and the international community they are not trying to destroy the trade union movement, the gruesome pair today stopped the Fiji Trades Union Congress from meeting in Nadi, to discuss the Essential Industries Decree.

Just yesterday Fiji media reported se gana vuli Bainimarama as saying the regime was not trying to ban unions or rob workers of their rights - something his handler Khaiyum had insisted under the same front page banner headlines just days before.

Today, Nadi police moved in to disperse the FTUC's planned three-hour meeting and shuffle people out of the hotel premises, not even allowing them to have morning tea there. 

Fear is no doubt at play and why not? Both know they are despised because of the way they have tried to 'remake' Fiji for the supposed better while they and their own live by their own rules and cash in on the spoils of war, all the while protesting they're misunderstood.

Yesterday at a meeting with the ILO delegation led the Deputy Director General, Guy Ryder, Bainimarama extolled the virtues of his junta saying "reforms are necessary and that the government has not banned trade unions or taken away workers' basic rights."

On Thursday, Sayed Khaiyum claimed misinformation was being spread by several quarters and he wanted to meet the ILO delegation to clarify the "misinformation that has been told to the international community by individuals who have got self interest".

Quote: "Also they will be able to see the various laws put in place and we will clarify any misconception they may have regarding the Decrees."

Using words like "tragically hypocritical", Khaiyum claimed that some unionists who have been going overseas talk about the rule law but are themselves breaking the law.

But the ILO and, indeed, the whole world can see again today that these unelected, gutless wonders intend to keep turning the screws on the people of Fiji, so they can stretch out their time as a pretend government.

Woe the international teams to Fiji who buy into the Bainimarama and Khaiyum propaganda. As the people of Fiji know, it's a crock.

Pictured: FTUC's permit application and the FTUC statement denouncing the cancelling of today's meeting. 

Editor's note: The picture of Khaiyum with father-in-law, Bill Gavoka, was taken at this week's funeral for Gavoka's daughter.


Anonymous said...

There you go!! Do the ILO, ACTU etc etc need more proof that these two mongrels are compulsive liars of the highest order. They have no respect for any body. To the International Community and the overseas trade unions - do what you have to do. SLAM THE BANS NOW. bring them to their knees the lying idiots.
We , the locals may suffer, but it is for our benefit that you help us bring these convicts to heel. Do it , please!!!

Anonymous said...

Have Gavoka and his son in law locked lips now. OMGSH!!!

Vanua. said...

Time Ryder and his associates got serious and stopped treating Fiji unionists as fools - because right now his visit is starting to look awfully like a junket filled with plenty of wonderful photo ops.

azk=jvb said...

I do not think the ILO officials are so foolish to believe these liars, Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

All the Trade Unions have to do is inform their overseas affliates at the earliest...LET US SEE THE FUN AND THIS SHOULD BEGIN NOW...COME WHAT MAY...

Anonymous said...

This insanity is obviously not going to end under the rule of say yes and banana, and this denial of freedom of assembly is/should be the final evidence that any long suffering non violent people need to convince them that talking or waiting in hope is futile. Indeed waiting is only going to make the entire situation far worse as each day passes.
.... Whenever any form of government becomes destuctive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter, or to abolish it, and to institute a new government.
.... but when a long train of abuses and userpations, persuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to thow off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. . . . . in every stage of these expressions we have petitioned, in most humble terms; our repeated petitions have been answered by repeated injury.
....a Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
I say, and most would agree . . .
that "the dictators fearful mind can only think of self preservation. Thus every decision making thought is distorted by his fears of the ever present shroud of the oppressed peoples desire for freedom, which will surely come."
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Permit or no Permit, PER or no PER, the union of unions-workers-methodist church must march and do citizen arrest of the junta a gang of dozen thugs and put them on trial.

The junta is lamu-knows a mass group of people will arrest them and save fiji from their disaster.

People power must be the way now to arrest the pisspot president, tin pot dictator and puppet master and junta thugs.

Who elected the junta of thugs who have hijacked fiji-people power must restore democracy for fijians and save fiji from doom.

Anonymous said...

The unions-FNPF presnt and future pensioners-all workers, all NGOS, all SDL and labor supporters must unite and march and do citizen arrest of the junta of thugs who are a dozen abusing the chain of command of security forces.

Who elected this dozen thugs junta who have hijacked fiji?

PER or no PER the people who are 800000 have the real power.

The junta of thugs is coward not to remove PER or give permit cos they know they will be arrested within hours.

Throw the people charter out and claim people power.

Either the pisspot president, tin pot dictator and puppet master and gang of thugs give themselves up or be arrested by the people power.

Look at the state of the nation the people must act now to arrest these thugs to stand trial.

Anonymous said...

The die has been cast my freinds, it`s now time to make the moves. There`s no turning back now,Felix and Attar you`ve set the wheel of liberation in motion...increase the momentum now and mobilise. The workers are behind you.

Vanua. said...

@ Anon 10:15.

Non US - but like many others share a belief this is a universal document compiled by people with great insight - in a perfect world it would be compulsory reading for all political aspirants - these things are clearly self evident.
Unfortunately historical evidence provides ample evidence that regimes & despots such as those currently occupying Viti never relinquish power voluntarily - are not influenced by fine words containing great ideals.
Most urgent priority right now is like many other counties around the world Viti is under economic scrutiny and right now those holding power are behaving like eveveyone else operates in Fiji Time? As increasing numbers go without basic commodities such as clean water & sanitation - their opening embassies in Brazil - spending money like??? Drunken sailor - reality is Viti can no longer afford this regime.
In simple corner store parlance -
outgoings exceed incomings.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I know that people are in killing mood...

Is it possible for the World Trade Unions with their network and clout to provide us "honest hard working citizens but enforced enemies of this illegal NS=AZK=JVB government some firearms and ammunitions so we can fight our own cause...

Use the Trade Union network to get these in NOW...

Let's see the fun with this ass-hole Military...Maybe they will all try to find a cassava plantation to run into like their Commander to hide and seek refuge...

Courage said...

As expected, the hoohaa of UN's ILO did not achieve anything. Khaiyum lies in their face and the regime keeps doing what it does best: trampling on the human rights of the people, the unions, the churches. It may be time to stop dreaming about some UN magician turning Fiji into a free country again. We should take our clues from the rest of the World where dictators have been removed and tried for their crimes. Unfortunately, however, this would require a commodity that is in very short supply in lamusona Fiji. And this commodity is courage.

Anonymous said...

To the ILO, ACTU, ICTU and all other international bodies - Please do not close this door of opportunity on us.
The time to act is NOW. Do what you have to do and just get on with it - IMPOSE THE BANS - NOW!!
Sure we will suffer, but it will be nothing compared to what we have, and are currently enduring with these nitwits.
They have no respect for international and diplomatic norms and protocols. Why you may ask ? It is simply to preserve themselves. Period. It is not about eradicating corruption, it is not about a new and prosperous Fiji, it is not about the Qoliqoli Bill, it is not about a common name, etc etc. The simply do not want to go to jail. Period. Cannot people see this?

Anonymous said...

never trust bai/ask.liar liar.
time to kick some ass.
long live the trade union.

Anon said...

For whatever faults ASK and VB may have I think they were just outright sweet talked and fooled by the little america into thinking that there was a way out of financial ruin for the national airline. Seems they fell for all the b/s he gave and unfortunately for ASK and VB they are too far along to change course.

Changing course will mean a major "loss of face" at a time when they are proclaiming to other Governments of their right and legitimacy to rule in Fiji.

The ILO would be stupid to not recognise how the decree came to be, its written into the decree itself - the best move now for the government would be the removal of the little american from the national airline as a show of good faith to the ILO - that Fiji is still committed to the ILO protocols that it is a signatory to.


Anonymous said...

Illegal Junta is nothing about a bunch of Lairs, Thugs, Criminals, Thieves, Torturers, Con Artists, Narcissists, and Corrupt Nepotists.

Vanua. said...

Please enlighten on how removing the "little america" will help the national airline in these turbulent & uncertain economic times? Little america didn't approve or sign these decree's.
Goverments receive advice from all quarters - some good - some bad & mad - but they and they alone must decipher and that anybody would provoke a confrontation with Viti's sole remaining source of overseas revenue (tourism) indicates the calibre of those currently making decisions.

.0035 said...

and these are the mugs who promise us elections! Dumb bastards they are but surely even they realise that the moment we have anything like a democracy, then the first thing we do is extract the poisonous pair who have demolished the church, the judiciary, the government, the unions, business, villagers not to mention the police and military over the past five years. The day of reckoning moves closer. .0035

Anonymous said...

To the International Community [UN, ILO, ACTU etc etc], I ask you this - Do you want to go into 'Fire Brigade' mode when the country is in turmoil.
Why are you people dragging your feet here?
Do you want a Somalia, an Egyptian scenario before you start acting??!!
Let's forget about the diplomacy and niceties and get on with it. Give it back to them, because they simply do NOT have the depth and decency!!

Anonymous said...

When the s... hits the ceiling, no amount of diplomacy will have mattered.
No big talk at the ILO, the UN would have mattered.
No amount of sympathizing would have mattered.
It would have been far too late!!
We would be on our own.
To the powers that be - mitigate the mess NOW!!
Prove to us that you are NOT a toothless tiger!! Otherwise when the dust has settled, do NOT come back to us and and try to curry favours, because you will simply not get it.
You listening Oz/Kiwi PMs??

Koi Waimaro said...

Come on Anons, Vanua,.0035 and the lot. You tell us,what doyou have to change the course of life and governance in Fiji. We are happywith the way things are, because we know that our woes for the last decades has now fallenon the righte ars. Our rural areas are now being developed,today my children dont have to walk kilometers of slippery track roads to school.The government has given us a good road and a bridge. We dont have to see our children and families die in our hands because the medical centers is too far out. My children can now study at night with good lighs. And thanks to this government.

We have spent so much for the previous goverments, given them our trust but nothing came out of it except false promises.

These government has only been power for the last five years and they have achieved far better than any government of the past.

Lets not use c4.5 as a venue to vent out our anger and frustrations, lets use it as a venue to find the most viable solution forour progress.

Our threats and plans and venoms will not take us anywhere because the outside world is well aware ofwhat is going on in Fiji and they are pleased with what has been done to improve the lives of the weak, meek and downtrodden in Fiji.

They have very little concerns with the woes and wailing of the political wannabes and oportunists who have losts their shares from the sweats of others.

Rajesh, Urai,Felix and the rest are these wannabes and opportunists.

Lets be realistic about the status of affairs in Fiji and come with ideas to make things better for all.


May God bless Fiji.

Koi Waimaro

Anonymous said...

the easiest solution, kill the bastards, khaiyum and baini...country will be free! very simple.!

Anonymous said...

koi waimaro
looks like u have sacrificed freedom for material things,,,,,,tamata voli rawarawa!!

Anonymous said...

@koi Waimaro
Just look at your hospital in Vunidawa. Hopeless. Doctor is hopeless. Nurses have given up. Hospital has no medicine. No fluids etc.
All because of this stupid govt, spending money on the army rather than on people's health.
Just ask the people of Naitasiri. They hate this government.
They won't tell you but call an Election and you see who they will vote for.
CCF came to the villagers and spoke to the villagers about their "RIGHTS" but as soon as they left, the villagers laughed at them.
They just happy for the $4 you gave them for their bus-fare. But they know you taking $700K a year.
But guess what ! Come Election time they will kick this Illegal govt out. Hahahahaha!
Welcome to Fiji!
Very soon the party will be over then you will have to enjoy Naboro.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@KOI WAIMARO....1.the roads,bridges and health centers are good but it`s all `dinau`..Fiji under mortgage.O cei ena qai sauma?...your children...2 the bunch opportunists from the Trade Unions are just a handful of people like the current admin...you got to open your eyes to the plight of the wider community...think outside the box.

Koi Colo said...

Koi Waimaro...you are a disgrace to the Vanua Waimaro..Who gave you the right to use the name of the Vanua known for its warlike character.

Koi Waimaro...you are a toothless bati...thinking about yourself rather than the nation

bati lamulamu

Anonymous said...

@ Koi Waimaro, Gandu saala....

Did the road and bridge get built overnight by this IG?

When did the plan get approved... when did the loan get arranged ...then when did the bridge contract get given..and when did the contract get started?

By any incoming PM going and cutting the ribbon because the prtoject gets completed in their time in the office, does not make it that you see the difference for yourselves.

You must be dummer than I thought? Your type are running down the money as faster then SDL were doing.

As for good times under this IG....YES offcourse, even the Fijians are living in security grilled houses and the mob mentality is what has got some thieves off the street.

The villages are now organising farming day outs more then before..less handouts but work hard.

Qarase told the nation that Fijian youths were very lazy and drinking grog till early morning and sleep till mid day. So no time to go and farm for their own needs.

I here a lot of this is now over.... They have got that sorted out...but the rest of things are in SHIT!

semimiau said...

Tabetabe kaiviti bloody no money(Shaking the hands of the "Devil")-Chorwha sala.