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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ILO reported to be 'beserk' over regime's new union decree

Officials at the ILO are said to have gone 'berserk' after the regime's introduction of the draconian decree to curb worker and union rights  in Fiji.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that since last week, the ILO has held several meetings to discuss Fiji and list possible actions it could take.

The deteriorating trade union rights situation in Fiji has been under consideration by the  ILO for some time. 
As first reported by this blog, the Education International and FICTU affiliate, the Fijian Teachers Association first complained to ILO in July, 2009, followed by further complaints.
A decision to send an ILO Mission to Fiji was made in 2010 after the Governing Body of the ILO at its 309th session in November, considered these complaints.

Among other complaints in that report, the Committee considered complaints against the dismissal of Tevita Koroi, the president of the Fijian Teachers  Association, for making a statement at the launch of the Movement for Democracy in Fiji and the arrest and detention of FICTU general secretary, Attar Singh, the vandalising of his home and car and two arson attempts on Mr. Singh's union office in Suva.

The Committee also noted complaints on restrictions on union meetings, freedom of movement of trade unionists and restriction on union's right to express opinions through the press.

The ILO delegation are preparing to depart for Fiji and are expected to touch down in Nadi tomorrow afternoon.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Barka Felix Anthony,

Where are you brava.

Kind regards
Vyas Deo Sharma

Fight! said...

The ILO will do absolutely nothing! A bunch of well paid travelers coming to Fiji. If you want rights, don't ask the UN to give it to you, go out and fight.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that ILO is finally taking heed of issues for workers in Fiji.As reported by coup 4.5 ,these violations were reported way back in 2009.Thanks FICTU
for keeping up the fight and keeping the International community abreast with Tr.Union violations here .All workers unionised or non unionised must unite to fight these tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Since who knows when ,there's been fragmentation within the Trade Union ranks based on political affiliation of the individuals who occupy the driver's seat of the two umbrella bodies....FTUC&FICTU. In 2006 ftuc was dragged into partnership with the Govt by the Labour Party leadership,while fictu stood with the workers as SDL sympathizers & fronted as the legitimate representatives of the workers of this country.....This is the worker's enemy #1 this high powered delegation from ILO needs to address first before meeting the Govt. The much talked about reconciliation&unification talks for the benefit of the workers by Felix Anthony&Attar Singh. PEU motto says it all, UNITED WE STAND..DEVIDED WE FALL.

Anonymous said...

The ILO is so late to the party and its very frustrating for workers on the ground who have suffered for so long. As mentioned complaints have been made in 2009, 2010 and abuses against Union representatives have been ongoing since 2006. Hope this is not all hot air and bluster and something actually gets done instead of another holiday to the Fiji Islands by a bunch of useless pen-pushers!!

Anonymous said...

Who do you replace Aiyaas with - another goon wannabe - plenty of contenders like Rajesh Singh
( failed grog bowl unemployed politican), Sahu Khan ( disbarred thief and sports dictator),Felix ( self serving unionist), Shailen Raju ( self serving nothing), Mahen Chadoo ( may as well stay with Aiyass) or Q Bale ( did nothing last time). Its time to bring in foreign assistance and solve Fiji once for all - create a working domocratic culture in civil service - we had such good public sector machinery in 70s/80s, left behind from the Colonial days but Mara and Rabuka destroyed that in 1987. Time for a revolution - one that doesnt involve the usual suspects and failed politicians. Military needs to be down sized. Time to revolution with foreign assistance.

nasimun said...

Thanks to ILO/UN finally taking heed of the suffering,pain and misery that the people of fj are going through. I request my kaiviti brothers to wake up and take advantage of the delegation and have a massive gathering @ albert park to show the opposition to this so called govt.

Atu Qiolevu said...

"He reveals deep and hidden things. he knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with him." -Daniel 2:22
Ia kajia-AQ

K2 said...

There is one job we cant afford, on the job training for our charlatan AG. Everyday spent learning the ropes is another day of rising cost, mounting deficit and diminishing rights for workers.
It is easy to make up decree to address every economic problem. But it’s hard to figure out how to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a united fight. Bring them down. Fictu ftuc united.
Anthony, Singh----- our heros.

Anonymous said...


This idiot AG who is lining up his pocket at the expence of the poor underpriveliged,and the down trodden will soon pay very dearly.
He and that dum head Vore are now playing dirty games with the bread and butter of over worked and underpaid workers.The very unions that are providing services to these workers are now being targetted. The clear reason is that the goverment has gone broke so bust the unions and pay the workers less and get more from the companies.
Their seats are so hot that they will not be able to sit longer their days are numbered,be patient they will pay one at a time for every wrong doings against the people of Fiji.

They will drink their own poision from their own chalice dau kalaou gata tiko. Sa kua na rei rei tiko dau sa kaukauwa na nomuni masu na rogodi na nitau kalao bula.

Thumbs Up said...

Keep up the good work Attar and Tevita!

Vyas Deo Sharma, Vuda said...

@anonymous 8.52am

Stop your mischief mongering. I am a former FLP parliamentarian from Vuda and I definitely did not write this.

Why don't you have the guts to put your own name to the comment whoever you are - although I do know where this is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Now you see the big guns arrive on the scene-this would have happened much earlier if those in the Union Movement in Fiji had stood their ground. The like of Roko Ului and othere can't move a tree in this fight and its a pity people couldn't see this. If the ILO and Union movement can't do it from the outside then the only option that is left is for the people of Fiji to get up and do their own agitation! The question is will the people of Fiji see the present Govt in a different light-or will the Union movement overseas cripple the Fijian economy to make Frank step down? Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Message to Fb and aSK, VACATE. Had enough of your no brain, no proper policy and huge bullshit and cost.
No one is stupid.

Tevita, attar, felix, urai. Take control now. People behind you. Attar make the call, we march and push them over. Oti.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is more guilty than AG and FB, it is the President for being signitory to these draconian decrees. I cannot believe that a Kubuna Chief can down-troden his people and the working class people and not having any conscience at all.