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Saturday, August 6, 2011

ITUC joins growing chorus of condemnation of Fiji regime's campaign to kill off trade unions

The regime's dirty plan to annihilate the trade union movement has been condemned by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the main international trade union organisation, representing the interests of working people worldwide. 

“This decree constitutes a near total repudiation of the fundamental trade union rights of the International Labour Organization,” says General Secretary, Sharan Burrow. See story below.

Fiji: all-out assault on trade unionism by the military government

5 August 2011: The military government of Fiji has engaged in an all-out assault on trade unionism this year, by force and by decree, and it is getting worse by the day. 

Just this week, union officials were detained, questioned and charged with “unlawful assembly” by police simply for meeting with union members to prepare for collective bargaining negotiations. 

“This is completely unacceptable. Any and all charges must be dropped”, said Sharan Burrow, (pictured above) ITUC General Secretary. Earlier this year, several trade union leaders were brutally beaten by members of the armed forces for exercising their fundamental trade union rights.
A series of laws and executive decrees have chiseled away at fundamental worker rights and in some cases have even eliminated the possibility to challenge the unilateral acts of the government, which undermine workers’ industrial and democratic rights, before any tribunal. 

With the issuance this week of the Essential National Industries Employment Decree, the rights of Fijian workers were dealt yet another severe blow.

The decree, among other things, requires existing unions to re-register under burdensome new rules, voids existing collective bargaining agreements and all but eliminates the right to strike — in any industry that the government may designate. 

“This decree constitutes a near total repudiation of the fundamental trade union rights of the International Labour Organization,” explained Sharan Burrow.

“There is no question as to the government’s aim – to destroy independent trade unionism in Fiji. We will not stand back and allow that to happen,” she said. 

“Its actions leave us with no other option than to escalate further our campaign to mobilize the international community to condemn these acts and to advocate for the restoration of trade union and democratic freedoms in Fiji.” 

http://www.ituc-csi.org and http://www.youtube.com/ITUCCSI


convolutedexperiment said...

It's wonderful to see Frank and /aiyaz making arses of themselves and digging the hole a little deeper each day.
Not only are they making more enemies inside Fiji, but by their greed for money and power, they have managed in a single stroke, to encompass the whole bloody International Trade Union Movement to collectively help eradicate Fiji of their own Regime !

Well done Master Aiyaz and Master Frank.
Between you both, a couple of Mastur-bators !

Anonymous said...

Its time for international sanctions on fiji, all in bound and outbound cargo by sea and air except medicine and food must not be loaded and unloaded for one month to cripple the fiji junta our of power.

All people and workers of fiji and methodist church members who are also workers must march and do citizen arrest of the junta a gang of dozen thugs holding the government machinery hostage and its tin pot dictator and horse betting president stooge and put them on trial.

People of fiji must throw the peoples charter in the rubbish bin and use the 800000 people power and march and use national strike and do citizens arrest of the junta and its dictator who will run when chased.

A peoples, workers, methodist church and chiefs and vanua revolution in fiji is required and people have the power who are 800000 and junta a gang of coward thugs.

PER, martal law and decrees will no longer scare the 800000 people who will now do citizen arrest and revolution to return fiji to democracy, human rights, good governance, transparency, accountanbilty, rule of law, and people workers and vanua freedom from the junta.

Who elected the ill health and corrupt and no school dictator and the puppet master and other junta cronies who call themselves government? No one and no one needs to put up with these thugs any more.

There will be short term pain but long term gain for a free and just fiji when the junta is in naboro maximum where they belong for their crimes corruption and abuse of power.

Peopl power needed now and PER or PER the citizens arrest of these junta thugs and dictator must be done to save Fiji for the people of fiji and future generations before Fiji is totaly bankrupt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good move

Anonymous said...

@9.35 ...how bitter can you be DARLING??? I say DARLING because you boys from QVS,RKS AND MARIST were your senior boys girlfriends in school NAH? How nice it would be for you all to have GEORGE and RABUKA BACK so that they can do to you what they used to ...in the good ole' school days NAH? vanua,,,vanua vanua....ahhhh tired of listening to that crap word...give it up and get a job !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt the Fiji people staged a big protest and march through the city of Suva???

The answer is simple, because the fijian people is one of the MOST SCARED people in the whole wide world.... And they love seeing their ECONOMY getting raped and abused by this EVIL CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS running our beloved country and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT...

I have more RESPECT for the people of the Middle East like Libya, Egypt, Syria etc that FIGHTS FOR THEIR OWN FREEDOM... Even in Egypt, children as young as 9-10 years old joined the UPRISING TO DETHRONE their Evil Dictator(President Mubarak) by standing their grounds and throwing stones at military tanks and vehicles....

Whereas in Fiji, grown-ups cant even do anything about the CORRUPT EVIL REGIME.... They havent got the GUTS to stand up and FIGHT FOR THEIR OWN FREEDOM.... The fighting spirit of the fijian people shown during the Civillian Coup in 2000 no longer exsist.... Sa sivia ga na lamusona!!!

May God Bless Fiji and Curse the Dictator Bainivuaka and his Boyfriend Khaiyum and its Illegal Regime....

SEMI MEO said...

.lol…lol…boy oh boy….these International socialist groups make us laugh every time they gloss their rhetoric with pretend emotion and stern faces during media interviews…lol..

These are the very same Unions who are paid millions of dollars by their members who slave to continually support notorious regimes and abusers of work and human rights.

Will these Unions cajole their members in the mining, agriculture, finance and other industries in Aust/NZ/US etc to stop work in protest to China’s, India, Russia, Iran (etc) pandemic workers and human rights abusers???? Abusers in grant scale..rendering Fiji’s human rights and workers right abusers in a much lower scale.

Let’s think of our innocent majority before we act, please!

Tappoooooooo said...

FB and AG are traveling more and more overseas cause they know uprising is very near.

Anonymous said...

Once the people power brings back true democracy in Fiji we must bring to jail all business people that have supported this corrupt regime to jail as well.

Jieke said...

Go for it ITUC we the people of Fiji are behind any action that will force these ass oles out of their comfort zone.

Stealth. said...

Don't miss the irony in the karma?

Notice how his three main opponents are now all powerful feminists with union backgrounds?

Clinton - Gillard & now Burrows.(known colloquially as the '3 card trick').

Rest assured all are fully aware of his (their) camp record in this particular field. Guess its what comes with having 'marama' in your name - other parts best left to Taukei more qualifield.

Anonymous said...

About Time you woke up from your slumber. Five years should have been a long enough time to think how to help fiji unions and workers.
Now move it________ fast.

Jieke said...

Go for it ITUC we the people of Fii are right behind this.

Jieke said...


Whats your point? They are paid for their service and skills just like you and everyone else who work for a living.

Your are begining to sound like a very very old record that belongs in the rubbish dump.

Anonymous said...

Next sharia law it's cOming all talk no action Muslims running the country. Semi meow lol first ur name tells a thousand stories lol mate I am more than willing to Purchase ur brain they way it is lmao it's clear that it hasn't been used much at all. In m circle ur brain would fetch a pretty price. Mate stay the way u are lol

Anonymous said...

Too much talk from the Unions...we need action not more talk...talk has already been done and dusted by the politicians, chiefs, churches etc. Action please!!

Anonymous said...

The battle to win is the destruction of the Fiji Labour Party.

Destruction of the Unions is a pre-requisite to winning the battle.

Will this be a "skirmish" and "bonus" on the road or could the situation and battle turn on "the bridge to far"

A slow stragulation will not work, as the wrath of the people will be great and a possible backlash on the unions counter productive.

The only effective measure that will work for the people and the army for it to extract itself from under the "siamese dictator - aiyaz & frank"
is a "lighting strike" by the overseas unions on air and sea and a stay at home and pray for the people of Fiji.

Anon said...

How unforunate that VB and ASK would, at the hands of an under achieving american, let Fijian industries face the ire of foreign trade unions. So be it, let ASK continue to be hoodwinked by the small yank with untruths. Not until the hole is big enough for someone to fall/ be pushed into, will government realise it backed the wrong horse. Anon.

QaloMaiNaceva said...

levu ga na vosavosa,,,too much talk no actions..Fiji lacking real leadership!!
Sivia na veiliumuritaki vei keda na KaiViti.Too many backstabbers,thats why no one is willing to stand up and lead the way.
Lets just wait and see where God is taking us..Maybe God is trying to teach us something...a good lesson?
Have you thought of that???????????

SEMI MEO said...

@ Jieke..oh..guilty are we??..before your next spew in this estemmed blog, pls take a deep breath so reality and common sence may invade your lungs and purify your honorable grey matter!!

Now count the numbers of deaths, imprisonment in China, North India, Iran etc...say in the last 2 years...now tell us how many deaths and imprisonment in the last 2 years by Fiji Co Dictators??..go figure…

Yet,Ms Burrow’s socialist Union members are the very one “working” for China, India etc supplying Gold, iron ore ..oh..and uranium to create WOMD to attempt obliterate mankind.

Don’t tell us you too have been blinded by the Fiji Union evil attempts to sabotage our Tourist Industry, embargo on trade and soon unavoidable mighty devaluation to our already weak Fiji dollar..

Fiji will thank you..Jieke...I do not know about how your own children would see you after your ill conceived self appointed Union cheer squad role!!...as if you care!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Moew, pls take a deep breath and a LONG BREAK. No one's interesting in your rants.

Fiji Observer said...

Friends, a line of intererest from Matavuvale

Reply by Nacanieli Rogoimuri 13 hours ago

Unfortunately, not all people of Fiji believe that the illegal regime is working against us. Only the Fijian people believe this is true, the Indians and other races in Fiji believe it is paradise.

The few Indian voices going against the government is just to fool us Fijians that they also are not happy. In fact they are all for this illegal government. They are thriving during this period. They are witnessing the downfall of their enemy right before their eyes. no wonder they have been quiet and allowing us to fight amongst ourselves this past 5 years.

Foe our survival, we as Fijians should fight this fight alone. Only then will our voice be heard. Throw away the BS of human rights, the accusation of being racist, the trying to look good in front of others and the mistaken use of Christian love which the unbeliever are so fond of using against us. Our God need fighters, not crowd pleasers, not compromisers, not people users like alot of our leaders and chieves are.

We as Fijians should not be continuosly be misled by Ratu Sukuna's 3 legged stool principle, which the Mara administration championed from 1970 onwards. It has led to our continually being weakened while on the other hand empowering the other races. we had been continuously giving while they had been continuously receiving.

We had been told over the years that our land is safe and no one will take it away from us (for those of you who own large pieces of land, I do not have any land myself and my clan), we should open our eyes today and envision what will be the result of the land bank Kaiyum had written for bai to enforce on our land in the very near future. You can make your own conclusions on that. However, remember that this is the same "Land Use Commission" that caused the Chaudary downfall in 2000. But what happened during this few short years, have we forgotten or have we been brainwashed or are we just frightened to speak up because of the guns?

Fijians, we have alot more to lose from this events. We should fight this fight on our own so that we can boldly highlight the problems that are peculiar to us alone. Putting up a broader front like Ului had started together with Felix Anthony, Urai, Chaudary, and other will only weaken our position. Only the Fijian have been fighting this fight the last 5 years. All of a sudden, we have been taken over by these gold-diggers and we allow them to come in and take over the fight, change the face of the movement and put up a totally different strategy to the one we had been slowly but surely been working on.

I ask the FDFM in Aust and NZ, please do not be blinded by the international power behind these men, because it is this same power that will overlook the cares of us as Indigenous Fijians.

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo...you can't have omelets without breaking the eggs. After a while its good to see you haven't lost your opportunist hat..whatever happens is beyond our control. The ITUC will do whatever it deems to protect its affiliates in Fiji. We all have to prepare to hunker down and bite the bullet. If the IG thought they could pull a fast one, then are as stupid as you. Go on,keep blowing their trumpet, that Australian high commission vacancy is still there for you. As the kids in Fiji say...VAQARA!!

Fiji Observer said...

Reply by Loruama Tawawili 8 hours ago

Naca this is a very good piece indeed. How many times do we the taukeis of Fiji need to be ridiculed to understand that we need to protect what is rightfully ours.We own 85% of what Fiji is today and we need to let the whole world know that.Through the kindness of our hearts(Taukeis) we are able to allow other races and ethnicity to cohabitate with us. Now they are not satisfied with our kindness and want to have what we own.

Every coup that has happened was supposed to better the Taukei's condition but the other races in Fiji have somehow being able to manipulate their way into bettering theirs in our expense.Chaudary as the First Indian PM was not satisfied with the Taukei's owning the land so he berought in a commission to try and divide the land equally.That did not work now it is Bainimarama through his lies of corruption took over the government. Now it is a racefree politics that every other race are embracing and like you said Naca the Taukei are now victims of this Bainimarama take over.

It is not suprising that Bainimarama has turned to a moslem extremist as his top legal advisor and by that process the advisor Khaiyum is the one axctually running Fiji.Bainimarama just goes around reading speeches written by Khaiyum of which he has no idea what they mean.

It is time for the Taukei's who make up 99% of the militaryu to say no more Bainimarama your lying days are over. Give the people of Fiji what they derserve and that is a democratically elected Government.

Fiji Observer said...

Reply by Loruama Tawawili 33 minutes ago

You are so right Mark it is all because Bainimarama has bought their loyalty.I have said many times before Mark as long as Bainimarama is providing the soldiers with what they want it will always be follow the leader for them because if Bainimarama goes how then can they hold on to what they have and the priveleges they enjoy.

The moral obligation to look after the welfare of the populace went out the window a long time ago and now it is the old adage of disobey and you lose everything.

The only commandament the soldiers know is keep Bainimarama in Power and he will keep giving the soldiers what they want.If only Driti and Roko Ului had acted when they had the power to do so.

Anonymous said...

Reply by Mark Manning 6 hours ago


Tragically, it seems that the Soldiers of the RFMF, like many people in the Indigenous Community of Fiji, have succumbed, despite their own assertion that they adhere to Christian Principles, to greed.

As a Community, many have broken several of the Commandments, yet seem to think that they can get away with it because they say " we pray " !

The reality is, there will be a price to pay at the end of this coup, and it could well be, the end of Indigenous Fijians ever owning Fiji again.

Jieke said...

@ Meo

So thats you...ly down and wait to die when the odds are too much. Your tomb stone than should read.....here lies the hero from Taveuni who gave his life fighting for nothing.

convolutedexperiment said...

Hopefully RUM and Driti's defection from Frank and Co. might be sufficient to encourage others to wake up in enough time from their slumber, to begin to see this coup for what it is :-

Sadly, this seems to be being done, by Fijians themselves !
I just don't get that, money and privileges of not !
Surely people can't be that desperate, that greedy, that stupid ?

Jieke said...


I am neither blinded by the unions nor a bloody fool(like you) wishing for things to work out when they won't. If you haven't got the guts to fight for what you believe in, so be it, tuck your tail between your legs and run; go and die somewhere lonely...where no kai viti can see you.

Fark Fanning said...

The truth of the matter is that itaukei DO NOT own 85% of the land. They cant sell it, they cant give it away, only hold it in trust !!

The important point is that all land that can be put to productive use, should be used, not put in reserve and be overgrown with weeds and jungle, like what has happened since May 2000.

Anonymous said...

FTUC, FICTU, FPSA, PEU, FTA, FNA and all other worker unions are all finished for good under the decree and union officals will find themselves facing 500000 fine each and gail sentences and all out victimisation and prosecution by the junta.

The unions and workers of fiji have the power to mass assemble and throw out the junta with international sanctions , its now or never.

there will be no elections and the junta will rule for decades cos thery got nowhere to go except the prision waiting for them and hands full of corruption pie.

Are the chiefs, vanua, land owners, methodist church, unions and workers lamusona or what is wrong with them to be bending down happy to the junta dictator and puppet master?

Tui Viti said...

@ Jieke...here lies Semi Meo who died doing nothing but mouthing off from Australia..

Fiji Observer. said...

The Reality about the Land Bank or Land Grab!

The following should be known about the Land Bank, a “strategy” used to take away the ownership of land from the landowners by Khaiyum in accordance with his racist Cultural Autonomy thesis or the Sunset Clause.

Step 1- NLTB/ITLB Board paper (prepared by NLTB/ITLB consultant Nur Bano Ali and AG Khaiyum) authorizing the transfer of authority of NLTB/ITLB from GCC/FAB to Ministry of Lands. This can be regarded as a mini coup and daylight robbery!

Step 2 - Landowners through awareness encouraged in giving native land to the State (Ministry of Lands) to be included in the Land Bank with “promotional” benefits.

Step 3- Landowners buys into the “promotional” benefits and give native land up to Ministry of Lands to be included in the Land Bank. However, they are not properly informed that in the process, their native land will be reclassified as a crown land, because it has been given to the state.

(The NLTB/ITLB land under the NLTB Act recognizes the ownership of land by the indigenous landowners, but only administered by Government).

Step 4- State looks for investors and submit a 99 year CROWN LEASE under the Ministry of Lands instead of Native Lease under the NLTB. This means that the land is no longer a native land for approximately three generations. This is a cunning way of alienating Fijians from their land. The first step was to call everyone a Fijian so that later on, the exclusive proprietorship rights of the indigenous Fijians to their land and qoliqoli will become null and void in the near future. Mining, Tourism etc companies can just enter Fiji and negotiate with the consultants, accountants, lawyers and government without the landowners since every land in Fiji is owned by the state.

Step 5- Investor pays for using the land from the Land Bank and the funds goes to government and (consultants and AG) decides on the amount to be given to the landowners. Landowners have no bargaining power over his god given resources in this so called “reform”.

Example. The Deal by the Land Bank on the Bua Bauxite Mine.

The following deal was given to the Bua landowners for the Bauxite Mine:

1.The part payments will total up to $1.95 million; the mining company will mine bauxite for the rest of the 99 lease period without any more financial payments to the landowners.
2.Considering that the $1.95m payments to the landowners will be completed in the next one or two part payments, how much will the consultants and the government continue to receive after that for the rest of the 99 years or the bauxite mining period?
3.After the last part payment cheque has been paid, the total deal will be $1.95 million (Fijian $) to the Bua landowners while the Chinese mining company will get $2 billion US dollars worth of trading minerals. $100,000 part payment given to Mataqali Nalutu from Baravi village for securing 56 acres of land for the purchase of soil at $3 per cubic meter to reclaim the coastal area for building a wharf for the loading of bauxite.
4.$30,000 given to Mataqali Noro from Navakea village for building the access road to the mining area.
5.$577,000 part payment given to Mataqali Naicobo in Wailevu village for the mining of the bauxite area.
6.$279,000 part payment given as compensation damage for the qoliqoli for the 8 villages of Navakasiga district and 4 villages of Lekutu district.

convolutedexperiment said...

Village idiots !

Anonymous said...

The vanua must wake up as their land is being taken away by the use of the land bank this means instaed of nltb the land goes awy and they loose the title and puppet master like kaiyum in control of their land. fijians have lost the government and now the land and very soon in some years to come fijans will be land less.

are the chiefs sitting under the mango dree and enjoying home brew , its time for the chiefs and vanua to rise up and get their land bank.

this is day light robbery on the fijian land.

Anonymous said...

Convoluted experiment...please do not call our people village idiots. It is not their fault that they had been duped into this scheme. It is people like you and I as well as other educated Fijians who just watch from the sidelineincluding those who are in Government now particularly FILIMONE KAU ULUKAU who shpould be blamed...apart from Bainimarama and his goons

When the good times come, it is everyone in the Army and Police today who should be taken to task

Denarau freedom fighters said...

Shane Cummings is Another goon from Sheraton who provides FOC accomodation(Presidential suite-PS $1500.00) and meals for ASK and his wife no wonder ask appointed him on boards.

ASK we are watching you and Bainivuaka every time you two stay at PS.

Sheraton Workers unite and take the 2 bastard down when they arrive.

SEMI MEO said...

@Jieke..rather laughable that you esteem yourself brave….hiding behind your pseudonyms..no one knows who the blooming hell you are!!

@Tui Viti...you're one of the many Tui Viti's around?..no kingdom to govern…and landless!!

Let's say for instance I catch next flight to Suva, stand in the middle of Sukuna park at 1000hrs and march toward government building to attempt forcibly remove the Co Prime Ministers...I know...I know..I'll be the one standing alone while cowards like landless and faceless Tui Viti, Jieke and others pissssting from the shadows…
Phew….and they say they are brave…who are they trying to fool!!...have they ever voice there opinion to any PS or Cabinet Ministers, Senior Military Offices in their office in Suva….nur…just spew in this esteemed column pretending to have Fiji’s interest at heart..

Oh…and former diplomatic and career civil servant Mr. Filimoni Kau is just another brilliant Civil Servant..just a SERVANT OF THE STATE….should Jieke or Tui Viti become PM tomorrow Mr. Kau still comes to work with the same passion to tow the new government policies…don’t blame him… who will you blame next!!

The culprits are Fiji Co Prime Ministers!!

@ Tui Viti..this graddad for a diplomatic post?? ...lol....lol....lol..come on, you can do much better than that!!...vaka ga e sili tiko na ga..

Anonymous said...

Convoluted experiment..Its not a matter of choice for the villagers or landowners or the chiefs, we must always remember the current situation and that is THIS IS A MILITARY GOVERNMENT and that everything is done by force. That is FORCED DOWN THE THROATS of the villagers or landowners. The landowners were told " Like it or not the BAUXITE will go ahead".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@4.57pm Bro ,there are 3 misplaced groups of people in the South Pacific..namely the Indians,Europeans and the Africans(you).None of us are indigenous. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

convolutedexperiment said...

@ Anon1052 p.m.
I get that, that's why I'm challenging everyone !

Anonymous said...

A peoples revolution by the people of fiji combined with the methodist church members, unions , workers , SDL and labor supporters, woman, chiefs and vanua to march and arrest the junta of the thugs and its dictator is a must now.

PER or no PER.

International sanctions on fiji is a must to cripple the bankrupt ecnomy to bring the junta down.

Who Who elected this junta and puppet master and illhealth, no school and corrupt tin pot dictator?? No one did.

So they forceline and must be kicked out and stand trial forceline.

Fiji needs people power and not bullshit people charter.

Promised Lander said...

My reply to Loruama Tawawili...

Loru, good to know that u arrr still alive and well and tooting your horn from the safety and security of the good old US of A.

But that is the only thing u can do...honk! honk! honk! U have not changed from the good old Vulinitu days.

Always trying to be a tough guy by loudmouthing every other guy who gives u the opportunity to honk and toot...like u arrr doing now on Coup 4.5.

Please come to Fiji if u wish to be heard and we will welcome u with open arms. Bainimarama welcomes your contributions to develop, improve and most probably along the way, strategise to reduce the huge loands running into billions that this Government is piling up from China, Malaysis and other Asian countries.

Very soon the land we are on, this home of ours (FIJI) will be fully mortgaged to these Asian countries...most probably becoming the Mini China of the South Pacific...becoming the laughing stock of the South Pacific Forum

Come on, Loru my man...na demu e so toka la oqo mai Ono-i-lau.

A.K Khan said...

Anonymous 10.52pm - You are commiting a crime under laws of Fiji by suggesting elimination which amounts to political murder. Please dont promote this kind of behaviour.

Anonymous said...

@A.K Khan. What laws? NO LAWS CURRENTLY IN FIJI dude. No government of laws, no constitution. ONLY ANARCHY.


Too Meke said...

The whole world is watching!

Unions outlawed in Fiji
Sunday 07 August 2011
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Fiji's military government has dramatically stepped up its harassment of trade unionists by issuing a decree which will "effectively abolish all trade unions in Fiji," the Fijian TUC warned at the weekend.

In a statement, The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) condemned the new policy. "The military government of Fiji has engaged in an all-out assault on trade unionism this year, by force and by decree, and it is getting worse by the day.

"Last week union officials were detained, questioned and charged with 'unlawful assembly' by police simply for meeting with union members to prepare for collective bargaining negotiations.

"This is completely unacceptable."

ITUC general secretary Sharan Burrow said: "Any and all charges must be dropped."

The British TUC has written to the Fijian embassy and will be stepping up its actions as part of a global call to assist.

Anonymous said...

The Trade Unionists should have realized well before the 2007 undemocratic takeover where the military led regime will bring Fiji. They smartly went to bed with the coup makers hoping that they would easily benefit from the bandwagon. Now that the going is not in their favor and most of the condotions are working against the very people they fought for, they are crying foul and running to regional and global trade union forums for smart sanctions and other measures. If the Fiji Union leaders are really serious about bringing a speedy actions, here is a bullet that they should try to bite; they should rally not only for smart regional sanctions but also mobilize a 10 days or 2 weeks of national strikes where the regional trade union are to be ready to subsidize would be strikers salaries. They have to have back up plans for another two weeks just to be on the safe side. The leader have to be ready to go to jail for 5 years after that but 10 days of national strike plus fasting and national prayer of moaning. The effects will be like the crumbling of the walls of Jericho. If you want results oriented actions, try that!

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo...............good to know that you're still batting for both teams. When will you make up your mind?

I would bet my bottom $$ you'd come over to Fiji and stand in Sukuna Park knowing full well the Aussie government is behind you. As for the locals, if they were to stand in protest in Sukuna Park, they'd disappear for a few days, have a few probes, and appear in court for breaching a decree which in itself cannot be challenged.

Sa nia...........

Anonymous said...

wake up Fiji. You are being shafted from both ends.

Anonymous said...

Fijians watched as the criminals, thugs, rapists, murderers, and torturers did their evil deeds and did nothing. Then the Fijians wondered how did this Hell come to this tropical paradise?

Anonymous said...

A.K KHAN@7.37AM you TALIBAN and sound like a FULL TIME SUPPORTER , this ILLEGAL JUNTA. So much of wanting to state the laws of Fiji and political murder etc...crap!! , when you yourself are supporting an illegal government who are breaking the fiji laws and international law every hour. What annonymous 10.52pm is stating a fact and i support him. Everyone in Fiji is suffering except for illegal junta supporters like you A.K KHAN - TALIBAN..So i suggest you (TALIBAN) and your illegal junta family circle develope your own blogsite and comment there. Dont comment on our site because you are a waste of space on this blogsite- you TALIBAN.

Mesake Tikomaiositerelia said...

@ Meoww.....you should really get a job because whatever you think/wish to happen, will never happen. So, just do the honourable thing and chill out. We in Fiji, are really enjoying the life here compared to previous governments, so let us speak for ourselves and not you. If you want to speak for our beloved Fiji, come over. If you were here and experiencing these better standards of living, you wouldn't be mouthing off like you always do. Fiji is good, Fiji is nice, Fiji is still the paradise...

SEMI MEO said...

@Mesake Tikomaiositerelia
...we checked with NLC and not even a Fijian crab has the name you're using.
.so you must be blogging from an internet cafe 3rd floor Honson building Suva, gov pc from Berkeley crescent munikau or a night club in kings cross Sydney...in other words; fantasy world..
..look, coward we know that the Co Prime Minister pays you well to keep that blind fold covering your honorable vision of the truth..you are one of the elite few enjoying the spoils of decrees and coup….enjoy…uh..while it last…soon, it may be Naboro bread for you and you financiers ..and you know the occasional dried mucus lump the discolors that Naboro bakery handiwork…

SEMI MEO said...

Anonymous August 7, 2011 11:27PM…why should we support your extreme views or that of your opposition?
..and you better ask Ratu Mara and his pro-democracy advisers that question..
..you nameless and faceless coward!!

@Tui Viti..lol....I am already an ambassador of a better kingdom..thank you!!

Anonymous said...

semi meow the fence sitter cat,,,,all talk no action,,,,,cant even organise anything for roko ului in brisbane

Anonymous said...

To those of you who think we are breaking the law by talking like this about ASK...they have taken the law away from us..part of the ten commandments which all laws are based on.This in turn has a high punishment by God and Allah in ASK concern.As for Dave Phliger the person who is behind this decree but lies through his teeth that he has no involvement.If a group has the chance,please beat him up Brutally and cripple him to teach him and the other expatriates a lesson as he has hurt many people and families of Fiji all in the name of making money for Air Pacific.Isn't money the root of all Evil?Your time will come you yankee

SEMI MEO said...

@ Coward of August 9, 2011 11:44 PM..for the millionth time...I do not support you nor your opposition...bothy!!

I am NO Fijian community leader in Brisbane..though are 13 Fijian Churches and other groups...

Have NEVER...NEVER received any invite from the so called pro-democracy groups...

If Roko Ului is comming to Bris, then I'll take him to lunch as I owe him one from 2009..

Anonymous said...

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