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Monday, August 22, 2011

Khaiyum wanted USP academic charged with sedition

NARSEY: Casualty of the current unelected government.

More on our story on academic Wadan Narsey being forced out of USP   

University of the South Pacific Vice Chancellor Professor Rajesh Chandra (right) asked renowned academic Professor Wadan Narsey (top left) to apologise to dictator Frank Bainimarama and the military regime's Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Readers will recall from our first story last week that Professor Narsey was recalled to USP from Japan where he is on a Sabbatical and met with Chandra. Professor Narsey was basically ordered to return to Suva and would have been sacked a few months ago but is believed to have stood his ground. 

The short reprieve was lost when he was forced to resign last Wednesday, ending 30 years of employment at the region's premier university. 

We have also established that Bainimarama and Khaiyum, who had no answer to Professor's Narsey's opinions which exposed their lies and inability to practice good governance, were stung by an opinion piece by the popular academic published by Coupfourpointfive on May the 7th, 2011.  

In the article, Professor Narsey spoke of moves by the regime to put more nails in the FNPF coffin via a symposium by "experts", saying it would all be a big farce, a pretence at “public consultation”, much like the Charter Charade organized by Bainimarama, John Samy and Petero Mataca.

Professor Narsey posed the thought "Who knows?  Perhaps even at this late stage in our demise as a free people, we might want to go to the FNPF Symposium Charade being organised by the Bainimarama/Khaiyum Regime and as part of our struggle to regain our basic human rights and: "Appeal to those current and former military officers who have retained any vestige of allegiance to their military oaths, honor, ethics, and patriotism, to call on Bainimarama and his ministers to resign from government and give it back to civilian rule, immediately, not in 2014."

It was this paragraph that stung Bainimarama and Khaiyum the most.

According to sources, Khaiyum wanted Professor Narsey charged with sedition but failed in the attempt. It was then he approached Rajesh Chandra to get rid of Professor Narsey.

Readers will also recall from our first story that when Professor Narsey was called back from Japan to see Chandra, the USP Vice Chancellor is believed to have told him he was bringing disrepute to USP and that he should apologise to Bainimarama, the military and Khaiyum.

Professor Narsey is unsderstood to have told Chandra that if he thought he was bringing disrepute to USP, then it was up to the Vice Chancellor to take whatever action he desired but he would not apologise.

Professor Narsey returned to Japan and more than a month later he was pushed out.

USP academics were freely allowed to express their opinions in the previous three coups. For example after the 1987 coup, Professor Asesela Ravuvu, who supported Sitiveni Rabuka's coups of 1987, described democracy as a facade and foreign flower.

The Vice Chancellor at that time, Geoffery Caston, defended Ravuvu's academic freedom. A similar policy was adopted by other Vice Chancellors like Esikia Solofa, Savenaca Siwatibau and even Anthony Tarr, during their tenures. But not Rajesh Chandra.


Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra -bina pendi ka lotta, first university of Fiji , later University of the South Pacific , what can we say about this unethical man who is bringing disrespect to this institution. Hats off to Dr Narsey . Once democratic government comes in Rajesh should be the first to go.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Wadan for being a true academic.You used your God given talent to tell the truth try and help combat the rot and the disease affecting Fiji at the moment. You stood your ground and we always admire your impartiality and your brilliant intelligence. You are a true academic compared to the silent PhD graduates at USP. YOU ARE A TRUE SON OF FIJI. MAY GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS AND ENRICH YOU. WE SALUTE YOU AND WE ARE WITH YOU.

mark manning said...

So Aiyaz also has sole rights to being Judge, Jury and Executioner over Fijians, as well as Frank.

Gutless said...

I wished we had a couple of hundred more like Prof Narsey. Academics, politicians, leaders with courage to take on Khaiyum, his aunty and the green morons working for them.

Anonymous said...







Frank said...

Democracy is a foreign flower.

Anonymous said...

If AIaz could not get Narsey charged for sedition although he put pen to paper incalling for current and past soldiers to demand Frank and Aiz's resignation, then there is NO CASE TO ANSWER against Driti. DPP please withdraw your case against Driti and Ului.

Or were they charged just to buy time to disguise so that they can be purportedly discharged from duty?

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anonymous said...

USP staff association is supposed to uphold academic freedom, but under president Rohit Kishore is kowtowing to the military. Rohit is a well known coup supporter and another bina pendi ka lotta. He is working for the regime from inside USP. Through him the regime has gained control of the USP staff association. As union president he is a bhadia baail (castrated bull). This man has destroyed a once well-fucntioning union. His day of reckoning should come once democracy is restored with a proper investigation into his activities.

NS=ASK=JVB said...

The Bible always prevails for it provides us the words of Almighty God...expendable along the way in this God-forsaken land of Fiji are righteous God-fearing individuals like Dr. Wadan Narsey.

In this God-less state of affairs over-ruling Fiji where satanic people prevail and rule, the demomic, self righteous, cronyistic, sinful individuals like Rajesh Chandra (USP VC)...you see, this is the environment that breeds un-Godly desires and these are dominating the scenes at USP...ask the VC and the Dean of the Faculty of Science...worse still this is affecting very badly systems and processes at USP

Anonymous said...

Iam a Fijian & have always wondered when are they going to punish this man (Dr Wadan Narsey)? So it has finally arrive!
Dr Wadan Narsey, you are just too much for them to handle. Thank you for speaking out for the silent majority, you have been vocal but spoke sense & honestly highlighting the truth that many academics would rather not touch at a time like this in Fiji. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there for Fiji & standing up to these bunch of thugs telling them in their faces what they do not want to hear AND you have been very professional about it. You are a true man of integrity and that is what Fiji needs, honest people doing their work professionally & with integrity. We salute you and best wishes in whatever endevour you take next ... please don't end here, keep up the good work. Fiji needs you, not these thugs. YOU ARE A TRUE SON OF FIJI! God bless you. Vinaka vakalevu Dr Narsey.

Anonymous said...

well done doctor narsey.
you better off than bai/ask chor.
one day you will be the legal minister in fiji govt.
god bless you/family.

Vanua. said...

Can't see what all the fuss is about - what did u expect?
In the workd Vore & Khaiyum currently inhabit this a perfectly logical & normal responce.

Anonymous said...

Wake up!! USP students/staffs? Had the association of USPSA fought for the injustice here and where do they stand ? and who will be next? Rajesh is saving his butt by siding with the regime.
Prof Wadan, do not stop .You are a true son of Fiji and will be the right choice for the RBF governor in the coming civilian govt.You are capable of running our fed reserve, and guide the govt and country back from the economic woes created by the ulukaus from Nabua . Think of the people of Fiji and move forward. I guess it's ripe time for you to enter real politics. Start preparing for the coming election. I and most Fijians will vote strong/qualified men like you. So sad that his long time friend Rajesh had deserted and sold him to Frank and Khaiyum...VC(liu muri)

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, why so spineless? what about encouraging and your academics to speak up? After all that is the only freedom left in this country, academic freedom. instead of championing it you masi polo again to these gang?

Anonymous said...

As they say you can not run away from the truth.
Rajesh Chandra and his cronies will face the music one day and that is not too far off. We salute you Wadan.......you have been selfless and a true human rights defender.You are a TRUE academic,fearless and honest .A man of priniciples.
We also salute your wife and family for supporting you in this difficult time facing us today.
We respect and pray for your well -being.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Narsey is a true academic who has stood his ground. I only wish the rest of the leaders out there show some balls like him. Especially the so called 'chiefs'.

Sa ra soro kece ga mai na vei yacana eso....sivia ga na masi polo. Yavu ulu kau!

Vinaka vakalevu Dr.Narsey, we honour you for being an advocate of Fijian freedom and we salute you for your courage in the face of danger. An exemplary man indeed. May God continue to be with us all as we soldier on in this fight for our freedom!

God bless Fiji! Thumbs up for DEMOCRACY!

Anonymous said...

is it true that Frank just cancelled the Methodist Conference...what a sad one!

Anonymous said...

Oilei! the famous charges...

at least it wasn't rape and indecent assault.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh with his sidekick Esther Williams the incompetent Deputy have caused a lot of people to lose their jobs at USP. They use and abuse. Clear example was Fijian academic Adi Eci Nabalarua who was more capable than both of them and she was kicked out and replaced with an expat. Also a lot of nepotism - eg friend of VC the current Director of Development J Kumar who got in without an advert.
Most in executive positions in USP have no management experience and lead by trial and error. Nepostism also in NFU - Jone Dakuvula with zero university management experience was appointed by regime crony Ganesh Chand the VC who also got in Mahend Reddy Chair of Commercer Commission without advert. Corruption and Nepotism reigns. All morally corrupt from Voreqe, Rajesh, Ganesh, Esther Williams, Dakuvula,,,all guilty of treason and aiding and abetting an evil and illegal regime unelected and thieves!

Anonymous said...

Dumb (Khaiyum) and Dumber (Bainimarama) do not want any people smarter than them in Fiji. I guess they will be only two left in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The current Director of Development Jai Kumar got in because he sucked up to Rajesh. Jai Kumar is the joke of USP. He is known as the VC's carry boy. He fancies himself as a marketing expert but knows nothing about marketing or public relations. His department is a disaster. Just look at the stories published on the website. Many glorify the USP, and are riddled with mistakes. Only at USP under VC Rajesh can an incompetent like Jai be appointed director. Clean up time is long overdue at USP.

Anonymous said...

too much makachod at USP & FNU

Anonymous said...

In the picture is the formidable pair of Tavola and Narsey that Fiji needs to lead us when we return to democracy. They are my choice of PM and Deputy PM. Oh what a beauty that will be.

Anonymous said...

The Toorak Boy!!

We from Turaki are behind you Wadan...

Go for it...just let them touch you 1 inch and Turaki Justice will Fall.

WEB & Texas Town Boys & Men are behind You all the Way.

Anonymous said...

Professor Narsey is a unique Fijian ... he has genuine intelligence; his observations and understanding about the things that matter, eg FNPF are critically accurate and brave and he is a rare academic – one that does not drop his trousers to keep his job in that ethereal USP world. Even better – he understands that all of our lives depend on that one fundamental right – to speak our minds. Unlike hundreds of leading Fiji hypocrites, he does not kiss Frank’s ring nor does he accept the garbage seeping out of the AG’s office. Let us all remember people like Narsey – when the two midget-minded mongrels running the country have long gone. And let us remember how this university has defended not only Narsey but the basic principles of its own existence.
signed .0035

Anonymous said...

Who is going to correct Wikipedia’s description of USP now that the university has crapped so heavily in its own nest? Can the other owners of the “university” live with its obsequious subservience to Bai-me-more-bananas and Chubby Cheeks? Remember, the Wikipedia slogan is “Wrong but not for long” which is to say its editors invite contributors – you and me - to safeguard it from liars and fools. Here’s what it says today:
“The University of the South Pacific (USP) is a public university with a number of locations spread throughout a dozen countries in Oceania. It is an international centre for teaching and research on Pacific culture and environment. USP's academic programmes are recognised worldwide, attracting students and staff from throughout the Pacific Region and internationally. The colonial link and the establishment of the University of the South Pacific in 1968 allowed the education system to follow suit from the qualification system of the Commonwealth. University of the South Pacific is the only university in the Oceania region to be internationally recognized outside of Australia and New Zealand with its bachelor's and other awards programme. USP is owned by the governments of 12 Pacific Island countries: the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.”

So we must ask: Can those free countries above tolerate any longer this partnership with the midget-minded masters of Fiji who have soiled the very institution which represents everything they are not? Wikipedia would like to hear from you! .0035

Vanua. said...

@ Anon 1:10.

Why u asking others to do something that u r apparently very good at? (wikipedia).
Sure a lot of people agree with your assessment - post it...
Fight these people everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Fijis contributes the majority of the funds if i recall correctly of all of the South Pacific countries!

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous 7:19pm..Fiji contributes funds more than the 11 regional countries but this doesn't mean that, with it's current political leadership, has the right and power to indulge in the affairs of the university.. The 11 countries with the support of Aust and NZ should rethink of the current leadership at the university..The VC is controlled by Vore and Arse

Anonymous said...

Fiji contributes majority funds, not Bainimarama or Aiyaz. But the two act like it's their fathers' money. It is not. They also behave like their bloody fathers' own the university! Anonymous 7:19 is a coup supporter who will excuse any behavior by these two knuckleheads.