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Monday, August 1, 2011

A letter from a reader: The illegal AG tells the World .. and still we wait

Dear Coupfourpointfive
The illegal AG has publicly declared through his propaganda media the illegal government will no longer deduct union levy from civil servants pay which has been a way for the civil servants to remain solidified over the years.


This means that all members whose union levy will not be deducted will loose benefits from the union thus Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum intends to reduce union power. It’s a political decision that’s he has opted to exercise because currently he is Acting Prime Minister and Finance Minister with Voreqe Bainimarama away in Mozambique and now South Africa.

So he has passed the decree on the above without consultation with unions and civil servants, in effect cancelling automatic access of civil servants to unions.

There are Unions like, Fiji Police Credit Unions, Nurses Unions etc, and members are given loans and benefits on the basis of their contributions and thousands of civil servants relay on these. There are existing loans and this decree means that now automatic deductions will be stopped and people will have to find time to go and pay themselves.

The automatic deductions are also a security measure for these loans and this decree will cause havoc in the unions and civil servants.

So now AG has openly done what the unionist were saying all along; unions rights being thrown out in this dictatorship country, people abused, prices going up today on food and fuel. It is time that we civil servants said 'enough is enough' and stand up for our rights.

It's time that international unions stand up to support innocent people in Fiji and uphold the ILO conventions. A group of these illegal cronies against the might of the people power, time to stand and fight or be silenced forever.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi

Fiji Son


semimiau said...

Mate you are my hero.Civil servants and all private sector workers please have some guts and stand up for your rights and be counted.Tools down and demonstrate.Lets contact each other on facebook or whatsoever and meet up at Sukuna Park.Nothing can beat people power.Enough of those "silence attitude and wait for someone else to do the dirty work" stand on your own two legs and be counted.Workers if you walk off your jobs for two days that is all we need.Lets do it Fiji come on!!!

Anonymous said...

time for bai/ag taliban to bite the bullet on the head.
they have f fiji democracy now f the union.
time for fiji people to stand up and fight.

convolutedexperiment said...

Ironic isn't it, as many of us quote an eminent Indian such as Ghandi, to counter Aiyaz' moves ?!

Anonymous said...

@ 6pm;

In Fiji we cannot find a Gandhi to move things forward. Gandhi was a Nationalist and had values for the nation and sharing concept.

In Fiji people think what's in it for me!

A tazor? bullet? a bit of kuita? a bit of muri....

Sorry no Ghandhi in Fiji!

Maybe ask Jai Ram Reddy to start for the Indians...and Roko Ului has started for Fijians as a whole..but can't be a Gandhi because he is not in Fiji....

Maybe ask Chaudhry to start the gandhi salt march!

The purported great unionist who never had a strike in SVT error.

A great leader who fought past elections as FLP are made up of people who were serving the people and did not run away overseas after 1987 coup...so hero's for Indians!

Come on Chaudhry...start the salt march in Fiji and we shall join you....

or maybe we can collect some funds for you too as the other funds are allocated to other personal project. Come on we looking for a real leader during this time of need? where are u?

FLP webb or blog is not accessible to the poor cane farmers ..we need you in the front..don't u think so!

Anonymous said...

@ 7.36 u r right! where are the leaders who come out and claim at election times to be the politicians who are not scared of military and fought while everyone ran away overseas?

One is god sent gold thief...and who is the other one?

Anonymous said...

We, the teachers rallied our support and appreciation for what our Hon PM has done for us.Our pay has increase again and for your information readers that the loan or benefit given by them is calculated according to our shares.Our shares is the security to our loan. so if the government ceased all deduction to unions I think they (Unions) should not be worried because our shares are there to be deducted to pay up our loan and benefits.
Unions are doing nothing and they are useless nowdays and most of the time decision in the union for members is only done by executive without consulting members.