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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liar Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum hides behind more lies

LASULASU: Proven liar

The former bomb maker turned attorney general can be exposed again for the huge lies he tells to hide the truth about the decrees he and his cohorts are manufacturing to keep the people of Fiji under the thumb of the military regime while he and others line their own pockets with every opportunity they get.

We today reprint the interview Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum did with Radio Australia just five weeks ago (June 29) where he tried to deny the existence of the proposed decree to strip unions and workers of their rights in the so-called interest of essential industries.

The decree is what led to trade unionist Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh and Daniel Urai heading to Australia and New Zealand to rally support.

More importantly, Sayed Khaiyum's denial of any knowledge of the decree, which was gazetted yesterday, shows that he and his toy boy, Frank Bainimarama, cannot be believed when they say elections are on the way.

Coupfourpointfive would like to point out, too, that typical of the consummate liar, Sayed Khaiyum hides behind the bullshit line that interviewer, Melanie Arnost, has no ethics for asking him about the decree, despite telling Sharon Smith Johns she wouldn't.
And just as he was on his recent TV3 interviews, he came across as power hungry but well out of his depth so turns - as he did here with Radio Australia - to accusing the interviewer of giving him a hard time just because he came from 'a tin-pot country'. See for yourselves, folks, how he conveniently plays the victim when he is indeed the instigator and the oppressor.

Fiji government not talking about planned anti-union decree
11 17:04:37
Fiji's military regime has drawn up plans to amend union laws which, if enacted, will make union representation of workers in Fiji's national industries more difficult.

Radio Australia is in possession of the decree, but Fiji's interim government has refused to confirm the plan.

Presenter: Melanie Arnost
Speakers: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Fiji's interim Attorney General; Attar Singh, Fiji Islands' Council of Trade Unions General Secretary; Grant Belchamber, Australian Council of Trade Unions' International Officer

ARNOST: The Employment Relations Amendment Decree 2011 has to be signed by the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

It's directed at unions, workers and their representatives in Fiji's sugar and airline industries.

VOICE OVER: Effective decree on existing unions and active agreements.

Upon commencement of this decree, any union registered under the Employment Relations and Promulgation 2007 which represents workers employed by Critical
Corporations must re-register as a representative pursuant to this Decree.

Any and all office-bearers, officers, representatives, executives and members of a union which represents workers employed by Critical Corporations must, at all times, be employees of the Critical Corporation they represent.

ARNOST: The decree goes on to state if a union leader is no longer employed by that company... they aren't allowed to represent the workers either.

Any person who fails to comply with the decree could be fined up to fifty thousand dollars or face up to five years in jail.

Radio Australia approached Fiji's Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum seeking confirmation the decree would be enacted.

With all the changes that are being made, is one of them a decree on existing unions?

SAYED-KHAIYUM: Where did you hear this from?

ARNOST: I actually have the decree sitting in front of me

SAYED-KHAIYUM: Wow. Well good luck to you.

ARNOST: Did you want me to read it out?

SAYED-KHAIYUM: No, absolutely not because I don't comment on conjectures or innuendos or decrees that who knows whoever's written it

ARNOST: It's um...

SAYED-KHAIYUM: I'm not going to comment on something that I don't have in front of me

ARNOST: It's about to be signed by the President.

SAYED-KHAIYUM: I also understand that you as a professional journalist had told Sharon that this was not going to be asked.

ARNOST: Ok so... there's no knowledge of the degree to your... that you're aware of?

SAYED-KHAIYUM: You don't have any ethics. That is precisely what I am talking about.

ARNOST: So you're not aware?

SAYED-KHAIYUM: Just because I come from a tin-pot country according to you, you think you can break all the ethics. Is that what it is?

ARNOST: No, that's not what it is.

SAYED-KHAIYUM: Would you do the same to some other government minister in Australia?

ARNOST: yes, we would.

SAYED-KHAIYUM: Probably not. No, if you said to them you're not going to do X, Y and Z. You wouldn't.

ARNOST: Well... you know we would. Well we just would like to find out.

SAYED-KHAIYUM: You're being dishonest. Thank you very much. Bye.

ARNOST: The Attorney General's referring to emails exchanged between Radio Australia and Fiji's Ministry of Information Secretary Sharon Smith-Johns.

On Tuesday June 28, at 3 past 12pm, Ms Smith-Johns wrote:

VOICE OVER: Call the AG at 2:45pm Fiji time. He will only discuss the new judge and comments he made on Australia and New Zealand, can you stick to those two topics please, he only has 5 minutes he is fitting you in between meetings. All other issues push back to me and I will deal with them. Thanks, Sharon.


Fiji Islands' Council of Trade Unions General Secretary Attar Singh says if the proposed decree is true... it could have serious implications for unions and their representatives.

SINGH: From the stories we hear, the employees from certain industries - industries which are identified as critical - only employees of those industries will be eligible to become union officials. Which will mean outsiders and professional unionists will not be entitled to seek election. It is also rumoured that it might mean the level of union activity... union activity will also be quite restricted. So what that will effectively mean... that unions will no longer be effective in getting out there towards their members. And that of course will make union activity quite restrictive in the workplace and also at a national level.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions' International Officer Grant Belchamber has seen the decree.... he says it's just one among many the ACTU's concerned about.

BELCHAMBER: We've seen four or five decrees since the military government abrogated the Fiji constitution. And they have removed rights, bargaining rights, appeal rights, nullified collective agreements progressively in Fiji. There are two more decrees. We've seen drafts of these. The vital national industries decree of 2011 and another decree: Critical Industries in Financial Distress. It looks like these are on the way. These will effectively abolish trade unions in Fiji in all the significant sectors of the economy.

ARNOST: And what can union representatives or members in Fiji actually do to stop this?

BELCHAMBER: It's a very difficult situation, when they're subject to summary detainment and harassment and assault. Fiji is actually a signatory to ILO conventions - International Labour Organisation Conventions - so we can take up these issues and cases in international forums. And we will. We'll be monitoring this. We'll be looking at it and ACTU executive next month will consider the situation in Fiji further. And we'll be in touch with our counterparts in New Zealand and internationally - the union movement international - to consider developments.



Coupfourpointfive Facebook Fan said...

The Bainikaiyum government today announced that it's changing the Fiji flag to a CONDOM, because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of dicks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

convolutedexperiment said...

I have to say that I'm very pleased that I alerted the ACTU President in Australia to the things which were happening in Fiji, among other organisations etc.
It seems that groundwork has helped pave the way for them to respond quickly and effectively into Fiji's situation.

As for the interview with Aiyaz, I remember watching it a week or so ago and thought at that time, that his body language exposed his lies.
I suggest that you folks study Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ), Eye Accessing Cues and Hypnotherapy, particularly, Darren Brown on youtube !
Another good show to watch, to see all this put into action, is " Shrinkrap " with Billy connoly Wife, Pamela Stevenson, also on youtube !
Go for it guys and then re-watch Aiyaz' eye accessing cues etc.

Anonymous said...

Typical pufter

Frank said...

Thats what I call a Dicksmith.

Ranjitni Singh, Nadi said...

Too good c4.4. Can you please reprint the President's first mandate in which it was promised that the 1997 constitution would remain the supreme law of the land. But what did Khaiyum do ti it? It was promised that elections will be held in 2009. did that happen? It was promised that code of conduct act will be brought on. did that happen? well. your conclusion is 100%. whos the liar. KHAIYUM

David Petersen, Levuka said...

C4.5- can you confirm if Nik Naidu was also involved in bomb making in 1987 and he fled Fiji after he was detained and released by the military thugs?

Bin laden said...

ask was a bombmaker and is a bombmaker not a former bombmaker.

Anonymous said...

++++++++ TO C 4.5 +++++++++++++++

what has happened to the resident cartoonist ?
There has been ample material to make an impact with hard hitting sarcasm and humour. . .
. . like silly arse accusing the Journalist Arnost of being disshonest and not having professional ethics ? ? ?
. . is he so brainwashed in his own mind that he really believes he is honest with the Fijian people. Doesn't he have any incling of how stupid he is in the eyes of everyone.
Oh well ! when it all comes to an end soon, his lame excuses will not hold water. . . that's if he lives to appear in the Fiji Court under the old laws.
. . all those decrees will just be astonishingly stupid bits of history.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Hope that Glow in the Dark Condom blasts in the ASK's face...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how this man, aiyaz can wake up each morning after the lies he tells. He does not bat an eye lid.

Any right thinking person would be ashamed to face Fiji let alone the world after being on air and now it has become very obvious he just lies. You had no idea about the decree? Well, well, well.... And the same decree has suddenly appeared?

You have no moral values mr kaiyum Wonder what you are doing with the holy occasion known to Muslims in the world and you still continue to lie. God is watching

Viti Noqu Viti said...

Mr Sayed Khaiyum, why is it so hard to answer Arnost's questions. Everyone knows that you wrote all the degrees.. Are you scared to admit that you did??.. What a coward person i've ever seen.

You are not elected, you have no mandate, so give our Fiji back to us.. YOU GUYS ARE MAKING US PRISONERS OF OUR HOMELAND. Remove the PER and give us our FREEDOM.

Viti Noqu Viti said...

AG, Why is so hard to answer a very simple question??.. You've just showed how ARROGANT you are. Always remember that you are not elected, you have no mandate. So please give our Fiji back to us. Instead of taking us forward, you guys are making us PRISONERS in our land. Remove the PER and allow us to live our normal life. . .

Anonymous said...

Good one to the office of the illegal wannabe attorney general for leaking that decree well before it was signed.

sa tobo tale o vanDamm!

Anonymous said...

He is so irritating.... he is beginning to look like Bainivuaka to me....may be they lie too much that their facial futures are beginning to mould alike.

Please come close democracy so that we don't get to see his face agai....it is so irritating.

Anonymous said...

When a WICKED MAN lies everyday, his facial expression changes as well... Before Khaiyum got involved in this so-called Illegal Coup he used to look like a normal decent guy...

As nearly 5 years of DECEIT and LIES passes by, Khaiyum is starting to look like a PIG(as proved in the picture shown above), a WILD CREEDY MONEY GRABBING PIG.... His new name should be MR CREEDY PORKY PIG!!!

BURN IN HELL KHAIYUM, YOU'RE JUST A COMPULSIVE LIAR.... In the words of our Almighty God, " The days of the EVIL WICKED MEN will come to an End."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Croak, croak... croaks the lying illegal AG trying to cover up his lying croaks. Palari FROG FACE!

Anonymous said...

@Facebook Fan......you deserve a Pulitzer. Well put.
Now, Fiji, watch out.....be prepared.....keep your kids at home............

Anonymous said...

FB Fan......You deserve a Pulitzer.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great reporting on this item.

Can you provide a link to the interview?

Anonymous said...

Ah, never mind, I found it:


For what it's worth, in my opinion your blog becomes much more credible as you include more references to the source material. And credibility is the name of the game. One that you are winning.

Keep up the great work!
-A big fan of Fiji and coup4.5

Anonymous said...

Fan.....mind you words, that is our national flag you are talking about.

C4.5.......have some respect for our nation and its flag.

Anonymous said...

isa , am just wondering how the fijian girl from nadro is coping with a man like her husband... a far cry from the gentleman her father was...poor girl... sob, sob, sob.

Kaiviti said...

C4.5 Please dont show this face again,very disgusting

sakura carz said...

Khayum cant face one reporter then what the hell how the hell can he run a country. he really ruined my expectations.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of crap this Aiyaz is..We are ready to take this govt now..there can never be a better time than now..Can the Union Leaders solicit help that should something happen to us while we go on civil unrest or civil disobedience, the foreign powers will step in to protect us?..I mean, we will take charge of our destiny and even in dying for our country and for democracy now, we would like to die with the hope that things will be bettter for our kids tomorrow..i.e No more coup, reduce military size to UN Voluntary Service and the imprisonment of FB and his co-host of thieves..

fozia said...

Very correctly said Lasulasu,Liar, jhutta,fraud,betrayer...............not trust worthy.

shenaaz said...

Now the australian and new zealand government should know what kind of person Aiyas and his government is. Please act now.

003.5 said...

isn't it amusing to see aiyiz wriggling like a lanced pig, even turning on Miss Information, blabbing You Promised Not to ask me that! It is the wail of a petulant child. The most amusing aspect is that he could be so bloody dense, so extraordinarily full of his little self that he actually believes people believe him. Every time this fat little grub opens its mouth, we start to giggle. Keep it up A2Z - your days are numbered and think hard about this: what DOES the average Fijian think aboout you

Keep The Faith said...

Khaiyum is joined to the hip to another liar SSJ:
"I mean the law is the law. We're following the law".

What the f*** EVER!!

The LAW is the 1997 Constitution and we have not and WILL NOT give it up to an illegal and treasonous regime that claims it can revoke it simply because they enjoy the ability to enforce this with arms...so please go suck on that one Sharon Goebbels and get a frigging clue. Really one cannot help but to be embarrassed FOR YOU and your being F-UGLY doesn't help your propaganda pitch either.

SSJ MUST have skipped the lesson in propaganda school that "packaging" is 70% of the sales pitch BEFORE you even open your mouth, and by golly does she fail in every which way on that aspect.

So Sharon just don't emulate from your treasonous bestie Naz Shameem aka Lady Macbeth who thinks taxpayers are dumb enough not to see through the continuous manipulation of her "symbolic" propaganda; just-as-treasonous; & pretend legal trainer, Ana Tuiketei, who sings and dances at Naz's behest in order to hijack precious taxpayers (both Fijian and UN) funds for non-priorities.

Meanwhile people in this country cough up taxes without legal protection as workers and pay more for essentials like bread, butter and fuel.

Sunil Kumar Bano said...

Australia watching Fiji!!!

CLAYTON, VIC, Aug. 4 — The Hon Kevin Rudd MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs issued the following press release:

The Acting Foreign Minister, Martin Ferguson, today condemned the arrest and charging of two Fiji trade unionists, including the President of the Fiji Trade Union Council Daniel Urai.

The unionists were charged under Fiji’s Public Emergency Regulations for holding a meeting with other trade unionists without a permit. Both have been released on bail and are due to appear in court on 2 September.

“This is another example of the draconian Public Emergency Regulations being used to restrict basic human freedoms. The spate of arrests and beatings in recent months are further evidence that this is a brutal regime,” Mr Ferguson said.

“Australia’s acting High Commissioner to Fiji today met with the acting Permanent Secretary of the Fiji Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey Australia’s concerns about the safety of Fiji workers, and the welfare of the two trade unionists. The Acting High Commissioner made it clear Australia was watching developments closely.”

Australia is deeply concerned at the deteriorating situation in Fiji. Since 2006 the Bainimarama regime has abrogated the constitution; detained political leaders; sacked the independent judiciary; censored the media; and restricted meetings of civil society, including church groups.

Despite commitments to hold elections in 2014, it is not clear that the regime intends to make good on its promise.

The restriction of labour rights is part of a concerted campaign to curtail the human rights of the people of Fiji. The rights of workers in Fiji have been targeted through a series of decrees restricting labour rights, the most recent of which was aimed at essential industries.

Australia remains committed to the people of Fiji who are facing deteriorating economic conditions as well as restrictions of their human rights. Australia is the largest bilateral aid donor to Fiji. Our aid program for 2011-2012 totals $37.5m

Anonymous said...

The illegal regime has now fallen off the fry pan into fire. The are now making their mess more messy as days goes by. It is apparent that their days are numbered the writting is on the wall their time is running fast prepare for defence fruit salad and vuaka.
Try and secure a place or a country to escape because your grave will be dug and you wont rest in peace.

Both of you do not deserve to live a life because bothe of you are now the most notorious criminals at the helm of a peacful nation the curse of the people are now catching up run you bastards.

Wake Up said...

Let his photo run. We cannot forget the liars and the opportunists who profited from the 2006 coup.

convolutedexperiment said...

The Americans didn't build an Embassy in Fiji for $22,000,000 for no reason !
Culturally and Traditionally, Fiji is closer to Australia and New Zealand than it is with China, the Middle East or Indonesia, so why is Frank and Aiyaz engaging with them at all ?

Now that China has its 1st. of 3 Aircraft Carriers, america is beginning to reassert itself in the Pacific, through Australia and New Zealand.
So it looks like Frank and Aiyaz have backed the wrong horses and are headed for Naboro soon.

Anonymous said...

I heard FB's niece passed away in her sleep at the Intercontinental and he is now worried that wrath is now upon him and his family.Is there any truth to this?true or not she is an innocent child in all this... but evil will never prevail.lies and deceit will never get away unpunished,depending on the cries of the land and the people,punishment could be ten fold and unfortunately innocent victims can suffer for generations for the sins on their fathers.

Anonymous said...


Isn't time to take a big step up?

The entire population of Fiji is being held to ransom by very small group of criminals. How bad does it have to get before some drastic action is taken. HOW BAD ?

How about stopping all flights and ships into Fiji for a few days as an example of flexing the muscle.

There must be good people waiting on the sidelines of all this criminal activity that has taken over Fiji . . how's about you getting into first gear and letting rip. Stop these criminals in their tracks.
. . .the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

The Condom Flag
The comment about the flag is NOT being disrepectful to the Fiji flag.
It is in fact a good attempt (in the absence of a cartoon)to illustrate exactly what the Junta Thugs are doing to the country.
If you don't see that point then you must have your head up banana and fatarses "you know what". Your view is severely restricted from such a position, as illustrated by what fatarse has said to Arnost in the interview which reveals that he is so self deluded he has become a contortionist with his head up his own "you know what".

What a fabulous cartoon.

Anonymous said...

wait no more Fiji !! it's time to shake this illegal gvt !!!Lets unite as Fijians !

Anonymous said...

This decree is the rape of the nations workers, present and future and the junta has done this after bribes by the businessman, the junta and its dictator have lost the 2006 coup plot and must be removed from power at nay cost.

The people have power and need to arrest the junta and its dictator and put on trial for their crimes against people of fiji and workers of fiji, the woman of fiji for bashing and the poor who are oppressed.

Throw the people charter in the toilet and stand up and claim people power and fight for democracy.

a national strike and forced march on the junta is needed to arrest them.

Time for peoples revultions.