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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Military dictatorship uses new decree to put the boot into unions

UNITE UNION WORKERS ON THE PICKET LINE IN NEW ZELAND: A scene you won't find in Fiji under the new Essential National Industries Employment Decree thanks to the ill-hand of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and cohort David Pflieger.

Fiji's corrupt leadership today went a step further in its efforts to control and oppress, gazetting the horrendous new Essential National Industries Employment Decree which strips workers and in particular, unions, of power.

As tipped by Coupfourpointfive four months ago, under the new decree, workers and unions are clearly muzzled by the draconian protocols, supposedly aimed at 'ensuring the viability and sustainability of certain industries' essential to the economy.

The discerning will note quickly, though, that the new edicts are tailored to give absolute powers to the Regime and Corporations like sugar and the airlines, which are run by their incompetent mates, with the rights and terms of condition of employment of workers rendered meaningless.

The Essential National Industries Employment Decree rules out:

1) Strikes, job actions, sick outs, slowdowns or other financially or operationally harmful activities at any time for any reason for designated corporations

2) Union efforts to register themselves as a representative of a Bargaining Unit, union efforts to influence the outcome of collective bargaining, and disputes over the interpretation or application of any collective agreements.

The decree also states that if parties have not agreed on a new or successor collective agreement by the period stated, the Bargaining Unit through a secret ballot verified by the Minister may go on strike or the employer may implement a lockout. But this can only be done after giving 28 days to the Minister and on written approval from him.

It also rules out working on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays, overtime pay to pilots, airline crew or engineers employed and employers deducting union fees for employers.

Any person, body, union rep or worker who fails to comply will be liable for a $50,000 fine or a maximum of five years imprisonment and in the case of a union body, a fine not exceeding $100,000.  No court will be able to challenge the legality of the decree.

Editor's Note: Full analysis coming up tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Rise up Fiji, you are going to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has let down the working people of Fiji. He should step down immediately because he has failed the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The President is liumuri and president of the junta of thugs and not fijis president. This decree is draconion and vindictaive.

All workers in Fiji must now fight back with sic leave, slow down, boycott, oppose, stand down, march and strike, PER or no PER, workers and future FNPF pensionsers are 600000 thousand amd this junta a gang of thugs.

Who elected the illegal AG and dictator to amke these decrees and why should people of fiji accept these.

All worker rights and law and unions and protection of workers is finished and powerty will increase big time. Workers are finished and must fight now or be doomed for good.

All public sector and private sector and sugar unions and FTUC and FICTU are finsihed.

Will the workers sit back and watch their rights taken away, united we stand and divided we fall.

A march is needed and a nationa srike and workers revolution to arrest the junta and put them on trial.

Throw the people charter in the toilet and workers and people of fiji need people power and worker rights and democracy.

Anonymous said...

What the bloody F$%^#!!! This wannabe government is slowly squeezing the life out of this country. We have decrees coming out of Khaiarses ass faster than we can read it!! The basic rights of workers all because the union leaders had the balls to go up against this government. One day we will take all of these decrees and shove it right where it belongs. Things are becoming more than ridiculous..too bloody ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

Freedom = Oxygen. This decree is Fijis 'gas chamber'. Choked/gagged workers of Fiji DON'T BOW. FIGHT 4 FREEDOM.

Anonymous said...

Somebody in the Fiji Hotel Catering Industry should put cyanide, rat poison, paraquat or anything of the sort in this illegal AG and his cronies food when they are having one of their high rolling dine outs, and coming up with these draconian decrees.
Or it is time to bring in arms and lets arm the populace. It is high noon. Let's meet fire with fire. To hell with the bastards. Lets call their bluff and make them put their money where their mouths are.

Anonymous said...

All the Civil Servants need to ask themselves

1. Where is 6% COLA adjustment increase each year since 2006?

2. Where is 4% pay increase each year since 2006?

3. Where is overtime and allowances since 2006?

4. Where is right to ERP law since 2006?

5. Where is right of Unions to negotiate terms and conditions and pay rise since 2006?

6. Why should all workers and their families pay more by 40% cos the 20% devaluation?

7. Where is workers rights to go to court, meet, march and stirke?

8. FICAKE law amended by puppet master with charge-misconduct in public office' to frame civil servants.

9. With rising food prices and cost of living why should workers and their families pay more and more cos the dictator coup 2006 to save himself?

10. Why should workers be kicked out into retirement at age 55 years when the junta is over 55-look at the 83 year old fart-PSC Chairman.

11. Why should workers get 65% pension less after 55 years retirement from FNPF?

All civil servants must oppose this junta of thugs and boycott, Go Slow, sick leave, work against cause national strike and oppose the people charter and support the people and workers power.

A national strike is needed now to arrest the junta and put on trial

Anonymous said...

Back during the good Old Days Fiji's tourism motto used to say "WELCOME TO PARADISE." And the other motto which makes me laughs is "FIJI! THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE." Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, WHAT A JOKE...


all this SATANIC CREEDY EVIL BASTARDS running our beloved country into our BIGGEST AND WORST EVER ECONOMICAL DISASTER in history... All Bainivuaka, his boyfriend Khaiyum and Regime cares about is filling their own pockets with all the taxpayers money, PAID IN BY ALL THE LONG SUFFERING PEOPLE OF FIJI...

I just want to say to Bainivuaka and his boyfriend Khaiyum... Your Illegal Government is just a big CIRCUS... YOU BUNCH OF CREEDY UGLY LOOKING CLOWNS!!!

All the Evil Corrupt Military Officers taking all the Ministry posting in this Illegal Government and involved in our country's BIGGEST EVER CORRUPTION IN HISTORY, YOU'RE JUST A BUNCH OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.....


Musalman Chaal said...

If every worker of fiji stays home for few days all problem will be solved instantly.

Sher Badmas Khan said...

U dont have to do anything just stau home for few days,ya thats all

Nazeed Shameem said said...

Aiyas Khyum what a shame on muslim community i so disappointed to assist you in drafting this decree. my apologies in Ramdhan

Anonymous said...

Wait until the "Essential Industries in Financial Distree Decree 2011" is gazetted.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe our military is sitting Idle and letting the Idiot,good for nothing,smart talking,ugly son of a whore Illegal AG do all this to the workers of Fiji.People should note the decree was gazetted while Frank was away.Probably a push from the evil lying bastard David Phliger.Many affected by this decree have relatives,husbands,wives,sons and daughters in the military.I certainly hope the military realise how this decree will affect their loved ones and grow some balls to stand up against this AG and eliminate him and put a stop to this crap once and for all.Get up,stand up...stand up for your rights!!!

Robert Khan of Tarana NZ said...

The Decree was drafted by Naz Shameem, it completely removes all worker rights in the essential industries. Can the ILO do something about this? Also, it seems that people are accusing muslims but the truth is that no all of us are supporting this regime. Although, there is a saying that: All muslims are no terrorist, but all terrorist are muslims!!!

Afzal,Hafiz,Nazat,Bano said said...

I am making the following announcement for the muslims of Fiji:
1 Please make sure you attend prayers this friday.
2 Pray for our leaders for commiting sin by advising
Aiyas and Frank to overthrow Qarase
3 Pray for us for drafting all the decrees in that is in
place today.

SEMI MEO said...

Same old…same old scenario…..whims of draconian and oppressing degrees by the Co Prime Ministers while toothless dogs groaning of nothingness all around!!

When Ratu Mara absconded with the help of His Majesties Navy from Fiji water?..all cried “demonstration”, “street marches” and all cairo kinda up rising!!..did it happen??...Nur!

When Fiji's wealthy Unionist fled to Australia, again many shout “embargo”, close the lucrative Tourist Trade, sabotage Fiji’s foreign Mission…well, a part from a few “masked” demonstrators and a few grog parties privy only to a chosen few.. NOTHING!!

Today, when worker's rights of pay and rights negotiate piped to Kinoya pool…again….we cry foul with a few glossy rhetoric !!.....nothing else!!

The world says…Fiji, what a boring, boring, sad life who must live…

..seems our bravery must have evaporated and buried with the death of our world war veteran…

Nearly all of Fiji are just frightened little nothing, blogging anonymously with shaking fingers from under the sulu ira, sari and sulu vakataga….

Come tomorrow…our tombstone may just read, here rests “ANONYMOUS”..whose pen wrote “NOTHING” ..he died believing Fiji gonna be rebuilt by faceless and nameless patriots and faceless and nameless Christians..

Then….sadly, our grandkids spits of our grave and may taunt; “the anonymous pro-democracy of nothingness whose knees buckled at the sound of Aiyuz and Bainimarama voice”.

Tomorrow, comes another decree..and may just attract another weak shrieking shout of “oilei noqu Viti”..oilei..oilei…

Anonymous said...

BUSINESS CLOSING,KFC 100workers,Superdrug Pharmacy 20 out of job .Nila shop 8 out of job Mouths pharmacy 11 OUT OF JOB .Lets add list of buss closing

Anonymous said...

Well done IG. Unions actions over the past 20 years in Fiji has resulted in such being required. Well done. No elected Govt could have done this.

Anonymous said...

The illegal AG has totally fucked this country once again.

Anonymous said...

These @#$% need to be kicked out ASAP, scenarios are getting worse and future is looking bleak. Army goons out in Nabua educate yourselves, you are supporting an ILLEGAL REGIME that was not voted in, WAKE UP EVERYBODY, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS ANYMORE.....DO IT FOR YOUR FUTURE GENERATION...People are crying, they are hurting, why does it have to be in their time.....WE WANT ACTION NOW!!!!.....Isa ko Viti Lomani...

Anonymous said...

business closing thanks to M Reddy

Frank said...

This law is good for Fiji. Will make civil servants work hard. More work will be done. Government will be more efficient and effective. No more kava at work. No more under the table deals.. no more bribes. just hard work..manda

convolutedexperiment said...

New Decrees prove that Aiyaz and Frank are fearful !
It's a good sign really !

Now is the time for people to sabotage the work place >
Don't put grease on bearings, don't put oil into car engines and buses, leave a lose bolt on machinery so it breaks down and smashes to pieces, create havoc with the paper work by making things go back and forth to various departments.

This is the time for Fijians to be entrepreneurial and cause chaos for the Regime. Maybe even contaminate Fuel supplies so the planes can't take off etc.
Civil disobedience without the Regime knowing !

Anonymous said...

good - unions and labour costs have contributed to the collapse of businesses in Fiji.
Without this decree Air Pac and ATS will collapse.
Thanks Aiyaz - u the man.
Better less wages and some money than zero business and no money!

Jieke said...


After a long winded lamentation youe ended up with nothing constructive. So your tombstone should also say "Here lies Mr Meo who blogged but failed to fight for democracy and freedom in his homeland"


ASK said...

Not to mention the Air Pacific thug CEO who needs to be sent to jail once the Illegal Govt falls. David P, your time in jail is fast approaching you silly white monkey.

Anonymous said...

doesn't the AG have anything better to do than the Decrees?? Go home n mend ur marriage.....

Hachi said...

All lawful modes of expressing opposition to this illegal government had been closed by decrees, we are now placed in a position in which we either accept a permanent state of inferiority or we defy the government. We must defy the law. I will not obey the decree. I believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights....the will of the people shall be the basis of authority of the government.

John Mohd USA said...

Rerevaki na kalau ka coka ni kalau. sa muku mada ni muslman.oqo sa cuka na Pakistani.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Jieke…oh….so you have a name too…uh…that’s weird..…, why not the rest of ‘em put a bit of credibility to their posts or at least honor to their name?...

..may again sound like a broken record in this issue, but, the Rear Admiral and his Co PM Aiyuz does not give a rats about those who froth anonymously…

Let’s say we all stand and be counted by putting our names on respective contributions..
May be , the Co PM would then deduce the opposition against his regime has substance and has a real faces…and many many faces and names..number game????

..as for now, the Co PMs continue to ride in the glorious adoration of the very few who have names, but unfortunately fear to disagree with the Co PM's spending spree and whims of draconic decrees.

..the nameless and faceless majority, sadly, will have no say….no say at all in how Fiji’s future is gonna be shaped….no say…no say..no name…no say…no face…no say!!

Jieke said...


So whats your suggestion? That we all sign a petition and send it to Voreqe & Co? or that we just continue blogging but under our names.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Jieke…..son, I am so glad you’re starting to see the light in this numbers game…all games, whether, soccer, snooker, “tarabu” or touch rugby on the village green is important, for numbers denote the opposition and the masses…a number game…it has been, so shall be !!

Let’s start with…all former Fiji professionals, business community leaders individually registering their opposition in how the Co PMs run the Fiji circus, by visiting their respective Fiji Mission…prodemocracy marches or meetings privy to a few may not have been effective as we have seen over the last 5 years!!

Second,….show signs of some organized alternative Government ( as the Government in exile is defunct?), autonomously taking over or in coalition with the present regime to supervise smooth transition to democratic rule..

Thirdly….probe discussions with the present regime, even in a neutral country and talk sense..

Fourthly…blog faceless and nameless until the “bulumacow” comes home

..pls, keep this violent upring cokked from the pits of hell far far away from our shore…or do you have any other better and humane suggestions??...Ratu Jieke??

simplistic suggestions???...of course...let's keep life simple!!...Goodness!!

Anonymous said...

These are the emails of Khaiyum,and Bainimarama.
Email them your thoughts and copy it to C4.5.
Thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

jeepers, how much further will this lot take Fiji? it will take ages to undo all the damage khaiyum and naznat shameem have done to this country. all in the name of what is good for fiji. someone please take them out

Jieke said...

@ Meo

Good strategy why not make a start of it in Aussie, may be, just may be, it will gather momentum.

Should you be calling me son when I am as old as you? Seems absurd isn't it?

SEMI MEO said...

@ Jieke..again, that is a problem..no one..no one...except He who knows all things..know who the hell you are or other anonymous bloggers..

..you are my age??...phew!!...then shame on you granddad!!...for what do you really fear?? Hasn’t life been long enough for both of us to stop hiding under the “veikasi”??

oh..and both the Co Prime Minister have 4 fulltime communication support staff...ready to shred all anonymous emails…they do no even bother to read them…waste of time should some wish to email them….in other words…they do not give a damn!!

Jieke said...

Why do you ask what I fear? That is not the issue. I am commenting on your lamenatation. What is the point you are trying to drive through. You don't seem to stand on any solid foundation, you think you know it all but you don't. You condemn bloggers but you don't have any viable alternative to offer.

Hachi said...

@ Semi Meo.

Brief history…

After 37 years , until 1949, the ANC adhered strictly to a constitutional struggle (NO VIOLENCE!), it put forward demands, resolutions it sent delegations to the white minority government…..(and all Semi Meo suggested)..in the belief the African grievances could be settled through peaceful discussions and Africans could advance gradually to full political rights. But the white government remained unmoved, and the rights of Africans became less instead of becoming greater ….until a stage Africans have almost no rights at all.

But for the hard facts were, for 50 years of non-violence had brought the African people nothing but more and more repressive decrees…same as our but they include whipping.

Nelson Mandela’s own word “The time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only 2 choices – submit or fight. The time has now come to South Africa. We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means in our power in defense of our people, our future, and our freedom”.

How did they achieve their freedom? Not by non-violence but constructive violence.

Brother Meo…your choice?... get a CookBook from the internet, read and release the devil within you.

SEMI MEO said...

@Hachi .. thanks from far away Japan (??) you still have a bit of time to remind us of the irrelevant history lessons…maybe you wanna balance up you history lessons and have a sneak preview at South Africa’s contemporary history. First look at the migration trend post apartheid and ravaging corruption and CRIME within!!!

Unfortunately, you’re NOT Fijian but a streaky beak foreigner as our hope in the Fijian spirit and Devide deity may be foreign to your esteemed comprehension.

Your very poor attempt of Exorcism, may only mirror your own desperate attempt to evict those within your honorable being….

Now…go back now to Asia or where ever you from…we will solve our problem, OUR way!!

@Jieke…why should the 99.9% of non-violent, peace loving sane Fijians agree with you??...we have given many alternatives, some very practical…oh….sorry…cannot be amicably executed and achieved if most of us blogging around covering our faces…and soon our backside!!

Jieke said...


All that appears to concern you is covering faces. Discuss issues and stop fretting about covering faces.

You just talk rubbish most of the time. People in Fiji are suffering under this regime and we will have to suffer some more if we want freedom.

IamApussy said...

SUBMIT or FIGHT......what is the time Mr Wolf