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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More knots to unpick in the Muskan Balaggan case

CHAUDHRY: Still in Australia.
There is little doubt the military regime's dictatorial Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, tried to influence Indian national Muskan Balaggan to implicate Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry on a rape charge.

Since then Balaggan, who was staying at Chaudhry's home after he offered her accommodation as surety to secure her bail after she was charged for trying to smuggle cocaine into the country early this year, has withdrawn her complaint against Chaudhry.

Her 6 page statement given to us dated 22nd July was published in full last night. The statement was written by Balaggan but was not given to police, raising the question: what does she intend to do with it and where will this take the case, which is said to be still open?

Given her admission and accusation against Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and her subsequent charging by police for giving false information about Chaudhry raping her, the question that also must be asked is this: why is Rajendra Chaudhry still not back in Fiji - more than six weeks after going to Australia and despite assurances in court by lawyers appearing on his behalf that he "is coming next week or in a week?"

And why did Rajendra's wife lodge a police complaint accusing Balaggan of stealing her mobile phone and clothes? This, well after she left the Chaudhry home to be with her uncle Ranjit Singh in Ra. It is clear Rajendra's wife lodged the complaint after Balaggan reported Chaudhry Junior allegedly raped her. 

If the rape or any sexual incident did not happen (as stated by Balaggan in her statement) why the need to frame the Indian woman?

In light of the above questions, we have made further inquiries. And we can reveal that Balaggan was seen in the company of Rajendra Chaudhry's office staff on July the 22nd entering a pet shop in Flagstaff - barely two minues walking distance from the lawyer's office.

The owner of the pet shop is one Sher Bahadur. It is Bahadur's stamp and name that appears as a witness on Balaggan's statement.

So who urged Balaggan to make the statement? Was she forced or influenced? The answer, it would appear, is known only to Muskan Balaggan and Rajendra Chaudhry (who is believed to have opened a new office in Sigatoka) or his office staff.

Meanwhile, information has emerged the illegal AG's office was recently involved in other efforts to interfere with the judicial process. Sources say a law clerk from the AG's office was seen in the office of a well-known lawyer 'negotiating' the release of a millionaire businessman. More to come. 


Anonymous said...

The fact is clear the illegal AG and honey busines venture POLCOM tried to frame Ragend, now charging the girl for false information. She must produce the statment in Court and illegal AG and POLCOM must be charged.

This is gang of thugs calling themselves Government.

Kai Viti Dina said...

RC come home, and clear your case.

There is no Rape case against you, so you are cleared.......

Anonymous said...

SOMEONE IS USING THIS CASE TO BOLSTER THEIR CLAIM FOR REFUGEE STATUS IN oz/nz. What is this someone scared of to comeback to Fiji?
Is he fearful the courts will charge him without any evidence?

Anonymous said...

Viti says...

why don;t someone just shoot or kills these bastards like AG, Frank & family, POLCOM, Naz Shameem,Nur Bano Ali, Aisake Taito, Ajit & co.

Fiji will be free. we're prisoners in our own motherland for christ sake.

How much more sufferings will the people ge from these thugs, law breakers.

This illegal government has tortured, killed, bviolated human rights, cruel to humanit etc etc...what else we waiting for.

Anonymous said...

i JUST READ THIS Indian womans statement.How could a foreigner know where is TOORAK, or 9 miles or all the Taukei names etc. etc?
I think somepeople are using a felow Indian's life just to get out before their trial get heard.

Anonymous said...

Please don't go to Fiji RC,they wating to kill.

tik tok tik tok said...

RC will be back. I know him. The drug smuggler is a smart cookie - you need to be one to try and smuggle cocaine out of fiji. imagine the risk. RC has PR of Australia I think so no need for refugee status. Most important - why did AG promise her the goodies in exchange for lodging a false complaint against RC? Perverting course of justice. Where is Gates? RUM was right - AG has destroyed the independence of the judiciary. He must be taken to task as must Naz Shameem - whose dalliances with Frank prior and post coup is an open secret in military circles.

003.5 said...

the amazingly simple truth is that we cannot believe anything that comes out of chubby cheeks orifices. he is a pathological, childish and hilariously obvious abuser of his office and truth. everyone knows this exscept the person who looks at him during his extensive visits to his mirrors. signed - 0035

Anonymous said...

Thugs will be thugs. Once a criminal will always a criminal. We have to get democracy back to throw these thugs in jail

Mohd Hafiz Khan said...

It is indeed very sad and shamefull act by Aiyas. The entire muslim community is very ashamed and apolise to
Lesania Qarase for what we did in the name of Allah,

Anonymous said...

LOL! @ Anonymous 10.45pm, so true re "Guilty minds are always Suspicious"... speaking of yourself there, aren't you? hahahaaa....

Suggest dat's enuf dose of da paranoia. Show us da $$$$..? Areh wah! hahahaaa....

Anonymous said...

He knows nobody can be charged without any evidence!
YEP_guilty minds are always suspicious

Anonymous said...

So who urged Balaggan to make the statement? Was she forced or influenced?
How coud a foreigner know where is Toorak, Laucala etc or reember all the names of those who questioned her

Anonymous said...

keep itcoming C4.5. Dirty hands everywhere but the most important is that of the monstrous Khaiyum who has no mandate to destroy Fiji.

kiwilad said...

MC and RC; who's is next.
Question is why the drug-lady ends up in RC's house & then progresses to his bed.
Who is this Mrs Chaudhary who claims the drug-lady stealing her clothes; RC's mother or wife?
A good story-line for a bollywood type movie directed by Baini; what say Ministry of Propaganda?

foolsgold said...

This is a reverting intriguing gripping bullet-stopper cock-blocker must be turned into a movie,makes Spielberg look like Disney and Grisham lullabys