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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fiji pulls a fast one to get rugby playing soldier to World Cup

So Fiji can play ball when it wants to, eh...

While the dictatorship refuses to bend politically for the benefit of the country and allow elections and lift the PER, it can certainly move when it comes to the Rugby World Cup.


New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, has today announced that it has given former soldier, Leone Nakarawa, an exemption to enter the country as part of Fiji's rugby world squad.

So how was this miracle achieved? Well, McCully says the New Zealand Government has been advised that Nakarawa has been discharged from the RFMF.

"While we would normally take a little longer to provide an exemption or lift the sanction in respect of a person resigning from the military, in this case we agreed to act more quickly given the particular nature of the request," McCully said.

Clearly, the unelected government of Fiji and its military appointed 'decision makers' can deliver when it wants to.

The Fiji Rugby Union had asked New Zealand to ease its travel ban on members of the military regime so it could get Nakarawa into the  Rugby World Cup squad. New Zealand said it wouldn't.

But the Mosese Tikoitoga led FRU has got what it wants by it moving the goal posts, because it suits it. They've simply disposed of the barrier - Nakarawa's links to the military.

Yet when it comes to peoples rights, like media freedom and elections, the Bainimarama camp refuse to budge. 

Coupfourpointfive suspects the 'discharging' of Nakarawa is a temporary thing ony. What's the bet he will be 'readmitted' into the RFMF after next month's tournament?

Wake up McCully. What are you going to do when Bainimarama and co find a way to slip the ball past you in a bid to get themselves to the Cup?


Anonymous said...

Good common sense decision.

Voting with his feet said...

Very smart career move by Nakarawa to resign from the Fiji military. Under the current poisoned leadership in the RFMF, the reputation of the once proud institution has been destroyed and will probably never recover. Military personnel and their families sadly feel very ashamed to be associated in any way with the Fiji military as it is currently seen by the eyes of the world - just a bunch of poorly led thugs and cowards.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 you have done it again, LANKAN govt has decided to replace AJIT KODAKODA because as a counsel FOR Sri Lanka he could not be directly involved with administration or be part of any Govt Body,you can not have Australian or US first secretary be part of government machinery.. Ajit had ill adviced the Lankan Foregin Affairs of his involvement and instead of assisting Lankans and promoting Lanka in fiji he is promoting himself.. look out New Man is being looked at for the Job,and also his involvement with Firca,he Ajit Kodakoda has not declared his income from Lanka govt for work and bonus paid in Australa by CJ PATEL oops hit in groin Ajit Kodakoda

Anonymous said...

Smart move Leone, I wish you the very best in your campaign and may you secure a good rugby contract after the World Cup. Best wishes to the flying Fijians

Anonymous said...

How come this guy is so important...when military all the time loose to Police!!

mark manning said...

McCully has proved himself a shrewd and clever Politician and Diplomat, something Frank and Aiyaz will never be.
This effectively proves to all the Soldiers now, that if they want to move throughout the Region, freely, they must resign.
Either that, or arrest Frank and Aiyaz to get Fiji and the RFMF where it was before the 2006 coup !

Rugby Head said...

Guys,only trouble is there's only one or two soldiers in rugby...not as though there are hundreds unfortunately otherwise the discharges or defections would mean something.

Line Out said...

So sad to see a sportsman used as a political rugby ball.

Quite despicable of NZ to require him to quit his job in order to play a game of Rugby.

That said, the reason they granted it is simple... they don't want the embarrassment of the rugby commentators saying on air that Fiji is fielding a weaker team against South Africa because NZ didn't let a player in.

Fijiantalk said...

New Zealand is not that stupid. This is a test for Bainimarama. It is simply giving Bainimarama more rope to hang himself. Remember that FRU is now run by army colonels so this is really just a ploy and McCully knows that. Does Bainimarama really thinks he can fool the world into believing that this player will give up his pay for good? The guy's still getting paid, just like Percy Kean was getting paid while in prison. The thing is, if Nakarawa gets his army job back, and he will, either at the barracks or at a desk somewhere, after the World Cup then McCully has the proof he needs to expose the Fijian regime for what it really is: untrustworthy and not to be believed.

Ball Player said...

If you think about it, it's not as though Fiji is a contender for the Web Ellis Cup...again, bainimarama is desperate for the Flying Fijians to be in the World Cup to show nromality ... to show that its reign has not led to the sport being harmed. This is all about pretending that Fiji is okay and part of the world. It's not. What country do we know has to 'discharge' soldier to get into a rugby game.

Anonymous said...

Weel done FRU. Murray boy! U have bin out thought by the Fijians..

Anonymous said...

No big deal on McCully`s part,shows integrity and principle....Roko Ului discharged from the force,... allowed into NZ on special conditions to meet purpose of visit,..the same principle applies in Leone`s case.Now that`s what I call value in making important diplomatic decisions.

Anonymous said...

No its not Fiji or Bainimarama that is to be blamed here for whats happened its NZ! We can't all be that stupid-NZ Govt made the decision to allow this former soldier into NZ-goodness can't we all see whats happening-NZ is already giving up and trying to please Bainimarama because so far nothing that NZ or Aussie has done to Fiji has worked out! So far the points table is Bainimarama 5points NZ Nil! What a laugh??

Anonymous said...

I guess at the end of the day the REAL truth about the character of Nakarawa and in turn the Fiji military as a whole will be known after the RWC. I sure do hope that Nakarawa will pursue his rugby career overseas and not back as a militaryman. Waraka, namaka.

Anonymous said...

And if he thinks that he's going to be exempted from the travel ban just for travel to NZ to the world cup, then he and his COLONELS will be in for a disappointment... This only apply to the players not the TAM RAKA!!! LIKE him kei tamana lol.

Anonymous said...

If Fiji governments wants things done then slowly they will need to discharge soldiers one by one. Soon he will have none left in the army!

CUT 2 said...

Nik Naidu this is your portfolio,please deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks NZ for responding accordingly. Thumbs up to democracy!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately McCully has no idea how low the deceptive elements of the Fiji military can sink. We'll see if this guy Nakarawa gets embraced back into the military after the RWC. Then he will have the last laugh. However, like McCully let us continue to believe in human goodness and give this guy the benefit of the doubt. So long as there's no mass resignation just to go and watch the RWC. We'll see. The other reason I think McCully allowed the visa is to save face against the David Raikuna bungle- highlighted in the media on Close Up in NZ before the Fiji v ABs in NZ last month. That was a real embarrassment to McCully and his govt. The gist of the media argument-is the double standards that McCully practiced-how come Nakarawa (who was named in the team vs ABs) was denied a visa when he is a member of the same Navy that Raikuna's father is part of- by then the guy was already drafted into the NZ7s team. So this one is to just to tip the scale. Let's just hope Nakarawa is worthy of the waiver. Seeing that the big guys in the military are also officials of the FRU they could easily just say- just resign, go and play and reapply when you get back. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Guys it`s crystal clear from annon 10.03pm and annon 2.55am comments that they`re regime sympathisers and they`re at the last end of the food supply chain of the regime ecosystem.Your views speak volumes of how dilute the grey matter solution is in that cavity upstairs my freinds.Qori na vakatulewa ni tamata vuku ena diplomatic level,okeda na tabana ni talai se tei rauti keda toka mada ga na talai kei na masia.

Anonymous said...

maybe bainimarama and co will resign soon and go to watch the world cup...hssss

Anonymous said...

Nakarawa ia a decent guy. Good on you Nakarawa & wish the Flying Fijians all the best.
To all of you opposing Nakarawa - just dont turn up at Fiji's games please. We don't need negative elements to disrupt our preparation.
Frank B and Mosese Tikoitoga FRU Chair will soon resign from FMF just to get their visas to watch the rugby which is a good thing overall for Fiji.
Sale Sorovaki son in law of Frank B and FRU official NZ visa already approved.
Thanks NZ!!!

Anonymous said...

Common on keep politics out of sport. How did so many others with military connections end up in Aust and NZ?

Head Butt said...

The Green Party says allowing a former member of the Fiji military to come to New Zealand to compete in the Rugby World Cup makes a mockery of this country's stance against the military regime.

The Government has granted Leone Nakarawa a temporary exemption from the travel sanctions against members of the regime.

It says the Fiji military has discharged Mr Nakarawa.

The Green MP Keith Locke says the New Zealand Government has been hoodwinked.

RNZ, Wellington

Rugby Fan said...

PS you're on the ball as usual C4.5

what would Nakarawa do for money anyway? he's got it good in the RFMF and they will find a way for him to 'return.'

Anonymous said...

That was Francis Kean, who was paid while in prison for murder before his surprise release by bro-in-law Frank, not Percy (the younger brother) ex-Fiji Times journalist who now assists in the family business with propaganda for the illegal ministry of mis-information!

Anonymous said...

I thought McCully had it but he is so gullible. Whats new with the Regimes deceitful tactics ? Discharged today recruit again after the World Cup !! as in the case of Verebasaga's soldier murderer...imprisoned today back working in the Camp tomorrow. Wake up McCully ! Im told the Regime is celebrating this one over you. The green Party is right in that you have been hoodwinked and John Key is not as macho as he has been over sanctions placed on Fiji. What a shame !

Anonymous said...

Leone will not re join the army. If he plays in the RWC he will get a hugh contract offer to play in France, Japan etc. This will happen for sure.

Anonymous said...

Why buckle NZ? If Frank resigns tomorrow, will you also lift his ban?
The bone of contention here is that the THUG Narawa was part of the regime. period. Narawa was part of the team that propped up Bainimarama!!
Narawa has contributed to the untold sufferings we the innocent and poor people of this country are going through!!! We the true people of this country are not at all impressed with what the NZ Govt has done. Rugby is one issue, the sufferings and what we are going through is another issue. Give me my freedom first before giving me rugby!!

Anonymous said...

I see from the illegal mouth piece [ Fiji Sun]to day that the THUGS are promoting the illegal 'Land Use Bank' - here goes the demise of the Native Land Trust Board!!!! Will it be the Methodist Church next??
To the International Community - What the BLOODY heck are you people waiting for? Why are you pussy footing around what's happening here?

Anonymous said...

Is this guy a star, and still Fiji lost to the Tongans with him in the team. what a joke!!!
why don't the whole army team resign and apply for visa to nz and apply for security job at RWC.


Alf Rabin

Anonymous said...

@2:04 AM. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS. Narawa is "defecting" coz he wants to play, this time with a ball and not a gun. Roko Ului defected for good, and he certainly did not defect in order to meet any of the conditions of any government. Narawa on the other hand specifically resigned in order to to do just that. He most certainly wouldn't have resigned from the military if he didn't have to. GO FIGURE.

Thus it remains to be seen if his resignation is genuine or not.

Anonymous said...

We not sympathises of anyone-what we do is speak what has to be said both NZ & Aussie play the double standards games when its to their advantage-why don't they stop trading with China-if they serious about Human Rights!AS for coups there are so many countries that had coups yet these close neighbours still deal trade with them-so why pick on Fiji-whats good for the goose is ggod for the gender! Fiji is a drop in the Ocean for them but they forgot they were in the Pacific Ocean!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama 1 New Zealand 0

Anonymous said...

@annonimous 5.21pm.....I'm of the view that the magic word which made McCully tick is 'discharged' which literally means no more strings attached in the employer/employee relationship regardless of the reason behind the termination of the relationship.Let's wish Leone the very best ..what say!!

Anonymous said...

Na cava e vakamacalataka tu o Tikoitoga? I propose, that the permanent secretary for public works build four lavatories, one for his brother in law, one for lewenisky, one of tikoitonga, the last for him. All are to be locked in their lavatory during the whole time of RWC2011, you can unlock and open after the final.

Anonymous said...

i love to see Kean and wife mrs sherrie kean watch rugby world cup. he has done the same thing as Nakarawa. he is no longer in the forces.

Anonymous said...

fiji rugby should be banned from any form of competition,period. International community should put the pressure on!

Anonymous said...

Resigning from the military is just a Smoke Screen like promised
Democratic Elections. That what you get when you deal with the Pathological liars, criminals, thugs, rapists, murderers, and torturers of the illegal regime. Governments of other Countries should have learnt not to trust anything to do with this illegal junta.

Anonymous said...

What happens after WC ? Does he go back to the military ? People commenting smart move, laughable suckers that's what he is saying .

Anonymous said...

NZ & Aust can taking soldiers if they resign and migrate. These soldiers are trained so these two gov't can use them. The more they take, the less the number in the Fiji army.
These soldiers only follow orders

Anonymous said...

ex Fiji Village

Ten players from the 2007 world cup team have been named in the 30 member Flying Fiji team that will play in the Rugby World cup in New Zealand.

Flying Fijians lock, Leone Nakarawa who was in controversy over NZ Immigration issues for the past few months has been included in the 30 member Fiji team that will play in the Rugby World cup in New Zealand.

Lets join our sports reporter, Dreu Vukailagi who will give the full Flying Fijians team from Lawaqa park.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The Flying Fijians team to the Rugby World cup is:

1.Deacon Manu (Captain)

2.Campese Ma'afu

3.Waisea Daveta

4.Setefano Samoca

5.Sunia Koto

6.Tuapate Taleimaitoga

7.Viliame Veikoso

8.Wame Lewaravu

9.Rupeni Nasiga

10.Ifereimi Rawaqa

11.Sefenaia Kalou

12.Netani Talei

13.Leone Nakarawa

14.Domoniko Waqaniburotu

15.Akapusi Qera

16.Malakai Ravulo

17.Sisa Koyamaibole

18.Sakiusa Masi

19.Vitori Buatava

20.Nemia Kenatale

21.Nickly Little

22.Waisea Luveniyali

23.Iliesa Keresoni

24.Ravai Fatiaki

25 Seremaia Bai

26.Albert Vulivuli

27.Vereniki Goneva

28 Napolioni Nalaga

29.Michael Tagicakibau

30.Kini Murimurivalu

The Flying Fijians team will have a farewell church service at the Centenary Church in Suva at 10am today before leaving for New Zealand next week.

Story by: Dhanjay Deo, Filipe Naikaso and Selina Navuso

Anonymous said...

THANKING YOU NZ for granting visa to a 'recently resigned' Fiji Military officer to represent Fiji in the upcoming World Cup...

...Now the Fiji Regime will come back in October and says..."In your face NZ" when Mr. Leone will be "recalled" after "temporarily resigned" from the military!

I wonder if NZ will grant Sale Sorovaki (Franks' son in law) and Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga Visa to be part of the Rugby World Cup?

Anonymous said...

So this allows all army officers to resign and be allowed to NZ. Is Nakarawa the only player who will make the differnce in in Fijis bid to win the WC. This is a SLAP on NZ Government and poltics al a whole....shame on you NZ