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Monday, August 15, 2011

NZ Indo-Fijians angry at plans for coup maker Rabuka to speak at Independence celebrations


Opposition is growing in the Indian community to the planned Auckland visit of Fiji's first coup maker, Sitiveni Rabuka.

The former army officer is a keynote speaker at the Fiji Independence Day celebration in October, marking 41 years of independence from British rule.

Rabuka was invited by organiser Pio Wong - the former Chief of Staff of the RFMF when  Rabuka carried out his two military coups in 1987. Wong is now living in Auckland.

Wong (pictured left) told the Indian Weekender that “Fiji Day is being celebrated on such a big scale for the first time, and we want to make it memorable.”
But members of the Indian community are outraged at the thought of Rabuka being allowed to speak at the celebrations, on their behalf.

Online messages range from disgust to anger. 

Comment One: "He was the very person to install fear amongst the Indo-Fijians in Fiji and gave less notice to human right abuses in Fiji. He virtually ruined the hard work of Indians in Fiji -- should he be talking on behalf of Indians here? I don't think so!"

Comment Two: Why should he talk about us Indians. He created havoc in the than Peaceful loving country. He murdered the adage FIJI THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE. How many innocent mothers and sisters (Indians) were raped; women were told to give birth under gun point so his soldiers could watch.

Comment Three: Mr Rabuka U stay in Fiji. Fiji was my home. Just because of you I am in NZ, my parents in Canada and till last last year my late brother was in Fiji. I can still remember the days of killing animals from Muneweni - poor Indian farmers just watched your army slaughtering their animals.

Comment Four: He shouldn't talk on behalf of Indians 'cos he created major fear. People lost jobs and had to leave such a beautiful country. I don't think so!

Comment Five: Totally against it. He shouldn't be speaking for Fiji Indians. I hate that man so much. How come he is in NZ and there are rugby players who have not been granted visa to play sports here; this is ridiculous. People who will go and listen to the bullshit he is going to speak, I believe are the most pathetic and foolish Indians."


Jieke said...

Some of thses comments are baseless and irrelevant. Is Rabuka coming to speak on behalf of the Indians? Who is organising the Fiji Day? Whoever is organising it has seen it fit to invite Rabuka and I guess Rabuka will be speaking as an individual. He will not be representing anybody.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys i am fijian indian but totally support Pio Wong for inviting former Prime Minister to speak on this special day.Mr Rabuka may have done wrong when he staged first coup but he also gave the constitution that enable an indian(MP Chaudary) to become the prime minster of Fiji for the firsr time..I live in N.Z and I have known Rabuka for years when he was PM of our beloved Fiji.He has worked hand in hand with our honourable leader JR Reddy to solve fiji problem.I understand we indians donot know how to forgive but we should not boot him out when he has apolosied publicaly.

Anonymous said...

There we go again - how many times does Rabuka have to apologise before these stone-hearted people accept it? Why should Rabuka talk about Indians anyway? Please the coups in Fiji is not only about Indians, so just stay home if you don't want to listen to him. This long playing victim-syndrome will continue. How about if we invite Bainimarama? These same people flocking now will flock in thousands. INdians are not the only victims of the coups in Fiji plesae remember that!

Anonymous said...

Pio Wong is Another idiot like Rajesh Singh and RUM - these people dont understand that all these military goons are the same - devil in different forms.
1987 was the birth of coups and the military is responsible for todays 3rd world Fiji.

VereBau. said...

Delusional NZ based Kia Dia thinking they still rule and own Fiji? Case you people forgot - Viti also contains another culture called Taukei.

Suggest you people would be better off concentrating on assimilating into your new homeland before slagging off your old one.

QaloMaiNaceva said...

The coups in Fiji affected all races,sex, religion and not only a few...so stop complaining and move on with your lives and stop living with anger for the rest of your,,,
miserable lives...

Anonymous said...

Hi folks - I dont you ask Nik Naidu and R=Thakur Ranjit Singh to ask NZ to arrest Rabuka for human right abuses against the Indo-Fijians in 1987 - The two were very quick to condmen Ratu Tevita's viait and Nik and the crowd even wrote to NZ police to begin criminal investigations against Ratu Ului!

Anonymous said...

the problem is that we cannot forgive, cause its in our religion. hatred right thru generation... the main cause of coup,like 2006 is of the indian business people here in fiji. not the military but the greed of the gugerati community. so move on n enjoy NZ

Anonymous said...

vere Bau, R U living in NZ or in Fiji?

If U can talk about Fiji and so do those Indians who feel hurt because Indians got their families shattered throughout the world whereever they could find opportunity.

We Indians have lost living as a family as a result of the Rabuka coup.

I stay in NZ but live in Fiji mentally! However as much as I hated Rabuka for the wrongs he did to us Indians, he compensated with 1997 constitution which is a living document and unabbrogatable, no matter what Ratu Iloilo did to the constitution.

I only salute Rabuka for coming out and apologising for his mistake whether he did so genuinely or as a show, given that he was named as person who CRW visited in 2000 and who was named for taking part in mutiny but his loyal CRW saved him by not giving any statement against him.

So has he apologised genuinely or to just convince Frank to restart his pension..I don't know.

I would have had more faith in Rabuka if he renewed the ALTA leases that his govt promised before the 1999 elections. But he continued to use land as an issue to gain votes.

When the GCC withdrew support for SVT to become apolitical, the result was Itaukei DUMPED him and his SVT.

I give salute to the 1999 elections where for the first time Fijian's voted without chiefly influence which saw FAP take over from Rabuka.

However, whatever your fate, I do respect you for making public apology. When a govt member apologises, it follows with reparation. Because Fiji fails to pay compensation to the targeted victims...hence the saying goes...there is a curse which Bible believers would know ...do not go away by just an apology.

By not compensating the victims, they think the govt is saving some money...but 10 times more debt accumulates on future generations as you see from Shalen Raju's presentation recently.

If Fiji can accumulate additional debt of $1billion in 10 years...Fiji must be ready to set aside $150m to compensate those targeted victims of politicising every thing that was just and right.

I will look forward to Rabuka making this statement in his speech to say Fiji needs to remove the curse he placed on future generations of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Some people are really dumb; the Rabuka coup was a saving grace, if that did not happen a civil war would have happened in Fiji similar to Rwanda.
Before the then Miltary Commander left for tour overseas, he had given the order to mobilise military & shoot to kill if the the Taukei movement planned march & proposed burning of Suva was to take place. The "shoot to kill order" would have resulted in a civil war, province against province, village against village like in Rwanda.
That would have been devastating, especially for the by-standers - other races - because with a civil war, killing, looting, rape, etc. would be inevitable.
Thus Rabuka had to disobey the order and stage the coup. . . . "No Other Way" Rabuka's first book. As a career soldier he will not admitt to disobeying an order.
So for you Indians or anybody for that matter who have grudges, think!

Anonymous said...

Bringing out more fluff from your dirty pitopito pio.
Shame on you & Rambo you toothless fairy, All in same boat

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the views against S.L. Rabuka. He should not be allowed into NZ and should not be allowed to speak on the Fiji Indians.

Who the bloody hell is he to be allowed to do this? He is the cause of all the trouble that we are still facing here today...where else did Bainimarama take his cue from for the coups, army take over and the cowardly leadership through the guns / firearms that he doing right now...YES FROM RABUKA HIMSELF.



Anonymous said...

Indo fijians started the coup in fiji....taking almost everything that belongs to us Fijian(Kaiviti)......without indo fijian in Fiji there will be no coup at all......-Comment edited-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is the father of coup in Fiji. I do not understand how stupid people cannot see the mistake he made. He bullshited the people of Fiji on the reasons behind his coup. He was in fact used and as the result Fiji moved 200 years backward. Do not allow him to speak in the Fiji Day Celebration in NZ. He showed Bainivuaka and the others the coup tradition. And now he is only trying to justify his action. Rabuka is a big idiot. He should instead go to jail to show Bainivore the way. Only by doing that they'd both save the sinking Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Why is Pio Wong now living in Auckland?

He was part of Rabuka's coups of 1987 which flushed Fiji down the toilet.

Then Fiji dollar was 3 times stronger than what it is now, resulting in massive increase in cost of living.

Pio Wong should be deported to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

lively debate on this on Facebook

Anonymous said...

While I absolutely support and understand the feeling of Fiji Indians who remain bitter after so long for what happened to them, I condemn their bad hearts.

In Fiji there has been reconciliation after reconciliation attempted.

Fact is the Fiji Indians themselves have been the biggest barrier to reconciliation.

Fiji Indians vote along ethnic lines and have done so for longer than the iTaukei and I have to agree with the previous comment. Think!!

Rabuka was wrong and he will be the first to admit it if you bother to go up and shake his hand and have a chat about it. In the context of the time though he certainly thought it was the right thing to do because if there is one thing the iTauket fear more than anything else, is an all out Civil War between themselves.

Like Roko Ului they have been used like pawns and because of their military ego could never see it before it was way too late. However if Fiji is ever going to be the way the world should be we need to encourage all these guys to explain themselves properly.

I for one would prefer to listen to Rabuka over Bainimarama any day.. At least he can speak.

So for the critics, you live in a free country. Exercise your rights and go and listen and protest if you wish. At least you can still do that in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

The Major General has already apologized to the country/people. He was the first PM to invite an Indian in the person of Jai Ram Reddy to speak at the GCC meeting.He also ensured that the Constitution be re-written so that an Indian in the person of Chaudary be the first Indian PM.
If you Indians in NZ hate him so much and cannot forgive him, then JUST STAY AWAY from the function!!!!
You are an unforgiving lot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rabuka and Pio Wong were goons in 1987 like Bani and Aassyes today - stop these monkeys - Rajesh singh and Nik naidu shouldnt start the same circus they did with RUM - its embarrassing - Rabuka is also visiting Friends including Francis daugthers 21st Birthday- Rajeshs invitation - lets act on this sensibly rather than self serving means like the RUM visit.
Pio claims to be for church but Rabuka is visiting friends and family including 21st birthday party - he has rights too.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see www.truthforfiji.com up and running.

Hope to see more insightful interviews like these.

Anonymous said...

He is not speaking to Indians only...he will be speaking to the Fiji community there...some Indians have asked on the choice of a speaker given Rabuka's past history....some people are obviously taking a racist and nationalist stance here. Nothing bad in that i would say...good to know what people really feel...someone still say Rabuka's coup was necessary and if it not had eventuated there would have been anarchy in the country...well guess what...we haven't been living in paradise after that ...have we now??

Anonymous said...

C4.5- On what data are you basing your assertion that Rabuka is not wanted in NZ? Please do not make baseless statements from the count of five statements, all Indians and where did this survey take place? This is why so many policies are worthless- because they are based on the views of the minority who make the loudest noise. Rabuka has every right to travel anywhere, he is not under any travel ban, so if the 5 Indians in NZ who still feel aggrieved and harbouring bitterness in their adopted country then they can stay home.

Anonymous said...

COUPS ARE GOOD FOR YOU !!! It gives you visas for living abroad aye!!!!
Otherwise the NZ and Aussie govts. would say no to your application !!!!!

Anonymous said...

No hard feelings brothers and sisters who now reside in the land of the long white clouds.I guess your feelings and your being emotional show the effects of being repeatedly raped and stripped of your rights. But for your brothers and sisters in the Fiji Isles,we worry more about current issues than the planned Rabuka speech in NZ.

kiwliad said...

The event is an important one for all FIJIANS - Indo-fijians , iTaukeis, Chinese-Fijians etc. Therefore, it should not be hosted by people like Pio Wong who was a key personnel in the 1987 coups together with Rabuka. Whatever Rabuka did was detrimental to the country & its citizens; however, he did it for "his people". Noone knows who they were. Fact is Rabuka destroted the country for good, became a rich & famous man in the region & some parts of the world. If one really wants to celebrate the indwependence day then please ensure it is not polarised by people like Pio & Rabuka. They should not be the cause of creating hatred & ill-will between the different groups of ex-Fijians.
Using Indo-Fijians as an excuse for the coup is extremely offensive; coups happen in countries with homogeneous racial groups, pakistan, thailand, indonesia, many countries in africa, south america etc. Coup is by the armed forces to retain or control others & thus become corrupt and abusive to the minions. Fihji is undergoing the same process now; & I bet once Baini is kicked out he will tender his profound apologies as RUM is now doing to garner support for his clan.
In conclusion keep the ex-coup makers away; atleast as a punishment & a reminder for what they started; rotting the country juch loved by many!

Anonymous said...

I thought Rabuka's Coup was financed by Motibhai and Punjas.

Speights coup financed by Punjas

Vuaka's coup financed by Tappoos and foreign investors in the Tourism Industry and raiding of our Financial Institutions (eg FNPF)

Chaudrys coup financed by the poor Farmers of India.

That's right all these Fijians doing the Coups were all supported by Indians.

This present coup would have been killed off quickly if Chaudry, Shameem sisters and Felix and now Khaiyum did not help it.

Sure it was the Fijians out the front but it was the Indians behind the scenes pulling the strings. Just like what is happening now.

So lets stop pointing the finger at each other and let's work together to get rid of Aiyaz and his puppet.

How can you Fijian soldiers go to church and sing hymns and give your tithe and then continue to support Illegal activities. That is just totally stupid!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Has Rabuka had a soul transplant by GOD and turned into a saint now?

Rabuka no longer has amnesty for his 1987 crimnal and civil actions and must be prosecuted for his crimes and sued by class civil action by people of fiji against his personal wealth which he got from the 1987 coup.

This is way he is now pretending to be a saint.

Minson Hire Ltd was the corrupt company which he and Jim Ah Koy owned and stole government funds by scam contracts.

The man must stand trial for his crimes and be sued to bankruptcy by people of fiji for 1987.

He must not be allowed to fool anyone with his hypocrasy now.

A former dictator and thug will always remain same.

His crimes must result in punsiment by life in gail and all his corrupt wealth of millions recovered by court and given to the poor-Believe in cause and not method.

Salesh Mudliar said...

Come Rabuka maichod, you and the have cooked chopsoye P wong kong dong who ever you are.be prepared for the rotten egg masala,you tevero's.

Moga Reddy said...

I really Nick Naidu is very quite on this

Revolution said...

I don't think that the focus should be on one person in particular. What happened in Fiji in '87 was not the fault of a single man. The Indian population was growing very fast in the first part of the 20th century and that contributed to create the conditions for the first coup. When the Indian population became larger than the Fijian one, it was probably the beginning of the end as far as stability is concerned.

Today, we may worry about the high fertility rate in the Fijian community. Is it a consequence of that former "demographic race" or simply the normal "south pacific growth rate"? We should not forget that very high rates are now observed in neighbouring countries as well, due to the relatively recent introduction of western medicines. And those countries are often more or less “falling apart” from a social and economic point of view, just like Fiji… Think about the rising violence around Apia, the criminality Port-Vila, the violence in Nuku’alofa or Honiara…not talking about PNG of course.

What worries me at the moment in Fiji is that the Indian community’s reaction to the coup culture has been quite clever and appropriate – that is work harder at school, get diplomas and degrees, have small families and (unfortunately but understandably, leave Fiji) – while the Fijian one has been to keep living the old way (large families, less emphasis on education, kava drinking, belief that “God will fix things”) A country with a smaller proportion of more educated (and therefore more wealthy) Indians with a larger balance of poverty-stricken Fijians might not prove more stable than what we saw a few decades ago where both communities were poor but more homogenous from an economic perspective. A good deal of modern criminality comes from the frustrations to see that one’s community is not doing relatively well in comparison of other’s communities.

It is absolutely capital to understand the importance to help the Fijian community to undergo the same revolution that the Indians did 2 decades ago. That is the key to long-term stability and prosperity. It is absolutely vital to create wealth in the Fijian community and that is only possible through the peaceful revolution of education.

Finally, may I suggest to all those who want to block Rabuka and are coming from large families not to show up in Auckland as well? Think about what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I only wish Mr. Rabuka's intent is to use the event to make PEACE with innocent former Fiji Citizens calling Auckland and NZ home.

I urge fellow Fijians in Auckland, let us remember Mr. Rabuka and 1987 in a different way that will help us move forward.


Justice said...

Rabuka apologised for the coups. His cooperation gave Fiji a a fair Constitution under which an Indian became PM. Since his defeat in 1999 elections he has remained out of active politics.

I winder if the same Indians will oppose Bainimarama or Aiyaz visiting NZ in future should they be allowed to do so, espcially when the comments are made in the Indian weekender , known for its pro-regime stand.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that some blood thirsty Indians that opposed the Rabuka Coup still want their pound of flesh. I am sure that these are the very people that are cheering Bainimarama on for his coup. Thats how despicable people have become. No two wrongs can make a right. Rabuka Coup and Baini's Coup, they both use guns and military power to rape democracy or peoples choices of government. Question to ask, which is the lesser of the two evil, I am sure most will agree to, none, but I prefer to hear out the one that has ackwowldeged publicly that what he has done was wrong in comparison to one that is trying to make right something that is wrong and is not going to be right until he realizes his wrong, acknowledge it publicly and ask for forgiveness. Christian itaukeis can accept that but not the unforgiving pagan worshippers. That is why the cookies crumbles in Fiji and it will be hard to see peaceful coexistence yet and not even the Charter for Change can do that. God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

The problem I find is those who were directly involved with coups have left the country and are living comfortably in Australia and New Zealand. F@#K up the country for us Fijians living in Fiji and run away.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka introduced coup in Fiji, that is no argument & the man himself has admitted that. Rabuka did the 1987 coup because Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara asked him to do so after his Alliance party lost to Labour party. I believe Rabuka is now regreting that decision. Interesting enough the descendants of Ratu Mara, backed up the 2006 Bainimarama coup, and his daughter is currently the illegal first lady of Fiji, that is a sad reality!

Rabuka in no time, gave up his Commander's role, went to politics and won elections tiwce. Will Bainimarama ever do that, I doubt! The third time he lost elections because the Fijians saw him as a traitor by working closely with Sir Reddy (NFP) - so for you Indians accusing Rabuka think again. Rabuka paid a price by partnering with an Indian to get a new constitution for Fiji.

Rabuka, has publicly to all those he believed he hurt in 1987.

Will Bainimarama & Kaiyum do the same? Will they take the country to elections? I doubt very much.

Hey Indians, funny enough Rabuka studied & learnt about how to carry out coups when he went to do military studies in India!!!

Move on Indians, our common enemy right now is Bainimarama & Kaiyum, that is where your fight should be channeled, acha?

Kai Fiji said...

Indo Fijians aggrieved but not looking at their part in all of coups, especially this one. All the key people crafting the 'laws' of Fiji to keep us powerless have are kai India not kai viti. Our Indian brothers and sisters are more culpable than they want to admit. Let us all move on.

Anonymous said...

Like and like stick together ... Wong invited Rabuka but up to us people to decide if we want to hear their message. We can ignore or protest on the day. C4.5, what does the Akl democracy movement have to say? Are they going to boycott or ask NZ to arrest Rabuka too??

Anonymous said...

How long does it take to get over a stubbed toe?-Comment edited-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Ex Sai Lealea blog...

While those protesting against the planned visit to NZ of former Fiji PM, Rabuka, have all the right in the world to do so, it seemed lost on them that he is not in any way under any ban or visa restriction. In fact as a former democratically elected PM, just like Chaudhry and Qarase, he had in fact been to NZ many times on official and other business. He is therefore entitled to enter NZ if given a visa and I expect he will.

The real issue appears to be opposition for him being a speaker at the celebration of Fiji's independence in Auckland. But that will be a matter for the organisers. Those protesting therefore need to direct their anger at them. Mind you, the celebration will be for all Fiji peoples, Fijians, Indo-Fijians, Rotumans and others. It will be sad if the celebrations is marred by the uninformed and biased position adopted by those who've chosen to ignore the fact that Rabuka has more than atoned for his wrong of the past. After all, he was properly elected as PM but later lost an election for daring to partner with the Indian dominated NFP party, led by one Jai Ram Reddy, who also now resides in Auckland.

But if the vitriolic attacks reported on Coup Four Point Five below are anything to go by, it looks like there are some very very angry and unforgiving people out to relitigate matters that well and truly belong to the shelves of Fiji history.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka apologised and knew he had done wrong. Indians never seem to accept apologies and their anger, though understandable, is misplaced when Rabuka is trying to ake amends.Comment edited. -C4.5

Mukesh - Melbourne said...

No stone must be left unturned to stop Rabuka from taking any part in Fiji's activity, including being guest in the Fiji’s independence. How can all Fijian forget so quickly that man has done the most unhuman thing that has destroyed the peace loving nation of Fiji. He not only undertook the first coup, but engaged actively with George Speight in his coup as well. Wake up Fijian community and raise voice to stop this man from entering New Zealand. Even if he is being given the visa, retaliate every way such as entering the venue and raise protest, stopping him from delivering his non sense speech. Putting up banners at the gate of the venue, etc.

INDIAN said...

Rabuka did wrong by defying his commanders orders in 1987...But his gut feeling to do so was noble given that when he went to grog at Filipe Bole's house in Bureta Street, he came accross the planning to burn Suva down and mess murder plot unvailed.

But had he used this information to prepare his army to be deployed on streets instead, he felt blood shed, so he joined the criminal minds as Fijian system was too strong at the time.

At that time, it was difficult to measure right or wrongs in Itaukei sense as the uneducated supporters of coup thought they will get to take over the Indian houses and TV and move in for free while Rabuka will send Indians packing to India.

They were dumb and had wishful thinking. Little did they know what serious planning was getting made at Filipe Bole's house was to use them to destroy Fiji to save a few politicians personal agenda to FDB and NBF previledges of bad debt write offs.

I wonder what Rabuka was rewarded for by the GCC as life member of GCC? was it that he was seen to have saved the blood shed? or that his takeover got many of them rich via National Bank fraudulent loans? or was it that he gave them $20m in interest free and repayment freeze grant for 10 years to acquire healthy businesses away from those who invested millions and years to build?

So chiefs got bought out for $20m interest free grant belonging to tax payers, when poor Indian cane farmers had to pay 10% or so compounding interest to put food on the table and be slaves to businesses as having croplene over their diminutive earnings.

BUT this time around, after mistakes learnt, Frank has shown that when you are in doubt just follow the command of the army commander and MAKE SURE you keep the mobs at bay as soon as you see them coming.

Only understanding this will in future stop coups from happening.

So Frank's coup is the learning process for correcting the military minds to their role in future. Too much mental thinking was attributed towards 1987 and the reward by GCC kept that mindset which saw 2000 coup and not taking into account the Fijians have learnt their lessons that change was imminent.

However so many Indians have suffered following 1987...and those of whome are bitter about it.

But there was a good side of Rabuka's coup....the coup related outflow of funds was captured by devaluation of dollar. This devaluation got the poor farmers out of croplene who managed to finally pay off their debt to the supermarkets, money lenders and banks.

And this part of the poverty got its benefit through that error. And when the Fjians saw Indians doing well in sugar cane thereafter, they thought it all came on silver platter and their greed got better of it to not renew leases and have the cane proceeds in their pockets without paying for it.

So when someone says Indians supporting Frank...it is not that. It is now Fijians are finally able to differentiate what Indians knew all along that all coups are wrong and does not achieve anything for anyone.

It is Fijians who dumped SVT for FAP. But went and grabbed SDL who gave out goodies. So supporting copus are about who feeds the fat pockets!!!

Really this coup is a realisation process for them when Indians are equally suffering.

Rabuka, you are welcome here to speak and Indians are complaining because we have democracy in NZ and have a right to get emotional and be reminded how each of them suffered and their lives shattered.

Fijians are quick to say Indians are unforgiving. Have you offered to compensate their losses? or just want to get wholesale forgiveness for free to remove unintentional curse as spoken in Bible. Because when people suffer, the -ve energy that has created that suffering will reflex back on that energy. This is why Fiji is going in circles today.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anonymous said...

Pio got it wrong the first time when he was part of the coup now he still gets it wrong-don't we have any distingush gentleman left in Fiji who can address the groups there instead of first coup maker in Fiji? Can we just get away from getting these Army goons form the bigger picture-get some like Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi, Sir Timoci Tuivaga-Rabuka is a pain in the rear and best left behind & forgotten!

Anonymous said...

Someone said Rabuka lost election in 1999 because he joined Jai Ram Reddy.

Absolutely not and if this was the reason then Fijians are more racists then I could think.

But this is not true at all. Rabuka lost election because for the first time in the history of Fiji since 1987, Fijians got the opportunity to vote freely, democratically and not influenced by GCC to who to vote for.

Long live 1997 Constitution Rabuka the man who gave Fijians real democracy of equal suffrage which got raped by SDL and Fijians got back into being controlled on their votes by defying the democratic process.

Praveen Bala said...

If people are so desperate about independence then why cant we get someone from the commonwealth or a representative from her majesty. we are sick and tired of this rare species junglee KAIVITI's. Fiji will never prosper under this CANNIBAL's.

Anonymous said...

why is it callaed a fiji day celebration , when in fact it is a fundraising by pio wong & his church group, which actually is funded by the govt of n.z as a fiji day celebrtion event. all proceeding go to his church, all tables sold .

Anonymous said...

@Sa sucu sa lutu.
Rabuka gave free land to Indian farmers whose lease ran out in the canefields. They were resettled in Navua.
Where else in the world does that happen?
Not even in NZ or Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi all- please stop calling yourself FIJIAN if you holding NZ passport/resident-staying permanently in New Zealand.Fiji day is for Fiji Citizens and will be celebrated in Fiji.So plse enjoy your NZ live and leave us Fijians alone.

paula raqeukai said...

forgive others as you would forgive yr family members...the Lord Jesus Christ had forgiven all our sins (past and future) at Galvary...so who are we not to forgive others including SLRabuka?...the Lord had died on the cross for all the hatred we may have for each other...it is time to stand-up together and move our beloved nationa forward....Itaukei, Fijian or Indo-Fijian....God Bless Fiji...

Indian said said...

@ 2.51 You r right. Relocation was the policy of the GCC owned political party SVT as some land may have been required by the Itaukei who had extended family with no surplus land in their extended matagali.

This doesn't happen in NZ and Australia because their economy is not based on those who carried Fiji's economy for decades before other earners came about such as tourism, pine, mahogani, etc.

These farmers need to be reciprocated and is part of the social justice policy also under the 1997 constitution. Right to live and earn.

By the way Sa Sucu Sa Lutu has welcomed Rabuka to speak...who knows he may make a public apology to those who reside in NZ due to his mischief at the time as a lot lost financially, emotionally and split away from family.

This is not the way the world should have been!

However, Rabuka's 1997 constitution is the best and unmatched anywhere in the world and unabbrogateable.

I welcome u and chiefs who had realised and had a future vision in the right direction.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anonymous said...

@ Paula Raquekai,

U the man. We do not have many who think like you and be consistent with this thought. God bless you for having vision.

Too many small minded people around and I support the Pacific way. But it is natural for people to show emotions as only they know how much they got affected by the Rabuka coup.

It is part of the healing process. I hope Rabuka comes with open mind and given Fijian chiefs and all Fijian institutions supported him, I have to agree to disagree with them ...and choose to see what he has done in more recent years.

And whether he remained genuine given CRW went to visit him after 1999 elections and before 2000 mutiny.

Pina Wani said...

How the Indians are feeling about Rabuka's action in 1987+ is how the Fijians are feeling about Khaiyum now for masterminding the raping of Fijian rights and heritage.
The only difference is that for Rabuka, the Indians were the victims here in Fiji and not in India but for Khaiyum he raped the Fijian rights and heritage right here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka should be Knighted !! Because of him and the senior army officers of today(those in balaclava then),A lot of fiji citizens have had the opportunity to live and educate themselves abroad.George Speight should also be thanked for the indian migration for the benefits they all received thereafter and lastly Bainimarama should also be applauded for assisting in itaukei migration this time ,so that they too could get the same benefits abroad as did the indians in previous coups. I love the coups here.Who will be next to do the next coup? Please plan well so that kailomas could also get the same benefits as the other two races have had in the past .Then after that somone could perhaps do one for the old white families of Fiji ,for their migratory benefits.
Who says GOD hasn't blessed Fiji.

Anonymous said...

i believe comment 2 was a make-up allegation. I know no such thing happened in 1987. Please stick to thetruth commentators..

Anonymous said...

It seems that a lot of commentators on this issue are barking up the wrong tree. Rabuka is not the father of Fiji.s coup culture. I am one who knows a bit about what happened in 87. Ratu Mara was the main instigator. He saw himself as an indispensable political leader in Fiji and could not swallow being dethroned by an underdog Bavadra and his gang. He saw Rabuka as the most influential military officer in camp at the time and conveniently used him. And being a commoner he knew Rabuka would carry out chiefly orders without question. And by the way comments against Pio Wong are seriously misplaced. Wong is on record as one of the very few officers at the time who never supported Rabuka's actions and was openly vilified for the stand he took by his other colleagues. I believe he is inviting Rabuka out of respect as being a former PM and for having shown publicly his regret for what he did in 87. You can prove by Rabuka's 1997 constitution that he deeply regretted listening to Rt Mara and wanted to redeem himself for what he did. His pertnership with Jai Ram Reddy in formulating the 1997 constitution brought anger and oppostition from the very people who had supported him in 87.
But Rt Mara got his own medicine in the 2000 coup when the very man he used in 87 confronted him aboard that naval vessel which he had taken shelter on and ousted him from the presidency in another coup with the presentation of a tabua. What an irony.. Bible says what you do to others would one day be done to you.

Anonymous said...

I support the brave prosecutor for charging rabuka for the 2000 incitement and taking him to court.

Rabuka was found guilty but was spared from prison by the NZ judge since Voreqe carried out his coup a week earlier.

Anonymous said...

The reasons for the 1987 and 2006 coups are poles apart.
In short, Frank does not want to go to Naboro for the killings that he ordered!!
I know, I was there both times!! At least the Maj Gen and I's conscience are clear and we can sleep tight every night!! Unlike the Vore who his insiders say that he cannot sleep without getting drunk every night!! It is going to get to you my BOY Frank!! You, the fatherless Tukaituraga and all your people!!

Anonymous said...

jieke says......










Anonymous said...

- why can't PEOPLE just MOVE on ?
we're living in the NOW .
Not in the COUP days.

Just so you know, Col. Pio Wong wasn't the only person who wanted Rabuka to come and speak on the Fiji Day celebration. He also had a board of trustees who agreed with him on this decision.
- Also all the INDO- fijians should be happy they are INVITED to the celebratio. If you don't like the idea of RABUKA coming, then (HARD- LIFE), he is and there is NOTHING you can do about it. STAY home && drown your sorrows in whatever you want ! While we CELEBRATE our day in HAPPINESS && JOY with other fellow FIJIANS.
We WANT ALL the FIJIANS including indo-fijians, chinese, fijians, half casts, iTaukeis' to COME together && CELEBRATE our INDEPENDNCE.

Yes the coup happened && Rabuka DID apologise for it, what else do you want ??
ONE BIG TABUA for every indo- fijian who isn't happy ? cumon mann ! that was HISTORY ! FORGIVE && FORGET , MOVE ON. Its a NEW day, lets ALL be happy.
LIFE is waay TOO SHORT to be LIVING in the PAST ! If we were still dwelling on the PAST, we would still be eating each other !
- But if you want to HOLD a GRUDGE? then it's entirely YOUR choice. WE have moved on, so SHOULD you. TIMES have changed, PEOPLE have changed, the least you can do is FORGIVE & FORGET !
, FIJI DAY CELEBRATION this year is organised by a church. It is usually run by the fijian community, but that has been the SAME old thing since it started. Just a day full of EATING && walking around. NOTHING MUCH !

So the CHURCH running fiji day this year has decided to take it up a knotch. TO not only keep the young guns interested, but also the Oldies happy.
CHURCH has offered to RUN the FIJI DAY celebration this year && Col. Pio Wong just happens to attend the church. He and the memebers of the board have decided on Rabuka. So don't lash out on HIM' for this, he has very good reasons as to why he chose Rabuka. One of which is because he was a former PM.

No small church has offered to RUN such a big event before, and the PLANNING for this day is COMING from their OWN individual pockets. Not from their church, but the board themselves. THIS IS A HUGE EVENT && IF YOU MISS OUT; THEN NO ONE WILL CRY ABOUT IT.
This year will BE a memorable one, because the MAORI king will be attending, and Rabuka will be guest speaker. There will be a sports competition for under 14s, LOADS of food && many more.

COME ON people of FIJI !
we call ourselves the MOST friendliest COUNTRY, yet we can't even FORGIVE our OWN !
WHY hold a grudge ? The past happened for a reason && keeping RABUKA in fiji won't change what has happened. Just the fact that he asked for forgiveness is ENOUGH !

IF you are too BITTER to forgive, then stay at home. WE will be PRAYING for you.

so we should LOVE!

Anonymous said...

No Funding has been given nor received for the Fiji Day Celebration and whoever you are - get your facts right before you start pointing fingers at Pio Wong - all expenses are being paid for by the selling of the tickets - I repeat no funding has been received by NZ government - You can ring NZ government who gives funding for this kind of celebration and find out - I know as I work very closely with the group. This is an inaugural celebration that has never happened before in NZ where all Fiji people are invited what ever colour, race or gender. The past is the past - lets all move on
with life - I am sure all you Indo-Fijians are now living in NZ are enjoying the benefits of being here which you will not get in Fiji even without the Coups...Think about it

Anonymous said...

I remember Pio Wong like Stinson and Jim ahKoy etc were big supporters of the Rabuka coup!
Well the coup guaranteed Indians cannot take the land (haha) and lead the country politically-Taukei Govt will always in charge-

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Fiji is now a Fijian as decreed by Kaiyum,,,,,,but will all ever get into the Vola Ni Kawa Bula???? Yes - celebrate fiji day but remember not to pretend that u are some one else n be proud of what u are!!!

Koi Waimaro said...

A@16Aug 6.20

WOW........never thought of it like you did......

you are smart

Koi Waimaro

Anonymous said...

@ 10.45 Ah Koy has left maybe because he knows the corruption will sell off his grave yard space also just as it did for someone very close.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka was a coward!
The COWARD could not say rules are for EVERYBODY EXCEPT INDIANS!
Ratu Mara favoured general electors JUST BCOS OF THE EIGHT SEATS THAT HELD BALANCE OF POWER.Mara always knew generals were useless-handouts.
They had lost their special position,

Anonymous said...

Some very shocking revelations. Rabuka has no merits to speak as he divided and segregated the whole of fiji people. The worst behaviour was displayed by the methodist church. Wong also supported the coup, I am so surprised how he entered NZ -probablly by Jim's hovercraft. The Bavadra Govt was a perfect democracy-with muticutural representation. If then people stood up and supported the democracy then Fiji would not have been in the present situation. Remember what was the slogans Fiji for Fijians.Why do the native fijians have left Fiji, they should all go back and fight for democracy, if they have balls instead of living in a foreign land.Indians will stand on the sidelines now and see the fun, they are now being granted equal rights and protection in Aust and Nz and have excelled in all professions.

Vanua. said...

@ Anon 6:20.

Good posting not as silly as it first reads (whole help of my kai have benifitted) - but soooooh politically incorrect.

Bye said...

To all our Indian brothers....do you have a verse in youy holy book that you should forgive or love your enemy?
Our Holy Bible simply says that is why we can forgive even to the current regime.
God Bless FIJI.

Bye said...

To all our Indian brothers....do you have a verse in youy holy book that you should forgive or love your enemy?
Our Holy Bible simply says that is why we can forgive even to the current regime.
God Bless FIJI.

Kaujia Ma said...

Attention all the Fijian Indians present and past who lives in Fiji or somewhere in the world. The ones who suffered the ones who are angry. Understand this question yourselves what is the real reason why all these coups had started and the reason why it was created. Who are the mastermind of all these corruptions of what has been going on for years. Try and answer it. Of course you cant because it is not the fijians fault for what is happening from then up to now. They are the real victims of this crappy mess who have been used, abused and dumped like crap on the side. Whos land are they using, who's money are they using, who's resources are they using, who's name is being dragged in the ground. Tell me this now who is embarrased the fijian's or the indians or the middle man of it all the kaivalagi's.

Anonymous said...

@VANUA 6.54pm...Politically incorrect?? MY brother...GOD DOES work in mysterious ways...we should always think out of the box to get a better UNDERSTANDING of the meaning of life !! I wrote 6.20 with my own understanding of the series of coups...BE POSITIVE AND WATCH LIFE DELIVER YOU GOODIES.whinging daily will cause you illness.

Anonymous said...

It is wrong to bring in God whenever coups happen, politicans use God to further their power.Not all people are stupid and God's name must not be used in this way.Whenever there was an election the church prayed - but not for a coup.The masses of people who thought that the fist coup will benefit them and indeed many of them benefitted-house owned by indians were sold at quater the actual cost of construction.They did not stand up and fight, most of the natives thought Rabuka was their saviour we now see the fruits of the coup, they themselves are leaving the country for better lives overseas.

Anonymous said...

This guy Rabuka made us believe that he has direct vodafone line to God.
God ha spoken to him more than the pope!

Anonymous said...

I Agree with posting that Rabuka is a coward and an idiot.
During his takeover he used to say taukeis do not want to be like or treated like Aborigines or Maori.
The coward when he came to Australia,
he didnot say a word about Abos. In fact the coward was saying like "if vietnamese took over Australia wouldnt you react?"

People in Australia had a laugh. Bloody coward and Idiot

If Vietnamese made up 45% of the population, paid 80% of the taxes, made Australia the leading country in its region and won a democratic election-
Plus there are about 80 other countries like somalia haiti etc that are always at the bottom of the Human devopment index of the entire world- NO YOU COWARD IDIOT-
no one in australia would react!

Anonymous said...

RABUKA- has taken FIJI from the way the world should be, Singapore of the Pacific etc to YET ANOTHER AFRICAN COUNTRY.
He has taken this country to a spot where we will never recover from.
Those who want to forgive him is up to each individual.

Anonymous said...

I remember Rabuka always justifying his coup that he saved the indiginous rights.

So if he did not move in-
Would Indians be wearing grass skirts today and singing hula bula?
Would Indian own the land and the indigenous pay rent?
Would Indians be passing laws that benefits Indians and other ethnic minorities (Everybody except taukei?
Would all promtions etc based on everybody except Taukei?


Anonymous said...

@ Bye 7.27... The fact is the current regime are not been forgiven according to the Bible. Only Rabuka needs to be forgiven!

Only if the current regime is forgiven...may we see a future sooner rather then later.

I hope they all reading the same bible and same verse.

But even Fijian Christain's do not go far enough to forgive the current bunch because this bunch has taken away free money...

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu

Anonymous said...

@Sa sucu sa lutu
The current regime don't need forgiveness.
First they must face Justice.
After they have spent 130 years in Naboro (like Bernard Madoff) then we'll give them Forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Do not invite Rabuka, instead invite MORO! Rabuka got his power from him...

Anonymous said...

Did Rabuka carry out the coup solely on his own thinking, or was he 'triggered' into doing so?
The situation,timing and what eventuated cannot 'seem' have an alternative at that time. However, the alternative was to kindly respect
the then political leadership, and
complement in the advancement and security, utilising the military.
Many have suffered no doubt - many have also had easier opportunities to migrate overseas (due to instability, security concerns) and better their lives. A lot are
still enjoying coming back and associating in helping their families and the motherland.
Most who have left Fiji still
quite proudly identify with the Fiji identity.
Fiji has become quite a more popular place internationally since 1987 - be it for 'negative reasons'.
No one is above the law, and sooner or later will pay the price.
If only we (Fiji born), can develop and assist with strategic thoughts and plans,hopefully the 'Fiji the way the world should be' will emerge from the dark once again....GOD BLESS FIJI.

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