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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NZCTU discussing action on Fiji

Peter Conway
The New Zealand Council of Trade Union says it hasn't lost sight of Fiji.

Its secretary Peter Conway told Coupfourpointfive it is engaging with key labour groups like the ILO and ACTU about what can be done to help Fiji.

"We have had several meetings of affiliates and are considering a range of options to support workers in Fiji.

We are in regular dialogue with ACTU. And we have been in contact with ILO asking them to support an investigation/mission. We have also conveyed our views to the NZ Government at both ministerial and officials levels."

Coupfourpointfive asked the NZCTU  what it was doing, about the latest moves by the military dictatorship to crush trade unions with the introduction of its new Essential Industries Decree.

Conway told us: "The NZCTU is supporting a campaign in respect of human and trade union rights in Fiji. We are going through a process of preparing material for union members and discussing options for activity with our affiliates.

"We have said that before any industrial action is considered we would discuss that matter with members (obviously) but also employers and the NZ Government given the circumstances. Our preference is for combined pressure from workers, unions, employers and governments."

Conway has also welcomed news of an ILO delegation heading to Fiji saying "we have been calling for the ILO to get more actively involved so this is good news".

He is attending a meeting of Aviation unions in Auckland today and tomorrow to discuss the situation in Fiji.


  1. Peter Conway and his NZCTU has been there all this while watching and doing nothing, absolutely nothing...not even apeep all this time since 5th December 2006 and all of a suden, it wants to come in.

    How can your fellow union brothers and sisters of Fiji believe in you when you have deserte dthem all this time?

    Please action not just rhetorics............

  2. Maybe now that they have seen the deteriorating conditions in FJ and ILO is stepping in so finally they want to join the band wagon. Same for AMNESTY they watch and with ILO's presence they want to be seen to support the cause......too much politics these big Organisations, they choose the country they will support and fight for....

  3. I urge the union movement in Fiji to look at the broader issues affecting Fiji. Its no longer the question of union rights. its all about democracy and rights of all the citizen of Fiji. all have to work together to give Fiji back to its people. To Felix, i plead and urge you to work closely with all stakeholders and flush this regime out of power. dont be focused on union rights. its time unions put their differences aside and Attar & Felix work together. you owe it to Fiji and its people. it can be easily done. all that is needed is resolve and determination. we cant depend on outsiders to come and help while we are sitting on our hands and wishing things to happen. For indo fijians and fijians, are you going to harpe on racials differences to mortgage the future of our country and children. We might not be here then but we are answerable to our future generations to what we do today. National strike is the only option. short term hardship for long term liberation of Fiji and its prosperity!

  4. Good on you Peter and ILO kick the hell out of them, Both BAINI/ARSENEED kick in the @#&%$. Do it lets see where and when their lies will end up, all those decrees are done so that they can pocket more from the people!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good on you Peter and ILO kick the hell out of them, Both BAINI/ARSENEED kick in the @#&%$. Do it lets see where and when their lies will end up, all those decrees are done so that they can pocket more from the people!!!!!!!!!


  7. Felix barka. Tumaar time eye gaise hei. V Deo Sharma

  8. Just remember "Delay in action, is no action.

  9. go Peter go, aiaz enough of your bulshit.

  10. @Observer maybe they were waiting for the people who actually live in this country to do something first???
    If we cant stand up ourselves then we cant complain about when and how outside intervention does come in to help!

  11. The first and only solution is to have illegal regime to step down. The reputation of Fiji is in tatters.

  12. Time for ILO and international unions to force international sanctions on fiji, first is boycott buying fiji sugar and ban loading and unloading to fiji cargo to and from fiji.

    The junta time is up

  13. CIA Factbook on Fiji...Fiji is ranked 187th in the world according to its economy & standard of living..It derives 72% of its annual income from Service. This includes tourism. Australian,NZ & UK aviation unions are meeting to discuss a response to Fiji's disbandment of Unions. Quite possibly the unions are in a position to bring down the Gvt there, something that has'nt been able to be achieved through political action.I think if flights stop arriving in Fiji & Air Pacific is grounded from landing in other COUNTRIES by these unions which is likely...The custard will hit the fan.Bigtime.

  14. It will take some blood to spill in the streets first before we get outside help. but we knot the people will not do this s we r peaceful people by nature. So get used to this way of life.

  15. Thanks to the international's for rising to defend our rights.People in Fiji too must now prepare to put up a fight,now or never.
    Indo-Fijians in Fiji and abroad that initially supported the coup as Fijians did the last few,please get to your senses.This is a beautiful country ,don't ruin it with your racial differences.
    Any right thinking person living abroad or in Fiji has to now accept that this "RIGHT COUP" has gone "WRONG",dreadfully,pathetically and horribly wrong,so please understand that a coup is a coup, is a coup, is a coup,it cannot be anything else and no good comes from it.NGO"S like CCF have come to their senses as well,they supported it saying Qarase did too many wrong things so they believed the military could fix it....arrrreee now they have come to their senses and are working towards defending human rights.So people...think about it.


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