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Friday, August 19, 2011

Save Fiji group answers some of its critics

FOCAL POINT: Sukuna Park.

The group calling for a march tomorrow at Sukuna Park is responding to some of the comments to the story Coupfourpointfive ran about its call to people to stand up and challenge the draconian decrees and corruption of the illegal regime.

It has released the following statement:

Plan strategy For 20th August 18, 2011

We begin with answering the basic question “who is the organizer and what is their intend? “people can’t support ghosts" – comment on C4.5

Answer: The organizer is the common man who is seen in the crowd but nobody knows his name; he is the faceless that suffer when the leaders sell the nation. He is the one who struggles to feed his family when millions are spent on trips and luxuries of the illegal regime. He is the one everyone forgets after elections. But he is the man who finds courage when everyone fails to stand up and say enough is enough. He has the courage to stand next to another common man and identify a leader to lead and demand that the change happens in Fiji. Yes, we are the common men who will come to Suva on 20th and demand the return of our democracy and for Fiji to be free. We are all ordinary people of Fiji who will free Fiji – if we can’t, than no matter how much international community puts sanctions on Fiji – this regime will not go but the people will go on suffering.

Somebody made this comment: I can’t follow and believe in a “ghost to lead the march” on C4.5 – We say to you all, you believe in God – but you have never seen him but you still have faith in him, you pray and believe in the holy spirit. So believe, my friend, that the ordinary man must rise and free Fiji.

People who are afraid of the police and army – here is their  strength if they are deployed in Suva on August 20th:

1. Police and Army Anti riots units – 4 units (60 men team) = 240 men. 40% of these are women who have been training in the camp for this week from RAU and 3FIR. Most of the police tear gas and grenades have expired and not useable. Also, there is not enough protective gear for the police riots units - gear can only cover 150 personnel.

2. Police strength in Suva – 1000 officers – all can’t be deployed in city – who will look after other areas? Police don’t have standard equipments so they are basically unarmed and can be overpowered.

3. Army to be deployed – estimated 500 soldiers


Are the 500 army officers, if deployed, armed with M16?

1. There is a big split in the army and the commander can't trust his own soldiers so weapons will not be issued. With the current situation the camp keeps ammunition and guns at separate locations under different commanders to avoid mutiny.

2. They can't deploy the green in Suva to fire on people as we invite the international media and people to come with cameras : the whole world will be watching.

3. We say to the soldiers come with your weapons - that’s good – because we know 90% of you will switch sides and support democracy and we can use those guns to counter Frank's bodyguards.


You don’t have to start your campaign in the Sukuna Park – come to the city – bus stand, shopping arcades – mix with the common man and use the Hibiscus as the cover. Just stand up and declare that you support democracy and people’s power will rise. Sukuna park is where the masses are to meet and demand democracy.

Save Fiji Movement


Anonymous said...

Send sms to your friends, be there, spread the word, they can't stop sms, it worked in the Middle East, stand up for yourselves you weak weak Fijians! Thousands have dies in the middle east to fight for freedom, by staying quiet you are saying that Fiji is not worth fighting for, if you don't turn up, you should be ashamed. I will be there!

Anonymous said...

Seagai! - Phantom "the ghost who walks" is now "the ghost who blogs" -people will not follow a ghost.


Anonymous said...

Will sms

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Lets all rise Up for Fiji NOW!!

United We Will Stand...

Lets take back All that has been Mercilessly STOLEN from ALL of US.

This is the Right Time. Even the Majority of the Soldiers and Army will be there for Us. They are a part of US.

Lets Do It NOW.

See You There. Prayers and Localised Support from those who cannot be in Suva.

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

This is it....the time is right

The Oracle said...

Thanks Save Fiji Movement.
BUT the question still arises. If people rally at Sukuna Park or elsewhere, who do they look for? There has to be a leader or a bunch of leaders. If you, as the organisers, are former politicians, or SDL supporters then forget it - I'm certainly not going to face the gunfire in your name. We need new blood - people who don't shrink into the background when the going gets tough. People who don't "namu" off the goodwill and genuine intentions of others.
Fiji is a small place, if there were moves to really organise a march, word would have been out on the streets already - even without the organisers being named. But there's been no word except what's on this site. And believe me, I do have good information sources.
And I awoke to gunfire practice at Rifle Range early this morning. When you shoot a gun at practice for lengthy periods, you become a bit trigger-happy and things can always get out of hand when young untrained soldiers are confronted by the masses.
As for the police riot squads - don't be fooled. The riot squads are well trained whether men or women. Their first line of attack is usually baton weilding policemen/women, followed by gas canisters and then the last line are the shooters. And they've practiced that formation for years. When it comes time to use it, let me assure you, that last line of attack will be used - out of fear by the relevant policemen/women because they know that's the last defence they have before they themsleves get beaten to pulp by the masses.
So please, give Coup4.5 some idea of who you are and what you're organising and please Coup4.5, if the organisers are part of the political parties let us know. I will turn up in Suva tomorrow and stand on the fringes. And if you, Coup4.5, cannot give me the assurance that these organisers are genuine, then I'll forget the march.
You, Coup4.5, hold our fate in your hands. You havea responsibility to ensure we are not all beingh ld to the slaughter. It is one thing to say march at your own risk to demonstrate your courage and love for this country. It's another to make that request without providing some idea of how genuine you yourself are and how committed you are to the cause.
Remember the Shakespearan play Julius Ceaser? Yes, we are all common men - and may even claim to be all honourable men. But we all know, some are not as honourable as they make out to be.
Coup4.5, I will take my cue from you. Confrm there will be a march/gathering, whetever and I will be there. But I'm sorry, I just don't feel inclined to follow "ghosts".
May God condemn Frank, Khaiyum and all other supporters of the illegal regime. But may He also protect and guide the ordinary Fijian to do what is right for him or her and not as demanded by some "ghosts" who don't have the courage to reveal themselves.

Taukei. said...

Suprised he lasted this long.

Hadn't been for C4 and others we'd all be none the wiser.

Indians in Viti currently looking for new leadership & direction please take note?

Confident he could at least sell newspapers & install a clock and not finish up in jail.

Zanana League-Fiji said...

All ladies from FMLeaque please come forward and join us at Sakuna Park Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

We have been pillaged and , raped and downtrodden in our own Nation.

Fiji does not Belong to these Crooks, Liars, unrighteous and megalomaniacs and their families...it belongs to all of us.

Fiji IS NOW Challenged OPENLY through Lies, Abuse of Public funds/policies for own gain,Acute NEPOTISM, theft of Resources, Removal of Rights and Freedom etc.


Lets all Rise Up together and Die if we have to for Fiji, our Freedom and for our Children.

Let it Begin in Suva, then Nadi, Ltka, Labasa, Nasinu, Vunisea, Lakeba, Savusavu, Deuba, Naitasiri, Nausori, Korovou, Sigatoka...just like in London. You bet there will be only 1 Loyal Army Officer or none against the 100's.

These Thugs are Frighten that is the Weapon they have been using against us...Its now our turn.

Our Kids will even be there for us...you can bet on that.

For Fiji Ever Fiji

The Oracle said...

Let me clarify my earlier post if I may.
We believe in God because every human being has an in-built instinct that there is a superior being (or conscience) somewhere.
ALSO: There is a vast difference between Coup4.5 and the Save Fiji Movement. Coup4.5 has been around for a number of years and has, through a number of its postings/predctions etc, established a certain degre of CREDIBILITY for itself. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Save Fiji Movement. All I'm asking is some degree of credibility be established so that we know the desire to return our beloved country to true democracy is not being led by a bunch of self-interest opportunists.

The Oracle said...

Your well wishes are hollow. You are not black-listed to ENTER Fiji. You have issues to answer for if you return to Fiji. That's what's keeping you away. There's a vast difference to your black-list claim - no Fiji person can be barred from re-entering Fiji - unless he or she bars himself/herself from the inevitable arrest.
So, come back and take up a true leadership role or rot in the hole you've dug for yourself. I would prefer to suffer a bit more than be conned by people such as yourself.

Vanua. said...

Coups in Viti traditionally start on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Anyone living in Fiji will know that on the 20th August Suva will be full of people attending the start of the week long Hibiscus festival. These people, many whom will have travelled far to join in with the spirit of the event and enjoy themselves will consist of;

The 'Common' Familes with their sons, daughters and babies. The 'Common' School Children. The 'Common' Elders.

If things are as bad in Fiji as some suggest on this blogsite those attending, supporting, sponsoring and participating in the festival will have sacrificed something to support this historical and honourable event.

To suggest that a campaign that has absolutely nothing to do with Hibiscus or its attendees uses "the Hibiscus as cover" and could put those attendees at risk is surely not what an organizer calling him/herself a 'Common man' would do.

Anonymous said...

its about time. and the time is just right. Rise up people of Fiji and show that you really love the beloved nation . Its now or NEVER.Theres no time to look back or you will turn into saltstone.. Fight for your country NOW or, it will be in ruins very very soon..

Anonymous said...

Be ready to taste the lead!!

Anonymous said...

People rise as the lord will stand by you to fight injustice,you will be protected from the evil power.
May the lord bless and give strength to all those who are fighting oppresion and injustice,god bless the new fiji and its dedicated citizens.

lamusona said...

Are you all kidding yourselves? This is a nation of cowards, a nation without pride a people without dignity. Khaiyum says jump and everybody jumps. What a pathetic sight. There will be no march and there will be no resistance. Khaiyum and his aunty will rule this country forever and Fijians deserve it!

Anonymous said...

ratu ului ran away so how come army not revolting - too much lasulasu these marches.
Marches not needed just bullets for frank and aiyaz.

Anonymous said...

Whent the police become overwhelmed what will a group of thugs do ina side street, start looting, start burning?

Who will lead?
Who will take responsibility?
Who gurantees those that take part will be peaceful?

Got to be a BETTER WAY.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, gotta laugh. This will be as big a non-event as all the others. The real truth is that people aren't apathetic. Too many like the way things are for there to be any popular uprising. And forget about any mutiny in the army. They know what happened to the last mutineers - a brutal lingering death.

Anonymous said...

@Lamusona 11.16am..Mr Lamusona, as you call yourself,the confusion and madness that besets people who`ve been oppressed over a period of time show in your choice words.There`s also a hint racism in your undignified utterings...best you take time off to chill out.

mark manning said...

Shall I tell you what I love about you :-

mark manning said...

Adolf's Bodyguard :-
It was Human frailty which eventually defeated Hitler.
His last Public appearance, a frail, pathetic man, too much of a coward to face the Russians :-

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yea right..good on you ghost bcoz you are in overseas..dont manipulate and nothing happens...

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how some overseas bloggers are driven to the point of anger and frustration towards the ppl back home for not doing anything.. For goodness sake, please attack the enemy don't attack the poor helpless people.. To you Lamusona @ 11.16am, go over bra... go and throw your frustrations on the target otherwise forever hold your peace...

Anonymous said...

rajesh go ask your idiot boss bai ask .
if they did black list me.i know it.all frame job like rajen chaudary one.i am not dumbo.
fiji will have democracy soon.
than if i have a case than i will come and ans. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

@ Lamusona...

Go take your chill pill bhai or better still take a dip in the Ganges to cool you down...lolz

Anonymous said...

Please please please stay away from anything that Rajesh Singh is involved in. This guy is an opportunist and a con artist. Has everyone forgotten how he quickly jumped ship in Dec 06? Joined these thugs, appointed in Boards..right in there with Rajend Cahudhry and co. He is unprincipled, no school (just see the way he writes). He is not to be trusted. Rajesh, you have chosen to live in NZ, Fiji will be better off without people like you. Stay there for the sake of Fiji.

mark manning said...

@ anon 451 p.m.
You should know that many bloggers spend hours trying to help, not only on the blogs, but by also sending their hard earned money back to fiji.
Their frustration is directed at the Regime primarily I'm sure, but you guys within Fiji, also need some motivation.
But you are right, we must remain focused on the real enemy here, the Regime. and the loss of Liberty for many, except for a handful of coup supporters.
You guys have to decide whether your liberty is worth fighting for.

Mr Fiji said...

To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether it is nobler in mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.

Anonymous said...

This cause will go no where if this is how we going to organise things! What happens if things get out of control and say we have a situation that happend like George Speights, burning , looting etc-when the innocent citizens are injured because some brilliant mind decides we "mix" in with the Hibiscus crowd!!Who si going to stop the crowd then? Police! Just how stupid are the organises of this so called march, rebellion?? You count the soldiers & their weapons has anyone counted the citizens that could be supporting Bainimarama! Yes! NO! How many are out there? Do you know their numbers? What intelligence do you have? Do you know the amount of tear gas recently brought into Fiji? No! Well i suggest you don't make plans if you not going to be standing up front!

fijian in afghan said...

Sa sivia ga na vosa e caka tiko........... me vala sara mada me laurai na levu ni vosa e sa caka............ sa da rogoca na na lamuso....a vs lamuso....a

macala mada e ke o cei e lamu so....a dina

Big loloma s to you all lamuso......n..

Anonymous said...

anyo 714pm.
i was not in any board after 2006..
go and get your facts right mate.
it seems you are another liar -no name gutless sucker of bai/ask.
have the guts to write your name .
no more lamusona like your boss.

Anonymous said...

Oracle...you are so full of shit. You are the Oracle to whom the Gods (your Gods) speak to and you are supposed to tell us what are going to happen.

Are you just the Oracle for nothing. You really a nothing by criticizing individuals who have served the public like Rajesh Singh...He was Minister of State...what have you achieved or you have achieved something but we do not kbow about...please tell us on this forum.

At least we know about Rajesh Singh...who he is...BUT WHO ARE YOU "ORACLE"?

Rajesh...best wishes from Papeete...

Valley Tiger said...

In 2007 Rajesh choro Singh was appointed as a marketing manager for Fiji sports council as a reward by the regime (Bai and Ask).

Rajesh appointment was done by the illegal minister of youth(jewel thief) Lek ram vayeshnoi supported by the illegal board of Fiji sports council which consisted of Rajen Pal Chaudary(Dano) and Arvind Datt.

Poor Rajesh was sacked by the board after his vehicle was parked outside nightclubs every night.

Rajesh owes money to numerous businessman for favours lobby fees they paid for state contracts which was never delivered.

pls comeback to fiji and pay all your dinaus and fight for democracy from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

So what happened?

Anonymous said...

Thanks you guys for saying i owe money to the people.stop been a liar.
pls put the prove on this forum.if not just shut up.
i was not sacked by fsc.i resigned after helping fsc with sponsorship and naming rights.if you want the prove pls come and i will provide.ask tom/minister.
why people worried about me so much than the biggest chor bai/ask/others.
dont worry i have thick skin to take false comments by gutless people.
if i owed funds than why didnt people took me to court.hahaha
all false claim .i am enjoying the free/democracy country of nz.
i hope fiji people can do the same soon.
we have lot of people talking but no action.
guys grow up and have guts/pride to fight for fiji and put your name.
i dont care what people say but i love fiji and ready to die for my country.can you guys do the same.
god bless you all.i am a sinner not saint like you all profess to be.
god give the church/people of fiji wisdom to fight and win this great democracy/freedom and pray the holy angel will protect the people.

Valley Tiger said...

Why did you resign from FSC Rajesh Singh?.

Thanks for admitting that you worked for the illegal regime.
Tom Rickets the opportunist and the minister lek was illegally appointed.

If you are prepared to die for democracy then come back and join us to overthrow this illegal military regime.

Stan said...

some people have started focusing on Rajesh now...does it matter? No wonder Fiji is in this state...connering Rajesh coz he is not native...whereas Mara is the god promised saviour....i personally do not see any difference between them. Th day came and as usual there was no March...how many times will the organiser's belittle themselves...that os if there is any real organiser...or does one just post it on C4.5 in an attempt to get people moving.

Coup 4.5 said...

Stan@7.07pm You're being presumptous. There is a 'real organiser' ..... see earier story:Can Fiji Step Up to the Challenge and email addy etc for march organiser.-C4.5

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