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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sayed Khaiyum to use the ILO meeting to 'clarify' the truth

Fiji's illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum says he is looking forward to meeting the ILO delegation arriving this afternoon because he wants to clarify the truth.

The ILO is sending a group to Fiji following the deteriorating trade union rights situation, especially with the recent Decree which curbs workers rights and makes trade unions defunct.

Sayed Khaiyum says there is a lot of misinformation being spread by several quarters, Fiji trade unionists and international organisations and he wants to meet the ILO delegation to clarify the "misinformation that has been spread and told to the international community by individuals who have got self interest".

"Also they will be able to see the various laws put in place and we will clarify any misconception they may have regarding the Decrees."

Sayed Khaiyum said he also wants to clarify to the ILO that the recent arrest of unionists Daniel Urai and Dinesh Gounder were not because they are unionists but because they broke the law.
He said he finds it "tragically hypocritical" that some unionists who have been going overseas talk about the rule law but are themselves breaking the law.

“These two gentlemen have been charged and the matter is before the courts and so you let the court decide. The question is, are you going to interfere with the judicial process? “We have seen people who have been in Fiji being charged with various offences - the charge has either been dropped; the court has not found them guilty or they have been discharged.

“Let them go through the judicial process. If the matter has merit, it will succeed; if it doesn’t, the independent judiciary will find them not guilty. It’s very simple,” he said.

The ILO delegation arrives in Nadi at five o'clock this afternoon.

Coming Up ....the General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation speaks to Coupfourpointfive.


Anonymous said...

Kana Loto regime says...

Hey Ass Yaz Khaiyum....talking about breaking the LAW ? YOu and your master have broken the supreme Law of Fiji. You both & others have committed treason.

have a look at yourself firs in the mirror and ask yourself - let your fater stand beside you. And ask a few questions about your role in the coup.

Stop trying to justify this & that when people like you are the biggest law breakers in Fiji.

If you think you're smart - sorry the international community is not.
Just shows how shallow your legal interllect is and how little is your capacity to reason these things out.

your mouth stinks like toilet pit everytime you talk about the law and judiciary. You know how much interference you're doing.

This is what happens when you trash the constitution - you have lawlessness and no respect for human dignity - if you have one.

Try go to elections both you & Frank and see who wins. naboro will be waiting. Do youi have the guts - NO, so hold on as long, or manipulate the system to win.

You're gutless, heartless cronic individuals.


Anonymous said...

What Law,what a bloody joke...ASK talking about the law,he has broken the law and will be charged for treason when the time comes,sucha hypocrite.Even his initial supprters are now challenging him in the courts and we are reliably informed that the judiciary is under his thumb and he manipulates and interferes with due process of the law...huh what a sick joke.If Mr.unelected,self proclaimed AG has the balls he should come face to face with the elected unionists in an open forum and all be clear as crystal.Why does ASK think he knows it all?????What a smug bastard.He wasn't much of a lawyer either,we never heard of him ,till he became self appointed illiegal AG...full of crap.Take your bodyguards away and face us ,then we will tell you what misconceptions mean,you have been taking us for a freaken ride since 2006,it's time you faced the music...stop being such a laamu sona.

Vijendra Prakash said...

Aiyas was doing such a good work for the people of fiji but this unionist will not let him his way.

TURUKAWA said...

The AG is in panic mode hence this recent statement from him..the idiot!!

What a liar? What is not good for the goose is good for the gander?

what a hypocrite this boy is?

The recent why other people he mentioned that won their court case is that they won because their was no case in the first place.

all trumped up charges made up by him and Bai because those people did not tow the line of your illegal govt?

what a farce this govt full of morons are!!!

please god,give us something so that fiji and his ppl can be saved from this ulukaus!!

Sheenaz said...

Rule of law, khaiyum read chacchi nazat shameem's ruling you idiot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

just ask ordinary workers how scared they are now, unionized workers are no longer protected so what d u think will happen to those not in unions, look at JJs, new owner kicked out in one shot all the staff and getting in new ones who will not be in the union.
if unions close, no more overtime pay, no sickies,no annual leaves, u r at the mercy of ur employer so its time the international community looked at the concerns of the cashier or construction worker or garment worker,
Time that all union centres get together n show that Fiji workers wont keep shut n succumb to every whim of badly informed rulers...its time the PM made decisions and not some portfolio minister. after all the PM had approved the labour law and someone else comes along n "edits" it and makes the PM look bad....

Anit Singh said...

The problem is exactly with the issue of the independence of the Judiciary!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the ILO delegation asks the nobody ag lots of questions and lets him rave on with all his deluded opinions . . give him all the rope he likes. . .
then afterwards reports to the world all about what a deluded D H he is, a nutcase, a dangerous thief.
All this evidence every time he makes a statement like unionists being "full of self intrest" . .or "law breakers" ... well duhh! what are ag and banana filling their own bank accounts with the peoples money these two are thieves-thugs-criminals-morons, of the worst order.
If this was the first time we heard of them, we would be laughing about the absurdity.
Why are they so terrified of being shot or arrested that they need 50 body guards, and even then they travel with fear.
It will be fascinating to read the report from the ILO delegation after they have met with the morons.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

As a symbolic protest - among the many - we should never capitalise the names of these morons,
banana and aiyes.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Clarify the truth my ass.I hope the ILO have more sense than to listen to ASK.he is an idiot low life scum of the earth who has got the gift of the gab to disguise his shortfalls and inefficiency.I certainly hope they meet with other stake holders but then again they may not be able to as they have been arrested.What a fucking joke!I also hope the ILO have done their homework on who was involved with drafting the decree as they will find Air Pac CEO Dave Phliger had a major input.What the government should ask this son of a bitch is where has the compensation money from Boeing gone?Boeing compensated Air PAC millions of dollars for the cancellation of the 787 orders yet the CEO is adamant we are still making a loss and chooses to cut back locals jobs and salaries yet maintain the high salaries of the consultants and expats.The government should send in an independent audit team and speak to the people from the finance department who know the shocking truth.Kick these scums out of the country who are only here to enjoy the sun and sand and the bitches who like to party with them.

Deo Narayan Serea said...

now we have another village idiot that still support Kaiyum's world of fantasy that he is trying to build in Farmville called Vijendra parakash.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of Aiyaz and Bainimarama. They rule by intimidation.
The very fact fact that they arrested Daniel Urai and Gounder is to intimidate people from forming Unions.
They bashed Felix Anthony etc etc.
Nothing is hidden.
Aiyaz and Bainimarama are nothing but Bullies.
They've been bullying from day 1 until now.
Secondly they are LIARS. Just ask the Pacific Island Forum and wherever else Bai went to tell them about Election in 2009.
What a load of Bullshit.
In fact they are still continuing their bullshit.
The ILO should not waste their time with these Liars. They will just tell them a whole lot of hogwash.
ILO should just go back and ban these thugs from trading.
ILO should tell Tate & Lyle not to buy sugar from Fiji.
Secondly they should tell UN to cease the employment of all Fiji soldiers.

You wouldn't trust a Liar would you?

So why waste your time talking to Aiyaz and his puppet.They are both Liars. Everytime they open their mouth , CRAP comes out.
I wonder what their mothers think of them.

-Valataka na Dina.

Mafi...USA said...

For the ILO to get the best information about how the workers in Fiji are being raped of their rights and being victimised, the Illegal AG and the Unionists should have a combined meeting with the delegation. They have to present theor cases, then and only then the ILO delegation will get the best information. If the Illegal AG has an audience with the delegation by himslef he will try to entice the delegation with his own good reasons...
Put them together in the same gallows and they will get the best. And we will find out how much the illegal AG has to say about the illegal Decree he is formulating....
We will find out soon...Am encouraging teh Union in UK to stop buying sugar from Fiji....There's more to come...
Democarcy is in the Horizon ppl...Keep up the good fight...

Anonymous said...

You are right Dina . . these idiots would make more sense if we listened to them farting.

Seru Serevi said...

Aiyaz told fijilive that no unions are banned in Fiji and no where in the new decree does it say that. and workers will not be exploited.

Aiyaz what you think we mad!

Yes the decree doesnt specifically say unions banned but stopping the deductions of union dues from workers, not allowing strikes or walk outs, restrictions on bargaining, and a union rep has to be working for the employer - well to me all these reasons doesn't protect me as a worker or i can't see how unions can work and protect workers in this kind of environment.

You one big blockhead man, shud have just stuck to your Colonial job, oh wait you weren't even good at that either.

And while you sit in your flash pajero being driven around like a star, us workers will suffer and be exploited by our bosses. If we are sick, we can be sacked. Now we have to masipolo to the bosses to keep our job. And you think that's fair. Blockhead!

Illegal AG Hypocrite said...

The question is, are you going to interfere with the judicial process?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AG is full of crap.
Every thing that comes out of is mouth is lies and SHIT...period..

Should add a new ministry under his tittle

Ministy of PERMITS and DECEITS...

The Oracle said...

“Let them go through the judicial process. If the matter has merit, it will succeed; if it doesn’t, the independent judiciary will find them not guilty. It’s very simple,” he said. (Khaiyum's own words).

Stupidity as clear as the light of day. His philosophy is charge them all and let the courts decide the merit of each case. Isn't that merely clogging the court system where some analysis beforehand would have determined the "merits" before charging a person and tying them up financially for a long period of time before "dropping" the charge or having court decide the charge had no "merit"?
Khaiyum should live by his word - when his time in power is up he should be prepared to go through the judicial system, which hopefully by then, he will have no control over.
Those who live by the sword should be prepared to die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

Sa kauta mai na leqa ki noda vanua o koya qo.Ni yalo vinaka na noda liga ni wau kei kemudou na kena i liuliu,dou kauta laivi mai vua na lewa dou a solia kina.Recind the authority at once.

Anonymous said...

sa dua ga na ka na vakamacala kei na babalo toka vua na kawaca qo...
luveni manumanu..tabu teve...

Anonymous said...

Instead of 'clarifying the TRUTH' A..s [AK] should 'clarify the LIE, after Lie after Lie!!!!'
He must think we are so gullible and damn right stupid!!
First it was the Fijian institutions [GCC, Min of Fijian Affairs, NLTB, Methodist church, etc, etc]now he is targeting our Hindu brothers.
The one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is that the MUSLIMS are now running the country!!!! May Allah condemn him to where he will and truly belongs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - his snout looks like a pig's one?

Anonymous said...

Who elected this illegal AG, kaiyum?

Who gave him the power, mandate and authority and right to make decisions to take the rights of people and unions and workers and flush it down the toilet just because he feels like it?

No person in Fiji has elected this illegal puppet master and no one has to live with his decrees and taking away their rights, their human rights and rights protected by law and GOD.

International sanctions and general strike by the people and unions and all workers is required to do citizen arrest on the puppet master, tin pot dictator and gang of thugs junta and restore democracy and peoples rights.

People are 800000 and this 700000 salaried gangsters thugs are a dozen.

People need people power and must flush the people charter down the toilet cos a big lie.

People revolution to arrest this coward PER junta is now the only option.

Anonymous said...

This mongrel talks about people breaking the law when he himself is the biggest law breaker..he talks about hypocrites when he himself is a hypocrite.."

Anonymous said...

Jack says..

Franks why are you lisening to this idiot Ass Yaz Khaiyum...

ahhhh $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$......I see, so he lured you in seeing and biting the cherry dollars from maxim bank ha !

save the people of Fiji from this Talibans AK, NAZ Shameem, Nur Bano Ali, Asiz etc.

Fijians can forgive you.

You see what damage he has caused to Fiji with ill constructed ideas & decrees.

hey come on..have the balls to say NO, enough is enough...lets return to the barracks.

Anonymous said...

Arse - We all know that you too log into this site.
Let me tell LOUD and CLEAR, you are nothing but a compulsive liar like your sidekick Vore.
What 'misinformation' are you talking about. "Misinformation' your arse!!!!
You are the last person to be talking about people breaking the law - you are the one who has broken ALL the laws in this country through your bloody ILLEGAL decrees.
Now that the International Community is involved, let's see if you can wrangle your way out of this one you imbecile and pig!!
One day, one day Mafato.

Anonymous said...

This ak is sick, and unable to perform his duties in a rational manner he is like a horse who cannot run, so what do we do to a horse which cannot run, we put it down so please someone put this very sick animal ak down

Anonymous said...

Ak / kumface shit always floats to the top