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Monday, August 1, 2011

Second series of Baledrokadroka videos: CRW Mutiny

The former land force commander, Jone Baledrokadroka, has released a second lot of videos revealing inside information about the 2000 coup.

In this second series of videos, released via the Matavuvale blog, Baledrokadroka shares with FDFM president, Suliasi Daunitutu, his recollections about the CRW Mutiny.

As with the earlier videos, these ones are in Fijian and we are unaware of any provided translations at this stage. 


Raju said...

Thank you JB for the inside info. Can someone translate to english? Look forward to the translation.

Anonymous said...

the smart solider the kind of leaders fijians need

Anonymous said...

JB video relaese for what? It took him eleven years to come out of and reveal CRW Mutiny. Why so long?
Typical kai colo style and lamusona.

Anonymous said...

The mutiny was an internal affair and should have stayed that way. Why do the people of Fiji have to be constantly penalised for the actions of a few. It should never have been used as an excuse to oust an elected government. JB, rot in Canberra! RUM keep on Globe trotting! Frank, give the government back to it's people.
All military personnel, please return to QEB and let the people rule their own lives. Look around Fiji, ask all business people how well they are doing? Nothing good has come out of this "Clean Up" campaign.

Anonymous said...

Send Bainikhaiyum and the Shameems and followers to jail and let us pick our own leaders so that our children, the future citizens of Fiji will at least have a hope.....the more we keep these people in power the more corrupt our childrens minds will be and the more they think that what is happening around them is normal.....we do not want to live like this any longer. Even my little one is noticing it and she once asked me what is wrong in Fiji!! Of course it was hard for me to answer.

Please come quickly democracy and lets lock the Khaiyum and his puppet Baini and the Shameems and followers in jail b4 its too late.

Anonymous said...

How dumb are you Jone Baliedrokadroka.
For those of us who do not speak and know taukei, we would also like to know what you are saying about 2000 and the CRW.
Whats with the likes of you and always wanting to keep things in your little group.
Please use your brains and if you are a PHd student, then you should have at least the common decency to know that there are others out there who are very much part of Fiji and who do not speak the taukei language.
If you can get past that, you will be a winner in the future.

Anonymous said...

Suli wants to be an interviewer problem is his already so biased.His continued attempt to try an extract out of Baledrokadroka that Bainimarama came back to the camp to try & find out why there was a coup! Jone Baledrokadroka is 11 years too late! As for who and why the CRW did what they did -here is one question" who formed the CRW & for what purpose?" Thats where the answer lies!

Fair Debate said...

C4.5 why isJone only doing these videos in Fijian?What is the point. Your blog knows that many of your followers don't speak Fijian even if they are itaukei. Can you please be forthcoming with the translations

Anonymous said...

The Police should make an investigation on JB,on what he said when Shane Steven was in the Military Hospital,JB visited Shane and he asked this question,"WHY DID'NT YOU KILL THE COMMANDER?

Anonymous said...

he and RUM know that one day they have to ans for the crimes against humanity they committed.....
JB is only talking now as both he and RUM cannot move anywhere like frank.
they know they are trapped and are just moving around in circles now.
No point cos justice will be served when the time comes.....
frank, RUM, JB, Felix etc etc ,,,,all will be bought to justice when the time comes.

Sa rauta na vakamacala bullshit JB n RUM!!!

Anonymous said...


You staying in Australia...can you and Jone speak in English.

Or are the vedeos for village old ladies who you think will bring back ideas and solutions to Fiji's problems?

Can you please redo the tapes in English and not just another transalation. I thought Fiji's education system is in english...only place the Fijian language is good in politics is in GCC as some are no school.

Maybe because of this one sided mentality of selfishness is why there is a one sided problem created by one sided group called military ever since 1977 when military got the signal to do as the Governor General did for chief's to like you. i.e. quickly form a caretaker govt and not allow Indians to be the government.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.14pm "many of your followers don't speak Fijian even if they are itaukei".

What a joke!! busi...

FIJIMAN said...

It just shows where Jone stands when it comes to national issues.
He is still caught up in his village.

Play Boy said...

"If one man offers you democracy and another offers you a bag of grain, at what stage of stavation will you prefer the grain to the vote": Bertrand Russel

Veivanua said...

Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka, please tell the truth. The mutiny was not because of the decision to close the CRW and others you mentioned. There was an ulterior motive and you know it very well. Beside you did not plan the counter attack, the plan was made a Major who was the the Operations Officer. Not Major Waqanisau, because he was not the Operations Officer, but this particular Major was. He was the one that cordinated the assault and was directing the assault Teams, when they were moving from one objective to another. You ask Jerry Waqanisau, Major Rayawa and Warrant Officer Bulivakarua as to who was directing their movement. When you came to the Engineers Operations Room, this particular Major had already briefed us about the assault to retake Top Camp. He was the person that briefd you on the likely rebel positions and the plan to retake QEB before last light. When you arrived at Nabuni, he had already laid the plan and had informed me as the RSM. He told me to call the parade and he had told us that we will assault and retake the Top Camp before last light. He also organised that defence of Nabuni, and continue to brief us on the situation concurrently by Loud Hailer. He was the one that sent Mr Soko to the Central Police Station to inform them to activate the Curfew. Ask mr Soko Cagicagi and he will tell you all about it. I know you dont like this Major but he save the Nation, not you, Raravula of Waqanisau. He was the one that briefed the junior Officer, Kaurasi, Motufaga, Daurewa who were at the Engineers to prepare for the assault before last light.
we also heard that when he attended the BOI interview, the BOI President Colonel Tawakedrau, took a special moment to thank him for what he did. I asked him how he did it and he replied, it was the God Almighty that gave him the knowledge to defend Nabuni and plan the counter attack.


Anonymous said...

he and RUM know that one day they have to ans for the crimes against humanity they committed.....
JB is only talking now as both he and RUM cannot move anywhere like frank.
they know they are trapped and are just moving around in circles now.
No point cos justice will be served when the time comes.....
frank, RUM, JB, Felix etc etc ,,,,all will be bought to justice when the time comes.Edited-C4.5

Anonymous said...

C4.5 just remind JBale many we would want to know so can he share with us. JB was "in the wilderness" and blowing whistle before Ratu Tevita. If we are forgiving RUM we can do same for JB

Varani. said...

Suggest JB's conscience could be troubling him on this matter?

JB's an educated man - knows full well that the CRW was formed by executive decision for one sole purpose - prevent was happened.

If any military personel deserve
praise for dedication when all this is done its these brave souls. While some are still imprisoned others less fortunate suffered the ultimate indignity of being tortured then killed by those they believed were comrades.
These deplorable acts offers a rare insight into the prevailing mentality within RFMF's ruling elite.

Sting in the tail.

This is the one issue (military deaths in custody) the bati ni wai & the Tongan blow in gau can't - and never will - resolve.

Only Kai Natasiri.
While the Qaranivalu rots in prison in Viti his cardigan wearing bati makes videos in Australia.

Anonymous said...

The fact that JB doesn't do these "interviews" in English proves that this is all about the i'taukei and no-one else. He just doesn't think the rest of us are important enough. One more reason why this guy and those around him like his questioner have no place in the new Fiji.

kiwilad said...

Good points
1. Why after 11 years?
2. Why only in Fijian?
3. Who was the main player?
4. What was Rabuka's role?
Many questions unanswered or partly answered; need full story!
Where does RUM fit in?

Anonymous said...

Veivanua...very good inside comment. This would mean that JB is attempting to take credit for what someone else did. Given that he is tavale of the person behind the mutiny and apparently came in late to hear what others have on their plate against the mutineers.

As for the reason given that it was done because teh unit was disbandoned, Shane had apparaently said he does not care for the chiefs motive as he too had an ulteria motive, given CRW was disbandoned and they thought their strength was above that of RFMF.

However JB's brother-in-law is who had approached Shane in the first place.

I don't know what JB has said in the interview, given he seems to be tought in Fijian language in Australia so I do not know how to understand Fijian interview.

Even Russian President speaks English when outside his official duty.

Anonymous said...

Whatever shred of respect that was left for JB has gone to zip..
Good on you Veivanua for shedding light on what really happened so the typical Fijian mentality of believing any BS that's thrown at them is snuffed. JB & RUM need to go get themselves real jobs and become real men. Enough of living off the people.
...those blowing hot air abroad and trying to make things worse for those in Fiji, Like Get a life already!!

Fiji Believer said...

Let the brother talk

Anonymous said...

Varani,au kerei iko mo kua ni cavuta vakaveitalia na kai Naitasiri baleti iko sega ni kilai ira na kai Naitasiri.
De o na kila tiko beka ga e vica ia au kerea mo kua ni sika na gusumu vei ira na kai Naitasiri.
Vinaka vakalevu.

Champa of Nadi said...

Prime Minister Bainimarama managed to remove all the rogue elements from RFMF. Now there will be no more mutiny.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka JB it's good that the Fijian people understand wat you've said first before the other citizens of Fiji .....veivanua me cavuti talega mai na yacai major cava o kaya jiko me rawa ni balance toka nai vakarau !!

Anonymous said...

ka ga sa caka tu qori - na kakase keina gunu yaqona!

Veivanua said...

Thank you Annon, I will ask for his permission to reveal his name, before I can tell the world who he is. He does not want to get the credit, because he only wants to give credit to the God Almighty......he believes that God choose him to save the Nation, and gave him the knowledge to make decisions.

But others who were with us knoww.......who he is. Let me correct myself...i think he was a Captain then, not Major.

If you are reading this and knows where he is, or meet him, pse tell him to read the coup4.5.

Why JB has deliberately left him out, I do not know.

Sorry there was another officer Captain Fine who was also tasked by this Ops Officer to be the Cut Off Commander with a group of Sappers.


Frank said...

This is what I have been telling you guys all along, it was me who saved the country from total disaster in 2000. I nearly lost my life fighting the terrorists. This is why, what I am doing today is for all you people, to have a coup free country, rich country, best health care, best education, free of any discrimination. Its sad see our people live in poverty, governments of the past has failed to fix long term problems. Politicians just wasted time fighting each other, rather than fighting for you. This is what I am doing. God bless Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Interesting inside story by Veivanua but unreliable hearsay in comparison to JB revelations on Utube. There is a saying that he who fights and run away lives to fight another day. Maybe JB and RUM are such breed of soldiers, fighting with the pens and not guns this time around. Another biblical fact that has to be realized God only allow things to happen to his people to teach them or because his people are serving other Gods. Therefore Major, Colonel and Commander are all dispensable instruments of God.

Anonymous said...

One question...
As the attack began, why was Komada katukatu tiko through the vei tavioka when he suppose to stay on board his ship and deal with the mutiny like Captain Bligh?

If he stayed then so many soldiers would not have lost their lives.

In a real war he would be facing the firing squad for cowardice (Kalamu na sona)

X TTS said...


Veivanua's revelation is not a hearsay.............I was also there...

Thank you, and I agree that Major, Colonel and Commander are instruments of God and are chosen for specific duties.


Varani. said...

@Anon 8:45.

Not from Naitisiri but know Kai Naitasiri - know of Kai Naitisiri -
know also Kai Loma's Rotumans Barnabans & Indians.

Facts are these - while the Qaranivalu rots in prison on trumpted up charges - his bati makes videos in Australia - Kai Naitasiri sit on their arses weaving baskets.

Anonymous said...

To JB & Suli,
We are all at the same path,and that is Democracy for Fiji.I am sorry to inform you two, that I am not convince with what I have heard from JB....it seems to me that he has his own personel agenda. He never acknowledge the fact,that his involvement 11yrs ago,(wether his from the CRW or from the Operation)was illegal.
For Suli,if only, you put all those coments in your own words,that will be appreciated... Diplomat in Canberra,(we know that you are doing a good job)but please let Suli write his own comment.
For both of you,stop focusing on the problem but try to focus on the solution.

Strike Back Kid said...

Be careful JB because one day the truth will surface.......Remember you should have been Court Martialled for allowing the mutiny to occur, when you were the Chief Staff Officer Operations and also the Commander of the Zulu Force.

You were the most Senior Officer at QEB, duing the mutiny and why didnt you stop the killing......

Now you are trying to blame FB.

You and Ului should be charged for Human Rights Abuse not FB because you were his advisors. As the military saying goes, if the Commander is weak its because his Staff Officers are week.

And that's you and Ului. Remember I was with Zulu Company and we both know what I am talking about.

Strike Back Kid

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, get some good topic that can help us move forward.
"Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past"

Anonymous said...

sa masi polo saraga na tarotaro nei daunituu...bye the ay who are you

Anonymous said...

You two seem to be stuck in the past. There is so much change now never before experienced in Fiji. Get a life guys. Your not coming back to Fiji enjoy your lives in exile.

Cunti Tappooo said...

Bai/Aiyaz Bhai, does this mean we will all serve jail sentence together. I am so looking forward to eating cassava that Bai has been planting for our feast. Aiyaz Bhai, make sure the Aunty has cooked and frozen sufficient amount of curries for our consumption. She better get the pressure cooker going now as the end is coming near. Party time in jail! Yippee!!!

Is YP Reddy joining us as well? He better as he also screwed up the country just like us. He is as slimy as as all.

All the very best Bai and Aiyaz Bhai. You saved my Tappooo City but I have a feeling that you will not be able to save our jail sentence. Good times have come to an end my fellow corrupt dictator friends.

Love always,
Cunti Tappooo

P.S: I have to confess that I have been sleeping around like a whore with every government that has been in power and I have been infected with illegal trasing disease. Aiyaz Bhai, you are a different case as we slept with prostitutes in Europe so you better get yourself checked for HIV disease. Hahahaha. Bai, what can I say about you, you are a total diseased person and will die in jail naturally. Eat all the cassava before death. Sad, sad, sad...I will miss you Bai, who will give me illegal custom duty waivers in the future. I am so upset. Sorb.....

Anonymous said...

why so quiet jb? why can't we get your translations would rather hear your side of things. we have picked you for a leader

Anonymous said...

First, much thanks and appreciation to JB and Daunitutu for the interview release, though in Fijian but at least, it finally came out n some-days it would be translated so that all 'Instant People' who could not understand now will hear n understand n stop crying.

Me, to summarise and relate the interview release to Bainizzz that 1) CRW were getting direct orders from the Military Commander during the 2000 Coup 2) All CRWs killed were only after the Camp-takeover. 3) FB was implicated in the death of some CRWs. 4) Some Goons are jumping up and down now trying to discredit JB, the likes of Veivanua n X TTS, trying more to focus on the Mutiny rather than Bainzzz.

To All Bloggers - Let us continue to focus on Bainizz and the legal juntas, do not be distracted by the Veivanuas, Domoniveiyanuyanus n X-TTS because there are still with Bainzzz.

To the likes of Veivanua n X TTS - I am not a military but civilian. Something I know that Army operates through chain-of-command, your hierarchy that day could be too far below and would not smell JB in his commanding suit. Whatever.... kerekere drau galu madaga, sa rauti keimami nai tukutuku nei JB, if think you have something more truthful and better and do your own interview. Drau veitauri mada!!!!

Strike Back Kid said...

A@1.56 We are nottrying to discredit JB, we are merely making statements of facts.

JB should be taken to the ICC for abuse of humaqn rights. You ask the formers CRW members he is trying to praise now, as to who were pulling them out of their beds at night and take them to isolated spots like the Rifle Range, Colo i Suva etc and viciously assaulted them in 2000 onwards. It was none other than JB and his Strike Back Team.

Rememberwe JB and RUM, we all started this together, and we should finish it together. It was the greed for power that caused your downfall.

Strike Back Kid

Anonymous said...

We will never hear the real truth from JB or Mara, they can't reveal everything cos somewhere in there is the thing/s that shows they supported what was happening. They may have been soldiers doing what they were told but they are still implicated. What can be done now is for them to own up to that and we forgive them and work with themto restore democracy.

Anonymous said...

FDN’s quick summary of the substance of the videos on Coup 4.5
August 5, 2011 by Fiji Democracy Now


These videos cover what happened in the year 2000 and start with the mutiny.

JB was in the camp on the day of the mutiny. He was one of the officers who cooperated to regain the camp .He has good knowledge in detail of what happened, having read all about it in reports, followed the inquiries and talked to people involved.

On the cause of the mutiny he said a lot has been written about the real the cause. Some say it was discontent with the forceful takeover of Speight camp at Kalabu. Others say it was discontent with the leadership of Bainimarama. Others say it was discontent with the breach by the military of the Muanikau Accord provisions. Still others think it was discontent with a betrayal of the people who entered Parliament on 16 May. JB acknowledged the interview on You Tube with a former CRW member who after his release from prison and while getting on with his life said that the CRW boys had been told there was an exercise being carried out, even though they later realised that a coup had been carried out.

JB thought the public would be right to be sceptical about an army that didn’t seem to know what it was doing. In particular the public must be asking themselves who gave the order that led the CRW to believe they were involved in an exercise. The RFMF commander was in Norway and only he could give an order fo the CRW to be deployed. JB said there are different views as to who gave the order. Acting Land Force Commander was Alifereti Tuatoka, a Rotuman officer. JB was in Siani at the time. From what JB could discover, several officers were in touch with the CRW on the crucial night. Lt Col Tarakinikini was one of them – and that’s why he was wanted to answer questions when he went to take up a job in the UN.

Anonymous said...

FDN summary of C4.5 JB vids

The critical question is who gave the order which the troops thought was for an exercise. The CRW understand their entry into Parliament was known to Tuatoka Tarakinkini and Naivalurua (now Commissioner FPF). Tarakinikini, along with Ligairi, was one of the founders of the CRW in 1989 under the Rabuka Government. The CRW boys thought they were in an exercise but they were court-martialled and found guilty. There was lot of feelings about this. JB also clarified about events of 2 November 2000 (the mutiny). The army camp was nearly deserted and quite peaceful on the day. 3 FIR were on an exercsie at Balenabelo led by Seruvakula. The support Company led by Captain Daulako was still present and the Engineers were gathering to celebrate their annual Sappers Day on 3 November. CRW were scheduled for trauma counselling to help deal with the stresses of their job.

The mutiny started at 1:00 pm. JB was doing P Ton that day and was on his way to the aquatic centre when he heard the sound of gunfire. He knew no-one had permission for live firing on that day and so realised something was happening. The Commander due to have lunch in the mess on that day at 1:00 pm. At their trial the CRW said hey were all following orders. JB said all were good soldiers. The retaking of the camp was accomplished by a force consisting mainly of engineers with many trainees and some force reserves. The CRW fled. None was killed in the retaking but one was wounded.

The operational plan was developed by CO Engineers and the Ops offcier Waqanisau working under JB. The order to retake was approved by the National Security Council under the Minister. PM Qarase was on his way to Kiribati for a Pacific Forum meeting. It was essential that the camp was retaken before dark as things could have become complicated if civilians had entered the camp at night. Between 7 at night and 9 in the morning it was essential to ensure that weapons in the hands of CRW were secured but no order was given fo their capture and interrogation. JB did not give any order for capture or beating and testified as such in court. The events were investigated by Inspector Tabakau and his files are in Aust and NZ. JB did not support suggestions that Andrew Hughes had evidence to convict Bainimarama.

There was a lot of anger and confusion in the camp among the troops and JB doesn’t accuse Bainimarama. There were three HQs at the time – one at the Naval base in Walu Bay, one in Nasinu at the training college and one at Berkly Crescent. In regard to the appearance of Rabuka at the camp, JB said Rabuka tried to contact him but he refused to talk with him. As the fact that Bainimarama had been evacuated to the Naval base, JB did not make much of this. He had (and still has) no expertise to conduct a military operation. He had to leave the camp because he was a target. JB noted that Rabuka had been acquitted for his role in trying to be a go-between. JB recommends that we wait to see what the investigation files contain. This will tell whether the suspicion that Bainimarama was implicated will be proven. JB is cautious in what he says but it seems in the end he thinks the mutiny was a result of the belief by CRW troops that the order for the takeover of Parliament on 19 May came from Bainimarama.

Fiji Son said...

JB should be given benefit of doubt. He more than any other strikes me as genuine in what he is telling. Let it then be said that the videos are a positive move but unfortunately leaves JB open to attack because it is is Fijian and none of us can digest the information and make up our own minds. 'The people' as opposed to the 'soldiers' are at a disadvantage because you all end up talking to each other about things you know, blaming and counter blaming and attacking and counter attacking. Somewhere in there hoepfully will come the details the people need to know.

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful..but can someone tell me where RUM is, are we expecting anything else from him as promised the revealing of info or is he just going to fade away in an island somewhere...you wonder????, best he stayed in Fiji and formed a revolution, whether he is arrested, at least he is seen to be fighting against the regime, bit like the nelson mandela ...but no one can measure up to mandela!! so where is wally??

Farmer Jo said...

The military fighting each other is evidence that the military is corrupt and stuffed up.

The best way forward is to dismantle the institution and sell all the stores and weapons overseas.Give all the soldiers their severence pay,a spade and digging fork plus a one way ticket to the village.

Dumb officers like JB lends credence to the saying,"It is not the guns which are the problem but the idiots behind the trigger."

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, ok..now that we have heard all about the 2000 coup (sa oca mai) why don't Ului talk in detail on the planning of the 2006 coup?

1. How did the planning start?
2. Who(Including politicians and civillians)was involved in the planning?
3. What was the long term plan?
4. How were you going to get immunity from prosecution?
5.Who was incharge of dealing with dissenters including their arrest and beatings?
6. How many civillians have been murdered already?

Picky Fijian said...

Anon@2.46 Suspect that Jone is one of the smartest offciers the RFMF has had. That's easy to see in his his writing and interviews. If he's guilty of being a idiot behind the gun, then so are others - especially the thickest of all no school Baini and Leweni. PS on RUM? Sorry to say but I suspect he only ever had a plan to save himself and has even mucked that up. Whatever information he had he has given to NZ and Australia to secure future visa and residency bids and is nowtrying to 'expose' through a blogsite. Do we need another blogsite or someone who can actually turn the army against VB?