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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sources: Bainimarama and Khaiyum loyalists and informants costing Fiji $4 million a year

PARTY ANIMALS: Bainimarama and Ben Naliva (immediate left). Costing Fiji taxpayers.

KHAIYUM: 24/7 security. Costing Fiji taxpayers.

Information from the ground today about the number of informants working for the regime and the amount of money they are being paid to gather dirt on fellow citizens.

According to intel sources, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum have now established an inner circle of their own "law and order" of close to 100 bodyguards, 50 of them personal protection officers forming  what is termed in intelligence circles as "inner barrier and last line of defence."

The other 50 are distributed across the country to gather information and keep the army and  police in line and report, arrest or terminate any threat to the regime. (Intelligence officers describe this as the outer circle - or the first line of defence).

Sources from within Bainimarama's pretend government have also revealed that Neumi Leweni is the head of Bainimarama's hit squad and investigations team.  Fellow QEB Goon, Ben Naliva, and others report to him and it is Leweni who ensures intel is gathered and analyzed for Bainimarama. 

The no school Bainimarama who appointed  himself prime minister and who pays himself $700,000 plus annually, pays his bodyguards handsomely. According to figures, their salaries range from $35,000 a year to $50,000. Bainimarama is paying them from the army salaries.

Our source says 'the boys' are well-looked after: "This salary is just their basic and doesn't include the other benefits and allowances they receive as many have bought brand new cars and properties in Suva and Nadi."

He says the bodyguards dictate terms to everyone in police and army camps "as these days the PM's office handles almost everything in running the country, including giving their judgments on any matter and bypass any minister or law."

"They are told by Frank and AG that they have immunity and nobody can charge them with anything."

Sources also say Bainimarama's well-paid and well-heeled "boys" throw parties every week for their families, with the state footing the bill for the gatherings.

It's suggested the 100 loyalists - at an average estimate of $40,000 - are costing the Fiji taxpayer $4 million a year in just basic salary.

A second source informed Coupfourpointfive that he has been told 400 informers have been put on the payroll by Khaiyum, ranging from low rank army and police officers, taxi drivers, market vendors, Village 6 cinema attendants, parking attendants, union office workers, hotel room cleaners, bar attendants, park and street cleaners, cyber space or computer shop attendants or bloggers, even church members and family or house members of targeted people.

"Apart from the 400 informers, there are 50 key people that are at strategic positions in Government, FICAC, Court and with the private sector that are also on second regular payroll from Khaiyum. Everyone is watched and monitored."

This second source says the informants he has been told about,
have their respective units and scope to inform on and receive about $200 every second Friday.


Anonymous said...

Bais informers, Feroz Jan from Ba, Fatty from Laucala bay,Pradeep Lal from Vodafone,Nalin Patel

hafiz Khan-suva said...

The nightclub prime minister and the Gauri self appointed ag let me tell you 2 that some of the same informers are far well paid to pass information out and very soon you will be shocked to see your own poppy into another camp.

Anonymous said...

some of the names ... DIV DAMODAR who still talks to Ului Mara ,Ana RokomokotI still in touch with army and civillians,Premila Kumar consumer council and Husband from USP,Seema Sharma from Ministry of Trade and commerce,Sachida Sharma her father and Chaudharys in law,and please add names to the shame list

Anonymous said...

Very funny

Anonymous said...

Very highly paid Boci Gaurd is seen in a real fijian style ,nicely dressed wearing flip flop. This is a classic example of a real typical junglee Kaiviti, dressing code ars.

Anonymous said...

Chodo says...



Anonymous said...

fiji , the way the world should NOT be!!! disgusting and shameful..! can someone just put an end to this nightmare..!!

Vanua. said...

Let there be no doubt - this site does not discriminate.

On behalf of all democracy bloggers everywhere we openly welcome any paid or unpaid regime bloggers into this site - just hope your better than the current one sentence bunch of no schools - hasn't been a decent coup apologist in Viti cyberspace since Croz lost the plot(seen his new colour scheme?)- and our good friend budhau who it appears mysteriously disappeared into his own black hole.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Fiji and a bucket of shit? The bucket. That is the best way to describe this country under the current leadership. I am a community worker and i talk to a lot of people everyday. Believe me when i say that the people of this country regardless of color or creed are completely disgusted with this regime and the 2 idiots running it. In his own way i think God is teaching Fijian's of all races that uniting as one people is the only way to go and these 2 idiots will achieve only one thing and that is unite all Fiji citizens against them. All the coups that have happened have been done against one race or other and i think everyone has seen the ill that coups bring and what a great country we would have had if Rabuka had not made the first mistake in the name of the i-taukei. If their is anything positive to be taken from this 2006 coup that would be it. Fiji must unite and kick these 2 out of office and straight to jail and stay united to vote for the best candidates to run our country regardless of their racial heritage. This is the only way for this beloved nation of ours. May the good lord infest the arm pits of the junta and their henchmen with the flees of a thousand camels. God Bless Fiji and its people.

Anonymous said...

in the photo too is dale tonawai and kotobalavu.......hiding all this time now got red handed with that boci ben and vore.

mark manning said...



Frank's Inner Security ?
What a giggle, they couldn't run 10 yards they are so obese !
Could they stop a Sniper Bullet ? Probably yes, with their thick skulls!
A great movie, I recommend it !

Semi Meow said...

Yep that's what you will get if you Fijians just talk and no action...bet ya Vuaka and his cohorts will get a slap on their hands with a wet bus ticket, that's all they will get.

Varani. said...

Gee Vore - I was you be very suss about the bati in far left off photo - that a make believe gun he's pointing at you?

Anonymous said...

Name names & more to protect from informers b4 becoming transformers

Anonymous said...

Na vuni nona la'i vuli vakaoti i MBHS o Voreqe baleta ni'a LAUVUTU mai RKS.....he knows it......you bodyguard need to ask him......

Anonymous said...

Not unplausible regime needs people to keep it informed not sure if you will get all the names

Fiji Mandate said...

From Matavuvale

The solution is in your Fijian hands : Mark Manning

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Mark Manning

By Mark Manning

In my view and from what I’ve read over the years and discussed with interested parties, there is no Political, Financial nor Diplomatic solution to Fiji’s problems.

Traditional approaches have failed as well and there seems no solution in sight, to date.

But now something drastic must be implemented if there is to be a result and substantive change within Fijian Society.

It remains obvious, even to the most uninformed, that Frank Bainimarama is simply a figure head, a puppet if you will, of a far more sinister force.

But this force is on its own, remains ineffective and impotent without the assistance from the Military in Fiji.

It has no Army, except those who are stupid enough to obey it, it has no Police Force, except those who are criminal enough to follow its orders, it has no Government, except those who are willing to support it, it has no Mandate from the people of Fiji, except from those who prosper from it, it has no money, except that which has and continues to be stolen from the hard earned cash of ordinary Fijian Civilians and increases in charges and taxes etc. it has no purpose, other than to destroy, obliterate and confiscate the Land.

Genocide, it can be achieved Politically, I have read that somewhere once !

Finally, it has no power, except that which only the Fijian Society bestows upon it !

Someone once replied to my question regarding the murders of the 5 CRW Soldiers in 2000 and their justification for those murders, on the Fiji Times Online, back in early 2007, and they said “ it was war“!

Well then, what is this and if it’s true, as they purport, that there is no Constitution, and Fijian Citizens have been detained, tortured and murdered, then perhaps the answer to Fiji problems is ” war “against those who would elect to impose their will onto their fellow Countrymen, at any cost, both Financial and Physical !

Make no mistake, Pryde, Gates, the Shameem sisters, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama, none care but for the dream of setting up an Islamic State with Aiyaz as its Supreme Leader.

The Caliph of the Pacific !

And this looks achievable and within their grasp now, as Fijians elect yet for another week, to sit by and watch it happen, while at the same time, helping the Regime achieve its unstated goal.

The time ladies and gentlemen for Diplomacy and a Political solution, is over.

The solution, is in your hands !

Anonymous said...

Sa i vei na noda dau kaya ni o keda eda kawa ni tamata qaqa nai Taukei mai Viti(Kaiviti)......Era gole mai na mata mai na Union mai Viti mera mai vakaraitaka na veivakalolomataki ni matanitu.....ka ra lesu tale yani ena noda vanua mai Viti ena doudou kei na qaqa ka sega ni ra rerevaka na veivakatotoganitaki ni matanitu......ia ni da raici ira na gole mai oqo ena tabana ni Union era sega ni kawa i Taukei, ia sa rawa vei ira mera soli ira yani ena vukuda na i Taukei.....ia ni da raici ira na kawa i Taukei era mai vunau voli ena vei yasa ni vura2 eso eda tu kina me vakataki Roko Ului,Jone Baledrokadroka,Simi Kaitani,Suli Daunitutu kei na so tale,era sega ni doudou mera kauta na dina ni tuku2 ki na noda vanua mai Viti ena vuku ni rere e tiko vei ira.......ke dua me na tucake ka liutaka na i lako2 ni kena vakalesui na noda vanua ena bula galala,sa i keda saraga na kawa i Taukei.
Au sa na tekivuna nai lakolako qo kau na gadreva talega na veitokoni mai vei kemuni na wekaqu......se sala cava meda na muria sa na dodonu meda na tu vakarau.....sega ni ka rawa2,sa dodonu meda na dei ka veilomani mena rawati kina na ka eda vinakata......vei kemuni kece ko ni gadreva meda lako vata ena i lako2 qo,ni qai biuta mai na nomuni nanuma,kau na qai biuta talega yani na noqu contact......meda vakusakusa de da bera......sa rauta na noda vosa,ka sa dodonu meda toso.Au sa na waraka toka na nomuni nanuma.Vinaka

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise?

How do you think thy have kept ahead of the Game for this long and so effectively.

The walls have ears. The challenge is to find them and cut them off.. Literally..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Nightclubber Bainimarama!!! He is loving every minute of abusing taxpayers money!!! No one in Fiji can stand up to this GADAFFI OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC!!! The people of Fiji are scared of the Dictator Bainivuaka... END OF!!!

If Bainivuaka was a member of the Italian Mafia, he wouldnt even last a minute because of his SELF-PRIDE, CORRUPTION, LIES AND DECEIT. His head would've been riddled with bullets and his whole family would have been SHOT DEAD and wiped out from the face of the earth as well...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Food for thought for christian informers.....Judas did what he did..he got his money...he invested on property and then his concience drove him to commit the henious act suicide.....the book says the impact of the jump bust open his abs and spewed out his guts...Ena ca vakalevu vei ira era sa kila ka qai kitaka.A classical example of what happens to a human being when he places his love for money above his love for his fellow humans.

Anonymous said...

Dale Tonawai in that picture!!! No wonder the Fiji 7s team cant win the IRB 7s Series... Too much night clubbing and partying with his boss Bainivuaka!!! NI YAVU TAMATA KAISI BOKOLA, CAICAI QAURI!!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum

Loyalists and Informants Costing Fiji $4 million a Year

Having heard of similar stories, I have no reason to doubt the Coup Four Point Five report below and it truly disgusts.

Only cowards and those who know they're ruling over others without their consent would go to the extent of having in place an elaborate web of security and informers to preserve their illegal rule. That is precisely what is now in place in Fiji and is no doubt firmly embedded in the dark corners of society. A situation typical of past dictatorships and authoritarian regimes like in East Germany, Rumania and Communist Russia. Most disturbing is when these people are on State payroll just to shadow regime figures around everyday.

How ridiculous and laughable for a place like Fiji and who are they afraid of? But when you know you are in the wrong in the first instant, and have managed to repress human and democratic rights of citizens, you would be abit worried I suppose!

Imagine the $4m wasted on shadowing these shadowy figures of the regime around being put to better use to alleviate worsening poverty in Fiji. It would be a far better spent of State resources than just to ensure regime figures live each day. What a way to greet each day! But when you know you're in temporary existence and under a corrupt, deceitful and cynical pretext, you will want to prolong your unelected term as long as it would allow you to empty the State coffers and enjoy yourself spending it along the way.

Anonymous said...

REMEBER ... "Whatever needs to be maintained thorugh force is DOOMED"

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.04pm 15 August

Au tokona na nomuni nanuma. Sa kena gauna oqo me da sa tucake ka saqata na veiliutaki cala vakalawa nei Voreqe.

E da sa raica sara tu ga oqo vakasigalevu na levu ni butobuto ni nona veiliutaki. Me sa tamasuki me kua tale ni toso baleta ni kauti keda sobu tikoga ka na vakavuna na dravudravua kei na vakaloloma.

Ni tekivuna mai!

Anonymous said...

The boci-guards are doing the right thing. Take the money first. Then turn and shoot the ass-holes!!

Anonymous said...

That face peeking between the shoulders of Naliva and Frank.!!If it`s that PWD-mechanical supervisor who has been authorising the sale vehicle body parts as scrap from Walu Bay,then he needs to be thoroughly investigated by relevant authorities.Qori saraga nai liuliu ni butako kaukamea mai na PWD yard.Vakayagataka tiko na surname BAINIMARAMA me veivakarerei tiko kina.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:51am 16 August

Au vakaraitaka tiko yani na noqu vakavinavinaka ena vuku ni veitokoni e yaco mai veikemuni.
Na toso oqo e sega ni sema vei iratou na Democracy Movement......baleta ni sa cala na veiwekani eratou sema kina,ka sa mai yalo2 levu tu ni Democracy ena gauna oqo,ko ira era tu ena loma ni veiliutaki nei Voreqe ka ra sa mai tu oqo e tautuba.......e sega ni ca na nodra mai vakaitavi,but they should be in low profile and give their full suport for the movement,instead of being an icon.
Ena gauna oqo ni raica na Democracy Movement ko Voreqe,e sa raici Roko Ului,Jone Baledrokadroka kei Simi Kaitani and there is bitterness between and within them......and there is no reason for Voreqe not to listen to the agenda of the movement.
We need a new start.....I am not a poltician nor any military background but just a humble and a low profile Kaiviti......without any personal agenda....... Sa kerei moni na veitaratara mai ena noqu e-mail ka koto oqori e ra me na tuvani kina e dua nai tuva2 matau ka totolo.....na vuna au gadreva meda na vakusakusa kina, baleta sai koya na veika e vakatokai na Land Bank......Vei keda nai Taukei(Kaiviti)qo na veika e baleti iko kei au kei ira era na muri mawe mai....sa balavu na noqu vakamacala,ia oya e dua ga na tikina leka2......namaka na nomuni veitaratara mai ena tnavuilabo@gmail.com......ke sa rawa ni da kuretaka ka vakarusa na veiliutaki oqo ena loma ni yabaki oqo sa daumaka sara.VInaka

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic pic. They must have been on a drinking orgy at our expense THE IMBECILES!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.18pm - tnavuilabo@gmail.com ...... Please stop confusing people, out of the blue a mystery person appears with a bold statement that the current democracy movement is going wrong and you have the alternative right-solution. What a load of CRAPS........ Sa rauta mada na veilasutaki tiko. If you are genuine, please explain yourself properly, may be start a new blog site and stop hoodwinking people.

Also I have similar background as yours but I admire C4.5 for the currency and relevancy of their blog-news.

What we are experiencing in Fiji is a crisis of readiness to make sacrifice, crisis of heroism but not your stupid land-bank. At least C4.5 is creating a sight of people that are standing up against the illegal regime whether abroad or at home and that at least consoles the people while we build momentum, heroism and support for freedom fighters.

Varani. said...

@ Anon 5:15.

Give u a tip.
Lower your sites (perspective) - this was and remains a "Suva" rather than a Viti problem - Taukei in the wider Vanua (villages) remain larely indifferent towards it all - if and when change does eventually come - chances are it will begin in Naitisiri.

Anonymous said...

vareqe n khaiyum needs bobygards caue the r both lamusona