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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unhappy officers: Bring back Teleni!

Corrupt codes in Fiji Police keep surfacing.

Sources say the manager CID major crime, SP Luke, was transferred to the Central Police Station (now Tatago Police Station) over missing $200,000 instead of being charged.

Sources say the cash was confiscated by a task force from CID last month, who had raided a prominent restaurant in Suva where five Chinese businessmen were arrested for gambling.

Insiders say instead of putting the money in the safe to be used as an exhibit to the crime, SP Luke took the money home for his personal use. The behaviour is apparently well-known and supported by ACP Henry Brown, who was to get a share.
The story is that when the report reached the Compol, Ioane Naivalurura, he got pissed because he wasn't briefed earlier. Sources close to him say he was also ticked off because he was not given a cut and that he and Brown saved SP Luke by tranferring him instead of charging him.

SP Luke was terminated in 2009 by former Police Commissioner, EsalaTeleni, when he was crime officer valelevu as under his leadership a crime suspect was beaten to death by his team.  He was brought back by Brown and team after Teleni resigned.
Critics say Naivalurua is meanwhile using budget money to travel Fiji and to Commissioners' forum in Vanuatu, almost every week.

The daily operations is being left to the deputy commissioner who sources say is looking to quit the force due to pressure and deteriorating working conditions. 

There is also confirmation from HRM that at least five police officers are resigning a month beause of the  conditions created by the current commissioner.   
Forty five per cent of police officers reported sick this week.
Other police officers are also actively looking at greener pastures and at grog bowl conversations last week, a senior officer was heard to say they miss Teleni; he at least gave them job security.
Police officers are also questioning the knowledge of this Compol as all police portfolios have reverted back to Divisional Police Commanders from Regional Police Commanders. 

Readers might recall that the Regional Police Commanders was set up by Teleni in line with the UN deployment setup – as a learning curve for all police officers who will get a chance to serve in UN – hence they will be familiar with the UN setup.  Insiders say this Compol has taken the force back to colonial times.

Editor's Note: Coming up more damaging pics from VRF.


mark manning said...

That's what you get when you don't speak up for Justice !

Anonymous said...

Can't win when they Teleni people complained now they don't have the still complaining-so tell me whats new!!

SEMI MEO said...

Of course, Brigadier Naivalurua should move out of the Compol role….mmmm….may be to be PS of Ministry. Landforce Commander Tokitikoca may be moved to Compol.. Commodore Teleni will only brought back to be a Cabinet Minister…mmmm…oh..and, reshuffle within the ranks..

.AND…. we may not be able to do anything about it!!

That is the prerogative of the Bainimarama/Aiyuz Government. Though the prerogative of the rest of us is to aimlessly and anonymously blog…sneak and graffiti around the country side…and we are good at it..in fact 5 years experience…given trade apprentice is 4 years, we “blog apprentice” are now experts in…uh.. .blogging volumes, yet saying nothing and doing nothing!!

All we are trying to say is, why not we be visionaries again, for what is best for Fiji!!…..not wiki leaking around re-digging each other’s pit toilet which may just end up on our face!!

…which will we pick up?....a spade to dig dirt and bury earth other, or brush to paint the future??

Anonymous said...


Do you have anything about co - charged Siti Weleilakeba turning FICAC witness against Qarase with all charges against him ( Siti ) being dropped ?

Something stinks in this !

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the latest vrf pics, hurry up coupfourpointfive update it
Hurry up
Hurry up
Hurry up

Anonymous said...

We want only VRF News....Senior RFMF Officers are backing VRF to justify acceptance by the people to remove Bainimarama....If the revolution is by the people than RFMF can find an exit strategy to justify its plan. Commander 3FIR & Co are analyzing public demand to take action at the people's will. So VRF effort will trigger the grand plan ready for RFMF to remove FB and prosecute him for treason. Only FB is liable for treason, he used HE and RFMF to his own interest.

Anonymous said...

Mahen has paid off Khyum in Australia
Those waiting for the money laundering case-DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH- NO CASE -JUST WATCH
What was Bais share? OR is Kayum the sole benefiiary?

Anonymous said...

Sa Kua soti mada na rere tiko!! O ira qori ra sega ni vulica na lawa vakai kemudou. People will support you when you speak up for the truth. I see Leaders in Fiji without any Backbone. What ever field you may be in, still no back bone to stand up for whats right, or even to speak up for it!!..AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!

Anonymous said...

Reported torture of 12 year old. Being held down and having your fingers broken for graffiti is obscene.

by fijitoday on August 27, 2011

FijiToday has been reliably informed that a 12 year old boy was caught painting crude comments about the PM on a bus shelter at Lami last night.

The two soldiers who caught him were in a white 4wd and had been seen circling the area for several hours before the reported event took place.

After having his face slapped for refusing to give his name the boy was hit in the head and then held on the ground while the second soldier broke three of his fingers. During this torture he gave his name and address.

He was kicked in the head and told to tell his parents that if the incident was reported the whole family will suffer a similar fate.

The parents did not report the incident.

The boy is of indo fijian decent and the a member of the extended family emailed FijiToday this report including a phone number and address. We contacted her and found the details of her story very convincing.

Anonymous said...

Heard Weleilakeba made a plea-bargain deal with FICAC to be state witness against old mate Qarase. Laisa Digitaki, SW's wife, ex wife and now wife again ran an agency that secured appointments with Qarase for a payment of a hefty fee to her. Man, how times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.02pm maybe you forgot to sign off with your true name "jealous". All I can say is good on Mahen if what u say is true. Seems AG and FB only plays by this rule. Mahen is trying his best but seems Fiji currently goes by the corrupt rule. I am sure if you were put in by the kangaroo court and had money then you too would do the same.

Motibhai & co will be different company in coming days and years.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
VRF is spray-painting
but you only talk.

Anonymous said...

SO VRF engages 12 year old INDIAN BOY to graffiti in Lami.

He had quite a courage to not give his name until the 3 fingers got broken.

Looks like we now have palestinian like mob kids growing up under leadership of Frank and Aias.

NS=ASK=JVB said...

A lot of people like Semi Meo of Australia are talking nonsence in this forum. U (Semi Meo) are also talking and u are in Australia...come home to Fiji and let us see the fun.

What a loud mouth bludger....

Siti Weleilakeba shud not be a witness for FAIKEKE...

Anyway Naivalurua is too much off the mouth and no action...he does not compare to Esala Teleni; a man of GOD, thinker, strategist, innovatist and doer...now the some senior police are saying that they miss him, YES, MAYBE THE HONEST ONE UNLIKE RUSIATE TUDRAVU THE CON MAN OF WAINIBUKA.

SEMI MEO said...

@NS=ASK=JVB = no name= coward=..we do not condone any act stupidity and thuggery or vandalism in the name of patriotism!!..email me on semimeo@gmail.com...I will meet you in Suva...you name the time and place!! call me on + 61420775394... and 1 hour before we meet on..679 9307799...I dare you!!

Anonymous said...

anonmymous 8:42 Siti is a creature of survival first & foremost. He will jump ship as long as he knows he can survive! He was part of the lot that tied themselves with Qarase and bought properties in Namadi as if money was running out!Now the pigeon has come to roost he knows fully well all the goings on in the Fijian Holdings. Who better to point the finger than Siti-he was in the thick of things just like Qarase-but the question is did the Chief Law Office-Qoriniase also was in the loop-especially when he was giving out the advice??

Anonymous said...

VRF is a 12 year old?? Modern day David and Goliath Story I'd say. Where are the experienced Sinai and Lebanon Fighters?? Too Busy to stand up for the Innocent Fiji Citizens?? or too Weak to stand up for Moral Rights?? I say that 12 year old has more guts and courage than those 2 who beat him up and all the goons put together in QEB Pufters Camp.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police is corrupt and same as some of the officers, laterly there was a tender for Boots, they awarded the tender to Defense Logistics, some companies were cheaper and better in quality, brands like Altama were rejected because looks like some one is making money in FPF buying from Defense Logistics, the China made cheap products with high price. most of the tenders in Fiji Police is awarded to Defence Logistics. i am one of the officer in Fiji Police and i was surprised when budgets department called on suppliers to come and collect the boots samples before the tender documents could reach to Major tender boards, this was done so early so that if any questions arises the answer would have been that the biders didnt produced the samples. this is pathetic in FPF. i am thinking of resigning and moving overseas.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
Why don't you direct your anger in the right direction.
Direct it towards Bainivuaka.
Make an appointment to meet him.
I'm sure he'll bring out the welcome mat. Just like he did to Avisai.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo.2:31pm....You sound like someone who a `phychiatrist` would have a field day with as Larry Dinger correctly observed...maybe you`re him under disguise!!oooo..hooo!!ocei o vakoisine?.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous...of course many of us badly need a psychiatrist..first diagnosis may be denial….in fact blatant denial of ones true identity and choose to duck around faceless.

..second diagnosis may be fear ..not of others or the Rear Admiral, but fear of themselves…the true them!!

Aren’t we all Fijians here?..what do we fear..countries were never rebuild by nameless and faceless patriots …NEVER!!

Let’s all come out of the patriotic closet..or shall I say…out of the veil of our own insecurity…that will be a psychiatrist field day!!

Anonymous said...

Be faster, Police told
writer : Source: FIJI POLICE FORCE
A directive has been issued to all police stations and police posts around the country to improve response times to crime reports.
Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Ioane Naivalurua issued the directive following numerous complaints about the slow response of police officers to lodged reports and complaints.
The flow of Case Registries (CR) from date of launching, to investigation, to charges laid and finally prosecution will be hastened by the directive.
Commissioner Naivalurua said the two issues of delay in investigations and response time continued to affect the Fiji Police Force.
He directed the four Divisional Police Commanders (DPC) including Commanding Officer Totogo City Police, to closely monitor all the CR in their divisions.
The directive by the Commissioner is with the intention that it will reduce complaints against Police and their services.
Certain stations have recorded high number of CR and this resulted in many disgruntled people complaining for lack of feedbacks and slowness in investigations.
The Commissioner reminded DEC’s of the need to introduce new strategies that will improve their service deliveries.
“Talk to us on issues that will confront us and challenge us on future operations.
“It’s the investigation that we are not doing well, we have been receiving a lot of complaints that our investigations are not moving,” he said.
“When there is an incident, I want to know how long it took to response to that report, response and investigations are two issues you must focus on,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Both of the three did not qualify as Compol; Savua, Teleni and Naivalu2. During all their reign, the moral of the police force went rock bottom and the crime rate sky rocketted. How can we expect integrities from from a force led by former army officers that come from and institution that no longer has one from the day Rabuka rape Fiji of Democracy. It is simple, same old, same old. The other problem is that we also have bunch of policers that are all ulukaus and dont make the cut to become compol. We should try and look for someone from China or India, maybe Teleni can help in the recruitment. We have had Hughes and he was too professional for our standards.

Anonymous said...

The former illegal PC will face the music as well when Fiji is liberated...Its' too late to jump ship now Teleni....every dog has its day.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo.9:48am...Now that you`re in the mood to hear other people`s views in an intelligent manner,I`d like to share with you a couple of points that bothers your cousins here in Viti;(1)Not a single `taukei`will ever be able to deny his existence..VKB,ensures that...(2).The element of fear can be used in an intelligent manner to one`s advantage...the fear of being bashed and having your hands cut-off for merely writing a line that offends the admirer of your rear...that obviously is why we choose to remain annon.(3)..Sure as the sun will rise from the East tomorrow not a single citizen in your beloved Viti, Meo,doesn`t need a phyciatrist as we speak `cause every single person in this country is phuken insecure

SEMI MEO said...

Anonymous 3:01 PM..Oh..you have not heard the VKB decree changes that may probably be coming up soon?? Foreign i-taukei who’ve taken up Citizenship and pledged loyalty to other sovereign and have not recouped their Fiji Citizenship may be obliterated from the VKB…only “birth rights” would be the undeniable blood line…….that’s it …

Something like the fouth cousin of Her Majesty Queens Elizabeth who lives down the road from me, a tradesmen, have “royal blood” but…eh..that is it!!...a tradesmen who struggles to put soup meat on the table like all of us. Unlike, his reigning monarch cousins who s their pet puppies with tender sirloin steak!!

But again, what other benefits do the common Fijin enjoys to be in the over glorified register!!..apart from the Elite few up the food Chiefly chain who gets hefty lease money and the rest of us scamps of nothingness!!

Oh..and the only other fear we all know is the fear of God..reverence in humility to His supremeness !!

Any other fear is just another emotional veil to hide the real you!

We still say, there is hope for us all, if only we cast our fears away and stand and be counted,( we can not count faceless/nameless elements) talk it over and move on, may be a long process, but let’s start somewhere..Simplistic view??...by golly it is..why make life complicated?? Goodness!!

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
You obviously haven't put much thought to your rantings.
The VKB is NOT only useful to chiefs. Even though the chiefs may be misusing lease money, the VKB has a more greater effect.
It gives each person in the mataqali a sense of belonging.
A lot of people in Australia, suffer from Depression and commit suicide because they have no more sense of belonging.
A lot of Indians born in Fiji also have a sense of belonging to this country. Some of them even after migrating overseas, still feel so strongly that they come back to work and build business and contribute.
It is sad that as a Fijian (even though you may be Australian now) you don't have any sense of appreciation of what the VKB means.
Well, good luck to you Mr Meo.
Hope your grandkids have a sense of belonging there in Australia.
Don't worry about us.
We will make sure that Aiyaz will need psychiatric care if he ever touches the VKB.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo.7:45pm..Oh!come on` na wekaqu`that`s already de-classified info amongst the `i-taukei;it`s the tail end of a process that KHAIYUM has single-handedly achieved by leading Bainimarama by the balls....TO DESTROY EVERYTHING FIJIAN..or should I say I TAUKEI...Isa Meo!!you`re so insensitive to what`s happening in your VITI,..we don`t give a `f`about what the Queen or her dog eats `cause here in Fiji,Bai`s dog enjoys sirloin steak while 65% of the workers re cieve wages that is below poverty line as we speak basic food items such as sugar is a rare sight on breakfast tables in Fijian households....chose sugar as an example `cause we plant sugar cane,we have four sugar mills,Fijian economy thrives..or (used to)#1 revenue earner.And last but not least your calling the VKB an over-glorified register and finally your spewing out the guile that has been the cause of your envy...lease money/chiefly food chain inter alia;..you sure have a bone to pick with your turaga ni mataqali/turaga ni yavusa and Vanua overlordship of whatever part of Viti you are from.You are not the FIT Meo or are you.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anonymous 9.21am and 10.18am..Drau sa bula vinaka na Marama (??) Pls retract to the very beginning of my post in this topic. Pls re-read as you may have misconstrued and probably mirrored your own Marama thoughts therein.
My name is Semi Meo, 55 yrs old, Fiji Citizen and on Sabbatical resident in Australia for over 10 years.

My email is :semimeo@gmail.com..drop me a line so we may talk converse like real Man!!

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo,7:13am..Oh!good for you Meo yalewa,we notice that you took an early retirement from the Fijian workforce..well I`ve read through your Aug,27.8:41pm post and the message between those lines reveal an `Iscariot`,a person who wants to have the best of both worlds..Parat-1,2,&3 states that the prerogative to implement changes rest entirely on VB&ASK and the `lewe-ni vanua can do f/all about it...Para-3 to the end really depict your views towards your fellow citizens who`ve been oppressed in every way for the last 5yrs and can only find solace in the available blog-sites to vent their frustration against this regime...Yeah..conclusion is..Meo yalewa,you sympathise with the illegal rulers and you belittle your fellow ordinary lewe-ni vanua.Ni vakadewataki na vosa vaka-palagi koni dau vola ki na vosa vakaviti, sa bau dua toka na ka na levu veibeci,viavia levu kei na dokadoka koni dau vanataka toka mai Ositerelia ki vei keimami na wekamuni vakaloloma ka vakatawa tiko yani e dela ni yavu.