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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VRF blitzes Fiji text users with resistance message

BIG REACH: VRF text campaign.

The group giving the people of Fiji new hope has upped its campaign to rattle the regime and show people it's serious about toppling the illegal government.
Viti Revolutionary Forces today carried out a massive text blitz in Fiji, saying it reached "almost everyone."

The message urged people to support the campaign to restore democracy: "PEOPLE of Fiji, ACT NOW 2 return democracy 2 Fiji. Stand up and B counted. Support Methodist church. Start passive resistance now. VRF act for a free Fiji". 

VRF said: "If the service providers are to trace it, then it has to be in conjunction with the international networks and they would not have the capabilities or the co-operation required."

It also told Coupfourpointfive: "This is part of VRF strategy to show the capabilities, strength, leadership and the network VRF possesses."

Social media like texting, Facebook and blogs were crucial in the campaigns to topple the dictators of Egypt, Syria, Iran and Libya. They were also used in the recent London riots to mobilise and organise people.

Viti Revolution Forces says: "VRF is following its strategies and the one and only objective is to remove the regime and bring peace and freedom for people of Fiji. VRF will step up its operations as needed and it has only started. More will come and it will come as required, when the need arises to step up to its maximum capabilities."

Fiji police today, meanwhile, tried to play down the VRF burning of a police post in Vutadradra, saying it was going to be demolished anyway. 

Readers will see from the photos sent to Coupfourpointfive, though, that VRF did serious damage. (see earlier pictures)

The unelected government is also continuing to suppress the Methodist Church as it threatened to do last week, after it cancelled the Suva conference.

Members of the Wesley City Mission Church have now received a letter from their pastor, Apenisa Katonivualiku, informing them that there will no longer be meetings, worship or fellowship services. Others are expecting similar formal notification.

The only services/programs permitted in Church are the regular Sunday worship services.

The continuous attack of the Methodist Church has caught the attention of the UnitingWorld Church of Australia.

In a story headlined Fiji Government Muscles Methodist Church, the National Director of UnitingWorld,  Rev Dr Kerry Enright (pictured), says church leaders in Australia are deeply concerned  about the Fiji military interference in church decisions.

UnitingChurch is urging members to write to the Australian government expressing support for the Fiji Methodist Church and to relay their concerns about breaches in human rights.

Read the UnitingChurch Press Release



Looks like VRF has hacked into Vodafone Fiji network

This message went out through the Vodafone network today - looks like VRF have compromised and over riden Vodafone's internal systems and put this text message out over the Vodafone network.

this is not a simple operation going on here - these VRF guys are clearly sophisticated - sophisticated enough to tap into and hack Vodafone's digital networks and send this message out to Vodafones all over Fiji within the network in a mass blitz - this is clearly going way beyond a couple of guys running around spray painting graffiti on bus stops.


There are 2 ways it can go:

(1) Egyptian style removal of Govt by RFMF, or
(2) Military intervention from outside - and Biketawa is the legal basis for that intervention.

eventually it comes home to roost - no amount of political posturing by the SDL or the FLP or the NFP or the Unions or anybody else could have mobilised people against the Govt on a mass scale - it doesn't work like that. you need the conditions in place before that kind of thing can happen - and those conditions are economic and social.

we are heading into the perfect storm - the economy is tanking, the people have had five years under this Govt and their situation is not improving - they can't do anything to change the govt because there is no election, we have to start repaying the debts which have been piled up since 2007 whilst businesses across the economy are deep into a downturn which is now wiping most of them out. unemployment is a major issue - and the social issues are now turning into social problems.

whole sections of the community have been alienated - making it very difficult for the Govt to keep a lid on these things. mass unrest can only be addressed if there is information sharing from the community - thats how the security agencies manage and contain those situations - they source information from the communities and work with the communities to resolve those issues - but when the communities are already alienated, noone will help the Govt with information sharing and assistance which is needed to address these issues - and thats when this thing becomes a security melt down.

this is why Qaddafi fell in Libya - he alienated the community. his intelligence guys couldn't get any traction with the communities over there - they simply had put up the walls of silence against Qaddafi's regime. and that wall of silence helped the resistence grow against his rule - until it eventually overwhelmed him

this thing blows up and there are two ways it can go (a) an Egyptian style removal of the Govt by the RFMF; or (b) a millitary intervention fom outside via Australian defence force and French and US jet fighters and choppers attacking RFMF installations across the country the same as was done in Libya - and Biketawa is the legal basis for that intervention. its not something which is delusional - its actually a real option.

it won't take French and Aussie fighter jets a day to wipe out all millitary installations across Fiji. they can do it with a $10 million budget of misslies and jet flying time - a 24 hour bltzkerig wiping every millitary and naval installation in this country out - and a transition phase with Apache gunships doing sweeps and cleanups.

the templates used in Libya were simple - NATO just bombed every single Libyan millitary installation. they attacked every single Libyan ground troop formation. they just used missiles and attack helicopters to netutralise the Libyan millitary - and the Libyan people did the rest.

we are at a crossroads here and its real.

if you don't have the consent and assent of the people to govern and there is mass revolt which leads to violent suppression, Libya has set down the template for intervention - but unlike Libya which needed UN sanction for that intervention we already have Biketawa.

and to think it all starts from economic issues which have been mishandled. long road, eh ?

No Retreat said...

Good on you VRF.....
Now the illegal regime will try all its power and might to know your identity,so that you can be included in their list of casualty.

But time is changing now,the illegal regime will try to change gowns and the military goons wishing for full moons...the bottom line is they have revealed their no school.

Rattle them VRF to the core!!!!

Anonymous said...

The illegal Govnt has quckly threatened the /South african coy to block all future sms into Fiji or face stoppage of all future contracts and operations in Fiji. What the hell will it take for the Australian and NZ Government to realise that Fiji is run by a dictator Bainimagana and a grand conman/thief Kantyum. Unless Australia and NZ are quietly enjoying watching the people of Fiji suffer!! For Goodness sakes!!

Anonymous said...

have a bluetooth mobile transmitter. Could easily set this up with 200m range. This device cannot be found with any directional finder. Can easily set up messages to be send out to any mobile phone with bluetooth enabled. User doesn't need to have the phone paired with the device.


Anonymous said...

whoes next.....please stand up,please stand up.
we have had qvs,grammar and marist,
methodist, backslide 7 days, catholics muslim backroom gujis
cakaudrove,laun vanuabalavu mafia kadavu and bau tailevu
sabeto river valley nuts

so whos turn next.....or start again

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Uniting Church. Where the Mormons? the Anglicans? the Jehovahs. Come one come all to help Fiji

Anonymous said...

hacked alright...go VRF

Fiji Meke said...

I understand this sort of campaign has never been done before in Fiji. Impressed.

fiji meke said...

PS understandable that government will be trying to say nothing happened. ps bure didn't look like it was going to demolished ... looked new

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

mark manning said...

During the 2nd. world war, a Jew in Japan was asked :- " What is your Nationality " ?
He replied :-
" I am Japanese " !
He was then asked to explain himself and he said ;-
" Hitler will kill all the Jews, who do you think he will kill next " ?
Knowing that Hitler had ordered the Japanese Government to kill all Jews living in or who ran away to Japan, this particular Leader, got the message the Jew was trying to convey to him and let the Jews live !
This is a true story, and so the man was identified as Japanese.


Unless someone within Vodafone is complicit in this act? unlikely - they'd be found out.

from the things they have done so far i don't think these guys would risk something like that - too risky.

they are too well organised to take that kind of risk

Vodafone has access monitoring for all its workers on its systems - they can track back whoever did that and identify where that login happened and when and they will know who did it. they also have security cameras at their premises 24/7.

they have shown with the graffiti (all over Fiji) and the burning down of the police installations out West that they have a network - they have also demonstrated that the network is secure because they have not been compromised todate - which means that they have Operational Security.

it also means that they have secure communications - to be able to coordinate operations Fiji wide like that takes secure communications. it also takes discipline - not just organisational discipline but also personell discipline - because these operations took place at night and during the day their guys have to be ready to do operations 24/7 - and the tempo of their operations has been quite extensive over the last few days - normally operational tempo's like that catch out amateurs and they make mistakes and compromise things - not these guys - they have run this thing smoothly over the last few days - and that takes coordination and discipline. none of their operatives have been caught todate which means persec is secure with these guys - normally Itaukei operations like this fall apart because of loose lips and what itaukei call "raqaraqa" (i.e show offs - and talking too much around the yaqona bowl aand stuff like that).

plus Fiji is a small place - anybody going out at odd hours of the night and suddenly changing their timetable during the day is quickly picked up by friends, family and work - which makes it all the more possible for networks like this to be compromised.

these guys would have to be very well organised not to attract that kind of attention - their operatives would be very diligent and dsciplined and emotionally balanced and calm to be able to handle the stress of doing things like these and not give away any outwardly signs of being involved. its not easy - i can only guess that they are doing it from within communities which are generally receptive to the cause (something like the IRA finding cover within the Republican community and not being compromised as a result because of that wall of silence) OR these are guys from outside, professionals sent in to do these things.


hacking Vodafone means VRF have muscle behind them - i don't want to speculate but it has to be serious muscle.

the only kind of muscle who i can think of who have the capacity to hack Vodafone's digital networks are certain State Intelligence agencies offshore - hacking Vodafone is not something any kid off the street can do - their networks are digital and security encrypted and layered - it takes security intelligence professionals with the equipment to do it

i maybe wrong - but my first impression of this thing just by looking at the pattern of unfolding events leads me to the conclusion that this is a well organised (and supported) operation - it has all the hallmarks of what guys in that line of business call "Destabalisation operations".

spray painting busstops and burning down Police installations is one thing - people's uprisings are crude affairs - but hacking Vodafone's network is in a different league altogether, it suggests a sophistication which is way beyond that of a normal people's uprising.
The problem is you have an invalid government
They do not represent Fiji or the People of Fiji. They are "foreign" to the legitimate government and criminal.

Good if someone has brought in external resouces and assets to fight these usurpers.

I mean what nation needs foreign enemies when they are dominated by an enemy from within. Perhaps international entities can help drive out the illegal usurpers who may be local, but have no mandate to be running a government.


Pliz hack there Fiji government website too n ia katia katia na papai lol

Anonymous said...

Keep up the Grafitti Campaign...Its working... The Commonwealth..The Pacific forum, the NZ & Australian Gvts remain staunch on this issue. We have seen pictires here of the Police Station burning in the National Press.Some Oz tourists are electing not to travel to Fiji.The Australian Trade Union is discussing further sanctions on Fiji as I write. Frank and his monkey gun toting Militia would have to a little slow in the brain department not to see things escalating...

Anonymous said...

Thank you VRF
Great stuff.

May be if you burn Sharon's house then Australia might take notice

Anonymous said...

when all of Fiji unite, then Fiji is ready for the One world Order agenda. That is the objective of hidden agenda. Either way, you lose anyway.

NS=ASK=JVB said...

Anonymous 12.27am, stop wasting your breath...you are only alienating people by your self righteous comments...

Moce Mo said...

Hey John Gault, maybe the two ships in the harbour are sending the SMS. They've joined VRF.
"Moce Mo"

Pita Tuitavua said...

The problem is that Hindus, sikhs, mormons, some jews, jains, chinese budhists, catholics etc also make up Fiji. The Methodist church has little interest in preaching god's message and more in involvement in racist policies. What about the views of the "other Fijians" ? Also, the methodist church is divided. The majority is not against the government. The use of texting- I am sure that the Indo Fijian IT personnel in Fiji are too advanced to topple anything that the VRF can come up with (indians invent all these technologies anyways). The use of foreign military force against tiny Fiji ? Not in a million years. Besides, Fiji does not have oil, so the Aussies and Americans can't use their greed here. The silent majority in support of the government has not woken up yet.

Madrasi Anna said...

what a joke, another case of sour grapes.the bure[vale ni kuro] would have been replaced by five star hotel....teri maka chod ..were is the paisa you peni less rascal stop dreaming and get ready for naboro.

Anonymous said...

The VHF are probably some really spring chicken who needs their finger broken because all they are doing is just stirring the ants nest. No amount of text will get people to react. If they are reallly serious, bring some guns and some TNT and start knocking off some key strategic targets including buildings and people. That way the people of Fiji will know that this is serious stuff and it is time for a changes. The revolt in Egypt and Libya were successful with a combination of guns and wills of the people. Right now the wills of the people especially iTaukei and Methodists together with their vanua support are waiting for the right fuel and match stick to light the fire. Trade unionionist are too lamu sona to do anything. Kai Idia, nah, they are enjoying the backstabbing drama unfolding between Kaiviti leaders and they will only jump the bandwagon whenit suits them. Some guns and petrol bombs attack may stir the spark of civil unrest.

Anonymous said...

Bow to the new God. Dicatator Banana and his devil workers.

Anonymous said...

Police said, "the bure was about to be demolished".

The people said, "Yeah, right!"

Anonymous said...

oilei...still waiting for the text to reach my phone...levu ga na vakataramasa caka tiko qo....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The uniting church of australia has shown its support,what about the ones in fiji.Is it ok for you to see what is happening to your brother in christ ? you may be enjoying your annual confrences,and other church activities.What the romans did during that time is now happenig to your big brother ,even to the extent of stopping them to holding the small cell groups (soqoni vaka matasiga),this is only applicable to villages and churches closer to urban centres because of the availability of informers around.
So when you pray to god and you brother is suffering beside you,is that right? se sa donu tiko vei kemudou na matanitu vakadavedra,vakamate tamata,tarova tiko qo na nodra bose nai talatala baleta ga nira sega tiko ni tokoni koya,tukuna me musuki na ligadra na gone era boroboro tiko ka sa yalataka ni na sega na kena veilewai. Ni nanuma na mate nei koya na turaga mai Nakaulevu Nakelo,na mate mai Nadi,Nodratou vakamatei na lewe ni CRW kei na so tale au sega ni cavuta ka sega ni se dua e vesu kina nikua. Ni nanuma ni sa donu tiko beka vua na kalou na ka sa yaco tiko.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matavuvale.. !!!
You're the backbone of this campaign! Let us do it together!

Go the VRF!
Go C4.5!
Toso Viti Toso!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

isa viti na noqu vanua vinaka
sa mai benuca ko aiyarse kei bainimarama
nodrau kocokoco sega dina ga ni lasa
ra mai vakaloloma kina lewei viti raraba

vrf me da mai valataka
na dina kei na dodonu ni noda kawa tamata
suka ki muri sa na sega sega sara
me kila ko vuravura na nodra tagi na wekada

mona livaliva ni vodafone na ka lasa
ra wele na cakacaka sa tarai na nodra taga
ni qai kida mai sa bera na yavala
moce mo moce vo dou qai vakasarava

toso vrf me da mai vala vata
ko aiyarse kei voreqe me rau tini bulu sara
sharon, nur bano kei shameem na kena marama
me ratou pori kece me kedai vakalasa

au sa tatau toka meu tei suka mada
ki loga ni tavioka me lai tomani na cakacaka
o ira na luvequ me tei na kedra kakana
mose mo moce vo na kemudou sicini dou waraka

Bandicoot said...

Does Frank really care about the MSG and it's principles? About two months ago, Frank and Aiyarse's foreign affairs puppets Kubuabola and Solo Mara worked together to remove Director General of MSG from PNG (Rima Ravusiro).

This is because, apart from other things, he would not compromise the MSG constitution and principles and advised against Frank taking the Chairmanship of the MSG.

Now that Ravusiro has been removed, expect Frank and Regime to support a more malleable puppet DG so they can continue to get the MSG to drive their agendas. Watch the regime continue to con PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and the Kanaks to give the Regime that recognition that neither the International Community and the people of Fiji are giving Frank and Co.

Kubuabola was a close friend of Ravusiros in PNG but had no qualms about betraying a close friend who stood up for what is right by hand delivering a termination letter from Frank.

Watch the lawless regime crap over the MSG and its leaders just like it has done to all the organisations and institutions in Fiji.

I urge the MSG leaders to heed the warnings of Roko Ului Mara about this lawless regime and stand together with the people of Fiji to uproot lawlessness from Fiji and our MSG region.

China Emperor said...

Bai and ASK are asking for BIG trouble now. When one gets too greedy, the storm will come and wipe them out. The perfect storm is around the corner. Bai and ASK, one advise to you, TAKE SHELTER as this storm is extremely dangerous. It will wipe the regime into pieces. Enjoy what's left as tomorrow will be a sorry day for you and your clan. Take this warning serious!

Anonymous said...


i respect your views and opinion piece as on 4.25 and 4.28am slots


PLZ...PLZ....., do not let the cat out of the bag

Be tactical in strategy.....or you are saying you are part of this Regime?

Anonymous said...

@9.39am.....be patient Fella!...be patient....Rome Was not Built in a Day!!!!

This is what we call tactical strategy.....its civilians "groupss of people" against people backed by guns and ammos -whose everyday lives and years been in PEACEKEEPING and running around QEB....

Time will when your contribution adn your time and effort will be sought!

Anonymous said...

Funny we talk about democracy. What kind, the one practiced by Qarese or kind we had after 1987 coup.Both Rabuka and Qarese treated unions as bit of nuisance and Indo-fijians were discriminated and faced genocide.The actions of Rabuka and Qarese were fully endorsed by Methodist church led by Lasaro.Now the same Nationalists want everyone to back Methodist church to overthrow present government which has done lot of good for poor and underprivileged including indigenous people.
Silent majority of people from all races want to live peacefully among st each other.The vocal minority living in overseas enjoy all the benefits of a developed country.These same people have no problem with the government of their adapted country which marginalizes its own indigenous people,but have problem with anyone who tries to treat everyone equal in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Its the easiest thing to get onto the vodophone network as someone has as mentioned above-what beats me is-these operations to cause strife is easy to plan-in fact in Fiji you do not even need to have a network! There are those who are just too willing to be copycats-which will make it even more difficult to trace or follow as the numbers in the security forces are limited. Question is-if its not a network-where is the coordination??

Anonymous said...

@ Pita Tuitavua 9.27am..my bro please wake up...the race card has long and gone...the game now is not about the indigenous or the Indo-Fijians, the Methodists, Hindus or others...sour grapes and jealousy is cancerous....VB's shadowy supporters whoever they are and wherever they are sufferinfg from that as we speak...why? The long arm of the LAW will get to them. They can run but they can't hide! The Fall of the Voreqe/Aiyarse Empire is about to happen. Now is your last chance to change your thought, crazy mind and admit that your silent pay back method has FAILED! Get ready to witness Oceania's great chicken run followed by Melanesia's biggest arrest. Justice and Law and Order will prevail. Long live the freedom fighters! Long live the Democracy Movement! The prayers of the suffering are being answered. Praise be to God. Freedom to the people of Fiji. Race, Religion and Identity are God given rights and no Decree can take that away. Sorry if that hurts. The best option is simply to RESPECT and LIVE IN HARMONY. Like in South Africa the HEALING process will be the start of giving FREEDOM back to the people of Fiji. GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

@10.43am You continue to harp on mahens case day in day out - you obviously have something against Mahen and you sound like a broken record - comment on topic presented here by C4.5

Anonymous said...


Stan said...

txt gone to almost everyone....surprisingly i never received any...despite having three sim cards for every network provider

Anonymous said...

@ Pita Tuitavua

The problem in Fiji is Bainimarama and his military thugs who were supposed to be in the barracks, now, they are in politics. Military were trained for guns, barracks and security not politics, governance, economics and finance. Look all over the World and history, Military Dictators come through coups and stay forever and exactly what your hero rear-gas/hole-admiral bainiarse is doing. Stop blaming the church or Indians or Unionist because they have nothing to do with the ruin and hardship Fiji is going through.

Bainimarama had the golden chance for 5years to prove his noble-thesis of a clean-up-Fiji but evil manifestations of a Liar, Muderer, Woman-Basher, Nepotism, Con-man, Thief overshadowed him. All evil things in Fiji are manifested in your Hero, so, stop pointing fingures and blaming others but blame your stupidity and blindness.


Anonymous said...

VRF ,pls target one big fish , see the fun

Anonymous said...

No amount of rallies, diplomacy,, niceties will take us there.
We are honestly FED up with all this diplomacy, so-called rallies.
We have suffered enough [5 long years].
Sa kua mada na vakaliayaliya kemami na tiko qo e Viti. Kemami sa tagi, keimami sa oca!

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