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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wikileaks Cables: Former US ambassador labels Bainimarama 'psychiatric patient'

Hughes, Dinger & Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi
The former US ambassador to Fiji, Larry Dinger, described the illegal dictator Frank Bainimarama as someone 'a psychiatrist would have a field day' with, in the latest secret US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks.

The cables, sent
from the US Embassy in Suva to Washington, was provided exclusively to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The leaks say violence and intimidation have been at the heart of Bainimarama's military rule.

The cables also confirm what Coupfourpointfive and other blogs have been saying: that beatings and intimidation have taken place with the knowledge of military commanders and included the direct participation of Bainimarama himself.

Here is part of the Sydney Morning Herald article
by Philip Dorling:

One US embassy report records witness testimony that Bainimarama joined in an assault on a senior public servant detained at the military's headquarters immediately after the coup. According to the embassy cables, he ''kicked [the man's] legs out from under him and beat him around the head, telling him: 'Don't f--- with the military.'''

Bainimarama publicly deplored violence by soldiers following his coup and said he would ensure that any excesses ceased.

In March 2007, he announced that the military would be responsive to public views on abuse of human rights and the army would ''do its utmost to ensure people can live normal lives''.

He declared Fiji's military does not ''condone violence or the use of force'' and that henceforth would only engage in ''manning checkpoints, community work and public relations''.

However, at the same time the US embassy reported to Washington that Bainimarama privately told European Union diplomats that if anyone insulted the army ''of course we must have them taken to the barracks and have them beaten up''.

The picture that emerges of Bainimarama from the US diplomatic reports is that of an erratic, sometimes violent leader, thin-skinned, often defensive and insecure, and prone to be ''wildly excessive'' in his reactions to criticism.

In one cable sent to Washington shortly before the coup, the US ambassador Larry Dinger observed that ''a psychiatrist would have a field day with Bainimarama''.

He was described as being ''surrounded by a compliant officer corps that is feeding the commander's sense of righteous grievance against the Qarase government … he does not care about international reaction, including the possible loss of aid money from Australia, the United States and New Zealand.''

In other US diplomatic reports Bainimarama's propensity for ''sabre-rattling'' and threats of violence, including against diplomats, caused the US embassy in Suva to ''wonder more than ever about the rationality of [the commodore's] judgment''.

The leaked cables contain numerous reports of human rights abuses following the military takeover, including the arbitrary detention of human rights activists, senior police and civil servants, trade unionists, lawyers, and journalists.

While some cases of detention and intimidation are well known, including the repeated detention of the editor of the Fiji Post, the US cables report many previously unreported cases of violence by the military, including beatings, torture and death threats ''with a pistol to the head''.

A prominent trade union official was ''abused and threatened with death'' while one senior police officer detained by the military at Queen Victoria Barracks described how he saw ''several ambulances depart the camp transporting people beaten by military interrogators''.

Other cases reported by the US embassy included deaths in military custody with one victim's body - ''marked by visible bruises'' - dumped by soldiers at a police station. In another case a police investigation into the death of a young man who had died of a brain haemorrhage following a beating was stymied when army officers denied access to five implicated soldiers.

In other reported cases a group of villagers, including a senior police officer, were ''subjected … to beatings over a three-hour period''; Hindu taxi drivers were assaulted and suffered humiliation directed at their religious beliefs; and Muslim youths were compelled by soldiers to wallow in a pigsty next to a military barracks.

The US embassy reports also document cases of rape and sexual assault by military personnel, including at least one instance of a group of detainees forced to engage in group sexual acts. In another case a prominent human rights activist was ''felt up'' by a senior military officer and was ''warned she would receive worse treatment unless she stopped her activities''.

Telephoned threats of rape have been regularly used by the military to intimidate political activists.

In discussing the interim Prime Minister's motivations, US diplomats highlighted underlying insecurity in Bainimarama's personality. The embassy reports quote a former senior Fijian military officer and close colleague of Bainimarama together with the then chief of the Fiji police, former Australian Federal Police officer Andrew Hughes, who was removed from office as part of the coup, as suggesting Bainimarama suffers from post-traumatic stress arising from the army mutiny of November 2000, when he was shot at and nearly killed by his own soldiers.

''Bainimarama had never been in a combat situation,'' the senior military source told US diplomats. ''Unlike senior army officers who had seen action in Lebanon and other hot spots, Bainimarama's only [peacekeeping] experience was with [the Multinational Force and Observers in the] Sinai during a peaceful period.

''Thus, when he was fired at in 2000, the experience had a significant psychological effect that Bainimarama still carries.''

However, the US embassy cables also document Bainimarama's considerable political abilities, especially his ability to exploit the weakness of Fiji's democratic institutions.

Although Fiji's elderly and ailing president Josefa Iloilo initially rejected Bainimarama's coup and called for respect for the rule of law, later he swore in Bainimarama as interim Prime Minister, thereby giving the regime what the US embassy described as a ''a patina of legality''.

However, the US embassy subsequently reported to Washington: ''We spoke with President Iloilo's personal physician … [who] said Iloilo is at this point so 'senile' that he will read out whatever is put in front of him … now Iloilo hears advice only from Bainimarama.''

Iloilo remained in office while his health and mental faculties continued to deteriorate until his resignation in July 2009. He died in February this year, aged 90.

Although the US embassy in Suva has reported that Bainimarama has been ''feeling the strain of governing a country that doesn't salute like an army'', the leaked cables leave little doubt about the military's determination to only relinquish power on their terms and to never allow their democratic opponents to regain power.

Bainimarama is reported as describing himself as ''the Ataturk of Fiji, the military man who has the vision to right the nation's wrongs and build a bright future''.

According to him Fiji's ''coup culture'' is ''far from over'' and ''hurried elections'' will not solve Fiji's unique political problems.

''The international community has been rather naive in pressuring Fiji to return to parliamentary democracy … without allowing the people of Fiji to comprehensively address the root causes of conflict and dissension,'' the US embassy quotes him as saying.

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Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka if you're reading this, i just want to say to you, Your days are numbered.... Tiko i keri luuveni kaisi bokola, o na vakamatei dua ga na siga lekaleka ga qo, luveni kawaca... Bainivuaka o iko na tevoro levu, luvei setani....

Psycho Baini Bates said...

IT'S OFFICIAL: FIJI IS RUN BY PSYCHOPATH Bainivuaka. Your days are numbered, psycho.

Anonymous said...

Thank you WIKILEAKS cable and thank you Mr Dinger, for this confirmation.

This News is Spreading Like Wildfire: http://interceder.net/topic/Larry-Dinger

IT'S OFFICIAL NOW. Fiji is governed a Deranged Psychopath. We cannot let this psycho do any more damage. This revelation definitely gives us more ammunition in the war against pyscho Baini and his boyfriend Pinky Khaiyum. Thy both must be taken out NOW and put away for good.

Anonymous said...

Now that it's official, civilized western states cannot let this deranged circus continue any longer. Our neighbors especially , AUS, NZ, TONGA, SAMOA, can no longer afford to sit on the fence and fiddle while Fiji burns but must help the citizens of Fiji overthrow this deranged junta. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Support the Unions, the Methodist Church, the Fiji People, the VRF (Viti Revolution Forces), NOW!

Anonymous said...

Sa dina! wow - is this true? - i say aah! i say i cant believe it!

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget. The prominent trade unionist given death threat was my leader Attar Singh. Still leading by example. Thank you and god bless.

Anonymous said...

When he first came on TV after the coup in 2006,I thought he was MAD because he spoke like an angry MADMAN,now it's confirmed,thanks to wikileaks.
So,people of Fiji ,isn't it of great concern that a NUT is dictating our lives.So let's do something.

Anonymous said...

We and the world have known for years that Bainimarama is a meglomaniac and a physcopath...what is new? What did the innocent people of Fiji do to deserve this tyrant and his Muslim AG as rulers? It is time to get rid of them both. Mubarak is a sick old man on trial in Egypt for crimes committed against his people; the Libyans are hunting Gadhafi to bring him to justice for his crimes as well. Maybe we need to start a fund to put a price on Bai and K's head - although they are not worth a single penny as far as I am concerned!

Anonymous said...

usa/auss/nz should just send some sas to fiji to take bai/ask out.end of story like saddam/osama./gadaffi.
god bless

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji may need to fund the SAS.

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget the lunatics who supported him and put him there - the shameen sisters, chodori, the layby party, gates, all his ministers and the greedy soldiers who are still supporting him and kaiyum the other phycopath. These ones will not fit into the yellow ribbon program after he ends up in naboro.

Stealth. said...

Summary of what some have known for a long time - so where does that leave the US?

Sidestep its serially pre occupied AUS ally & intervene militarily and subsequently be accused of all manner of things - or sit back and let events in Viti continue there natural democratic course?
One thing is certain - change is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers are there to protect the people.Now from years of credible UN service to Harasing their own citizens is beyound me." A LION LEADING A PACK OF SHEEP WILL ALWAYS WIN OVER A SHEEP LEADING A PACK OF LIONS" SOTIA NI YADRA!! ITS TIME TO WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER!! DO THE RIGHT THING!! YOU GOT THE MEDALS AND THE PIPS BUT DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS???

Anonymous said...

Who do we need to convince the Fijian overseas or the Fijians in Fiji? The problem is the smart Fijians who supported COUPS are now living overseas, the ones left behind have no choice but to stay- they were the ones that got used for the political gains of those now overseas, or the major users who knew one day they had to face the music! The ones now making the moves behind the scenes ie the ones living overseas are now jumping up & down about Bainimarama! Question is didn't we support Coups in beginning, now that we have someone we want to call madman, insane or whatever didn't anyone ever see the possiblity of this happening or were we so blinded of our hatred on Indo- Fijians that we just supported for the sake of that-lets have a cou to keep them out of power?? We now want o get rid of Frank to be replaced by WHAT? The same old same old-crooks & Politicians of the previous Fijian Govts? Both Australia , NZ & Aussie knew of all the rips offs and con being played on the peoples of Fiji-look at the amount of property amassed by Qarase & his Mate Waleilakeba up in Tamavua-who streets, the the lady that now missing in action in NZ who they are trying to get for ripping off the FNPF_look at her properties in Namadi-almost the whole street!None of these people could have made such fortunes if they weren't in Leadership positions & used their powers!Could go on but a whole lot of wasted time-maybe we deserve Bainimarama for the ills we do on others under the various guises-of lotu, noqu vanua etc. Has come back to bite us on the bum yet we still have not woken up! Thankfully the Lord is not blinded by or now cry-kei mami sa vaka loloma taki na TAMATA ni Kalou! Ka dina- e bale vei cei ratai?

Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka, Aiyarsehole and you military nut cases, I know you're reading this, we can't wait to see all of you rounded up and taken to Naboro. But Bainivuaka will be at St Giles as clearly he is phucked up in his mind. We will have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

You mean they threaten attar singh to death? How dare they. Attar is smarter than all of the put together. He is next minister. Julum badka.

Anonymous said...

" a psychiatrist would have a field day with bainimarama" gee-whiz and ooh la la thats heavy man from the former US ambassador

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the US gets the real picture of whats happening here. Only wish they'd do something about it, having this idiot in charge can't be good for anyone including our neighbours. Maybe they're waiting for people to rise up first and I hope VRF is just the beginning of active protests against this regime.

mark manning said...

These assumptions by the American Embassy are nothing new, I myself predicted as much, years ago, on several blog sites.
Let's be frank, if anyone Nation or Government knows anything about ill treatment, torture and murder of Political prisoners, it is the American Government, they are experts at this type of behaviour themselves, especially when you consider such treatment is sanctioned by the highest in Government, Donald Rumsfeld himself, despite it being against the Geneva Convention.
What concerns me is, that despite being aware, nothing has been done to counter this by the great Democracy !
Instead of accusing New Zealand and australia of not understanding the situation, one could just as easily ask, why did the American Government do nothing, when it was aware of the way Frank was treating his own people ?
The N.Z. and Aus. Governments did what they thought was minimally necessary so the citizens of fiji didn't suffer.
Personally, and i emailed my concerns often and to many Governments and organisations since December 2006, I believe that more should have been done from the start, to help bring an end to Frank's Regime and Rule.
But in the end, it is up to the people of Fiji to finish things off, because every time Australia steps in, it gets accused of being a colonialist ruler and if they don't step it, they get accused of not caring.
I'm not anti american, but they shouldn't be slagging off at australia and New Zealand, just for the sake of it and to make themselves sound good, it's just too sanctimonious, even for me ! lols

So knowing now that Frank took advantage of the late Presidents mental state and that Frank himself is a potential Psychiatric patient, one should ask, what does that say about the rest of the Officers following him ?
And what will the people of Fiji do now to bring an end to this Regime which is lead by a mental retard ?

Anonymous said...

From the outside most Fijian residents seem to be happy to be governed by a psychopath. Chiefs are inviting him to their villages and ordinary people appear supportive of the regime and seem happy to comply with its oppressive rule. Before foreign soldiers lay down their lives going into Fiji to destroy this regime they need to see demonstrations that the people of Fiji want the regime ended e.g. mass disobedience, strikes, protest marches. A few slogans written overnight on bus shelters is not going to do it.
Sorry folks but unless you are willing to get up off your arses then you can' expect any change to happen.

Anonymous said...

US cables show Bainimarama beat opponents: The Canberra Times

FIJI'S military strongman Commodore Frank Bainimarama is irrational, unbalanced and violent, and directly took part in the human rights abuses that followed his December 2006 coup, according to leaked United States diplomatic reports.

The US embassy reports quote a former senior Fijian military officer and close colleague of Commodore Bainimarama, together with then chief of the Fiji Police former Australian Federal Police officer Andrew Hughes, as suggesting Commodore Bainimarama suffered from post-traumatic stress arising from the Fijian army mutiny of November 2000.


Anonymous said...

Frank and all the bunch of loyal masi dakai soldiers including ului mara were part and to blame for our misery. let mara come to fiji now and enjoy following orders from crazy voreqe.

Anonymous said...

Please set up a list of culprits who are illegally running Fiji in the Coup4.5 website. It will be a good shame list. Let the world know them. If they defect from the gov, their name will be there. A lot of them are beginning to run away now....at least if their name is there we the innocent citizens will never ever vote for them or support them during elections etc as we will know that they are real hypocrites. Please start from 2006 onwards.....include them all...

Democracy come closer

Fiji Mandate said...

Post traumatic stress? That's being generous. More like revenge and anger.

Anonymous said...

Why all this fuss about this way and that tactic?
Surely the answer is obvious ...
banana and pooibum will never step aside, no matter what you do, no matter how effective your public campaign. They will just end up arresting someone caught with a spray can and beat them to death.
The only good thing about the public campaign is to make 95% of the people aware of just how bad things are, and ready to accept the final outcome.
.... So what is the answer?
1- for the treasonist duo to be arrested and locked up.
OR ...
2- someone/some group has to be corragious enough to do unto them, what they have already done to others - shoot the mad barstards.
Will Fiji descend into anarchy as a result of an assassination?
...I don't think so ... there should be one big party, coupled with sadness that the Fijian poeple should have to suffer the combined humiliation of;
-the taking of human life throughout the coup culture.
-the degrading of the living standards by the corruption of the social fabric of life.
- and financial fraud on a grand scale by those who co-operate with the criminal junta.
.... and many other facits of a national economy, some of which could be acurately estimated, and others which can only be guessed at.
All of this totals a great a dissaster for the Fiji population, who cannot get rid of a Military dictator ... BUT YOU CAN vote out of office a poor performing democratically elected Government.
Let's hope Fiji does not wait 40 years like the Libyian people have done. .. . . .
We live with HOPE !
-Sydney Tourist

Suva Man said...

This part so true:

He was described as being ''surrounded by a compliant officer corps that is feeding the commander's sense of righteous grievance against the Qarase government … he does not care about international reaction, including the possible loss of aid money from Australia, the United States and New Zealand.''

Anonymous said...

Since when US intelligence have been accurate? From a country who doesn't know what human rights means.

Anonymous said...

What were his political skills? Bullying an old man?-Comment edited C4.5

Anonymous said...

a commodore of a paint brush army!!
only in Fiji. Go VRF

wheres the cartoonist when you need him.

Citations and awards for the paint brush censors.

Campaign medals are being designed and will be commissioned shortly.The Great Paint Viti Capaign.
: our men went bravely out on sunny day, sweat upon brow, taking back bus stops, billboards and building walls. The painting was firece with the rebels claiming the night and our brave bronzed heros making all out daylight strikes, over overwelming odds of grog dope and to much chow.

The Army brass has gone on a weapons buying spree to China. Best price and quality for paint, paint brushes, 3".4" 6" ,roller brushes with 2 ft and 4 ft extensions. Extension roller brushes for passing out parades for the elite Censor Corp, Strike force Censor, and our very own SAS Unit ( Sneak Around after Sunset).

The Boat Capatain has warned VRF units that his SAS is out there and will get them before their paint dries.

There are reports coming in of brave bronzed soldiers coming from the field with PTS -Poster Traumatized Soldiers.
VRF slogans are to much to bear, the army is becoming demorilized by hurtfull words against their Great Leader. Wards are filling up at Military Hospital Tamavua with patients asking for pentel pen and paper.

Anonymous said...

all pers commenting above on Bainivuka, wateva u call him...sorry to say this is as far as your comments will reach....hahahahahahah

Gusu Me Vosa. said...

Why are we speeding time creating blogs and Links and websites?
Why are we waiting what is taking so long ?
We are tired of all this talk less talk and more action please.
Kemuni kece saka na Turaga ni 14 na yasana au sa kere mo ni toso ka vosa cake saka ni nanuma na luve ni vei yasana.
Era galu tu ka waraka na nomuni lewa.
Man that are in the military stop this please think of the future and the future of Fiji please when has it become a fight between our own sa da mai mata tu vakasese ena vuku ni vei ka qo eda tekivu taka na vala qo me ra cemuri o ira kece na Kai dia qo sa da mai ia tale jiko vakai keda as vakaca tale.
Sa qai ra mai dre2 vakaki keda tale tu.
Sa sota kecega na ka qo.

Anonymous said...

VRF stategy of spray painting is a typical indication of the mentality of the people behind them. Your only way of getting the current Givernement out is anarchy and mayhem on the streets. Very similar to the distruction of Suva in Coup 2000.PER needs to be enforced and peoples movements closely monitored. Its quite obvious who the VFR members are and sympathisers. Just a matter of catching them in the act and the dominoes will fall. Lots of room at QEB for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Lets wait for the Monday strike...it will be an indicator..of things to come !!!

No Retreat said...

The idea of posting the names of all those involve in the 2006 coup in this site is a good idea.
Thank you CRF for the intimidation of the illegal regime.
Bainimarama/Khaiyum and illegal leaders,dont mess with the people.
Your days are numbered......

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The United States of America...is it true that a document was signed at the end of WW2[1945]by the US Army General who Commanded the Allied forces in the Pacific as a token of appreciation to the Fijian colonial govt for the participation of it`s soldiers in the war;agreeing that the US will provide assistance and protection to the Fijian people in times of military oppression?The event marked the return of men-soldiers who fought in the Solomons.Heard from my old man who was a member of the Ai Matai that Gen Volker{if i recall correctly} was the name of the guy.If this is true and explains Ambassador LD`s critical observation on VB`s personality,then VRF...maybe when Amerika pulls the string,support will pour in....GO FOR IT GUYS!!!.

Anonymous said...

How does one hire the SAS? Please post info here.

Anonymous said...

The man is cruelly depriving a village somewhere of an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has moved around Fiji, especially in the past year will not be surprised by Wikileaks’ revelations about what the US thinks about Bainimarama. His raw, uneducated brutality has draped a shroud of fear, retribution and paranoia over the land. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the US diplomatic reports describe an erratic, sometimes violent leader, thin-skinned, often defensive and insecure, and prone to be ''wildly excessive'' in his reactions to criticism. Too bad Wikileaks can’t steal cables from all the other Suva embassies, bar of course the Chinese who just don’t get it – what’s a dictatorship!
The horror of living under a rock whilst the childishly petulant dictator and his goons trample on democracy can’t be really absorbed until you have seen it at work. Too many decent people bravely go about a revolting existence, particularly the people who should make a difference – our community leaders. You can see them bowing, scraping, dutifully laughing and toasting the former sailor and our smirking narcissist AG at regular evening “events”. What a ghastly option! What a rotten night out. The country is being gutted. There is simply no future. 0035

Anonymous said...

General Vernon Walters.

Does this name ring a bell ??

US General in Fiji just b4 Rambo's coup.

Started Fiji's slide downwards.

Anonymous said...

Monday will cOme and go. We need to force the change. I like the idea of SAS hired by people of Fiji to help make the change.

ASK Muslim Mafia said...

Include "Kanti Tappoo" and his family members to the list of those that need to be jailed for crimes and illegal business practice.

Anonymous said...

We agree with you Americans.
Frank is a mentally usnstable megalomaniac.
You guys should drop the bomb on him. Just drop it in Delainabua. Drop another one also at his home near USP.
May be NATO could drop one like they did to that Dictator Gaddaffi's house.

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of Psych Leaders that many may have never known
Bush-"God spoke to me"
Rabuka "Save the Fijian people"
Gadaffi -need not say more
Blair "WMD" believer but couldn't find any
Balasconi"sex makes his brain think faster"
Qarase "Fijian people will loose their language & culture & land"
Russian President

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.49

Did you forget. At the time of the 1987 coup Rabuka was also in direct communication with God - remember he received a telephone message from to get rid of the Indians from government??

Anonymous said...

This is Baby stuff compared to things that happened in previous coups! Why doesn't someone find out about those tragedies and put them up on C4.5!

Anonymous said...

Could the soldiers be doing this just so the army can be back on the streets or accuse the Methodists of "incitation to castration"????!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:39 NOW you Talking & also thinking-did anyone else think like that9I did)-we may be just getting conned here guys!