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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bainimarama's brother-in-law: FRU to blame for Fiji's poor World Cup form

FORMER COACH: Brad Johnstone (middle) says it's clear players are unhappy.

Open criticism today of the regime-appointed chair of the Fiji Rugby Union by none other than the chair of the Suva Rugby Union chairman - and the brother in law of Frank Bainimarama, Francis Kean.

Kean has told the Fiji Sun the new FRU board should carry the blame for the Flying Fijians poor form at the Rugby World Cup. 

 Kean revealed to the Sun that his Suva union had called for changes at the FRU annual general meeting in Korotogo earlier this year, saying  if the new board implemented those changes people would not be complaining now.

He told the paper: “No comment on Fiji’s performance. Let’s give our boys a chance against Wales, who knows nothing is impossible if they play their hearts out on the day."

However, had the FRU board taken the time to deliberate on the 25 plus resolutions and motions that Suva Rugby Union had submitted to be discussed at the AGM in Sigatoka this year we would not be complaining now.

According to the paper, the recommendations included replacing the head coach, Samu Domoni with former coach Ilivasi Tabua (pictured above) and making wholesale changes within the FRU and the High Performance Unit.

Kean says Suva hopes the Mosese Tikoitoga-led board will have the guts to go ahead with those changes and install the right people and programme for the 2015 RWC.

Fiji's 1999 Rugby World Cup coach, Brad Johnstone, has stopped short of making similar criticism but says it's clear players are unhappy.

Johnstone told Fiji Village decision makers need to have a good look at why the team played so badly against Samoa on Sunday. 

Fiji is now ranked 16th: behind Samoa on at 10th and Tonga 13th, which means it could miss out on critical funding from the IRB. It plays Wales on Sunday but will almost certainly miss out on automatic qualification for 2015.


mark manning said...

Francis says " no comment " then proceeds to comment !
It's simple to see where the problem is coming from for the players, they are surrounded by Regime idiots.

eq2 said...

Mark Manning some nurses in Sydney told me you were gay back in the late 70s and 80s during the disco era, can you clarify that for me please. We need your picture taken for our monthly gay pride magazine.
Cheers yours one and only.

Naliva said...

What the hell its too late Fiji has lost because there was too much interference.

Great White savior said...

Mark Manning what do you think of the Nadroga stallions?

Anonymous said...

everything the military involves itself just goes kaput.suva rugby union is controlled by the military ... have they won the farebrother or digicel cup for the last 3years? furthermore we just have to accept the fact samoa are a better team. look at their record of the northern hemisphere ... all close games. then this year they beat australia something fiji has not been able to do for the last 20 years.

Anonymous said...

the coach was not calling the tune, it was the regime appointed manager & his 2 kai valagi coach. feel sorry for samu..even naming of team was done by the manager & is 2 kai valagi coach.c mon pio tell us the truth..dont blame samu all the time.

Anonymous said...

Truth is hard to swallow!...Fiji will quickly down slide to 4th, 5th tier nation and will soon disappear.

True reflection of current leadership, economics, mindset and rugby!

No Democracy,.....everything else is in vain!. U all travelling the opposite direction.
.... and this is a classic example!

so much smoke now and wishful thinking!

Anonymous said...

Get Kean to deal to Tikoitoga

Anonymous said...

1st- clean up de old FRU house
2nd-pay a sorrow 2 serevi [FRU]
3RD-payup ili tabua's debt
4th-dont involve polotics in rugby
5th dont include military persons
that are stil in de forces in FRU.
6th- pick de right coach,manager,trainer within fiji only...

if only fiji rugby union do this right move,than fiji rugby will go the right path...

god bless fiji

Mrs. Khaiyum said...

Let them tour Vietnam, that will make them look better. Aiyarse will coach, Tikoitoga the manager and Sharon Smith the nurse/masseuse.

Mrs. Khaiyum said...

Let them tour Vietnam, that will make them look better. Aiyarse will coach, Tikoitoga the manager and Sharon Smith the nurse/masseuse.

mark manning said...

@ QE2, G8 White Saviour and Mrs Khaiyum !
I don't follow Rugby, but they look a capable team, as for being gay, wouldn't you like to know ?

Could you imagine that Neanderthal of a transvestite, Sharon, rubbing her hands all over your naked body ?
Perhaps QE2 would enjoy that.

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta me levu na basu lawa e na Yasayasavakara!
E sa bau viavia vakataki Voreqe tale ga o na neitou DPC Navilawasa e na nona via 'Want to be".

Anonymous said...

Saigon the Sin City of Viet Nam is SO notorious for OTHER games!
That is where you really "TOUCH". no "PAUSE"and really "ENGAGE".
Go Fiji GO!!

Anonymous said...

FRU does need wholesale changes but the people recommending them know as little about sport and sport performance as the people there.

Fiji has the coaches and the players and by the way they carry on on the field, the faith as well.

They can play the game and play it well. The Board and management? well that is another story.

"Our task is not to create champions, but rather create the environment from which champions emerge" Forbes Carlisle.

"No man is greater than the Game itself" Rollerball.

When sports administrators in Fiji understand what these quote mean then the sky is the limit for Fiji in Rugby and sport in general.

Anonymous said...

It's all over, can't do much, so please don't say much, it'll only aggravate the situation our boys are in.Sa yaco saraga i kea o iratou, da nanuma ga ni ra kau yani i valagi me ra na bau vakaraitaka ka valataki Viti i rara ni qito, ia qai sega.Au vakabauta ni ra levu na dau qito vinaka ra tu ga mai Viti, ka rawa ni ra na vala e rara ni qito e na vuku i Viti, sega ni o ira na sa mai qito tu i valagi, baleta o ira qo sa ra na mona i lavo toka se silini beka na kena i cavucavuti matau.Sa dua na dauqito sa va contract i valagi, release taki sara me saga nona bula, ka me ra kau mai ka vakayagataki o ira da saravi ira toka qori mai Viti, ni yalodra dina tu na qito se va cava...kena levu

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you have murderers and thieves in positions of power. Lock the bastards up for good!

Anonymous said...

It is the illegal junta Fault the Fiji rugby team is playing like shit.
Poor organization, lack of morals and integrity has filtered through to the team and given it no reasons too win.

Anonymous said...

Yes the real root causes of our problems - no doubt is this Regime.Corrupt act from corrupt leaders like Bainimarama and Aiarse produces low grade Chairman n Board.This leads to low grade coaches. Low grad coaches produced low grade perfomance from any players - even if you are a very good player, low grade coaching can contribute to droped performance. We also cannot take some egoistic corrupt - Mr above the law himself Kean's views because he himself is not a top grade man.
the team was going to fall after they remove top grade coaches who have made Fiji reached the semi final of the Last WC.
only thing to do now is sack all the low grades -ingluding low grad Regime like Bai and company.Tikoitoga and his low grade Board and thier low grade coaches.

Anonymous said...

There has to be an international law that David Pfliger of Air Pacific, can be prosecuted for being the brain trust and sponsor of the Essential National Industries. He needs to be reported to the American Embassy in Suva for meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Pfliger's actions are illegal and ILO needs to haul him in before he destroys Air Pacific and Fijian tourism. I call on the tourism stakeholders to lobby government for his deportation. He is destroying Fiji's remaining business - tourism!

Anonymous said...

Kean is a convicted murderer....hence, it is unethical to value comments from such people.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes Kean should shut his mouth. He is a murderer and a corrupt leader who thinks that the Government is their family Asset. Kean - Nasolevu.

Anonymous said...

A few issues for me please :

Francis Kean. Yes he is a convicted killer. And he's served his time. But the important thing here is he has the guts to speak up, and, importantly he seems to be saying many things right here as far as rugby is concerned. Francis your right. The FRU has been the culprit for a long time. They should have listened. As for me I think the notable omissions from the team are Ilivasi Tabua, Seru Rabeni and the left side winder for Fiji against Samoa when Fiji played Samoa last.

On the 6 things FRU has to do. I concur. I would add that no former rugby players should be allowed to hold office with FRU. Given a choice, I will pick Army strongman Tikoitoga to head FRU than any former rugby player.

What the Fiji team needs to do now is redeem itself against Wales. Go out there and make a menace of yourself. Don't bring anything back but your pride.

Good luck boys. Good Fiji.

We all need a little 'pote' right now. Go there and win it for yourselves and give us all the fingers. We will all take it with a smile. and say ' Sa rauta '

Set? Sache?


Anonymous said...

I was one of the players that did not make the final RWC squad but trained with the team at sigatoka. We were not allowed to train at lawaqa park because Suva rugby union said so. Suva was to challenge Nadroga for the fair brother that weekend and made sure that Nadroga and flying Fijian did not train at lawaqa park.
We had to train at nacocolevu agriculture ground where the flying fijin RWC team stopped to let the cows pass through in the middle of training.
You can't blame one person for our poor performance, the Suva rugby union has more power then flying fijin we found that out during our preparation leading up to naming the last squad to go to NZ last year.
Nothing to do with coach, ask Suva.
Suva = military = govt

Anonymous said...

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