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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The censored TWU response to Pflieger letter

An example of the hypocrisy at work in the regime despite protestations of fairness.
While the much-heralded announcement of the implementation of the Essential National Services Decree was given wide coverage in all the local media, the Transport Workers Union's response was not allowed to run by government censors.

This, despite the illegal regime's mouth-piece and PS for Misinformation, Sharon Smith Johns, saying the media decree allows for "balanced" reporting in Fiji. 

The hand-picked regime CEO of Air Pacific, Dave Pflieger, wrote to his employees: (see document on left or Click this to download 3 pages of the letter

The following is TWU's response:

Transport Workers Union remains committed to discussions with the management of Air Pacific on the way forward and how it can help the airline as we believe it is our company. But is not prepared to give up the current terms and conditions of employment, salary and  benefits for good. They came over decades of negotiations and struggles. 

They did not come easily. We are prepared to give up some of these for a while but would want them back as soon as the airline returns to profitability. We have done this before and are prepared to do that again. The airline is not faced with the problems of the early 1980's. So why is there such a panic. The workers worked at half pay in the early 1980's, agreed to a 10% pay reduction for a 3 month period in 2009 and have not received any cost of living adjustments in their pays since 2006. All this was done to help our airline. We can do that again.

Air Pacific's release to the workers indicates that it will continue to work with TWU in so far as flight attendants are concerned. The rest of the workers will be given individual contracts of employment and will no longer be covered by the Union. It is a said day for the workers as their right to belong to a Union and collectively bargain will no longer exist. 

This is in direct violations of ILO conventions 87 and 98. I can only hope the employer and the government can realise that.

The employer is saying that they pledge to honour the proposals they have already offered without diminishment is quite strange. The proposals that we received contains huge claw-backs on existing terms, conditions and benefits. It also contains massive declines. No Union in its right frame of mind can ever agree to such proposals.

There is no need for the Decree. We are prepared to help. And why should some workers be denied their basic right to belong to a Union.


Top picture: Khaiyum with the favoured Air Pacific CEO, Dave Pflieger. Bottom pic: On the outer,  TWU's Kamlesh Kumar at a meeting earlier this year with Khaiyum.


Anonymous said...

fiji is doomed.

The population of Fiji is very smart now! They are doing the right thing, that is, educating their children and migrating to Australia & NZ...

Fiji will never get rid of corruption, that is for sure!!!

No matter who runs it.

Sharon S said...

There is a massive misrepresentation of the government's intention. Mr Khaiyum's union decree actually empowers TWU and other unions. The decree stipulates for instance that whenever there is a dispute, the government is always right. As the government represents everyone, the rights of the unions are clearly protected. Critics should also take note that the new WALK movement (We All Love Khaiyum) is taken on momentum. WALK will eventually replace unions altogether and will ensure that under the wise leadership of Mr Khaiyum all workers will receive a $ 700,000 salary for their efforts to develop the Fijian economy!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone have a spare bullet for Aiyarse?

Anonymous said...

isa ko viti!

mark manning said...

@ Sharon S
Firstly, there is no Government in Fiji !
But there is a Dictatorship, as for representing the people, well we all know that's a fallacy.
As for WALK, don't you mean , WALK ALL OVER EVERYONE ?
$700,000 plus commissions, Bonuses, Kickbacks, Handouts etc. etc.

These dopey Decrees are simply to distract the Fijians from the Regime's bit by bit destruction of Fiji and its Institutions.
Like a snail, it's moving at a snails pace and you don't even notice it, until it's too late.

Joke said...

Mark Manning, perhaps you should work a bit on your sense of humor....

Sir Richard... said...

If all AirPac employee's worked for nothing for the next 12 months all it would do is prolong the airlines demise.
It simply cannot compete against more efficient & competitive overseas outfits.
Interesting though that pay cuts etc do not include AP executive staff? Also a minus that non of the current cabin staff can neither sing or dance...

Get Tappoo and Send Them To Jail said...

Friends, read this about our friend Tappoo. Another evidence why they need to be sent to jail with Bai and ASK.

The Khaiyum’s and Tappoo’s – More Dodgy Dealings
The illegal AG’s younger brother placed an order for 9 vehicles with Madhu Tappoo over dinner on Saturday night.
Tappoo’s launched a new Kia car on Saturday 3rd September at their showroom in Suva. The chief guest was none other than the illegal “Minister of Everything that Makes Me Money” Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. We had the usual plaque unveiling, the usual mutually congratulatory speeches and the usual ass licking. 
After the launch and cocktails, the entire Khaiyum family, Mummy, Daddy, Ag. Riyaz and their wives went to a private dinner. The only other guests were the entire Tappoo family.
It was over dinner that the real business of the day started. Riyaz the CEO of FBCL was sitting next Madhu Tappoo, the CEO of the Group. He turned to Madhu and said “I need to buy 9 vehicles. Can I buy them from you? The answer was of course yes, the price was set and the deal was done.

So shortly we will see FBCL execs and managers driving a range of Kia cars in the coming weeks.

What we want to know is the following:
What about the Tender Process? Riyaz we are not talking about how tender the beef fillet was at dinner either.
 What were the prices paid?
 How much cash was passes under the dinner table to Riyaz Khaiyum as a thank you?

This sounds like a job for FICAC. Oh no they only investigate the AG’s enemies not his relations and fellow corrupt citizens of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, have you lost the plot? Re-read Sharon S.'s comment. How you failed to grasp the very clever humor in it is beyond me. A little bit of humor now and again don;t hurt nobody.

Shron S - keep those comments coming. They're priceless.

mark manning said...

Yes, I admit, in the 1st. part of my response, I hadn't got the joke, but I did by the 2nd. part but was too lazy to change the comment. lols !

Anonymous said...

Leave the poor Tappoo's alone. They are working the system best they can. If you were in their shoes then you would do the same.

Anonymous said...

Sharon is a bitch anyway, people always come up to her for a F&%#@ and when business doesnt come her way she pulls up her skirt behind close doors just to get business done. WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Junta are a dozen thugs and cowards operating under PER and Media Censorship.

Remove these and call an election and see the real people power.

Look at the state of the nation, the poverty, the price rise, the union and church bashing, the torture of people, the unemplyement, the massive national debt make Fiji bankrupt.

Fiji is doomed in the hands of the thugs and its tin pot dictator

The end result is bankruptcy nothing else.

Look at the billion dollar waila city development scam.

Anonymous said...

And a spare bullet for Pfliger at Air Pacific

Anonymous said...

Firca human resource dept working overtime to put things in order,gettimg all family employees file to look like they were best applicants for the job,Moala sick and with high blood pressure would not survive his term.Jitiko on the other hand is afraid to be a lauan as PM does not trust Lauans only lame ones like Bole are his pets.Dhansukh might not get back as his sickly history is costing FIRCA big dollars and his purpose of comming is only for free treatment and medication

Anonymous said...

More dirt on the Khaiyums

The latest incriminating evidence of the rampant corruption of the Sayed-Khaiyum family.

This time it’s a highly questionable secret deal between Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and the Tappoo family to supply FBCL with nine new Kia motor vehicles. That’s right folks, no tenders, no public disclosure of price – just plain old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. The dirt dossier on Aiyaz and his family just keeps getting bigger.

Anonymous said...

After four, nearly five, years of economic stagnation, Frank is desperately trying to find a new way to make the economy look better. His solution? He’s going to try to change the figures. He’s got the IMF trying to help him find a way to recalculate the figures so they look better. The only thing that has grown under the Bainikhaiyum dictatorship is lying. What he has to do now is convince the IMF that lies are part of the economy.

Anonymous said...


For the latest incriminating evidence of the rampant corruption of the Sayed-Khaiyum family.

This time it’s a highly questionable secret deal between Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and the Tappoo family to supply FBCL with nine new Kia motor vehicles.

That’s right folks, no tenders, no public disclosure of price – just plain old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. The dirt dossier on Aiyaz and his family just keeps getting bigger.

Anonymous said...

Aiyas mouth looks like its ready to K%B&!!!...hahaha!!

Sir Kanti Tappoo said...

Just look at the two criminals together. I would like to see them during their jail sentence to see how they look during that moment. All I can say is that moment is not too far off.

Anonymous said...

Kanti tappoo when is the kia getting delivered?

Anonymous said...

The new Air Pacific CEO has much explaining to do to the shareholders for the low morale and mass exodus of highly trained personnel from the airline. These highly trained and skilled professionals were trained at the taxpayers expense and government through the Prime Minister and Military Council should intervene forthwith. This is necessary as both the line minister and the incumbent seems oblivious to the damage and industrial crisis they are creating.

Anonymous said...

The Unions all over the world have the ammunition to now make their move. This is the very reason why workers have RIGHTS. The whole purpose of this decree is to "cripple" the Union movement overseas from making any move to support members in Fiji because they will say these people are happy with their new arrangments-ie Individual contracts etc. If the CEO whose name almost sounds like PILCHARGE(PILLAGE) is honest in his writings to members that the whole purpose of this exercise is for the future hence the pay cuts now-WHY DOESN'T HE TAKE A PAY CUT HIMSELF! The Labour movement overseas should now make a move-forget about the so called Labour leaders in Fiji they are a lost cause also tainted!