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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Democracy group condemns MSG leaders for endorsing Fiji roadmap


The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement has condemned a decision by those attending the Engaging with the Pacific meeting in Nadi last week for endorsing the dictator's so-called roadmap to democracy.

The leaders of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Tuvalu, together with six foreign ministers attended the meet in Nadi, which was organised as part of the gathering of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

They all endorsed Bainimarama’s roadmap which promises that a new Constitution will be drawn up next year with elections to follow in 2014.  

New South Wales Chapter President, Usaia Peter Waqatairewa, says it's regrettable that democratically elected governments of the region have decided to supported a plan that Fiji Citizens were not even allowed to view, via their own media.

“The regional countries that have endorsed the strategic framework and roadmap have done so without considering the fact that these documents were drawn up without any consultation with Fiji Citizens, either individually or via their political representatives.”

Waqaitairewa says thes same regional countries were voted into office through democratic means.

“It is kind of hypocritical for them to be endorsing the false initiative of a dictatorship that draws its power from the barrel of a gun.”

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement is also appalled that regional countries have decided to endorse initiative proposed by an illegal government that continuous to defy a High Court ruling that have declared it as illegal back in April 2009.

“The regional leaders should learn from history that such important initiatives would not work unless accepted by the people and acceptance will not come if no prior consultations has been done. The people must own the initiative and this can only happen if there is widespread consultation by a team representing the various political interest and views of the people of Fiji."

Waqatiarewa says, "All we are asking for is for the regional leaders, especially our so called Melanesian Brothers, to really be honest with themselves and think - is it really normal for the majority of the people of Fiji to be accepting of a narcissistic leader who is persecuting members of the largest Christian denomination in Fiji, and who has ordered the detainment and beating of hundreds of people, the murder of others and have brought economic and social hardship on thousands of people he has forced into poverty?"


mark manning said...

Ill informed, gullible, naive, idiotic are some words to describe the people supporting the Roadmap to Oblivion.
God help the Children of Fiji.
In light of this decision and if it is endorsed by the MSG in New Zealand this week, I will lobby the Australian Government to withdraw its support from the Pacific Island Nations.

Anonymous said...

It seems that these Pacific Leaders who support the Military Regime have turned their backs on the people of Fiji who have been suppressed through the Public Emergency Decree and other illegal decrees. They should think very carefully, what would have been their views if such draconian laws were in place in their very own countries!

Ratu Borogaga said...

God bless the freedom and democracy movement.

Cassava Patch Farmer said...

Before Bai implements a new constitution and holds a general election in 2014, he will be long gone, sitting in the prison harvesting cassava.

As for ASK, either he will be shot dead or be writing decree for his cronnies in the prison. Joint them will be other business crooks like the Air Pacific CEO, the corrupt YP Reddy and conman Tappoos.

People of Fiji, stand up for democracy and remove this illegal regime from power. A quick action must be taken to dissolve these bastards from power.

Anonymous said...

I think people are getting confused with democracy and butako. Qarase SDL butako, Labour Chaudary butako,Unions butako,these democratically elected govt. More energy should directed at trying to find positive remedy & solutions.
I for one cast my vote in good faith, no for someone to butako or abuse the democratic process, The contract is I vote you govern, but if you butako & abuse, the contract is null and void, therefore you are an illegal government.

Anonymous said...

Dont lose sleep over these leaders. they dont have any credibility. just look at their own background. they have assumed leadership of their country by backstabbing their own leaders. what can you expect from leaders like these. bunch of nicumpoops!

Anonymous said...

Hidden Agendas. Pacific islands en-route to the global village. Global order enmasse. Like it or not, that's the way the world is going.The military is the tool to achieve this goal everywhere. Not just Fiji. Its just Fiji's turn to be raked and dragged in. Easy done. Piece of cake. Life goes on on the ground with no care in the world except eat, live 2moro the sun will rise again for another day to eat and live. Meanwhile the "leaders" are moving forward with their global agendas with the "spirits/ gods". Every man has his price if they want to sell their souls. Wonder how much Baini and Khaiyum's asking price? Not to mention the lesser significant few.

Anonymous said...

@MM That roadmap is actually leading somewhhere. Like it or not. Read the book "The keys of his Blood" by Malachai Martin.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Waqatairewa! Thank you for voicing our thoughts to these leaders. Why they would even consider supporting a dictatorship in the Pacific is beyond reason. They would be better off thinking about the plight of the people of Fiji instead of taking instruction for a mad dictator who's level of education is far below any other member attending the Pacific Island Forum.

mark manning said...

@ anon 213p .m.
That's my point, accept the illegal Regime in Fiji and other Island Nations effectively predetermine their own Countries fate by doing so.

Anonymous said...

wonder how well advised are the people commenting about fiji .."barking dogs doesnt make the mountain fall"

Anonymous said...

Interestingly Mr Naivalurua is alarmed by the Suicide rate in Fiji.
Since 2006, nearly 400 people in Fiji killed themselves.
Over 600 people tried to kill themselves but are still alive.

That is some very sad statistics for such a beautiful country.

What would make a person so desperate so as to take his own life?
May be unable to provide for his family etc etc etc Who knows.

I think Mr Naivalurua should look at himself and look at the illegal government he is supporting.
Many people in Fiji are desperate as they view the hopelessness of their situation.

And now the increased Child/ sexual abuse.
And to think that our MSG brothers are condoning this sort of government is very very disappointing.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

While I fully support the article that says people of Fiji have not been consulted individually, I do not support Waqaitairewa's comment of consultation via Fiji citizens political representatives.

Absolutely there is no one in Fiji that has any political representative because parliament has lapsed, not just 6 months, not just 1 year but 5 long years. Therefore NO party has any mandate and if they are to take any stand outside of 1997 constitution, they are party to treason.

Therefore the Forum countries are promoting treason by supporting IG's roadmap to elections in 2014.

If IG has balls to check out that people support their proposal, and before going into any review which they said will begin next year, they must first seek consent via referundum. Maybe 6-10 questions
that fit with their intentions to change constitution with right of people to give their public view and all political party given equal funding to campaign their views and open debates on TV.

No Sanatan, Muslim League, Methodist, GCC, Provincial Council, FLP and SDL have ANY mandate to give any opinion for the people. They will be party to treason.

WE do not want hypocretes on one hand calling for democracy and on the other saying o.k. we can accept some changes in the constitution. For those who do go and join Frank and A'hole now and stop wasting everyones time and pretend.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, these wanabee 'leaders' went to ground today in NZ and have agreed with Mr Keys that Fiji should remain exclude from the PIF.

Anonymous said...

There is no credibility anymore in the Pacific Islands Forum with leaders such as those in the melanesian grouping; Fiji included! Dissolve the freakin Forum and kickout the secretariat!!!

Anonymous said...


This is Pacific @ its best... They have opted to keep Fiji out as no one supported the idea of letting
Fiji back in...Funny stuff only in the Pacific...

Thakur Ranjit Singh said...

The illegal Attorney General, Khaiyum has announced that voter registration will take place in Fiji from ist Jan 2012, this is a blant lie to defuse the international pressure on the regime after the 7 out of the 11 pacific leaders changed their stance on the so-called roadmap of 2014. basically, egg on the face for Frank and Khaiyum and victory for John key. The important point to note about this announcement is ;

1. How can the regime conduct voter registration when there is no constitution(in their opinion) which provides our parliametary composition, electoral system etc?

2. How come voter regsitration can be done without knowing which voter is registered on which parliamentary seat or constituency?

3. How can voter demarcation be achieved without a electoral system?

This shows the regime is lying through theor teeth or have no idea what they talking about.

Verebau. said...

Suggest esteemed gentlemen's time would be better spent concentrating their attention on their own home Vanua's before publicly commenting on others.

Funafuti said...

The PM of Tuvalu should be worrying about his country sinking than supporting, blindly, Vuaka's evil dealings.

Anonymous said...

@Annon.3:38pm I might just add onto your post ..the Lau Provincial Council is a classical example of Fijian payback mode reserved for this regime whether it be referundum or the polls....Bole lost outright to Adi Ateca..Roko Sau took the rest.Electronic or Manual...bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific CEO - Pfluiger you will be sharing a cell at Naboro Max Prison with your idol, the illegal AG, ASK. Go home now whilst you still have ALL your fingers and toes!

Anonymous said...

PICS liu muri Voreqe – one minute agreeing with Franko….then the next minute….a 180 degrees turn around with Keys…….you believe these type of people or what???

Ukeleles open Pacific leader’s conference
09:37 AEST Wed Sep 7 2011
Tamara McLean

…….However, early reports that smaller island states may push to have Fiji rejoin appear not to have been followed through.
Mr Key said on Tuesday he had met with those Melanesian states and they all reported they were happy for Fiji to remain suspended until the military regime restores democracy.

Anonymous said...

Only one way to determine whether Peoples Charter is accepted by the people or not. Have a referendum and see what the people think. Only then can one say that the Charter has been accepted or otherwise.

Come on Khaiyum! Show the world that you have not been lying by having a referendum! Maybe you will have the biggest surprise of your short life!

Anonymous said...

No wonder these Pacific nations sent their minions to the Fiji meet...plausible deniability!! Politics at its best! Vore and Khaiyum thought they were pulling a fast one on those leaders, instead it looks like it was the other way around!!

Anonymous said...

They are NOTHING but a BUNCH of CROOKS!!!
We do NOT need the support of these IDIOTS!!!!~ Solve YOUR problems first before trying to solve ours!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a laugh!! Melanesians at their best... Na liumuri/vakachi sa papaku...

Anonymous said...

To the Solomon PM - Go back home and sort YOUR problems fist! Why is RAMSI in your country? We do NOT need your support, your sympathy!! F U!!

Anonymous said...

Solomon Islands PM
Idi Amin of Uganda
Vanuatu PM
......notice the resemblance..C4.5 should have a cartoonist now.
Kiribati Boss
Dixon Seeto
......mata vata dina.

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