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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FDFM Australia distances itself from the Council for Democratic Fiji

LINES DRAWN: Jone Baledrokadroka, Roko Ului and the prime minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi earlier this year in Melbourne.

The following is a joint statement from the FDFM Australia movement about its stand on the newly-formed Council for Democracy Fiji (DFDF). 

FDFM Australia unequivocally rejects claims that they are associated with the newly formed Council for Democratic Fiji (CFDF).   

CFDM was formulated without the knowledge of the Presidents of FDFM Australia and FDFM New Zealand. The purpose of this press release is to clearly state the position of FDFM Australia on CFDF.

The interim president of FDFM Australia movement, Mr Suliasi Daunitutu and Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka recently attended the Pacific Island Forum in Auckland, New Zealand, to lobby on behalf of FDFM, including taking part in a protest march at the time the Forum was being held.  

Subsequent to the demonstration Mr Daunitutu and Colonel Baledrokadroka were invited to a meeting in which they found out about the formation of the Council for Democratic Fiji. FDFM Australia movement gave its blessing to send Mr Daunitutu and Colonel Baledrokadroka to attend the Pacific Island Forum and be part of the protest march.  There was no intention of them having been invited to be part of the formation of CFDF. 

Simply put, FDFM Australia movement is not prepared to accept or be aligned with CFDF. CFDF may have at its core some good plans and ideas but to say that the council was formed as a result of input from FDFM Australia movement is not correct. In fact CFDF was formulated without the input, consultation, collaboration or advice of not only the FDFM New Zealand president, but also Australia’s FDFM’s interim president. 

It is undeniably wrong that FDFM Australia movement was not consulted before the CFDF was formed and inexcusable as to why CFDF published the details of its formation in the media when no mandate had been given by the FDFM Australia – an established movement which has a strong and united voice in pursuing and supporting the re-establishment of democratic freedom and the rule of law in Fiji. 

FDFM Australia will not compromise its vision and mission that was mandated by its executive members at a strategic meeting held in Bankstown, Sydney in October 2010 when they adopted the FDFM Australia movement Strategic Development Plan 2011 to 2014.   

Further to this in June 2011, FDFM Australia members adopted at the Canberra Forum the Fijis Transitional Plan for Democracy 10 Point Plan.  FDFM Australia movement will not deviate from these resolutions and they have affirmed their willingness to stand behind their interim president’s stance Mr Daunitutu to not be associated with CFDF.

FDFM Australia movement is speaking as a united voice – with chapters in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and next month the launch of a chapter in Brisbane.
Tevita Naroba: Secretary FDFM Australia Movement


Anonymous said...

The very issue which has been the most determining factor in the problems in Fiji (past and present)is now displaying its ugly head again : RACIAL DIVIDE....how can this be eradicated? or can it be?


Anonymous said...

Good to see glory hunters, so called democracy idiots fighting amongst themselves, while Khaiyum runs Fiji to the ground. However, these people are all trying to behave as of they have some mandate from Fiji people, I mean those who live there. No runaway colonels and loosers like daunitutu please, Nero prefers to fiddle while Rome Burns.....PM Bainimarama is better then these power hungry idiots who have no respect for anyone.

Lets all work together to bring about democracy said...

Well done the democracy movement you have given Frank his biggest laugh since you have started.

Who gives a F**** whether the FDFM Australia were part of the planning? Who gives F**** if there are 2 groups in NZ and they don’t like each other.

Get Over it. If you all work together you will be a lot stronger and more effective. It does not really matter what you do in Australia or New Zealand. What matters is what happens here in Fiji. If you work together you can combine your resources, you will have more time, funds and capacity to bring the fight to Frank.

At the end of August a lot happened in Fiji: Graffitti, Arson and text messages.

We need a lot more of that if we are going to see the people of Fiji rise up.

So please the leaders of the respective groups forget about your differences and start working together.

I don’t give F**** whose logo is used. I do give a F**** that I have not had a vote for 5 years and we need a change of leader.

Thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

FDFM has done the hardwork and come alongway....hopefully it won't be long when we see the efforts being paid back.

Is Rajesh trying to play smart politics here? Why doesn't he try to align his organisation to FDFM instead of the other way around?

Radiolucas said...

So... Does this mean that both the NZ and Australian factions deny any involvement in the CFDF? Despite being at a meeting? Why are they fanning this particular fire? Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Thats why we should PM Frank Bainimrama as Fijians cant ran Fiji like Khaiyum.

Dinage said...

@ anony 6:12 You mean run Fiji to the ground. How much are they paying you.


Anonymous said...

Guys keep fighting each other !!

Soon Andy will be prime minister of Fiji.

Jake said...

Radio Confusion.

Put simply these two factions have thus far not only lost traction in their pursuit for a free Fiji but have lost support of the people.

Radiolucas said...

Well done FDFM. I hope the CFDF is better and not run by a pack of children.

Anonymous said...

If you put 2 indians on an Island you will have 3 political parties, if you have 10 Fijians on an Island-you will have 1 political party until they find out "who eat the money" or as my Lauan mates say " e dua e driva"! Have a smile people-everything must come to an end-sooner or later but life goes on!

Anonymous said...

We've lost the F%&KEN PLOT!!!!

Typical Fijian's....Every MAN for himself!!!!....Pathetic!!!

BainiArse & Co will be laughing their heads off!!!

Anonymous said...

jb and his armies kicked the chiefs/people in kalabo in 2000.
we hate you.

Anonymous said...

This country is fragmented enough as it is! We at home are more than grateful for the overseas support from concerned Fijians. I would therefore sincerely ask that you please sort your differences out, find a common ground, unite and take the cause forward for the benefit of all.
Knowing you JB, I am confident you can do it. This is not the time to apportion blame nor to seek glory and fame.
All the best to your noble and thankless effort and for the cause.