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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Field work for Lowy Institute survey conducted by 'regime supporter'

More questions today about the credibility of the Lowy Institute Poll, which claims there is majority support in Fiji for Frank Bainimarama.

According to the Institutes's poll which surveyed 1,032 people:
  • 1000 were opposed to international pressure being applied on the regime to return Fiji to democracy. 
  • 63 per cent of correspondents either strongly disagreed or partly disagreed with the approach being taken towards Fiji because of the 2006 coup by Bainimarama and his supporters. 
  • Bainimarama's performance as Prime Minister was highly regarded by 66 per cent and 65 per cent said Fiji was heading in the right direction. 
  • 68 per cent approved of the role the military currently play in Fiji 
  • 53 per cent think the RFMF should continue to play a role in politics! 
  • 61 per cent think the unelected government listens to the people and
  • 43 per cent think the media has become more reliable since the 2006 coup
The fieldwork for the poll was conducted by Tebbutt Research whose founder and managing director, Caz Tebbutt Dennis (pictured left), has in the past been accused of being a supporter of the military regime of Frank Bainimarama.

She also has a vested interest in the poll that shows Bainimarama in a good light: she has been part of the Australia Fiji Business Council and held the chairmanship in 2006 and 2007. 

Tebutt Dennis has been pushing for Australia to engage with the regime since 2006 and in the past has been urging  the Australian government to relax its sanctions against Fiji.

In an Radaus/Pacews and Islands Business story in January 2007, a month after the 2006 December coup,  she called on Australia to ease up on Fiji.

We quote from that story titled 'China can't priovide Fiji aid like others, says Downer' about Australia's level four travel rating: 

The Business Council's President Caz Tebbutt Dennis said the advisory completely mis-represents the situation on the ground.

“It uses all sorts of extreme words like mob violence and civil disorder. none of which we've seen whatsoever over here,” she says.

She said it’s had an enormous impact on the tourism industry. 

“We are asking Australia could they please be responsible and revise this and help get Australian tourists back to Fiji.”  

In April of the same year, she released a statement on behalf of the Council saying the country should move forward.

The Lowy Institute decision to appoint Tebbut Research to conduct the poll raises serious credibility questions about this Institute, which describes itself the think-tank of International Policy.

The Lowy Institute is now openly aiding an illegal military regime with a well-documented history of killing and torture.
Shamima Ali
Human rights activist Shamima Ali is one of those questioning the Lowy Poll. Like us, she says it is not a reliable indicator of support for  Bainimarama.

In fact, she told ABC she is quite concerned about the manner and the environment in which the poll was conducted.
"Because I don’t believe this was the right time to do it and I think the people who commissioned the report also are not aware of the reality."

Ali said people who were polled may well have been afraid to say what they really thought and the poll result is not the reality on the ground.

When asked what was the reality on the ground, she said: "Well, we are seeing the intimidation, the public emergency regulations are in place and people are still being questioned and intimidated and taken in because they have said something somewhere opposing what the regime is doing, or for any comments that the members of the regime might find as offensive and so on."

Smith Johns
Meanwhile, Sharon Smith Johns, the Australian expat at the helm of the  Ministry of Misinformation has predictably made sure local media carried prominent stories of the poll.

In a statement, she trumpeted the poll as an ednorsement of the unelected government of Bainimarama and his cohorts.

“The results shows the Government has been actively listening and paying attention to the views and concerns of various stakeholders, across the whole of the country," she said.
"This clearly demonstrates that the Government is moving in the right direction and has the support of the people."

Smith John's summation of what is clearly a biased and inconclusive survey (as bloggers have said 'how can you survey people under a military dictatorship?'), is a colostomy of a mistake. 

The one accurate thing in the survey is this: 98 per cent of people in Fiji want democracy. 

Lowy Institute survey

Pacnews Island Business story



Anonymous said...

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Bainivuaka said...

The Butt Denis looks like she's one of Aiyarse's mistresses. Shame, shame, shame.

Radiolucas said...

Unfortunately, not a surprise given Caz's past public (and private) behavior.

I am sure that she and Sharon will now have a few more things to chat about. Sad that the Lowy institute didn't do enough homework on this one.

Anonymous said...

I am more inclined to trust and believe Shamima than either Dennis (Butt out of my Fiji please!) and that SS broad, whatzaname (?) Johns!

Shamima's credibility as an advocate for fair-play and open governance is unquestionable. Can say the same for the other two. How many common people have heard of them? Everyone knows Shamima.

Thank you Shamima for 'soldiering on' [not the best pun i know]...good always triumph over evil...eventually!

Anonymous said...

Caz is a capable professional whose work in the Fiji market for businesses is well respected. I think that perhaps the pol was conducted amongst military officers and RFMF soldiers for Frank's view of what his "employees" think of his regime!
One cannot believe that the results shown here can be from the wider public.
I am sure that the facts are correct but that the population reflected military personnel and associated families.

Anonymous said...

What a shame Lowy. Didn't check out Butt's credentials and leaning.
These are desperate measures after union pressure.

Both FTUC and FICTU working together to fight the decrees and bring them down. We no fools. Can see right through.

Go fiji unions. Felix and Attar maro badka.

Anonymous said...

Bad researching by Lowy

Lowlly Thinker said...

I would say Lowy knows what it is doing. It has been saying for mo ths that the region has got to change its approach to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I am schocked at the so much hatered for the Government by this blog-site...even now this has turned to a crdible institution the think tank of Australia.
Well in your face....and please, please print this.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Lowy Report is in all the Australian Media and its a +++++++++++ how come the blog site is not putting it up, except trying to make up lies....worse than the devil you are trying to crucify...The Bainimara Government.
I say you have just been served a biggest blow.

Anonymous said...

Fijiana says.....

Well said Shamima.

What is this bull-shit poll trying to do know. suck up to frank & Aiyaz balls, they will turn around and fire you another low blow. Mark my work.



I was not surprised with Cuz dennis results. True she must have interviewed military and coup supporters and people who would care to know & understand what human violations is all about, demovracy, respect for individial human rights, respect for real law, respect for human dignity.

That is why you get this one sided polls. Comon Cuz, don't fool the people of Fiji. majority are suffering and life is difficult.
Workers particularly govt. employees work under duress and arbitary rules without recourse.

Unions powers as engraved under the ILO convention 87 has been trashed by this illegal govt.

medi has been surpressed and only what the military approves is published, this the whole world knows.

Deniss guess what you have just joined the coup mistresses like, Nazhaar Shameem, Sharon Smith, Shaista Shameem, Nur Bano Ali, Adi Koila,Adi Ateca, Adi Taito Aisake and others. Plus Mr's of the coup like Dixon Seeto, manueli, John Sami, Hafiz Khan, takwakedaru and others.

GHood luck with you bull-shit poll.

kaiviti's are not as stupid as you thing.


Reports from Pita Ligaiula in Auckland, New Zealand
Fiji’s situation unacceptable, EU’s sugar subsidy remains suspended - President Barroso
08 SEPTEMBER 2011 PORT VILA (PACNEWS) ----- President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso has
reiterated that subsidy to Fiji’s sugar industry will not be released unless the Pacific nation returns to democratic rule.
An allocation of 28 million Euros by the EU to help its troubled sugar industry was put on hold following the 2006 military coup and direct development assistance was suspended in 2007.
Barroso told journalists at the Forum Leaders Meeting in Auckland the release of the EU funds is conditional on the conduct of national elections in Fiji.
“We cannot accept the situation in Fiji.
“Fiji needs to return to democracy and have free, fair election.
Barroso said the European Union (EU) will support efforts to bring about peaceful change and to ensure the people of Fiji do not pay an intolerable price for the lack of progress in restoring democracy.
“We very much would like to have Fiji back provided that Fiji makes an effort to the restore rule of law. A country's path to democracy can only be made by the citizens themselves.
He said the EU stands ready to support a reasonable time table that would bring Fiji back into its rightful place in the larger family of democratic nations.
Meanwhile, Pacific ACP leaders have called for continued negotiations on a comprehensive Economic Partnership (EPA) with the European Union.
Lead spokesperson for the Pacific ACP block, Lisiate Akolo said the region has made substantial progress in the EPA negotiations.
“In particular progress has been made in finalising a regional position on the draft Pacific ACP –European Union EPA Legal text as well finalising market access offers for eight Pacific ACP states namely Cook Islands, FSM, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu,” Akolo said Barroso admitted negotiation on EPA with Pacific Islands has been difficult.
“We are doing a lot frankly speaking but I don’t think the issue of speed should be put on our side.
“It’s true that some of those efforts have been difficult to finalise that’s why we have offered interim agreements. Today, it’s important to make progress for the whole region in terms of trade as well.
“I will meet those leaders and discuss more in detail their concern but I also think it’s in their interest to achieve some progress for the region…..PN


Major blow for BainiKhaiyum... Fiji needed this money from the EU and fast, and these regime scammers set out to unsuccessfully CON them and the international community that they were moving to have "transparent free and fair" elections.

This regime desperately needed the EU $350 million grant - to shore up the sugar and generally cover the issues with the broader economy. FEA is already up for it to the tune of $USD250 million to Beijing on the Nadarivatu scheme - so the grant money from the EU would help create that breathing space which the Govt needs to "restructure" the FSC - most of the money's put into the FSC restructure since 2007 have gone down the drain - leaving us in debt which we are now defaulting over - and there's no money coming back from the FSC to meet those debt repayments - its been running at a loss year on year - hence the plea at the ACP to the EU for release of the grant.

Anonymous said...

This just shows that no one should rely on Caz Tebutts research.
I think she made up the figures herself.
"61% of people sampled say that the PM is listening to them".
Are you kidding?
Oh really.
Why then did the government dismantle the Unions?
Why is it censoring the media?
There wouldn't be any need to if 63% of the people were happy would they?

This just shows how much work you put into this research. ZILCH.

Lowy Institutue should not listen to you garbage. You are playing with peoples lives and their future.
How do you live with yourself?

-Valataka na Dina.


Fiji moving away from democracy – Law Society


8/09/2011 16:48:00

The New Zealand Law Society says Fiji is moving away from the path towards democracy.

It says the military clamp down on the Methodist Church in Fiji is disturbing.

President Jonathan Temm says this restriction on the rights of freedom of assembly and religion is the latest in a series of attacks on fundamental rights.

“We simply draw to the attention of the New Zealand public that the circumstances in Fiji appear to be taking a turn for the worse,” he says.

“And if you are a traveller to Fiji you need to understand that there are some fundamental rights and freedoms you enjoy in New Zealand that you would not enjoy in Fiji if you went there.”

Mr Temm says Fiji military also appear to have undermined the independence of the Fijian judiciary and interfered with the functioning of the Fiji Law Society.

By Sam Thompson

Anonymous said...

@Lowlly Thinkers 5:44pm

...and the coupland cycle merrily steals along...

If that Lowly Institute (whatever!) is really a think tank, then why dont they commit themselves to coming up with sustainable and long lasting solutions that will ensure an end to this bloody coup culture.

Appeasement (as has been the case since the first coup) will only keep the coup culture well and truly alive in my beloved Fiji!

So yes, there needs to be a change of approach - to end once and for all this destructive, backward-looking elite making coup culture.

Perpetrators must be taken to task - short and simple and no two ways about it! When you commit a crime, then you must do the time and what crime is worse than TREASON???

After more than 20 years of coups, I say ENOUGH, ENOUGH, FOR GOD'S SAKE ENOUGH. My children and their children deserve better than to be permanently condemned to this coup hellhole, coup after, after coup, after coup...

jonno said...

Lowy Institute--Westfield Group Connection

I'd never before made the connection between the Lowy Institute and the Westfield Group conglomerate, which owns 100's of shopping malls throughout NZ, Aus and the US (they owned the mall beneath the twin towers in New York). Westfield founder Frank Lowy also started the Lowy Institute.

I've had professional dealings with Westfield, as a reporter, when they attempted to build a mega-mall in Auckland's Newmarket. The project never happened despite the massive PR dollars and political lobbying that they threw at it. These guys were the toughest I'd ever come up against, in terms of their propensity to threaten defamation action against myself and the publication that I worked for.

There’s an intriguing sidelight in Lowy’s disclosure that the poll was made possible by a private donation from one Mark Johnson AO. Johnson happens to be a member of one of Fiji’s most distinguished kai valagi ( European) families who has risen to dizzying corporate heights in Australia. He was born in Suva – the son of legendary local trader, Tui Johnson – and attended Suva Boys Grammar School before going on to Melbourne University, Harvard and a stellar business career.

Anonymous said...

If The Australian Government Don't Take The Lowly Institute Seriously, Why Should We ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

What a load of vindictive cr*p from the permanent secretary of junta spin.

The difference between Gillard and Bainimarama is that the former is elected and the latter is in power because of goons with guns. This seems to have escaped jenny haywood jones from the Lowy Institute? But wait, it gets worse.

The survey was conducted by Caz Tebbut, a coup groupie and friend of big mouth sharon.

AND funded by a ‘private’ person with business interests in Fiji including mining? Can this coup junta and its thugs and collaborators get any worse?

AND that ‘private’ person with business interests in Fiji IS Mark Johnson AO.

Anonymous said...

I find it hardest to believe that we want the RFMF to be involved in politics. I really don't see that one.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6.03pm Hardly. Only an idiot would believe this poll of 1,032.



Add him to the HALL OF SHAME list.

The survey was funded by a ‘private’ person with business interests in Fiji, and that 'private' person with business interests in Fiji is MARK JOHNSON, Chairman of AGL Energy and Chairman of Macquarie Infrastructure Group. He was appointed as a non-executive Director of Westfield Holdings Limited in May 2010.

Anonymous said...

There is of course another way of looking at the results of this 'in depth' survey....if the results are accurate, then Frankie B has no reason not to lift the PERs and hold elections in 2011....after all, polling by Lowy indicates he'd win an election easily...so what is he afraid of?

Miaw said...

I also disagree with the results of the survey.

More people support Frank Bainimarama and his vision of a non-racist and corruption-free Fiji than is shown by the survey.

Anonymous said...

@Miaw 8:48pm

Maybe if you take your fingers out from his behind and take your face out from where the sun dont shine, you will be able to see things as they truly are!

What you really mean to say is his warped vision and his thuggish definition of a non-racist Fiji? More support my foot! Little wonder he and his boss need a company of body guards. If you and he and he are so confident of the people's support, why do they need all those bodyguards (for sure, there is no stronger guarantee of safety than the love of the people!)? Now let's put that support and love to the test ...just for one day or even one hour...

By the way, to SS Johns...you cannot compare a free society with a muzzled one you IDIOT! So your brazen claims about your stupid boss' popularity (compared [as you have done] to that of Australia's PM) has no grounds whatsoever! Tamani kapa cicila!!!

Anonymous said...

excellent - lowy survey condemned!

West Papua ignored, Fiji poll condemned as Forum leaders emerge

mark manning said...

Does anyone know where and when sharon used to work, someone suggested David Jones or Myers in Chatswood ?
I would love to pay them a visit and find out more about her. 15 minutes down the road from me !

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with poll. I reckon real support for Frank is around the 80% mark.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 98.6% supporting FB and AG? it's now down to 61%. sounds little bit like Julia Gillard popularity.

Anonymous said...

This Lowy Institutute research report is BUNK because ALL mobile phones are registered for "we know who you are" by the military.

And is John Key REALLY that gullible to take this report as basis to say there is a popular support after 5 years?

How would John Key know when his own executives of Auckland City Council did a similar pre-determined research and when their own manager refused to sign the report after sighting the research has not been conducted yet but results are already produced by the council staff / executives to take away red chip footpath to abuse of office, where same report was used to fool the politicians to pass the amendment based on corruption.

NZ seems to be used to these kind of corrupt research's called 'focus group' to validate their predetermined outcomes.

This is the type of corruption we in Fiji would like to stay away from.....

John Key is now suppporting illegal authorities proposed unlawful change of constitution.

He is now joining with accessory to treason like all other Kiwi's that have gone to work for the regime to help fix things but they just f'k things instead!

The Lowy Stuff Up said...

Hey Jenny,
This might help your confusion?
""Jose Manuel Barroso (EU HEAD) says it is a shame that Fiji cannot realise its potential because of the decisions of the current leadership.""

Anonymous said...

Fiji is under martal law or PER, what kind of poll will reveal the truth?

This poll is baised, remove the PER then do poll and see that 99% of the people want the junta a gang of thugs to go to gail.

Look at the state of the nation and massive junta scams and corruption.

No one needs a poll to know the truth that fiji is hijacked by a gang of thugs, a tin pot corrupt and no school dictator and pisspot president.

Remove the PER and then see the real poll and people power revolution.

Anonymous said...

to con a people you need to hire a professional con - Tebbutt Research founder and managing director, Caz Tebbutt Dennis

Kenneth Zinck said...

Just want to confirm Fijiana's comments on me that yes they are true and am now safely in Australia. I dream of the day when democracy and freedom will come back to our beloved country.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

The reason for research is to address the issue to design this into a statistically tested proposition for hypothesis and theory making.
If the proposition does not pass the test then that is put in the trash and recorded as such in the Research recommendation.
Where are the statistical tests?? and information??
Tebutt Research, Sharon Smith Johns of Fiji's Ministry of Information and Lowy Institute miserably failed this first process of the proposition mission and statement in theory making, which is well argued by Narsey in the previous publication above.
Thank you Shamima Ali for showing the basics of any research based on common sense and good over evil.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Member for Lami Open Consituuency (deposed 2006).

Tikoitoga said...

Butt Penis should take Sharon with her back to Australia.

Vuaka is a crook said...

Butt Penis and whoever was involved with the survey should all be ashamed of themselves. They failed miserably Statistics 101.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Lowly Institute.

Anonymous said...

We should start targeting expart businesses that support this regime.Hit them and hit them hard for they dont have bodygaurds to protect them.

Koi Waimaro said...

Anon Sep 9 @ 6.34

Please stop the threats, it wont take you and anyone anywhere.

Why dont you go yourself and make the hit? Dont be a domestic pet dogey, that stays in the safety and comfort of home and barks.

Sa kua mada na via rerevaki tiko.

My advice to you is to support the current government and help take Fiji forward. That is true courage.

May God Bless you and your family.

Koi Waimaro

Koi Waimaro said...

Anon September 8, 2011 6:06 PM

Kenneth Zinck was never hunted down like you stated. What is so important about Zinck that someone should waste his time and money to hunt him down.

That is the normal excuse people use to support their application for residency in Aus and NZ.

May God Bless Fiji and its leadership.

Koi Waimaro

Poll Dusted said...

this poll was conducted under PER so while there may be support for bainimarama it is difficult to believe the 'majority' claim. 1,032 hardly a believable figure

Anonymous said...

This is like telling dracula to guard the blood bank. No these
supporters are only good for holding up Bainikhayums balls. The regime
must have paid for the report from the FNPF funds.

pateresio said...

Koi Waimaro doesnt sound like a person who would want to stand up for his family even!! what a suck up.....just waiting to be spoon fed with loots and bribes!!!lai kania na polo nei Bai? kaium