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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fiji fans left to ask the hard questions as Bainimarama and Tikoitoga go quiet on loss to Samoa

THREE ON ONE AND STILL NO GOOD: Fiji can't hold back Samoa.

Calls are being made for coach Samu Domoni (left) to be sacked after Fiji's nightmare loss to Samoa yesterday. But what of the chair of the regime run Fiji Rugby Union,  Mosese Tikoitoga?

Tikoitoga, who was narked about not getting a visa to travel with the team to New Zealand, has gone to ground and has been unavailable to media.

From all intents and purposes, the Flying Fijians got everything it needed to beat Samoa yesterday and to do well at the Rugby World Cup full stop.

According to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, the World Cup campaign got the promised $3million dollars.

FBC says Fiji had five coaches and technical advisors: Samu Domoni, Shannon Fraser, Greg Mumm, Michael Foley and Mosese Rauluni with the added help of Reverend Joji Rinakama.

It also says overseas coaches were roped in and are getting $5,000 a week so the campaign didn't lack for know-how. 

The 30 players, including Leone Nakarawa who quit the military so he could get a visa to play, will be paid $30,000 each. They got $15,000 before they left and will get another $15,000 on their return home. 

The team, captained by Deacon Manu and included the experienced Nicky Little, was described as the best prepared side to leave Fiji shores but went down 27-7 to Samoa. It clearly lacked ideas, kicking ability, ball handling skills and from start the enthusiasm and battle skills to engage.

The national selector Mosese Taga is said to have admitted that the local players who proved themselves in the Farebrother and Digicel competitions SHOULD have been considered for the World Cup.

But it's the fans who are today asking the hard questions as rugby-mad Frank Bainimarama and Tikoitoga take cover. What went wrong with the Fiji campaign? Was the coaching panel up to speed? Did the selectors name the best team? Were the players paid enough? And is the malaise and beaten down attitude of the Flying Fijians typical of where the country is at?

Tikoitoga, Nakarawa, Keni Dakuidereteki and Digicel captain, DaleTonawai, in May.

"What happened on the field will no doubt be dissected and revisited by rugby pundits and fans for a while to come and rightfully so, for despite our best endeavours we punched well below our weight today."RWC Diary Day 27 - A second loss: Fiji Rugby Unionhttp://www.fijirugby.com/pages.cfm/fru-news?newsid=digicel-fiji-7s-squad-named-england-scotland 


Radiolucas said...

It is just another example of the depressive state Fiji is in at the moment. No economy, no jobs, no hope - everyone leaving and going overseas. Thank you Frank & Co for doing your best to ruin the nation. You should be ashamed.

Sharon S said...

This issue needs to be urgently clarified! The Flying Fijians would have won this game by a large margin of at least 49 points if the bullies in the New Zealand government allowed the honorable Colonel Tikoitoga to join his team. The objective of this cruel conspiracy staged against Fiji is to show that everything, just about everything goes the dogs under the current government. Samoa's Prime Minister will no doubt see the winning of his team as a confirmation that he is right about the qualifications and intentions of 'the Admiral'.

Former rule player said...

No denying the 'malaise' you refer to is well and truly embedded in Fiji. I watched the game and I couldn't help thinking, the game our boys paralled so much of where we are at as a nation...lost, somewhat helpless and unsure of the rules.

I am ASK Therefore I lie said...

This defeat of the Flying Fijians was all the fault of the New Zealand Government.
If my bro Mosese Tikoitoga had been allowed into New Zealand he would have inspired our players and they would have played the game of their lives for our glorious Leader. As ir was due to the international conspiracy of the evil pro democracy movement Mo had to stay back.

In addition McCully wanted to make a point and ensure Samoa won. He made sure the umpire was on the side of Samoa and so Fiji was continuously penalized unfairly and Samoa were gifted penalties.

It is so unfair and another example of the evils carried out in the name of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Domoni and co must know they are in the shit; and the players. It came down to them.

Don't Hide said...

It is usual for the team hierarchy to front up and take the criticism when a loss such as this occurs. Frank and the one with the moustache should say something to the fans

Anonymous said...

Agreed:Fiji was fighting for more than just a win against Samoa.Sadly and typically it did not I repeat DID NOT win.

Anonymous said...

There's simply no excuse..Fiji didn't deserve to win, knowing the country's current situation...this just points to leadership here in Fiji.

Jieke said...

The crawling Fijians should prepare for the next world cup to ensure that they at least walking or running when it comes around, let alone flying.

Anonymous said...

Ka Vakaloloma. O keda nai taukei kei Viti sa matata tu veikeda ni matanitu e sega ni dua na kenai balebale ka sega na kenai sema kina nodai tuvatuva vakavanua. Qo na nodrai tuvatuva na kawa tamata tani...vaka i Vola Tabu...qo na nodari tuvatuva na kawa nei Keni...Ocei o Keni...qai wilika na nomui vola tabu..'The Mudurer' their hands will be stain for ever in what ever they get involve in. O KEDA NA KAI VITI E DA KAWA MAI VEI SECI....NA DAU TEITEI. E na sega ni dua na ka yaga e ra na rawata, ke rawata e dau na ka ena sega ni dede sana kau laivi tale vei ira. FOR THE BOYS...WELL DONE...BUT YOU FOUGHT A LOSING BATTLE FROM GET GO....BECAUSE OF THE CROOKS AND THE MURDERERS WHO ARE RUNNING THE COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

Come on do not blame the men - blame the corruption that plagued the preparation. Who authorized the use of $3,000,000 that took the Fiji team to NZ. Wasn't it used to buy out the sovereignty of the FRU and to sack people. What about the rugby Lottery has it been honored? Ask the Army they engineered Fiji's dilemma.

Now work it out, if Fiji had won the game who would have claimed the credit for the win, the rugby people or the Government and the military hierarchy?

Fiji is demonstrating how not to run sports. It happened to Netball, it happened in the Pacific Games now it is plaguing Rugby.

Think people, Think and let it go. Fiji will lose again to Wales unless it is the "madigi" that Samoa go forward to the quarters. We have to straighten out Fiji first then we can win another international sport; especially where Bainimarama has placed his corrupt hands and expect the glory.

mark manning said...

I'm not a Rugby fan, having grown up in Victoria where Australian Rules, ruled !
But I really feel sorry for these Fijian Rugby players, having to perform at their best despite the turmoil back in Fiji being at the forefront of their thoughts.

As for Frank and his cronies, Hitler had the same embarrassment when a black man won 4 gold Medals at the Summer Olympics in Berlin in 1936 :-
Hitler and his Arian Master Race were humiliated and made to look like fools.

In Frank's case, this is the same shit, just a different smell !

Anonymous said...

I was sitting at this mecca of rugby watching Fiji play Samoa,and I've never been so humiliated all my life.I was surrounded by a group of highly-spirited Samoans who jumped for joy everytime Manu Samoa put points on the board,at the same time taunting me and my flags and fancy fijian costumes that I had on.Maybe I should have gone to church since it was a Sunday afternoon.Anyway the All Blacks have got a new fan now.

The cancer spreads said...

The military cancer plaguing Fiji is continuing to spead. It has now engulfed Fiji Rugby. The military infested team was like the nation - leaderless, confused, dispirited and hopelessly farcical like a bollywood movie!!

Vanua. said...

With all due respect to other 'rugby' bloggers - somethings seems missing from all above comments? This Samoan team that nobody mentions is virtually the same A team outfit that recently beat the Wallabies fair and square on their home turf?
If The Flying Fijians are a reflection of Viti - what is this telling us about Manu Samoa?

Cause wasn't helped in that Viti's
self proclaimed tactical guru who lives in that big House rent free & gets paid for doing nothing
was unable to accompany the boys
because of some other stuff.

Anonymous said...

The boys did their best..but something is amiss back home and this is the cause of our loss. How can we expect victory when so many people are silently suffering back in Fiji?

Eden said...

Na veilecayaki ni matanitu kei na kena veiliutaki sa mai laurai tale ga vei na timi ni Viti. E vakacava o vakila ni ko sa veilecayaki tale tiko ga mai.....???? ka ni rarawa meu kaya ni timi e veilecayaki nona qito kei na vakatulewa e vu ga mai ena veilecayaki ni veiliutaki. "What the Mind Concieves the Body will Achieve" Isa o Keda!!!

SEMI MEO said...

With all due respect to our boys, the Samoans are just too good. Obviously, not the same Samoan team we beat in Lautoka. More than half the “Samoan RWC squad were in Sydney when we were celebrating that victory…and nothing….nothing…!! Bainimarama or Tikoitoga could pull out of the hat to beat Samoa…blame…blame ..blame..that is Fiji new game!!!

Now..the laughing Samoan PM will really be laughing at our new found eh...blame game!!

Anonymous said...

the fiji team , either, rugby , soccer or netball will be curse bcoz of the murder voreqe na vuaka at the helm of fiji sovereign state

they sing proudly thee nattional anthem before the game at eden park, the land of freedom, hope and glory knowing very well that there is no freedom, hope and glory in our beloved fiji

Anonymous said...

Voli e na qita
Kune ga e keya
Na boidada
Nai lavo e da oca e na vaqara
Tini ga e na bribery vakasisila va ya

Isa noqu Viti
Kemu i rogo e sa tasiri
Veilomani e dau kemu i divi
Yanuyanu ko Samoa e toka tikivi
Ra serau e na vei poidi

Baini vuaka kei Aiarse
Rau butakoci keda nai taukei
Veika vinaka e da rogo kina
Sa mai tini tu e na vakasisila

Rau vukica na lawa me rau taleitaki
Kune na laba kei na veilali
Sega na cakacaka kei na money
Veibutakoci mai vei ira na tani

Me da tucake na lewe i Viti
Da saqati rau na veitacini
Io o rau o Shameemee
Rau sa buluti keda bulabula tu na kai Viti

Mahoganey era tea na tukada
Sa mai lusi wale vei ira na daulaba
Sega ni wase vei ira na vinaka
Soli ga vei Aunty Bano kei Aiarsa
Ni vaqumi oti o Bainimarama
E na dua nai lavo lailai sara
Laurai e keya na lialia ni tamata

Democracy me totolo mai
Me ra laki loka kece yani e na bai
Kua sara ni da lomani ira ni ra tagi mai
Me saumi kina nodra veirawai

semimiau said...

mosese tikoitoga tamata lamusona.

semi miau said...

I applaud the boys for being able to front up and show the world what we Fijians can achieved if the situation is good. Considering that the people at home are being deprived through our religion,media,fair-working conditions,union membership,workers retirement funds,democratic election and many more.
It has gone from formidable team of 2007 to a very error ridden team and I will blame these bullies up the camp who tried to poke their shitty nose into every living things in Fiji, to be problem.Fijians are being brainwashed by a dictator who believed that he is the saviour of these so called power struggled that existed in the top level of the fiji government.
The people in Fiji will continue to suffer unless some gutsy people within have some balls and be rebellious.
Anyway irrespective of the Wales game result, I will always support the Fiji boys from my home in Australia because I was growing up playing rugby in Suva for 14 years.I am a proud Fijian and I hate the bullies smartass who are depriving my people of our freedom.I hope everyone will wake up seeing all these crooks getting richer as the day gone by.Three cheers for the boys in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

all fiji teams under this junta are all cursed ...FYI....no how much they pray ...see the results..feel sorry for the boys...
talk too much in the media...samoans shut the mouth....please don' even look forward to the wales game youll get the same result.......

Semi Miau said...

Sharon S, what planet you from? Even if Tikoitoga was allowed to travel to NZ, it wouldn't matter as clearly the Fijians were no match for the Samoans. Get it into your thick head that the better team won. Fiji had no structure, decision making was poor, Nicky Little kept kicking the ball to the Samoans, so what do you expect? Sharon, stick to knitting as I think that's what you are food at. If anyone is to blame for the pathetic performance, it's the players themselves.

Anonymous said...

Aptly said, Eden..what a real tragedy for our beloved nation!!!

Anonymous said...

Samoan stalwart Seilala Mapusua has vowed his side will throw everything at the Springboks on Friday after winning the battle of the islands yesterday to keep their World Cup quarterfinals hopes alive.

After missing a couple of early chances, Samoa went back to their prudent ways to gain a crucial win over Fiji.

Sadly the Polynesia spectacular didn't eventuate in front of 60,327 at Eden Park, continuing a trend at this tournament that has seen the island flair strangely stagnant.

The Samoans were delighted to get the victory but admitted disappointment at not being able to get a bonus point which may prove crucial, either to make the playoffs or to nail third place in Pool D which would see automatic qualification for the next World Cup.

Mapusua said the intent had been to play more rugby against Fiji and felt that would be the only way Samoa could hope to beat the world champion Boks.

"I think we need to go all out and really move the ball around and try and get as far away from structure rugby as possible," he said of how Samoa could upset the Springboks.

"We know how strong South Africa are. They are very clinical at the set piece and also at building pressure. They have a goalkicker who will slot it from anywhere. We need to break it up a bit I think."

Samoa have exhibited a decent set piece themselves and used this to good effect against Fiji. The return of blindside flanker Taiasina Tuifua also gave them more potency at the breakdowns.

With plenty of ball and Tusi Pisi back from injury to be in the driving seat at No 10, they were able to operate from the right areas of the paddock to frustrate Fiji.

They built up a 15-0 lead through Pisi's boot before halfback Kahn Fotuali'i and impressive No 8 George Stowers finally crossed for second-half tries to seal the win.

But there was still a feeling that Samoa had only fired off one barrel against Fiji. They know they will need to unload both against the Boks.

"Going into this Fiji game we discussed at length how we haven't really fired a shot at this World Cup. There has been a lot of hype about this team since we beat Australia and I don't think we have played to our full potential. Hopefully we can do that this week,"said Mapusua, a former Highlanders midfield back who knows plenty about South African rugby.

Mapusua said the leadup win against Australia two months ago remained the benchmark for this side and they would need something similar to survive beyond Friday's fascinating final pool match.

"That's what we are working towards and I think we are slowly progressing over the last three games. We got the win here which is the main thing, so next week we can take it a step further. I think we have that big game in us."

He made no excuses for the pragmatic approach yesterday given what was at stake. After wingers Sailosi Tagicakibau and Alesana Tuilagi nailed tries in the first 10 minutes Samoa tightened their game plan.

"I think you are seeing what you might call the maturing of island teams. It wasn't quite the spectacle but it's a test match at the World Cup and everyone knew what was at stake. It was do or die for both teams.

"I think there was more emphasis on playing the percentages and building pressure and accumulating points, hoping it would open up later when Fiji tired."

That's eventually what happened and this surprisingly limited Fijian side helped Samoa with their high error rate.

Fiji go on to play Wales next Sunday and might have something to play for themselves, despite this loss. Their quarterfinal chances are gone but third place could yet be up for grabs.

It promises to be a hectic weekend.

"There's everything to play for. I think for us the quarterfinals come a week early and we will be throwing everything into it. Nothing is sewn up yet -- they did name this the pool of death and it's living up to that," Mapusua said.

Anonymous said...

If we can spend millions in corruption, millions in inflated roading contracts, we can damn well spend more on players for significant games.

There has to be a drive on reward by each game added for lost game and won game to have the bonus bumper payout.

Sab Sala Pagla.....Hum Minster Baito...bahut paisa rakho... because hum rugby country hai.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu! Kua Noi Tagi!

Rugby Nut said...

Fiji Village

National selector, Mosese Taga believes that more local players should have been given the chance to represent the Flying Fijians in the Rugby World Cup.

After rugby fans expressed their disappointment with the side's performance in the 27-7 loss to Samoa yesterday, Taga said that a few local players should have been considered.

He added that their role as selectors is to see the right players are selected and with only the best to be in the team with coach Samu Domoni Jnr having the final say.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Taga added that he feels local players like, Miti Nacagilevu, Emosi Vucago, Nikola Matawalu and Joeli Lutumailagi could have been considered but the coaching staff felt they have the players for the RWC.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Story by: Dreu Vukailagi

Anonymous said...

Fiji lacked mental preparation for Cup games
Monday, September 26, 2011

Taken from / By: www.irb.com

Questions are being raised about the Flying Fijians mental preparedness for the Rugby World Cup.

Counsellor Selina Kuruleca says the team showed no desire to win in the game against Samoa yesterday.

"Players looked like they were not in the game. Mentally some looked switched off. The team looked sloppy. I'm curious as to what their preparations were before going into the World Cup."

Kuruleca says Fiji showed it has the physical strength to play 80 minute rugby, however the same cannot be said for the mental state of the players.

Kuruleca adds the mental aspect needs to be built up 6 months before the tournament itself and not leading into individual games.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this miltary regime and everything will fall into place....If Leone Nakarawa still get paid from this miltary regime, the score board will tell us all this.....

Anonymous said...

The so-called 'Warriors" and 'Flying Fijians" simply LOST BIG TIME for the simple reason that the country is SO dis-jointed, lacks cohesiveness, lacks the unity, lacks the will, lacks trust, lacks what-have you!!
It is a TRUE reflection of happenings back here at home. How can they win, I ask if the unity is not there, or rather here at home.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened to that stupid song We Will Never Give UP - It seems they didnt even put up a fight against the Samoans?ever

Anonymous said...

It is very sad and indeed unprofessional for coach Domoni to now distance himself from the team after the THRASHING in FRU's history!!
I liken the coach [Domoni] to a an Army General, who reads and leads the battle from the rear, who orders reinforcements/support in a timely manner. A leader who reads the battle from the enemy's point of view, a leader who ensures that he has the intelligence and information about the enemy BEFORE issuing his 'Battle Orders' from the PLAN that he has drawn up and is the basis of his 'Orders".
Should, for any reason that the battle is lost, then No One, I repeat No One is held responsible but the General. Period. To shift the blame, like Domoni is now doing is unacceptable and will not be condoned by us, the supporters. Domoni, like the boys must take possession of the loss. You cannot on the flip side of the coin take glory for any wins can you??

Anonymous said...

To Sharon S[ona?] - I see you have addressed Tikoitoga as "Honorable". It is obvious that you have a very poor understanding of what is normally known as 'Salutations". Honorable na S..A!!
What difference would it have made had he gone? I guess he would be far too busy visiting the 'WHITE HOUSE" and other strip and brothel places in Queen Street.!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Sharon S; You say it is Tikoitoga's "....team...." How come he is very quite and not talking. He like Domoni should take BLOODY possession for the loss. Period!!
E sa vakaloloma o Viti ni da sa liutaki tiko mai vei ira na yavu ni luvenisala. Sa rauta ga me da druka vakaca!!

Anonymous said...

Would've been worse bai was here at game, more bad luck, what now horse face?

Anonymous said...

Me rogoci vakacava na noda masu ni leqa tiko mada ga na i golegole eda sa naulu tiko kina 'qo?
Na masu e cakacaka taki - e sega ni soli wale tu ga vaka RAWARAWA.
Kena i karua, o ira tale ga na vo ni vei timi e ra masu tale tiko ga.
E vakaveiyau, na noda masu e yacova tiko na doka ni vale ka vuka lesu tale mai vei keda!!!!

Anonymous said...

E sa siviya vei keda na 'SUNDAY ONLY CHRISTIANS'!!
Sa rauta meda na lusi vakaloloma. EMENI!!

Fair Win said...

Samoa's win was deserved but we should've got a much, much better game out of Fiji. They should've been going point for point with Samoa, that was a fair expectation. Question now is what will we get out of them when they play Wales?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Tikoitoga sure knows the "White House" - took me there when I went with him to a military conference!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Sharon S; What, Tikoitoga has got a special ball the you are going to wipe in NZ?

Anonymous said...

the real pacific sweethearts of the rugby world cup is tonga

Anonymous said...

Let's nit blame tbe military on the disaster. The previous board fired Tabua. Tabua is the best. Just a real shame. Keni shall rot in jail once found guilty for the nltb fraud.

Anonymous said...

sa vuku na kalou ni vunia na ka[lusi] its bcoz of iligel goverment nd its leaders..frank nd company wil not recieve good things...all stink staff are for him nd familys...gud game boys...

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz for coach and Mahendra Reddy for Assisitant Coach! They interfered so much with FRU they should stand up now and take responsibility!

Anonymous said...

Everything associated with this Regime will be at a loss. 7s Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Athletics and Rugby. Its liken to a child who comes from a broken home..... surely he/she will encounter problems. This chaotic nation has deep deep shit to deal with. The only thing for this regime is to step aside to allow for good citizens of Fiji's civil Society to prepare for elections. If we dont do this everything associated with this Regime will be BAD NEWS.

Mosese Taga please dont speak now because 1] thats what you should done before - voice your concern.2] You were part of the World cup team that never won any game in the pool game. Galu mada ga bro.

Tikoitoga and Bainimarama - you must now know that everything associated with your touch is poisonous.You know why? Get it into your thick heads that the only solution to our problems is remove the actual wrong caused by YOU people in the military. You wanted to make a right with a wrong. You laid the foundation of chaos from the begining. The people of this nation are then being suppressed and oppressed and caged in a box that only knows culture of silence.So live with what you sow. The whole of Fiji are now reaping the fruits of what this Regime had sown.Their time will come.

Wilkinson said...

Another kawaca is keni dakuidereteki very long time crook and public fund swindler. allow me to make one point and this applies to ALL Fijians.Please stop hating Indians as they are the best people to live with.I don't have say more classic example was @ Edan Park on last Sunday.They out numbered other communities in the park so this confirms Indians always keep Fijians in their heart. please my Fijians bro/sis takeout that hangover and start to share love with Indians for your own sustainability.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

samoans deserve to win,they played with their hearts out.go samoa.tabua should be the coach of this team,domoni hopeless too much video analysis

Coup 4.5 said...

Fiji Village

The Fiji Rugby Union board will meet after the Fiji 15's rugby team's last pool match against Wales this Sunday to decide on the future of Fiji rugby.

Questions continue to be raised about Fiji's embarrassing performance against Manu Samoa yesterday which also confirmed that Fiji has no chance to qualify for the 2011 Rugby World Cup quarter finals.

Fijivillage contacted FRU Chairman, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga and asked what steps the FRU will take now.

He said they will make the decision after the Wales game.

Colonel Tikoitoga also said they will wait for the reports of the Manager and the Coach.

On a talkback show on our sister station, Viti FM last night, many rugby fans called for the coach, Samu Domoni Junior to be replaced.

Domoni was appointed in 2009 and contracted until the World Cup.

He has now shown an intention to continue coaching Fiji.

Colonel Tikoitoga said he cannot say anything on Domoni's contract.

Domoni was assisted by Greg Mumm, Shannon Fraser, new Waratahs coach, Michael Foley and 2007 RWC captain, Mosese Rauluni.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Fiji didn't win a game except against the lowly Namibia.
I agree with "Anonymous 3:37". You can imagine standing there and singing our national anthem with passion and then you suddenly come to that verse "A land of freedom, hope and glory..." and your Conscience saying to you, "You know that's bullshit. Your land has No Freedom, No Hope, No glory" and today on this rugby field you will have No freedom , No hope and No glory"
And guess what, you drop the ball, you kick inappropriately, you tackle ineffectively etc etc. Duhhhh!
No matter how we look at it, "the Conscience" is important.
I remember one man who was so disturbed by his conscience he couldn't play on a Sunday.
His name was Michael Jones.In fact the All Blacks and NZ asked the IRB to reschedule one of its World Cup games ( from a Sunday)and the millions of dollars of TV rights just to accomodate this man.
Talk about "moving mountains"!
That's because NZ recognised the power of the conscience.
So, yes we can pay our players millions of dollars, give them the best coaches in the world but at the end of the day, the conscience will speak and the body will obey.

Fiji will never win anything as long as this Illegal Regime is in power!

-Valataka na Dina.

Kenneth Zinck said...

We should have more local talent in the team to show the fire and the heart of the game, not the overseas players who only worry about their contracts while playing ie not to get hurt or contracts may be cancelled. The boys while here in the World Cup needs to be released daily to mix with fans visit schools, hospitals, go for dinner with families, and respect the invitations of the various organised functions by the fijian communities here in New Zealand within reason I am saying. All other teams do that but not the FIJI Team, what they do is LOCK THEMSELVES away from the public and fans who wants to get a glimps of them. The Samoan boys had a free afternoon on Saturday the day before they met FIJI, they came to the BULA festival in Penrose Auckland organised by the Fijian World Cup committee and it was full of fijians waiting for the FIJI team but they never turned up. Only the boys who were not playing at all turned up. I was there waiting. Before the Wales game can FRU please release our boys from a CULTIC SITUATION(LOCKED UP IN A HOTEL) and let them relax a bit. Maybe it might change the result this Sunday. What I am sharing above are the frustrations from the sideline. Despite the loss we are still behind you so DO IT against WALES for our sake and the sake of our PACIFIC BROTHERS SAMOA. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

Fiji will not win any thing. You are cursed for the suffering you give to the people and on the other hand feeling your pockets.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the Police Jazz Band.....made my weekend trip to Auckland worthwhile!
PS....Nicky should have been glued to the bench....sa oti na nona qona!!

Anonymous said...

Did we make the correct choice by securing the services of those NSW Waratahs coaching team to assist our Flying Fijians? Maybe NOT!

Alrite! Lets forget about this 2011World Cup and move on.

For many years the Crusaders Team of NZ was and is probably the most consistent Super Rugby team in the World and the FRU in my opinion must develop a network or partnership with them to assist Fiji in the next world cup 2015.

If the ABs lift the Cup this year then FRU must seriously secure their technical expertise. Sa dri yani!! Moce Viti!

Anonymous said...

at the end of the day , the players play the game not the coach or any of the politicians.. Fact being fact Fiji were outplayed from the start. They could not hold the ball or retain possession. And when they did hold possession they made a meal of it. Fiji just dont do the basics right and against better opposition it just shows... Fiji spilt the ball like it was a bar of soap...
No possession / ball no points simple as that.. !

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Valataka Na Dina, well said.

Anonymous said...

We were not suppose to win, we a suppose to bomb out. We need to make sure that the road to the qrt, semi, finals are cut off, because if we get through, the prophesy by Steven Penny in 1997 will be realised.

Anonymous said...

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[falls off chair]
Many sympathies,
Samoan PM

Anonymous said...

@ Wilkinson, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE KENI'S FAULT THAT THE TEAM LOST TO SAMOA! O kaya tiko vei cei na kawa ca? Kaya madaga vei iko!!! What have you done for Fiji to come here and start bad mouthing Keni? Did he steal your money OR ARE YOU JUST SO JEALOUS OF KENI'S ACHIEVEMENTS & SUCCESS? Keni was kicked out by the illegal regime & again it is still his fault??? If you have any problems with Keni go face him and tell him ... don't come and spew your jealousy in this forum, if you can't do that!! Look at the calibre of people like Tikoitoga being put there by the military, what does Tikoitoga know about running a business or FRU for that matter - Keni's track record of success in his business speaks for himself!!! Swallow that!!!

paula raqeukai said...

Vinaka valataka na dina kei na savasava...sa mai nodratou la na boys na i samu ni dawa...isa o viti...sa na gadrevi ga na veivosoti kei na veivakasavasavataki ena gauna dredere eda sa sotova tu oqo...sa vinaka taudua ga na vakararavi tiko vua na Kalou...eda na tu dei tiko kina ka tawa mudu era na bale mai na i liuliu qaciqacia dokadoka io na tamata rerevaki Jiova ena tu dei tu ka sega ni mudu...

Psalm 37:16-17 (NIV). "Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked; for the power of the wicked will be broken, but the LORD upholds the righteous.......

Anonymous said...

sack the coach, too much wasting time on technology and mobile phone calls to Bainivuaka and Jikaijoga telling them everything is under control and we are coming back with the world cup.

sa mai ruru wale na kuila ni viti e niusiladi. sa rui sivia tale na nodratou lolo kei mocemoce na timi ni viti sa lai lala waca kina vakasama.

Samu... boy, biuti iratou mada na unused players ni viti me ra qito ena macawa qo. ke sega, ena qai vakalekaleka taka na kemu balavu qori edua na motobitu ni naivucini.

vakaukauwa tale mada raboys... dou yadua rawa mada na jibi qai caka na cibi vei Welesi.

Anonymous said...

All is not right at home (FIJI)..
therefore all WILL NOT BE RIGHT on the field (rwc)

DUH!! GET IT.........



Anonymous said...

All this talk about the boys getting paid is a load of bull..the boys only got $3000.00 each and that was from the ex-reps funding...$15,000.00 is all lies...and so is the $30,000.00.... oratou Madaga na 1/4finalists ni 2007 are still waiting for their $30,000.00.

Anonymous said...

E sa yawa o coach Domoni with his former job as a bouncer in a nightclub and the S..L..A..NG!!
I always have a BIG laugh when people want to be by slanging!!
Be normal, be natural and be yourself! Levu na gauna e dau cala tu mada ga na nomuni verbs, nouns adjectives and the tense. O iko na kai Viti, sa rauta mada na slang tiko!!

Anonymous said...

Domoni was of of his depth? Bst he go back to WA & sweat his ar-- out.He is not acoach , not a motivator, nor can re read, write or talk on the game in DEPTH! He has no understanding of Fijian minds when it comes to getting the best out of them-all in all -he followed the advise of the Aussies assistant coaches-Are we suprised??It was his brillant idea to ban the CIBI-baku! Tara wi Tara da!

Unknown said...

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