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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fiji protest at Forum today while UN says Fijian soldiers will be replaced

Anti-regime protest outside the Fiji High Commission in Wellington last week

The pro-democracy movement is taking its case against the regime to the biggest gathering of the region's political leaders.

The movement is protesting outside the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland, where leaders from 16 countries are gathering, including the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon.

The protest has been organised by the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement NZ, the Council of Trade Unions and Amnesty International.

The rally begins at midday on the corner of  Karangahape Rd and Queen Street and protestors will march down to Sky City, where Forum leaders are meeting.

Those living in Auckland who support democracy for Fiji are being urged to join the protest.

And encouraging words today from Ban Ki Moon, who says he wants Fiji to return to civilian rule as soon as possible.

Asked why the United Nations continues to use Fiji soldiers in its peacekeeping missions, he said the UN didn't have a choice at the time because American soldiers were withdrawing and the UN mission needed the Fiji soldiers.

But he insisted no soldier who has violated human rights is included in the UN peace keeping missions.

And he says they're looking at getting peace keepers from other nations like Nepal to replace Fiji soldiers.


  1. Perhaps it's time the U.N. redefined its Protocol in regards to Enrollment of Soldiers for Peace Keeping duties.
    And maybe that should begin with the Leadership of the Countries from which those Peace Keepers come.
    The truth is, Fijian Soldiers only cost about $2,000 each to train. It has nothing to do with them being the best or feared by the enemy. That is a myth started by Fijian Soldiers.

  2. No more Fijian soldiers for UN
    God has answered our prayers.

    Dear Mr Moon , Rabaka's murderer's are still working there. Kick them all out. Kick all the Fijian soldiers out NOW!

    -Valataka na Dina.

  3. C'mon Frank... its a losing game!!

    Pack up and go back to yr barracks!

  4. Taken them this long to make their decision and recognize the serious breach of human rights in Fiji but a win nevertheless. Pressure must be put on them to remove the military and police from any Tour of Duty as soon as possible. If it can be achieved by the end of the year, this will really impact on the Military in Fiji and can create a huge turn around. C'mon guys, lend your support here. At the end of all this, the Fiji Military should be removed completely. NO MORE MILITARY FOR FIJI = NO MORE COUP. Democracy push should be for the removal fo the Military. Like the Samoan Prime Minister stated, what do we need them for, to fight Tuvalu in their canoes.



  6. pull them out!!! mr ban ki moon shud pull all fiji soldiers out of UN Missions coz they are abuseing the human rights in fiji...so this typer military man is not wanted in peace keeping missions..pliz mr BAN KI MOON the quiker de better...than fiji will return 2 democracy...vinaka VRF...gud job done..more infomations...

    mr ban ki moon you shud look 2 de nepal military they are doing well in peace keeping missins....I'VE seen them in iraq doing a great job there,so why not use them,instead of fiji,the abusesive soldiers...killing people,torching,cutting fingers nd so on...

  7. FDFM Australia is also represented by National President & JB for support at the march!!!

    Toso Viti Toso....

  8. Bainivuaka and Aiyarsehole are shaking in their undies now. Vuaka knows that he's being cornered and he will try and bribe people to back him. Vuaka and Aiyarse, pack your bags you arseholes and get ready to go to Naboro.


  10. Hi..I feel for this soldier...The unemployment rate will rily increase or FNPF wil be lending moni to pay for soldiers salries..I feel it is time t omove to democracy b4 we get rily isolated from the world..We have put our eggs in one basket i.e with China...China does not do anything for free...They always calculate the return....

  11. Hi..I feel for this soldier...The unemployment rate will rily increase or FNPF wil be lending moni to pay for soldiers salries..I feel it is time t omove to democracy b4 we get rily isolated from the world..We have put our eggs in one basket i.e with China...China does not do anything for free...They always calculate the return....

  12. Obvious the UN hasn't asked the Haitians about Nepalese soldiers?

  13. Check out what the lying journalists at Fijilive have reported on this!!!!!

  14. Can I suggest to my fellow members of the RFMF that we act quickly to kick out Voreqe and Aiyaz as soon as possible so that we can save our place as peace keepers overseas. It is only because of Voreqe and Aiyaz that the rest of us soldiers will be made to suffer in the future, so let's kick them both out now before it is too late!!!

  15. Hooray! The end is nigh!

    No more Fiji military in international peacekeeping missions.

    We don't need rambos, we need rainbows!!

  16. Comrades and fellow soldiers wake up to this. Commander is the only one that should be removed. We took the wrong orders. We will take the bread of the the family table and our reputation will be tarnished forever. Ratu has a web site we must all read "Truth for Fiji.com"

  17. Thre is no soldiers on the face of this world would best represent FIJI in peace keeping... the US, UE, ARABS, ISRAELITES,ASIANS including aussie and kiwi new this...

    this is a GOD given talent that no other soldiers in this world was given this talent..

    If the UN wants Nepal to replace FIJI I want to warn you all that civil war will ruined that country. UN finance 5,000 Fijian soldiers and spread them all over IRAQ, 3,000 all over Somalia, 1,000 in Cairo, 1,000 in Libya, 1,000 in Syria in the thick of things ...their will be PEACE

    GOD BLESS our soldiers and their families

  18. Obvious the UN hasn't asked the Haitians what they think about Nepalese soldiers?

  19. squeeze them slowly....hip pocket is where it will hurt most.....oh the joy. There's gonna be a few arguments now with returning husbands facing the wife and kids and no more remittances.

  20. @ Mark Manning.

    Obvious u know jack shit about Viti - its soldiers (bati)- or its culture.

  21. Amen!! Now you are talking and acting Mr UN Sec-Gen. Good on you and well said and done.
    Please replace the Fijian troops as soon as possible.
    These soldiers are nothing but BULLIES here at home who violate ALL our human rights!!!!
    To the Vore - Where to from here for you and your bunch of murdering soldiers???
    Now it is us who will have the last laugh you murdering SWINE of a PIG!!!! Moce VO!!!!

  22. Since Khaiyum has taken control of the Fiji military he and his hand puppet Bhaini the Goose have destroyed the once proud reputation of the RFMF. It will take a long time to rebuild it and will never happen while khaiyum and his hand puppet coward are alive and kicking.

  23. @Daulotu.. you could be right but all that will come to naught if it ain't right back at base...

  24. Very credible poll indicates good support for Bainimarama.To overseas pro-democracy movement, give it a rest.Article in Fiji Times today,a former resident with no political affiliation finds Suva much cleaner and livable now then in 2004.Infrastructure around the country including health service, never been better.
    Race relations are beginning to be like the way world should be.

  25. 1. Local reports on this suggest UN support for Fiji soldiers!!!! Ban Ki Moon's talk about replacing Fiji soldiers has been conveniently "buried" in the news reports.
    2. Sharon Smith is now broadcasting to Fiji the results of a Tebutt poll commissioned by the Lowey Institute suggesting Fijians love Frank!! No mention about the fact that polls conducted in an "abnormal" environment and cannot therefore be accepted as truly "independent" or "reflective" of the Fiji mood.
    3. Local media quick to report news items from abroad that IG feel are "positive", including misreporting by Fiji TV that PM Key has "changed his tune" and is now willing to support Fiji's "electioneering" efforts. Both NZ and Aus have ALWAYS said they would be willing to assist in any electoral process that would return Fiji to democratic rule "as soon as possible".

    Sharon Smith should allow the media to also report news from abroad that the IG considers "negative". She is a highly paid propagandist..period. The length of her skirts will not hide the "scars" she has notched over the years in her cowing down to her military handlers while channeling all her "income" to her Australian bank account. Prostitution is one of the world's oldest professions - and it takes various forms to prostitute oneself.
    May truth prevail in the end and may God bless all Fijians and condemn all other treasonous Fijians and their foreign bloodsuckers!!

  26. @ verebau, na vateratera me yaco i vei??

    Fijian sotias are nothing but cowards who will follow a gutless leader holding a country down by sheer force of gun and violence all for 30 pieces of silver. Bunch of boc!s if you ask me.

  27. Obviously none of you people making comments about the Fiji we all love.
    Mos of us now live overseas and are quite comfortable with what we have. How about our relatives back home - do you ever think about them and how they feel. They are quite happy with the caretaker government right now as they have done quite a lot for our people. 2014 Election is going to happen. So everybody just wait and see - if it does not happen then do something about it.

    For your information - one such a COUP just happen in Auckland last weekend when the Auckland Fiji Community Executives were couped out by a few i.e. Isireli Kini ex sacked CEO of Radio Fiji and his colleagues Peni Usumaki another corrupt Fijian now living in Auckland. What do you say - Fijians are good at it.... all because of MONEY.....Watch this space.......

    All we can do is pray for Fiji....

  28. Fiji soldiers are now notorious for breaking fingers of 12-year old civilians youths.
    Instead of going out to fight real and dangerous enemies, these soldiers bash and kill their own people, and rape women.
    UN Gen Sec. has now realized these realities are happening in Fiji. That is why he is taking action now.

  29. @ Anon 4:50.

    Never been anything wrong with RFMF rank & file - problem right now is their currently being led by a corrupt & incompetent officer core.

  30. Military is here due to threat from within. If lowly report says Fiji supports the regime then let's reduce the army numbers. I think we all know what Frankie goes to Bollywood will say to that!

  31. I hope all you guys out there who hates the Military listened to the news last night by UN Chief

    God Bless Fijians Soldiers

  32. the reputation of our soldiers overseas is unquestionable, as we are not matched to any other in the world. It is not a thing for this regime to claim as it has been the norm from world war 1 and 2. What rabuka to bai has done,(i mean the leadership) a total opposite locally.
    Instead of protecting the government of the day, they overthrow them,instead of protecting the people they kill them,instead of protecting their funds they butako them. So you see they may be a good protector outside but they do the opposite inside.

  33. Bring in more Anon @ 4.54. Ena qai laurai ga mai na dina. Isikeli Kini kei Peni Usumaki ...oilei au sa rere..e cava e caka jiko mai keri....
    Kakua ni via vakalolomataki ira na wekamudrau i Viti.

  34. Yeah!Verebau@annon7:59pm has a point;RFMF as an Institution is cool;..it`s the leader who is HIV positive.


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