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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fiji regime makes another sloppy appointment

Another tainted businessman has breezed into an influential position.
Adrian Sofield has been named the new executive chair of Fiji Dairy Limited, assuming the leadership responsibilities of former executive chair Amita Singh.

Sofield is the current chairman of Investment Fiji, Airports Fiji Limited and the Director for Housing Authority and Public Rental Board. 

The regime touted his appointment with the background information that he has more than 35 years of corporate management experience and knowledge.
The question that should be asked is this: Did the regime think that we would forget that Sofield was a major shareholder in Economy Construction, which has not paid NBF $900, 000 debt, along with bribes to the then Suva Mayor? We have not.

This man will make the milk go sour.

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  1. OMG! A $900,000 unsecured & unpaid loan from NBF? talk about evil toads that colluded to make these grand sale scams possible.

  2. No wonder it is already sour.

  3. no wonder,Sofields daughter has opened a shop in Garden City selling cheese and wine with NO liqour licence,as uncle ARSE has given ok

  4. Non corrupt Sofield,oops has his mate Peter doing designs for AGs new mansion .Tuesday Arse was busy doing his plans and no Govt work as staff were told he is busy..with Budget on the way they are all juggling figures which does not even exist

  5. Tappoos got extra funding to get stocks ,before the budget... as if they dont know what goods will have duty increased hahaha

  6. News,Ministry of Health Staff not happy with Minister acting police,nurses sworn at and medical staff bullied with threats ..Minister get the medical supplies first and stop intimidation .. Kidney foundation will stop operation soon as Minister does not like Pundit Dewan as he is too close to PM ..PUNDITS

  7. PSC not paying bills,so a electrical contractor lost his house to the bank and all his vehicles seized..GOVT GOT NO MONEY TO PAY LOOK AT THE LINE OF PEOPLE WANTING PAYMENTS FROM FINANCE MINISTRY,BUILDERS,SUPPLIERS,CONTRACTORS , one road contractor owed 30 million,the owner got sever stroke and hospitialised.. in shock of not getting payments from crooks

  8. AG sending photos to his friends and relatives of of opening of the new unit with GANESH at NFU highlighting ACTING PRIME MINISTER

  9. Isa the illegal and treasonous military regime is really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.

    Prepare for another butter hiatus people so stock up now.

  10. Perhaps it could be turned into Cottage Cheese !
    Just like everything else the Regime has touched !

  11. Well! it seems all the Conmen are at the helm in Fiji and making a killing financially.

    They must be making Bainimarama feel very important.

  12. Where is the VRM???

    Its TIME to fight and put these CROOKS, THIEVES & MEGALOMANIACS hanging from a tree.

    Shred their Bodies in Pieces and Feed them to Frogs & their Followers!!

    United Fiji Lets DO IT NOW!!

  13. Another failed architect and businessman. He and other illegal supporters like Rick Rickman (AFL) all deserve to be locked up! Naboro is waiting.

  14. PEOPLE of FIJI, it is time to act now, what are we waiting for, for Fiji to go bankrupt then we start wringing our hands saying we should have stood up to this lousy, pathetic bunch of crooks.

    Is this all we can do, on blog site, we are warriors and it is time we defend and take back what rightfully belongs to us.

    Toso Viti...

  15. Yet another corrupt person in the illegal regime. EVIL PEOPLE FOR EVIL TIMES. God save FIJI because no one else will.

  16. Adrian emerges again?!?

    The gall of the man.

  17. Indeed another NBF defaulter.One of many wandering around holier than thou.

  18. He is not alone, our lack of bankruptcy controls and short memories allow people like Sofield to prosper at other peoples expense. He is just another little devious creepy individual that should not be holding a position of authority that he has not worked for. Pity the workers of Fiji Dairy and the farmers.

  19. So... this is that coffee-maker's father eh?

    The stark lesson for the people of Fiji that they continue to SCRUTINIZE very carefully these "pretentious do-gooders aka leeches of the lowest order" when they come to set up in Fiji. Best interests of the country and its people my ass!

    Vinaka C4.5! Please keep exposing them all for the rotten eggs that they really are... they're worse than disgusting.

  20. All civil servants are entitled to 6 days sick leave without sick sheet.

    Technology today is amazing.

    Everyone on the same page?

    Let's do it...

  21. Leave the farker alone......he meets the critira ....short farker.

    We are running out of short farkers to run our country.....not likely

    we still have plenty short farkers out there...except george..hes been detained for awhile

    this a quiz. can you name all the famous short farkers who have been heros of our nation, we f1j1's love our short farkers

  22. Come on people, let's face facts and be rationale about what is happening here.
    This regime will only associate and appoint people who have similar traits, motives and pee brains like them!!
    If they can TELL the judiciary to hear a certain case, this way or that way, and give the pre-determined judgment, then all else is 'a piece of cake'
    Who are we to complain, given this back drop??
    Having said that, be rest assured , HOWEVER, that it will CERTAINLY be "ONE DAY MAFATO!!!!

  23. @ Anon 8.29am

    Sa mani tuwai tale ko MAFATO/MAFATU. A gauna e qai yaco mai kina, sa vakatadracake tu a ci ko FAIGEE...!!!

    Vakaivei me sa laucoka ka motu mate mada ga a puaka ka sa mai cukirakina vaka ca jiko a i teitei!

    Short and sweet...finito...

  24. another imposter amongst greedy business men scrambling taking every advantage of this corrupt govt before their time is over!

  25. Another corrupt sob. All these people should be marked. For wen this corrup regime falls, this people must be smashed for cheatin the poor of this nation.

  26. There has to be an international law that David Pfliger of Air Pacific, can be prosecuted for being the brain trust and sponsor of the Essential National Industries. He needs to be reported to the American Embassy in Suva for meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Pfliger's actions are illegal and ILO needs to haul him in before he destroys Air Pacific and Fijian tourism. I call on the tourism stakeholders to lobby government for his deportation. He is destroying Fiji's remaining business - tourism!

  27. Times are a changin.

    "Beachcombers" in Viti now wear suits.


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