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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Former senior officers reveal Bainimarama's treasonous plan was hatched in 2003

In the week that Frank Bainimarama was hailed by a controversial Lowy Institute poll as being supported by the majority of people and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum introduced the widely unpopular Essential Industries Deceree, it has been revealed that Bainimarama was plotting as early as 2003 to remove Laisenia Qarase.

The revelation has been made by the former leader of the 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, with information from former senior RFM officers, on his website from which the following story has come.

The following statements and documents from former Senior RFMF officers and the CEO for Home Affairs clearly shows the  murderer Bainimarama's premeditated intentions to commit the illegal and treasonous removal of the elected SDL Government for his personal benefit and gain.  

The murderer Bainimarama threatened PM Qarase to renew his contract as Commander RFMF or Government would be  removed. The murderer then ordered his senior RFMF officers to plan for the removal of the Government.  When the Senior officers, except Natuva, advised him against it, because his intentions were illegal and treasonous, Bainimarama had them all re-assigned or sent on leave. Effectively, these Senior Oficers were all booted out of the army for doing their jobs and standing up for the integrity of the RFMF.

See Fiji Times article dated 24 February 2004, titled - Military Advises Officers to Quit.


Col Alfred Tuatoko's  statement clearly outlines Bainimarama's orders on 16 December 2003 for the Senior RFMF officers to plan for the removal of the Government.  The murderer had threatened the SDL PM, Qarase, to renew Bainimarama's contract or his SDL Government would be removed. The Senior, and highly qualified, RFMF officers advised the murderer Bainimarama against removing the Government because his intentions were illegal and treasonous.  So Bainimarama had the Senior Officers removed.....

Read Col Tuatoko's statement
Tarakinikini with Speight
Col G Kadavulevu (05 January 2004) formally advised Bainimarama against removing the SDL Government, and says "There is no malice thought or meanness envisaged in this advice but rather the advice represents a professional, legal and moral stand that the RFMF has been supporting all along".  Bainimarama had Col Kadavulevu removed.....

On 12 January 2004, the CEO, Ministry of  Home Affairs, statement on Bainimarama's conduct clearly states that as the Commander RFMF,  Bainimarama was willing to personally lead the Fiji Military to town to finish what they had started....This is a clear abuse of office by Bainimarama and seditious.   

Lt Col SV Raduva advised (19 January 2004) the CEO, Ministry of Home Affairs about Bainimarama's threat to remove the SDL Goverment,....saying "it is the duty of every officer and solider of the RFMF, in accordance with RFMF Standing Orders Vol 1, Part XXI, para 21.4, to notice and report any negligence or impropriety of conduct on the part of officers and soliders"

Read Lt Col SV Raduva's report
These Senior Officers who stood their professional and moral ground and questioned the murderer Bainimarama's intentions and motives to remove the then Goverment of the day were all removed.

Read the Posting List

So where are these Senior qualified, professional and loyal officers today.  Where are Tarakinikini, Seruvakula, Baledrokadroka and Driti.  These were Senior Officers who stood by their oath of allegiance through the mayhem and confusion of 2000. They were in fact the Senior Officers who saved the country and the RFMF in the chaos of 2000.  Bainimarama did not save the country in 2000. 

So the question to Bainimarama is why did he have them removed after they gave him sound advice. My theory, and given the documentary evidence, is that the murderer Bainimarama wanted a clear and unhindered path to achieving his goal from, instigating the removal of the Labour Govt in 2000, and removing senior professional officers who stood in his way of achieving his mission and goal in life, which is to rule Fiji and to prevent the police from arresting him.  Bainimarama is ruling the the country now and his next step, is to become President of Fiji.

The coup of 2000 and 2006 was never about Politics or about Race.  It was solely for the benefit of Bainimarama and his lust for power and to save himself from being arrested.  Bainimarama used the RFMF to achieve his mission!

Please Note.....more revealing facts to follow:
from the RFMF Board of Inquiry that reveals the murderer Bainimarama's intimate knowledge and contribution to the 2000 coup
a  snapshot of Police investigations into his involvement, including the deaths of the CRW soliders and bainimarama's seditious and treasonous actions leading up to the 2006 coup. http://www.truthforfiji.com/


Anonymous said...

C4.5......the train has left the station. Allegations by your sources mean nothing.. So let's move on to 2014.

Anonymous said...

well done RUM.
Time for Bai to bite the bullet.
Liar BAIi with his mate ASK

Anonymous said...

@5:37 PM. But what happened to the 'promised' 2009 elections? Brainwashed losers.

Anonymous said...

@5:37 PM. So what about his promises in 2006? He still hasn’t come good on any of that – how can he, someone who claims to have the popular mandate of the people, still treat the people of Fiji as slaves in his dictatorship? Disgusting.

mark manning said...

Even I have known of these allegations for the past 2 and more years !
And I'm not even Fijian.

Sharon S said...

The government has deliberately constraint supply of drugs in a wider effort to curb drug abuse. During the SDL rule, drugs were given out like lolly pops, which led to much abuse and even addiction. Patients came and pretended to be sick just to get a high on Panadol. Our leader Khaiyum has also made some calculations how much money the regime could save if no drugs were handed out at hospitals. Not only could the FMF buy 300 new M16 assault rifles every year, the savings would also allow the purchase of enough ammunition to handle several uprisings Syria style. Instead of complaining about the lack of things like basic drugs the media should be balanced and focus on the considerable progress this regime has made in fields such as human rights (nobody tortured to death in 2011), freedom of assembly (the churches that support Khaiyum can still hold conferences) and last but not least the economy (less than 50% living below the poverty line).

It is really important to also see the progress towards free and fair elections which will be held in 2046 on the 40th anniversary of the the coup. This is two years earlier than the rule of the Gaddafi family and thus a considerable improvement with regard to the length of dictatorial rule.

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning.

School of thought your not even human?

Pacific Gaddafi said...

It is really important to see the progress towards free and fair elections which will be held in 2046 on the 40th anniversary of the the coup. This is two years earlier than the rule of the Gaddafi family and thus a considerable improvement with regard to the length of dictatorial rule.

Anonymous said...

All these Coups are all lies. The
Truth will soon be revealed in Gods Time

Miaw said...


Neither is Te Mara. He's a Tongan passport holder

Anonymous said...

@annon.5:37pm.Yeah!yeah you`re right,the train has left the station.
Your stating the revelation of RUM in c4.5 mean nothing the wishful thinking of a very stupid person.
To Fijians who believe in justice and rule of law, these revelations and more to come will create a couple of possibilities...
1.the train could be derailed
2.you could be forcibly thrown out of the train..
...there are a whole lot of other factors you need to consider before setting your site on 2014.
You must admit to your crimes to clear your conscience otherwise that imaginary train of yours will explode in your head.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the Senior Officers in the Regular Force the Senior Officers in the Territorial Force were also "posted out" for not backing the Vore in December 2206, when he carried out his treasonous act .
From what I am told they are:
01. Lt Colonel Rt Peni Volavola [Former Lord Mayor and V/P Methodist Church] -TF Battalion Commander - Suva.
02. The late Lt Colonel Emori Tudia [Former Senior Civil Servant] - TF Battalion Commander - Suva.
03. Lt Colonel Eseroma Kalou - TF Battalion Commander - Suva
04. Lt Colonel Abele Daurewa - TF Battalion Commander - Western
05. Lt Colonel Ravuso Wainiqolo -TF Battalion Commander - Northern and
06. Colonel Anare Manulevu - TF Brigade Commander.
Although being in the Territorial Force, they too like their RF brother officers stuck to their oath of allegiance by NOT joining the Vore.
Well done, God bless and all the best to all you right thinking Senior Officers.

Anonymous said...

The train has left the station aye!
well ... this analogy has lots of answers.
Rail management forgot to top up the water tank - yes it is an old steam train, and the coal tender is almost run out.
The rail management has totally ignored maintenance issues and the wheels are very wobbly and about to fall off.
The track is eroded and undulating to the extent that everyone knows what dissasters are looming ... yes you guessed it, a major derailment, and the fireman and engine driver are unlikely to survive such a crash.
Because of all this, the travelling public now refuse to get on and they want alternative tranport that can be trusted to get them and their families to a destination where people are happy and free.
...so if you are one of the few stupid dummys who think that bananas train will last for years to come, don't bet your life on it.
-Sydney Tourist

fiji meke said...

it keeps coming back to the same thing: the fiji people to stand up and take back democracy itself or for it to convince the rfmf to do it.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka to these revaltions but is this the best way Mara can help us. These revelations are welcome because they prove our cause and hopefully convince others sitting on the fence or who completely disagree that there's truth to what we have been saying all this time. But can it be asked: is this the best mara can do to help fiji?

Anonymous said...

For those who are attacking @5:37pm..... The way you are all heading we will all miss the train in 2014. And then what.. I will tell you what will happen.. We will continue to see your blogs after 2014...moaning and groaning with no impact whatsoever as is evident today.

Kanti said...

9.29am. I agree with you. We will be all still here reading the blog. Fiji wake up and smell the coconut oil. Very soon you will feel the gun barrel on your backs if don't do anything to remove this bunch of gandu's

Anonymous said...

@5:37 PM
@9:29 AM

Well, hate to break it to you, but the old steam train failed to terminate at Station 2009 as it was supposed to and as was promised, but those on board destroyed Station 2009 completely before continuing on their destructive journey.

They haven't destroyed Station 2014 yet as it is still too far away but sources say that the same fate awaits Station 2014. Unless of course this burning train is stopped and destroyed.

@Sydney Tourist. That was absolutely great, and hilarious too!

Anonymous said...

"The wicked Bainimarama and Khaiyum plots against the righteous people of Fiji and gnashes their teeth at the likes of VRF/Ului and C4.4, but the Lord laughs at these two, for he sees that their days are coming."

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

As a former member of the military, I had the privilege and honor to either know or at some time or other, serve under the senior members of both the Regular and Territorial Forces mentioned in both the blog site and comments.
They were the the epitome of true leadership. They NEVER EVER ordered you to do anything they themselves would never do. They led from the front, they NEVER lied, they were humane, they were
human beings who understood our shortcomings and our problems.
Whilst being firm they were ALWAYS and I repeat, ALWAYS polite. They had the diplomacy, they had the mana, they had the class. they had the charisma that any soldier will take to the battlefield and more importantly to their grave.
I sincerely thank and salute you all good sirs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Annon5:57pm-Sep 11 2011..you are a proud soldier indeed like the True Officers and Gentlemen who with dignity and honor did not agree to the criminal minded Voreqe`s plan thus they opted out ..
Annon5:37pm and Annon9:29am, herein are the words of a true soldier that look upon his superiors as role models...true men who posses both;..brains and brawns.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where were all these officers and their advice in May 1987 ???

Anonymous said...

@ 5:37,
Its good that you know of this things. Its people like you who are the most TABETABE AND MASIPOLO KAUKAUWA. Because you know the truth but you are only there for your sake and does not bother if your father and mother suffer, as that is the situation at present if you do not know.You are the same as your boss.WHAT A LOW LIFE.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Sep 11, 7:55pm : Thank you for the accolade. Those of us who opted out did what any right thinking soldier would do, given the circumstances.
We were only doing what we swore on the Bible when we enlisted.
Furthermore, we can sleep tight every night and walk the streets tall, unlike SOME people!!

To Anon Sep 11, 9:07pm :Who exactly are you referring to? Should you care to reply, then maybe I will be in a position to shed some light to your question.

Te Vonolagi said...

I have served in the Fiji military Forces and have served with most, if not all the distinguished Fijian Military Officers. Served with them both locally and in Tour of Duties overseas. This includes serving with them in Private security companies after having left the military. Some of them are still serving now while others have gone for greener pastures and those that are against the current dictator. All those military officers currently serving are just the "yes man" type of people. The military is trying to militarise the government by placing all military officers in all government department as heads of department. The promise of election is without doubt not an issue at this time. If the Fijian people back home can open their eyes and see what the regime is doing now. They are giving out aids to rural developments as well as outer islands inorder to get their support as well as their chiefs, since the dictator has already tarnished them as home brew drunkers under the mango tree. Dishing out aids to rural and outer islands will give him the basic support that he needs(since he knows that these are the group of people that do not in a way foresee the reality of the situation that is happening in Fiji) inorder to achieve his aim and that is filling his pockets and bank accounts. Come on you Fijians out there in the rural and outer islands, open your eyes and see what's happening around you and not just be baited by the aids that are being given by the regime.

Anonymous said...

im only worried on why Roko Lui is talking from outside.......anyone can do that ......if he really is a chief and has the backing of the people......come back and lead us....or might as well shut up and watch....