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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Head of ILO calls on Bainimarama regime to 'change course now'

"The Government must understand that the success of the reforms to which it claims to be committed, cannot be achieved through the denial of fundamental rights. The people of Fiji deserve better.”

Condemnation of the regime's latest decree has widened with the ILO director general, Juan Somavia, adding his criticism to that of trade unions and democracy advocates.

In a statement, Somavia expressed deep regret at the decision of Fiji to proceed with the publication of regulations to implement the Essential Industries (Employment) Decree, which was gazetted in late July.

The decision designates 11 named corporations in the financial, telecommunications, civil aviation, and public utilities industries as falling under the application of the Decree with very far-reaching implications for the exercise of trade union rights.

His statement says: "They include the ending of existing collective agreements, the designation of new bargaining agents which may not be trade unions, and the possible imposition of compulsory arbitration of disputes and other limits on the right to strike. The Attorney-General has said that other industries could be added to the list at a later date."

Somavia’s statement follows the visit of a High-Level ILO secretariat mission to Fiji last month, which had raised the organization’s concerns about the Decree with the regime  and advised it on the negative implications for Fiji’s international obligations under ratified ILO Conventions.

“By going ahead with this Decree the Government has demonstrated the same lack of concern for the views of the international community as it has for the rights and aspirations of its own people.

"What is really essential for Fiji is that it change course now. That means reversing this and other restrictive labour decrees, a return to dialogue with trade unions and employers, an end to assaults on and harassment of trade unionists, and the immediate restoration of basic civil liberties.”

Somavia highlighted the importance of the communiqué issued by last week's Pacific Islands Forum leaders’ meeting in Auckland which expressed “continuing deep concern at the deteriorating human rights situation and serious political and economic challenges facing the people of Fiji”.

The ILO presented a submission on Fiji to the Forum in which it warned of “the danger of a serious degradation of the situation in the near future”.

Somavia added:" The Government must understand that meeting these challenges, and the success of the reforms to which it claims to be committed, cannot be achieved through the denial of fundamental rights. The people of Fiji deserve better.”


Anonymous said...

Hope the ILO can do something about it and not just issue statements although its welcome at this stage. International boycott perhaps?

Anonymous said...

finito............well that is about the most lethal nail to the IR's coffin......moce jo......

Anonymous said...

Fiji’s trade and business may be affected by a ruling of international labour lawyers who are due to discuss the country’s new Essential National Industries decree in November.

The controversial law has been referred to a high level committee of experts of the International Labour Organisation.

The labour movement says the decree’s in breach of fundamental labour rights like freedom of association.

The ILO’s representative in Suva, David Lamotte, says a ruling against Fiji would have a major impact.

“The fair trade discussions that have often been had around Fiji...fair trade agreements usually refer to compliance with international labour standards. Trade agreements normally have a clause in respect to compliance with fundamental rights at work and principles. So they’re two practical examples that will affect businesses in the private sector and the private sector is the engine of growth.”
David Lamotte says companies in Fiji decreed as essential national industries last week are still trying to work out how they’ll be affected by the changes.

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Ratu Sai said...

Right on the button.

Anonymous said...

"Change Course" na sona!!!!......."Get the F&%K OUT"

Anonymous said...

All I see is a Billy Goat!!

When we gona do something about these CU&TS in government and remove them???

Hurry up people!!!!!

Anonymous said...

c4.5 print this and prove that your practicing what you preaching....meaning a free media.

Chiefs, Unions, Church and corrupt businessmen caused Fiji's demise over the past 30 years. The chiefs have been made a non entity, Church controlled, two prominent businessmen behind bars for corruption and now the unions. So what is wrong with it...nothing! Well done AG. Good jab!

lose the beard said...

He makes some good points but i can't take a beard like that seriously

Anonymous said...

To "lose the board": This is NO joking/laughing matter!!
Either stand up and speak up or sit down and keep your peace!!
Mr Somavia is the DG of the ILO [Hello!!].
ILO for nitwits like you, who do NOT understand, stands for International Labour Organisation.
Not only is Mr Somavia a VERY, VERY powerful man, the ILO and its members are also very powerful. They can break or make a country.
They represent the LABOUR force of any and all countries who have ratified and are signatories to the Convention.[Too complicated for you?]
To you Sir, Mr Somavia, vinaka vakalevu for standing up to this ILLEGAL regime.
These illegal people have NO concerns whatsoever for the concerns and aspirations of us locals, leave alone the international community.
For them, Mr Somavia, as you probably have been briefed, it is self-preservation. Period.
All the talk and hullabaloo here about the elections in 2014 is all hogwash [Pig shit] - because it is coming from the piglet K Arse!!
Please tighten the noose Mr Somavia.
May the Almighty bless you, your family, the ILO and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

To "lose the beard": Your comment shows that you have a "pee" [SMALL!!] brain like the illegal pigs.
The DG of the ILO has more grey matter than you and all those illegal pigs put together!! How insulting can you be ? You only insult your only mentality!!
This is the trouble when people shoot off their mouths WITHOUT thinking - it shows us their true depth.

Vanua. said...

Just get on with it - somebody please turn the avgas pumps off before somebody else gets murdered.

Anonymous said...

A, tu na DA!! Where is the substance in what Cabenatabua, Vula and the conspirators in the Fiji Sun reported that the ILO delegation had, in effect, were satisfied and accepted the lies the ILO delegation had received from the Vore and his pigs? Cabenatabua, and coy, sa rauta mada na lasu tiko, sa rauta na masi polo, sa rauta na tabetabe, sa rauta m,ada na na soli muaimuri tiko tiko - what, you enjoying it or what? It is very, very evident to us!!

Anonymous said...

It took the Honourable Samoan PM to be the First and TRUE leader to sense the vernom and lies, after lies, after lies being dished out by this Illegal Regime.
Now the ILO DG has spoken out - vinaka vakalevu my good Sir!
In the M..E..A..N..T..I..M..E Australia and New Zea land are STILL trying to be diplomatic and pussyfooting. What is the matter with you people? I thought we are good buddies, I thought we play rugby, I thought you like and enjoy your "Fiji Bitter": Come on mates, if really are , PUT YOUR BLOODY MONEY WHERE IT BELONGS!!
[Some tourists may just go missing while holidaying here!!!!!!!]

Anonymous said...

Unions rise NOW