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Monday, September 19, 2011

ILO urges Pacific Islands Forum to stay on top of Fiji situation

The International Labour Organisation made a comprehensive submission to the Ministerial Contact Group of Pacific Islands Forum when it met in Auckland about two weeks ago.

The ILO says the erosion of human and workers' rights in Fiji cannot continue says the Pacific Islands Forum must ensure Fiji moves decisively towards democracy.

Read its statement.


Thug military junta said...

Anyone who thinks Fiji is moving forward under this illegal human rights abusing thug military junta is living in a world of deceit and denial? Aren't they Croz.

mark manning said...

I can see it now !
Frank and Aiyaz announce a return to Democracy and surrender to the Fiji Police !
Yeah right !

Fark Fanning said...

Wait and see

2014 is only 3 years away.

No viable alternative has emerged todate.

Anonymous said...

enough of talk time for action.
fiji people have to be brave like libya and others people of the world to fight for freedom and democracy.
no guts no glory.
fight fire with fire.
if you can do it 1987/2000.
what is stopping you guys now.
fight now if not stop crying.

UNrest said...

The ILO is part of the UN system and this system is directly responsible for the militarization of Fiji and for the hardship our population suffers due to a series of military coups. Get real, the UN is not going to help you. You want change in Fiji? Well you got to get going and stop begging the UN for help.

Anonymous said...

When oh when are the DG ILO, the ILO and other international bodies are going to grab the bull by the horns and and sort these ILLEGAL PIGS out??!!
It seems that they prefer to take a 'fire brigade ' exercise when the shit hits the ceiling!!
These idiots [REGIME] do NOT believe in diplomacy, SO, why are you people pussy footing and being diplomatic?
We have suffered FIVE long years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats good ILO but what about making some moves in the UNION Movement around the world? This is like putting the ONUS back on the useless Forum to do something-so far nothing!

Anonymous said...

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