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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Intel warning about IED campaign for Fiji preceded Sunbeam bus fire

SUNBEAM BUS FIRE: Company waiting for LTA results.

Fiji fire officials say yesterday's blaze on a Sunbeam bus may have been a mechanical fault but intelligence sources tipped Coupfourpointfive weeks ago that those working to bring to an end the regime, had had enough and were going to start using IEDs.

IED stands for improvised explosive device and is the military term for a low impact precision device such as that of a small battery circuit that can be attached to the fuel line of a vehicle to cause a quick fire.

An email sent to us weeks ago said: "We have had enough of talks, this IED warning is real as we have about 15 made on hand. We are not terrorists, but our threat is real." 

Sixty people were forced to flee the Sunbeam bus yesterday when the engine caught fire. The bus was on its way to Suva from Lautoka when it ran into trouble between Nawai and Sigatoka, about 11 am.

The Fiji Times has quoted the National Fire Authority chief, Tupou Saubulinayau, as saying preliminary investigations indicate mechanical problems caused the fire but they are investigating further.

The operations manager for Sunbeam Transports is quoted as saying they don't have a full explanation and are waiting for the results of a LTA investigation next week.

Sunbeam's Zahid Ali is quoted as saying they are very regretful of the incident and want to reassure passengers such an incident will not happen again.
In late July intel sources told Coupfourpointfive a plan was underway to launch an IED campaign aimed at destabilising Fiji's tourism industry in a bid to cripple the regime.  The information went like this:

People of Fiji, Hear this call and hear it well. We have seen information that we provide from the inside hit worldwide ears and eyes and many rattling in the current illegal regime about the issues of:

·   Corruption by current regime leaders
·  Torture, killings and inhumane treatment of citizens of Fiji
·   Demolition and sale of government owned institutions for self gains
People have stood up with these information from us, information that have saved their lives, helped them think outside the box and use the information against the regime. As these individuals seek restoration of democracy from outside Fiji, our chiefs and populace remain gagged and silenced, living in fear of the gun.
Businessmen are gagged through decree by the regime what to do and what not to do! We have had commanders who support this intel group but they also can't stand up due to fear of PER.
Everyone wants democracy but nobody wants to stand up in Fiji because they fear for their life and their families life. Everyone wants PER out, but how ?
This regime is blind and deaf, PER is their life line.  Tourism is our breath at the moment that keeps Fiji economy going. Mara and his group are trying with their gallant effort to cut this life line from this regime, but it’s a indirect action, our tourism is not from Australia and NZ alone, we have seen tourism increase 10 fold from asian market.
So what we do we do to get a deaf and dumb regime to listen, yes its needs a big boom. We are simple smiling people in Fiji, but when devil stands at your door, you can't invite him in. Therefore we want to tell the world, and the Fiji regime, as we always respect the value of human life, you leave us no option but to cripple you from within.
Within next few weeks, we will target all popular tourist spots in Fiji specially in Suva, Sigatoka and Nadi using IEDs’ that we have successfully made. Therefore ,we give our country men a fair warning in advance to stay clear of places where tourists go.
Consider this a fair warning in advance, stay away from Fiji or your families might not even recognize your bodies!
This is not a joke.
We have had enough of talks, this IED warning is real as we have about 15 made on hand. We are not terrorists, but our threat is real. We will blow up big holes at favourite tourist spots.


mark manning said...

It's foolish and irresponsible to be starting fires willy nilly, risking the lives of innocent people and who's to say it;'s not the Military themselves pretending to be coup opponents ?
Especially when you consider the people who were killed in the last serious bus fire a couple of years ago.
Why not target Frank, aiyaz, Aziz, Pryde, Gates, the Shameem Sisters and others responsible for this coup ?
Or just let the air out of the tyres overnight !

This is a worrying and dangerous development fraught with hidden dangers for everyone.
It could even give the Military and police the excuse they need to arrest people on mass and torture or kill them, all in the name of self defense !

Anonymous said...

lets not take credit for something that was not our doing. !

Driu said...

Good to know this. I was just advising my frien at work to stay away from Fiji from now till January because of the looming threat. I will for sure direct her to this article. Well, she has already booked her family for a Queensland holiday at the end of this month after listening to my advice.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A very stupid and dangerous move if the bus burning was indeed the action of this group - but i dont believe so. Do not put the lives of the innocent at risk

Ratu Borogaga said...

this is mechanical fault, no IED shet!

whoever is trying to get credit for this burning bus should target Frank and his cronies and leave innocent civilians alone.
An exploding Franks house will receive loud applause across the nation, not burning bures and buses. And make sure Frank dies in that explosion or you will die lol!!

VRF said...

Why target tourist who didn't do anything to you but pays for your bread n butter rather then the regime. Think again pliz! Those sunbeam n tourist the majority are former citizens.

Anonymous said...

This is what we have come down to -threating the lives of the innocent! Then this movement won't succeed-as the people will be the ultimate judges. Lets be carefull you don't light a fire you can't control-those that say its not VRF whose to say differently?

Anonymous said...

Lets fight fire with fire I say. Qai macala sara mada. Mai, sa vaka mo dou lamusona mai. Ia kajia!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Violence begets violence my fellow citizens...it starts with our self imposed leader and his supporters and as always,it will be counter-productive to everyone.Lives will be lost and property destroyed...atrocities that accompany tyrany & dictatorship is inevitable!!!It`s happened in other countries over time and Fiji is no different..however,hope is,it can be avoided.Now that the people have spoken through their actions after having being gagged for the last 5 yrs,it`s time for VB & Co to show whose interest are they protecting...give back to the people their freedom of expression & choice now..otherwise..start counting the cost of your ignorance...brace yourselves people!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

The article does not mention VRF.

"those working to bring to an end the regime, had had enough"

Nor has VRF claimed responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,

Why don't you add all sisters of 1987 and 2000 coup also as they are what set the groundwork for this 2006 coup.

You are smart!!


Credible IMF sources advised today that Fiji's latest request to obtain $1.5 billion in loans was very recently declined. Apparently, other sources and countries have also refused loans to Fiji. So will the junta now look to printing its own money or raid the Reserve Bank vaults.

Anonymous said...

I support this. Force the people of Fiji to revolt!

Cunti Tappoo said...

VRF hope this is not your work. I am sure AG and FB will love to pin this one on you. Be careful what you say.

Anonymous said...


LOCALS: stay clear of places where tourists go.

VISITORS: stay away from Fiji or your families might not even recognize your bodies!

GO FOR IT! Cripple them from within and destroy them completely.

A real Son of Fiji said...

Sounds like a joke to me... these clowns don't even know what IED actually means.

Anonymous said...

whoever did this are terrorists .... they must be rounded and locked up

Anonymous said...

I totally agree wit Mark Manning, if vrf is behind all this, this is really wrong, who will be blamed if inocent in the bus lost their lifes in this incident??

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning wants democracy but can't %&$#@* stand up when it comes to the moment. Comment edited-C4.5

who knows said...

the telling thing is the talk of using EIDs that is new

Anonymous said...

Please stick to the corrupt and we know who they are.

Anonymous said...

@3:52 AM. Very true. Just remember: TERRORISM IS A TWO-WAY STREET.


Good Call! - Sources and Countries, for refusing loans to Fiji.

We can't even pay $80 million to the Exim Bank of India for goodness' sake ! I think the best acronym that sums the current state of affairs is NFC - National Financial Crisis.

The People's Charter is illegal, the decrees are illegal, and any new Constitution, and any new election, will be illegal, pursuant to the ruling of the Court of Appeal.

Unconstitutional acts are not laws; they confer no rights; they impose no duties; they afford no protection; they create no office; they are, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though they had never been passed.

In other words, you won't see your money back. The next Government will nullify all the Decrees that have been made and nullify all Debts owed by this Illegal Govt.

Anonymous said...

Vrf is claiming they are not terrorist group. Well you should have thought about it before acting. Trying to inflict damage to innocent people is your biggest mistake. Look at your supporters are now in damaged control and try to distance themselves from your not so smart move. Guess who ls laughing now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to illegal regime you deserve what you get be it bad publicity or a bomb up you know what

Pro VRF said...

People hold off there is no mention here of VRF taking responsibility for whatever has happened here.

Anonymous said...

NZers urged not to holiday in Fiji

Updated at 9:16 am on 3 September 2011

The organiser of a protest against Fiji's interim government is urging New Zealanders to pressure the regime by refusing to holiday in Fiji.

About 60 people assembled outside the Fiji High Commission in Wellington on Friday for the protest, which the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) sponsored after the introduction in Fiji of the Essential National Industries Decree, which restricts union activity, and the banning of the Methodist Church's annual conference.

CTU president Helen Kelly says the protest is intended to let the Fiji government know its actions are being monitored and also to put pressure on New Zealanders who are "continuing to holiday in Fiji and are being served now by hotel workers who have had all their rights removed, being transported there by transport workers who've had all their rights removed".

Ms Kelly says protest action will continue during next week's Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Auckland and during Fiji's Rugby World Cup matches.

Copyright © 2011, Radio New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Posted at 19:47 on 02 September, 2011 UTC

A member of the Fiji community living in New Zealand says a low turnout at a protest oustide the High Commission in Wellington on Friday reflects people’s fear of persecution.

About 60 members of unions and Amnesty International joined the Council of Trade Unions-sponsored protest against the interim government but less than a handful of expatriate Fiji citizens attended.

Elisapeti Samununu Waqanivalu says despite the risks she has to speak out but many others are too scared.

“They’re scared to be identified, they’re scared to be intimidated, or their families, that’s the reason why they’re not here. And we love the Kiwis, we love all of those that are feeling the same pain we are feeling. And for those back home, we love them. And we’re doing this for the love of our homeland.”

A member of the Fiji community in New Zealand, Elisapeti Samununu Waqanivalu.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

FijiNow said...

looks to be a pretty new bus anyway if there anything fishy would people be told? probably not

Anonymous said...

C4.5 from Fiji Times today

Police begin bus fire probe

Timoci Vula

Sunday, September 04, 2011

POLICE are now working to determine whether the driver of the Sunbeam Transport bus that caught fire on Friday checked the public transport vehicle before it headed off on its scheduled run.

There were 60 passengers on board the bus but they escaped injuries.

Spokeswoman Theresa Ralogaivau said drivers, particular those for public service vehicles, must perform their checklists on their vehicles to ensure they are in safe running condition.

She said while investigators from police and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) would determine the cause of the bus fire, all Fiji drivers were urged to carry out routine checks on their vehicle.

LTA chief executive Naisa Tuinaceva said fires did not just happen, there was a cause.

"Fires don't just appear out of thin air and there are 101 reasons why this fire happened" Mr Tuinaceva said. "It could be mechanical or electrical and that is what we are trying to know at this stage."

"Three things work together to produce a fire รน source, fuel and oxygen. So we are trying to determine the source."

Mr Tuinaceva said this was a wakeup call to all operators and drivers that "we need to check out vehicles before we drive them".

He said it was wrong to totally rely on a fitness test certificate as a guarantee that a vehicle was in a top notch condition and safe for use throughout the year.

"That's the assumption people make, that LTA passed that bus or other PSV as fit and speculation starts rolling about whether LTA did a good job at inspection for fitness," he said. "Yes, LTA has passed the vehicle but it's the duty of the operator to sustain that level of fitness throughout the year, through regular maintenance."

Mr Tuinaceva said they found vehicle owners were maintaining that level of fitness causing a large number of vehicle defect notices that were issued every year, and the large number of vehicle breakdowns on our roads.

Anonymous said...

VRF monitor your comments if this burning bus saga is not yours DO NOT CLAIM IT!!We want a return to Democracy ASAP!!

Coup 4.5 said...

To Anon

Coupfourpointfive's email address is under the Chat Box on the left hand side of the page


mark manning said...

@ anon 1004 a.m.
No need to moderate comments on my account coup 4.5 , I can handle the village idiot !
There is one in every Town after all and one must make allowances.
I have gone to every meeting and rally and march except the Canberra ones, I returned to Fiji in 2008, anticipating the possibility of being taken up to the camp, but nothing eventuated.
I constantly look over my shoulder in Sydney when I go to these marches etc. because I have seen the spies there, but I'm not afraid as you point out because I have God on my.
Right is might !

Frank and co. just don't quite understand how Australians feel about Workers Rights and Unions.
Workers rights, long Service Leave, better pay and conditions, free uniforms, toilets and other facilities supplied at the work place, overtime for working outside Office hours ( 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ) holiday pay, 3,4,and 5 annual leave, 6 weeks if you do regular and an alloted number of hours on nightshift etc.etc.
The Australian Labour Party is just that, it is for people who do manual labour, compared to the Conservatives, the Liberal Party, who predominantly represent the Business owners interests and try and keep wages , salaries and conditions to a minimum, while squeezing as much free labour from the workforce.

So Frank and aiyaz, touch the working man's rights, and you will feel the force of the labour movement in Australia and New Zealand, England and not so much from america, which is a Capitalist Society and doesn't really stand up for the worker because their labour laws are pathetic and watered down to extrapolate more from the workers.

Please, please do try and destroy the working class's pay and conditions and we will destroy your Tourism Sector.
This will happen as we challenge our Citizens with the realities of just how you are walking all over your workers.

Anonymous said...

LTA should check the quality of OIL that these buses are buying... thats wats causing these fires...

second grade used oil is being sold as new engine oil...cheap stuff but highly dangerous...they burn easy cos of its low burning point...

one time back there was one too many bus fires starting from the engine.....because of this cheap oil..

Anonymous said...

I do NOT for one moment believe that the burning of the bus is the work of the VRF!!!
Sa rauta mada na lasutaki keimami tiko!!
Hit them at their homes, their families, their properties, their cars - then you will have some credibility!!!
Otherwise, sa rauta mada na lasu!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the target should be , baini, arse, dewan , rajesh, vijend, tiokoitoga, leweni , any one who assist this regime

Anonymous said...

Aim for Wholesale Travel Agents overseas to CEASE TRAVEL BOOKINGS TO FIJI ASAP!! They are the ones promoting FIJI at the expense of the FIJI workers!!

semimiau said...

Bros & sisters whoever you are, I applaud your action to resort to violent act because like the Coup master's(Rabaku) book "NO OTHER WAY" its the only way of survival and getting these thieves shut out. I hope that the Saddam or the Gaddafi of the Pacific will soon be exonerated from our beloved land.
I will always with anyone who wants to fight this evil regime.Please people of Fiji listen to these gutsy few who dare to stand their ground against these bullies.To the people of my beloved land lets support these group.
I plead to all you Fiji people to demonstrate and keep burning buildings down.

Anonymous said...

Oso mana sa tekivu qoi....mera kama kece na vei otela lelevu....burn them all!!! Until people wake up to the realisation that they have been robbed. We not terrorists but freedom fighters....toso mana....thumbs up for democracy!

Anonymous said...

This is the best picture this site has ever posted. Lets work together and create pictures like these or even better ones with Bai and Aiyass up in flames.....

Anonymous said...

Kua na veibeci Mark Manning some village folks are intelligent in their own right. No need for you to talk down anyone but Frank and Kaiyum!!!

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID!!! MARK MANNING @SEP.4..11:57AM...Tell them more about Trade Union Solidarity;.Anyway...have we noticed that none of protests conducted in front of Fiji`s Embassy in the UK,AUS AND NZ has been down-played by the regime? ...Fiji Media Companies,choose whom you shall serve this day?..do the the people of Fiji deserve to be lied to?...support the democracy movement...temporarily shut down your operations if they persist in keeping their goons in your news rooms..the regime has lost the advantage of using the `fear factor`on the people and very soon media propaganda will loose it`s effect..Recent activities are proof to this effect..graffiti spraying all over the country(some right under the noses of military) burning of Govt property right in front of police officers and now it`s buses(confined Sunbeam Transport-Why?)...now what next? .

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark - Re Australian Politics.
Your sentiments about the Australian Labor Party are underestood and appreciated ...but defining the Labor party as named that way for the workers who Labour, long ago lost that association. The spelling is different and the meaning is different and the same sound of that word can NO longer mean the Liberal Party do NOT govern for the working person.
In fact the present Labor Party has completely lost its "working class" base and has for decades been the higher taxing and gross waster of voters money than the Liberal governments. So Australians are NO LONGER better off under Labor for both democracy or financially.
.... so Fiji would certainly not want the Australian Labor version of democracy for their model.
Labor wants to control the individual and members MUST vote with the party....
The Libs ideals believe in individual freedom coupled with resposibility and at the same time giving every one a fair go.
The word DEMOCRACY should be practiced right through to the party room where the decisions are made, not just when the public vote for a representative.
Let's hope Fiji quickly moves to a pure democracy model (if that exists) a model where even the best (even from a list of bad alternatives) is adopted for the betterment of all the people.
At least, if Fiji has an elected parliament that is not in danger of a coup, we are all agreed, would be wonderful, and hopefully they can get on with governing Fiji with little influence from the big world of rotten politics.
Is that asking too much?
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

REAL SON OF FIJI;...the real meaning of IED...is in explosive destroyer...thats ada name as home made bombs..if u dont undastand home explosive made...


Anonymous said...

@ Driu why are you polluting and giving fear to potential visitors from visiting Fiji??? are you saying that all the tourist areas are been targeted as well??? obviously you have no national pride in you. People like you giving ill advice are the very ones who will destroy the industry...PATHETIC

Anonymous said...

@Annon.5:55pm..Sep.4...Yeah!!to be more specific,it`s Improvised Explosive Device(IED)..so we hear from our people who have experience in military weapon training.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Improvised Explosive Device. Also its impossible to use an IED to start the kind of fire that happened in the bus. an IED fire would be sudden and with sufficient force to take the bus up in 2 minutes, forget passengers leaving or even salvaging their luggage. time for the VFR to be honest and stop false claims.

Anonymous said...

guys, cmon who cares about the proper name or meaning for IED...lets just blow sh*t up!!!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Some will say that C 4.5 has the right in the name of free speech and free media reporting to publish the above article.

As the article clearly suggests that there is possibly a group or an indavidual that may threaten lives in Fiji hopefully C 4.5 would have passed what they received back in July to the relavant authorities.

Whatever, it's a very valid justification for any goverment to put actions into place such as PER and certain media censorship until its seriousness is absolutely confirmed.

HOTEL SNAKES!! said...







Anonymous said...

To the VRF - be careful cause those IED's will one day come back and haunt you guys abd your family.

They may explode in your own backyard...The Taliban can vouch for this!


Fiji to the Max said...

People have short and selective memories. The person now calling himself fiji's attorney general was once a bomb maker!

Anonymous said...

E @Annon.8:26pm...Yeah!!Lol!!..since VRF is in for the long haul,may be he`s found a market for his product.After all he sounds like a good businessman in his speeches..yeah! only in speeches `cause we`ve yet to see him produce results in his 5yrs for Fiji`s benefit..all he`s done is empire building for Voreqe & himself.

Anonymous said...

Buring Busses and putting life in danger of common people is no way out-its cowardice!!!