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Monday, September 12, 2011

Khaiyum's voter registration announcement prompts revelations of election 'delaying tactics'

Electronic voter registration: Soro Totou at right

Information today that casts another light on last week's announcement by Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the regime is calling for expressions of interests for its   electronic voter registration programme.

Sources say an electronic voter registration programme has been ready for two years and has been waiting only for regime funding for hardware to run it and for legislation to regarding electoral boundaries to be finalised.

The programme was developed by ITC Services and sources say until the departure of Soro Toutou earlier this year, it had been demonstrating to the Electoral Commission the programme was ready to be used. 

But they say the Commission has come to a sandstill and there has been no response from the Elections Office regarding the EVR system ITC had been working on  supposedly for Fiji's next general election.

Sources say there is currently no budget for EVR hardware proposed by ITC since 2009 and that planning has been ad-hoc and has caused frustration among the Elections Office, who are tired of the lack of commitment from the decision makers.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Khaiyum has meanwhile remained silent and aloof to efforts to engage.


The EVR was used in the 2006 elections but there were weaknesses and work was being done by ITC services to enhance it. Improvements included synchronising the bio data with the births deaths & marriages database to ensure that the name was same as that registered on the birth certificate.

This has now been done and the programme is believed to be cost effective because it can use existing laptops and inbuilt cameras.

The other advantage is that it also allows for the use of the GOVNET infrastructure, as well as the Vodafone and Digicel networks to connect directly to the EVR Database and have real time uploads of this information, preventing duplication of information.

Sources say the only issue that hadn't been resolved were boundaries and the electoral legislation to which the system must abide by. "This EVR system was also ready to incorporate the Municipal Electoral details so that the one system data can be used for multiple elections."    

Khaiyum's announcement last week the regime was starting voter registration was timed for its big push to be readmitted to the Pacific Islands Forum. But it is widely believed the regime will not deliver on its promise for free and fair elections in Fiji in 2014, after refusing to hold them in 2009, as it said it would.

We have been told that staff from the Elections office have taken trips and tours to Europe and Asian countries to view their EVR systems, but no proposals or papers have ever been presented on the Fiji EVR Model.

According to a source: "There have been so many meetings about the number of Elections registration centers, some one thousand of them but still nothing confirmed in writing to say this is the list, this is the venue and these are the timelines.

"It has been all public talk but there has been nothing in writing to confirm discussions and agreed arrangements. It's so obvious to the elections staff that this is delaying  tactics."   

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says the regime has to do more than just announce it has started voter registration for New Zealand to consider changing its current hardline approach to Fiji.

McCully told the TV3 current affairs programme, The Nation, over the weekend the regime also has to restore liberties to the people of Fiji and stop intimidating locals.

"Voter registration is important and I've said to the Fiji regime directly and to others in the region, New Zealand stands ready to offers support with the census, with boundary distribution arrangements with all of the things that go into preparations for an election if we can see that happening. 

"But we would want to see free and few elections and that all stakeholders can participate. A starting point for that surely, must be an indication that basic freedoms are in place so the emergency regulations need to go, there needs to be press freedom and the practice of rounding up church leaders and taking them down to the barracks has got to stop."


The Pacific Taliban said...

As Fiji moves even more under the control of the taliban mindset it continues to rapidly deteriorate. The useless Fiji military under the control of the Al kaida clone khaiyum,has totally lost the plot and the coward hand puppet just jumps to attention every time his al kaida kommander barks an order.
fiji will take a long time to recover from these treasonous pigs.

Anonymous said...

Expression of interest is not a public international tender.

EOI is EOI and not tender.

The supplier is already done deal-corruption.

Bribes and kick backs to be used to scam the election.

Anonymous said...

this ask ploy again to get forum govt on his side.
liar liar.
they will rig the election.
how can he appoint ps justice to be election boss.
pryde another liar like his boss bai/ask.

Anonymous said...

Is 'ITC Services' the official IT Department of the Fiji Government ?

If this is so it will likely be said by some that the EVR it has developed is not independent enough.

Whatever, it would be prudent for the goverment to compare its own system against others on the market with respect to cost, security and operation etc.

WALK said...

Let us face the reality of life: There are three ways Fiji's political future can unfold. The first and most likely is that Khaiyum decides that the last Lowy poll is as good as an election so we can save the money for the motions and keep him and his family in power for the next 30 or 40 years. The second is a bit more expensive but could bamboozle the donors: An election is indeed held (perhaps in 2020) where the only de facto choice is to vote for the WALK party. The We All Love Khaiyum party will then form a democratically elected government which in turn hopes that the rest of the world is stupid enough to buy their charade. The third option could emerge any day: People say enough is enough, stand up for their rights and throw out Khaiyum and his thugs. Unfortunately, this last option is the most unlikely.

Vanua. said...

When will people accept the fact that this gang will never allow free & fair elections?
Put yourself in their position - would you?

Anonymous said...

With each new decree, someone is amassing more and more power - and it certainly is not Frankie...No doubt about it, Fiji's operating at ASK's whims at the moment!

Pretty soon, even Frankie will be turfed out on his butt - ia susuga vinaka tiko na gata qori Voreqe, ena tilomi iko tale ena dua na siga wale ga qo!

Doubting Thomas said...

Will beleve the elections when it happens...voter registration doens't mean anything! Many a change between here and 2014!

Anonymous said...

Hellow, voter registration is all for show and waz a show stopper for the Melanesian delegates and the Pacific Leaders gathering. wakey wakeys

Anonymous said...

What else is there to believe when this maca phukin compulsive liar vomits every now and again.
Soro Toutou removed from Elections Office.. Pryde controls things now and of course under the animal`s supervision!!!..Isa!na Animal Farm!!
The PIGS took over the running of the farm from human beings ..everything ended in chaos.
Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Don'tbe fooled McCully...this gang has lied too many times already

Anonymous said...

From office of Frank Bainimanama -
starting election campain.
I, Frank Bainimarnanana have had a change of hart.
Please don't tell Kiyume, he will have me shot.
He is the nut case trying to turn Fiji into a muslim country, whereas I don't really care either way.

1 - I promis cancel all decrees as soon as possible.(some of them)
2 - I will stop bashing women and children at barracks (do it other place)
3 - I will give metholated church full freedom so God can contact people.(I might be judged soon)
4 - I will give back freedom for trade unions (so long as they don't pick on me)
5 - I will give press full freedom to report whatever (as long as dont critisise me)
6 - I will give back all the mony I stole from people (lastweek)
7 - I will sack all solders and get new ones from UN.(any solders dont agree withme will be tortred)
8 - all pension fund will be given back (except whats permanently gone to oversees abank acocownt)
9 - All solders who comit merder will be sent on long holiday.(maybe 3 months at denaru sheratin on dubble pay all expeses payed-wink wink nod nod.
10 - I promis to orgainse a election (befor I die.)

LoVe and sinceRely for all Freedom
V rank banimaR ama still in F iji

..cos I V ery deaR ly love yus all and will do anything (to win my F &$@# elction0)
I reeely reeely pwomise.cross my hart and spit into the wind.
-----------------------------------some V ery bad sweaR words sensored by coup F our point 5

Anonymous said...

"The PIGS took over the running of the farm from human beings ..everything ended in chaos.
Sa dri yani." quote from Anonmymous only it all began some time long ago-when they chucked out the results from a democratically held elections to "save the Fijian race"-the rally cry!???? Now from whom is the question? So did any saving actually take place???

Anonymous said...

Electric voter system, the promises of good roads, electricity, water, upgraded air and sea ports, the claim in today's FJ that we can save $126m in amongst other things providing milk [Hello!!!!] just leaves me speechless. Oh, by the way, what has happened to Jim Ah Koy's tamani BIG talk about ethanol [via tavioka]when he was rep to China?
I sometimes wonder whether past legal leaders were sleeping on the job or what!!!!
A friend of mine then brought me back to reality by saying that " Those past leaders were accountable, these people are not"

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Along with every brand new decree, somebody is actually amassing increasingly more energy -- as well as it definitely is not really Frankie... Without doubt about this, Fiji's working from ASK's vagaries right now!

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Unknown said...

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