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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Regime reveals Fiji voter registration plans to Melanesian mates first

The regime has announced that voter registration will start early next year, with Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum saying expressions of interest for companies experienced in electronic voter registration will get underway tomorrow.

This is, of course, for the phantom 2014 elections!
But typical of the unelected government, the proposal was revealed LAST to the people of Fiji and FIRST to the delegates from the visiting Melanesian countries attending last week's Engaging with the Pacific meeting in Nadi.

The reason for doing that of course is simple: the regime has the local population in a choker hold and doesn't have to woo it - like it does its neighbours, especially the Melanesian countries who this week led the call for Fiji to be re-admitted to the Pacific Islands Forum.

In a document obtained by Coupfourpointfive from last week's Nadi meeting, the self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama and the deputy secretary of the Strategic Framework for Change, Edward Tunidau, revealed details of voter registration as part of a regime report on its so-called roadmap. 

The document (which we're printing in part only at this stage) detailed also the regime's 'progress' with the media decrees, public service reforms, land reform, investment and health.

Frank Bainimarama: Update on Fiji's roadmap

As we all know good governance is a prerequisite for sustainable development and economic growth.
This in turn will require improved political, economic and social conditions and mechanisms for stability, safety and inclusive governance.
The challenge is to develop approaches that promote an inclusive electoral and parliamentary process in an environment where key security and government principles and values are constantly involved.
In our first EWTP meeting last year, my officials gave a preview on how Fiji is addressing these issues through the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Economic Development 2009 to 2014.
Today we will have the deputy secretary in the Strategic Framework for Change (SFC) co-ordinating office, who is charged with overseeing the implementation of the Roadmap to update us with progress that has taken place in the past 12 months

Mr Edward Tunidau
Strategic Framework For Change was announced by PM in 2009 - it is a blueprint for development as indicated from 2009 to 2014 and it is in 2 phases

The 1st phase from 2009 to 2012 focuses on the economic and social development
2nd phase from 2012 to 2014 focuses on constitution development and general elections

The SFC initiative and all the reforms all originated from the Peoples Charter for Change Peace and Progress consultations.
Initiative was launched in October 2010.
It was launched to produce a comprehensive, fact-based, diagnostic, forward-looking report on the state of the nation.
The findings and recommendations to address the challenges facing Fiji as contained in this report and extensive consultations undertaken at the local, community, and national level formed the basis of the preparation of the draft Peoples Charter.

The Peoples Charter process was a nation-wide inclusive and participatory process. It represents Fiji's own way of addressing its deep-rooted, complex and fundamental problems. The NCBBF had received very strong broad-based support from the people of Fiji for the draft Peoples Charter with an acceptance rate of 64%.

It is on the basis of such a feedback from the people of Fiji that the NCBBF finalised the draft document and submitted this - The Peoples Charter for Change peace and Progress to his excellency the late President of Fiji in December 2008 for endorsement.

The vision of the Peoples Charter has never changed. It is still building a better Fiji for all with the overarching objectives to rebuild Fiji into an all-racial, culturally vibrant and united, well governed, truly democratic nation.

A nation that seeks progress and prosperity through merit based actuality of opportunity and peace and is guided by the following principles.

One of the main objectives of the Peoples Charter is to commit future governments to addressing the critical problems affecting the country rather than diverting resources to other, essentially, non-priority areas.

The key pillars of the Peoples Charter are set out in the PC as a foundation for the rebuilding of Fiji as a nation
These pillars are broad-based strategies and objectives of the pillars are further cascaded and detailed into the SFC which operationalises core strategies in the roadmap.

The SFC has 3 sectors
We will have a look at the governance sector we'll focus on the strategic priorities in this sector which government is currently working on.

The constitution will be developed by September 2013, the formulation will commence in September 2012.
In terms of the electoral reform - elections will be held under a new electoral system - the open list system as  recommended by the NCBBF.

Currently, we are conducting registration awareness and the pilot test of voter registration centres around the country.
Point to note-the electoral voter registrations begin next year.

In terms of accountability and transparency - high on the agenda is the removal of systemic corruption, which FICAC is fully functional with 39 convictions to date.

Fiji has ratified the United nations Convention Against Corruption in May 2008
In 2009 Fiji volunteered to be part of the pilot review in which we facilitated a visit from a delegation of experts from France and Serbia for the purpose of assessing Fiji's compliance with UNCAC.

Again in 2011, Fiji volunteered to be reviewed in the first cycle of the review mechanism. As such, Fiji has been reviewed by the USA and Bangladesh.  Fiji has also been approached and has agreed to be a reviewer during this review cycle- we'll be reviewing Timor-Leste later next year.

Modelled on the NSW system in Australia - the legal practitioners decree imported new definitions of professional conduct from Queensland in Australia and due process to be carried out by establishing the Independent Legal Services Commission as a disciplinary body for the legal profession.

The creation of this independent body created a transparent and independent system to look into consumer grievances and other complaints against the conduct of lawyers.
This contributed to tangible and practicle systems of law, as it applied to lawyers.


Anonymous said...

While I fully support the article that says people of Fiji have not been consulted individually, I do not support Waqaitairewa's comment of consultation via Fiji citizens political representatives.

Absolutely there is no one in Fiji that has any political representative because parliament has lapsed, not just 6 months, not just 1 year but 5 long years. Therefore NO party has any mandate and if they are to take any stand outside of 1997 constitution, they are party to treason.

Therefore the Forum countries are promoting treason by supporting IG's roadmap to elections in 2014.

If IG has balls to check out that people support their proposal, and before going into any review which they said will begin next year, they must first seek consent via referundum. Maybe 6-10 questions
that fit with their intentions to change constitution with right of people to give their public view and all political party given equal funding to campaign their views and open debates on TV.

No Sanatan, Muslim League, Methodist, GCC, Provincial Council, FLP and SDL have ANY mandate to give any opinion for the people. They will be party to treason.

WE do not want hypocretes on one hand calling for democracy and on the other saying o.k. we can accept some changes in the constitution. For those who do go and join Frank and A'hole now and stop wasting everyones time and pretend.

Democracy Fighter said...

"In terms of accountability and transparency - high on the agenda is the removal of systemic corruption, which FICAC is fully functional with 39 convictions to date".

If you include all the corrupt deals of Bai, ASK, YP Reddy and Tappoo, then it would run into thousands.

Q: Why isn't FICAC getting YP Reddy and Tappoo?
A: ______________________________

Fill in the blank.

Anonymous said...

Its a start with mongrel lawyers, next deal with mongrel surveyors, architecs, accountants. All these supposed elite of society that have brought our country down.

Unfortunately our dictator has lost steam and is busy looking after number one and cronies and so we will have democracy again soon and then the mongrels will rule and again and take our country further down the drain.


Anonymous said...

The Government of Fiji is really broke so the only way to get the urgent financial assistance is to announce to the world that there is a road map to election. This is why Bai has made an urgent trip to Rabi straight after that meeting in Nadi to choke some money from their Council just to keep Fiji afloat till all the financial assistance start to pour in again. Wananavu!!!!!

No Mandate said...

Khaiyum has absolutely no mandate to make any decisions on behalf of Fijians. His appointment is illegal, no one has ever voted for him, he has committed treason and he has oversighted horrendous human rights abuses and murder during his reign as illegal AG. He, and his family including Nur Ali, who have had their snouts in the trough as coup collaborators, must be brought to justice. These treasonous thieves are NOT part of Fiji's future or its pathway forward.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Hh puhlease ..... more excreta from the regime .....

Lies lies and more lies.

The regime must be studying the Mein Kamp ....for Hitler's favorite saying was this :

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

Sorry Fulori .... the regime missed the marks somehow.


mark manning said...

Once again it seems, Indigenous rights are being admonished in favour of the rights of a few, and this is being done with the assistance of people, not even Fijian, purporting to have their interests at heart.
The question remains, will Fijians stand by yet again, while their Traditions, Culture, Economy, Government, Land and way of life are stolen from them ?
Well, at least this time, the Governments Australia and New Zealand can't be blamed, nor the English for stripping Fijians of their rights.
Is this the " New Pacific Way " ?
Will Fijians continue to stand idly by, as we enter the death throws of the Indigenous Fijian and their Traditions and Institutions and their Land is stolen from under their feet, literally ?

Anonymous said...

Khayum's Peoples Charter DOES NOT have support of grassroots or ANY popular support.

As AG he should know better that there is a case law in Fiji that threw out Qarase's constitution review headed by Joe Singh in 2000, as the proposed basis to democratic elections.

AG must explain what law and under which courts past or current that this case law has no relevance to Peoples Charter proposals to amend constitution.

After the court ruling this IG is referred to as illegal govt.

After the elections the purportedly elected govt will be called illegal democratic govt!!

Anonymous said...

SDL & Labor start the election campaign now and prepare for surprise election not in 2014 but 2012.

Anonymous said...

People Charter is VB & ASK ROADMAP TO NABORO!!!



Taukei said...

Mark manning, please sip your latte in australia. we taukei dont need your racial stirring you white trash!

Anonymous said...

The purchase of the e vote machine is a scam.

Expression of Interest is not public tender.

No tender board will decide the company for job kickbacks will be paid in millions

The machine cost is scam

Election will be scam cos dictator got no hope to win only scam and gail all opposing

Anonymous said...

Remove these thieving,guile and compulsive liars as soon as possible;have them put away in solitary confinement;have a caretaker government specifically tasked to (1) take Fiji to the polls in the earliest possible time.(2)have in place a truth and reconciliation committee to conduct a thorough investigation into the events year 2000 and 2006 where the citizens of this country be invited to take stand and give their account of events against the coup makers and give them a fair trial..we must allow justice to take it`s course.As for now,the Nation must stand it`t ground and expose this regime and it`s leaders for what they really are...Oppressors/Murderers/Liars/Thieves/Women bashers.. amongst other things ..to the International Community.A concerted effort is now required from us all to topple this dictator and his subordinates .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This diatribe of a pretend academi politic speak is the rantings of a mad mind going around in circles in his own paranoid world of "me", "myself" and "I".
Every one of the people listening must have left the meeting thinking "this guy is either brilliant or he's mad, because I could not understand any of it".
... a mixture of plausable sentences backed up by incredibly blatent lies surounded by the contradictions experienced by the nations personal suffering.
They must have gone home thinking "what a waste of time that was".
... at least they will be gone soon.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Thanx C4.5 HANGING OUT THE WET BLANKET IN THE SUN;Rumours are, the world cup fever in NZ has weakened the spell cast on them by the jhadhoo team in Nadi now that they`ve agreed to keep Fiji under this dictatorship out of the forum...compliment returned...with or with-out your inclusion;na toso qo na toso ga!!

better of our Melanisian friends.

Anonymous said...


dr Shau Khan x FFA said...

Election very good but only when its held under VRF supervision.

Anonymous said...

Vote register tender will to Asian company. The electronic system will be programmed how AG wants the count to go. Wake up Fiji listen to UN and bring back civilian rule.

The Oracle said...

The IG told regional delegates at their recent meeting that "voter registration awareness" had already started and that tests were being done on "voter registration centres". Is there anyone who can confirm having attended one of those "awareness" programs? And do we know where these "test" centres are located (apart from the army, police and prisons barracks)?

BRAIN TEASER FOR KHAIYUM: If voter registration begins on January 1 2012 and runs for six months that would be BEFORE consultations on the "new Constitution" begin in September 2012. So, where are the legislative provisions (within the Constitution) for voter registration coming from? Or are we using the old 1997 Constitution to register voters and the "new Constitution" to actually hold elections? Talk about putting the cart before the horse: in this case, Khaiyum seems to be walking with his a-hole in the air and his head at ground level.
He should do us all a favour - if an internationally recognised company is brought in to electronically register voters, the succesful company should also include in its registration programs a "referendum" whereby those being registered can indicate whether they love or hate Frank and Aiyaz and whether or not they feel Frank and Aiyaz (and cohorts) should be tried for TREASON.
The way things are going, the outcome of the 2014 elections have already been determined - even before the first vote is cast. So, yes, we will probably have "elections" in 2014 but they will be under Frank and Aiyaz's directions and the two are likely to be "returned" to continue their strangle-hold over the country through what they will then claim was a "democratic" process.

International donor agencies should first determine the authenticity and the legal aspects to holding elections under a "yet-to-be-determined Constitution" before giving Frank and Aiyaz any of funding for voter registration purposes.

Verebau. said...

"electronic voting system" is another word for an "IT scam".
All Viti needs are electoral personel on all islands connected via mobile phones to a main tally room in Suva.

Anonymous said...

Talking about corruption ...

What a bloody cheek for Bai to keep harping about FICAC and its anti-corruption campaign when we know for a fact that FICAC doesn't have the guts to investigate the No.1 scam in this country - the secret salaries paid to the illegal pm, his ag and the Cabinet - all contrived through ag's aunt Nur Bano

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Rabi Council had the courage to tell badmanana where to go for his money, as he will be going there soon anyway.

Someone ought to make sure the Rabi Council knows what is going on with these corrupt, lowlife, thieving, murderers.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Something very suspicious about electronic voter registration. No other South Pacific Country uses this system and is probably very easily rigged with illegal regime in charge of supervising its use.

Anonymous said...

another name for an absolute list of the entire population to be used for absolute control of every individual in Fiji.
Under a normal benevolant government you do not worry. But under a murderous thieving low life
junta ? ? ?
Time is running out - WAKE UP !

Anonymous said...

PLEASE VRF.do you work but not in the name of the METHORDIST CHURCH.