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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Questions about Fiji's latest development the 'Mother of all Scams: Waila City'


Machines are poised just outside of Nausori to start turning over land that will lead to the development of what the regime says will be the first of its kind in Fiji: prime housing, commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, police stations, religious sites and a sports complex for about 5000 families.


Its Waila City and will be developed over a period of seven to 10 years at an estimated cost of one billion dollars. 

The senior officer for the Housing Authority, Isikeli Navuda, announced on Monday that the Malaysian company, Top Symphony, is now ready to start working the 700 acres of land at Waila.

So why is Waila City being described as the Mother Of All Scams? Read the following pointers to get an idea of why the project is being dismissed as yet another way for the regime to cash in on bribes and kickbacks.


1) Where has Waila City come from and is it really needed? Especially, when Lami, Suva, Nasinu and Nausori exist, within close proximity of each other. No plans existed in the Ministry of National Planning for such a development and neither does Waila City appear in any Fiji Government’s National Strategic Development plan’s to date

2) The total cost of the construction project is said to be one billion over ten years, but no one knows the true cost, not even the dictator Frank Bainimarama, although his speech quotes the total outlay of funds to be $1 billion dollars

3) What sensible individual, business or Government awards a one billion dollar construction project on the basis of ‘estimated cost’?

4) Fiji does not have the ability to repay this one billion dollar loan and other loans to the Malaysian bank involved along with the Chinese loans, so when the five-year grace period starts, the Fiji economy is likely to burst

5) There was no public tender called for to award the construction project and project funding, which suggests the rampant corruption and scam

6) There has been no competitive, open, transparent and accountable mechanism put in place to set the most competitive construction project price and lowest interest funding, meaning the least competitive cost

7) Had a public international tender been called the construction cost of the project could have been half a billion dollars and funding could have been at 3%, much less than the unknown billions

8) The loan is repayable in USD dollars, so to say it's a one billion dollar project is misleading as the repayment is in one billion USD dollars and not FJD dollars

9) There is an inflation adjustment clause in the contract that will result in the interest rate to be increased by the Malaysian bank over the repayment period of the loan

10) Fluctuation in exchange currencies will be Fiji loss under the loan agreement and not the loss of the lender-banks

11) There is a 1% commitment fee and 1% management fee annually, with the regime's no-payment ability now, these have been capitalized on the loan sum

12) The five-year grace period will be in chaos when the repayment of principal and interest starts on the one billion dollar loan and other loans from Malaysia and China that must be repaid

13) Bainimarama has signed the ‘Sovereign Guarantee’ for this loan which effectively cedes Fiji to the foreign nation, like the other similar private loans

14) Fiji has no repayment ability of the interest, principal and finance costs with Waila City and other concurrent running loans

15) Top Symphony, a Malaysian Company, is none other than Naim Cendera, who has been directly appointed by Bainimarama to construct the project. Its chair Datuk Abdul Hamed Bin Haji Sepawi, a former western Fiji resident, now a London restaurant operator and personal friend (who comes to Fiji regularly) of Bainimarama, is said to be the deal maker and arranger of the bribes and kickbacks

16) The Exim Bank of Malaysia private billion dollar loan has been taken at 9% interest

17) Malaysia and China can call on Fiji, to repay the loans anytime and in full

18) Bainimarama's actions are reckless and is likely to cause  Fiji to go bankrupt in a few years time

19) The Malaysians under the contract will source steel, cement, building materials from Malaysia and labor - so what is the economic benefits to Fiji?

20) There is no shortage of cement, imported steel, building materials, tools and carpenters and builders in Fiji to build houses if land is made available for people to relocate. This would cost a fraction of the one billion dollars now forced on them

21) Which building standards will the hundreds of buildings be constructed to? Malaysian or Fiji standards and will these be cyclone proof?

22) If the construction project takes about 10 years and then they start collapsing from forced maturity or age, then what is cost of the repair and maintenance, and who will pay for these?

23) Shouldn’t the project plans, analysis & evaluation be put to the public since public monies will repay these?

Bainimarama unveils 'a first for Fiji': "The Waila City Project, ladies and gentlemen, is a symbol and a manifestation of a change in the housing policy regime" 


Editor's Note: If you've been following our stories on the unethical deals between Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Tappoo involving the  National Provident Fund and Kanti Tappoo, the blog Intelligentsiya has unearthed documents that show further discrepancies. We'll be picking up the story later but check out Intelligentsiya for the latest on that swindle, which blogs are still revealing even as this new one, Waila City, surfaces.  


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mark manning said...

I don't even have to read this article to see that the Regime is continuing to scam the people of Fiji.
Steal $1,000,000,000 to build a Development for $300,000,000 worth only $100,000,000 !

Anonymous said...

who ever bring these scams to light , I salute them . but real question to be asked , do people of Fiji cares , do they know about this , I think when new governments move , any debt undertaken by this government should not be paid , be it China , India, Solomon. Let the world know what it be when you support a military junta.

Anonymous said...


Take heed, take heed, you will collect your debt and interest, it will be delivered in body bag.

Ni sa moce

Anonymous said...

From the speech at the official launch of the Waila Project it appears that its aim is to provide housing accommodation and related facilities for about 5,000 families.

It suggests that some or all of this will be 'assisted' affordable housing which is certainly needed. Previous goverments may have been content to allow many Fiji citizens to continue living in tin shack squatter settlements, but perhaps this goverment wants to change that.

Although it is talked about the cost being (or estimated) at $1 billion for the total project is this actually the amount being paid for the Malaysian construction contract ?

Whatever, the article has some valid points which which should be addressed, if not already, by those responsible.

Further questions that come to mind are;

a) To borrow to invest you need to be pretty confident of your return. So where is this return coming from ?

b) Will there be enough jobs in that area to support a community of 5,000 in the future ?

c) Are there actually 5,000 families around the area that can afford, be able to, or want to move to Nausori area ?

Anonymous said...

Beware the Malaysian bank and Naim Cendera: our children will be paying for generations to come

Anonymous said...

First of all for such a city to thrive, you need more than a million people to live and spend money. Fiji has a small population and no money- very small economic base, many retirees now at 50+ and people are struggling. so another flop scam and pie in the sky con. This regime only attracts fly-by-nite scammers same characters like themselves. Emperor with no clothes, and living in a spider's cobweb!How to entice people to leave so far away from main centre? They should be sold to pay for the debts when the time comes to pay up!

Keep The Faith said...

Watch the banks to see who is being tapped on to actually lend them the capital.

I doubt that a commercial bank will do it, so it could be FDB and Housing Authority itself a'la Penina/Tappoo's/FNPF arrangement.

The whole deal reeks.

mark manning said...

It's called indebtedness.
An inability to repay borrowed sums of money.
the known result is, Aiyaz will elect to sell off Land previously destined to be returned to the rightful owners or for which the rightful owners were about to be compensated by the Qarase Government.

The problem with the Regime doing these shady deals is, they are not a Government, don't have the mandate of the people of Fiji and only ever represent their own interests.

Semi Nate said...

This contract is by an Illegal govt.
Bainimarama and his father can go pay it.
We the people don't know anything about it and don't want to know anything about it.
You Malaysians and Chinese can go get stuffed.
Ask Bainimarama,his family and the stupid army to pay it back to you.
As soon as we take over via democracy all this payment will stop.

Viti First said...

Anon@9.59 PM I think some of what you say is true. Yet if you look at the flag counter for C4.5 three days ago the 26th there were 5015 hits. My reading is that people are interested in what is happening to Fiji and are reading but are waiting for something to happnen to remove regime which it is not.

Anonymous said...

Com' on BAI na ASK,you both know that this is wrong.For Fiji's sake please stop it!

Anonymous said...

@Viti First Can't blame people for being tired and disappointed. Roko Ului has become a blogger and is telling the people to rise up instead of leading the barracks against Frank as he made out he was going to do. And what has become of VRF. No wonder the people are disappointed.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:49
VRF? The sotia ni solisona broke his finger.
You wait once that finger heals he'll be back spray-painting... lol.

Anonymous said...

The dumb dictator would not know how many zero's in a billion.

A million times a million equals one billion.

So how many zero's - he dont know this?

So dictator know not how this gonna be repaid by Fiji.

Fiji is now bankrupt and doomed.

Estimated cost of one billion means project cost can be many billions- dooms day for fiji.

Who elected this junta thugs- are they parliment of fiji.

Anonymous said...

NBF 200 million scam was nothing.

This is many billion dollar scam by dictator under PER.

The mother of all scams-the fiji is bankrupt-dictator makes his corruption of millions then runs.

Anonymous said...

Nur Ali bano is the accountant for Top Symphony/.

Can see it now said...

This is a massive project and people are right to worry about it bursting the Fiji economy. We cannot sustain a one billio dollar project likes this along with all the other loans the government has taken out. As they something will have to give.

Anonymous said...

The day we have our democracy back, we will hunt these people down, no matter where in the world thay maybe...one day Mafatu

Anonymous said...

The fijians need to get the fact right. This not a one billion dollar project. Look at the dictator speech-its a ESTIMATED one billion dollar & NO PUBLIC TENDER.

Call a spade a spade-this a mother of all SCAMS.

What is ESTIMATED one billion dollar?

Good as anyones guess & how massive the SCAM runs.

Truth is cost will be many billions.

Now how many zero's is that? Dictator no school dont know.

How and who will repay the many billions loan & interest/costs one billion or more-where is money come from?

Truth-Fiji is doomed-economy collapse-junta/dictator run with many millions corruption money.

Anonymous said...

There can be no election cos dictator will go gail for many life time for this scam corruption fraud.

Are paople of fiji sleep.

Why people paying taxes.

Anonymous said...

Nine percent interest on one billion is ninety million dollars each year to payback by fiji.

In amercian dollar its twice value-180 million dollar every year.

Fiji cant repay interest 180 million each year.

Fiji cant repay the one billion dollar loan back each year.

Where is the money will come from?

This is end of fiji.

A people revolution to coup the corrupt junta is only way.

Anonymous said...

where will the five thousand families come from and are they moneyed

Anonymous said...

The reason this the mother of all scams in fiji histroy is fiji got no shortage of freehold- state-NLTB land for house subdivision. Dont forget the massive land in landbank for subdivision.

Why this many billion dollar project?

The reason is not build a waila city but corruption/scam.

People can just build houses as more land is sold or leased to them no reason for this project.

Project only to take the billion s of loan monies and run scam and make millions in kickbacks/bribes.

This smells-junta has lost the plot- a real scam clean up of fiji is on its way by scams forced under PER/Media Censorship.

Who is living on the street in fiji to make this many billion dollar project. Why?

Every one got a house- no neeed many billions of scam.

Anonymous said...

Is this junta a gang of dozen thugs the new Parliment of Fiji to amke these billions of loans scam?

The land force commander-Tikotoga is chairman of HA & why he support dictator cos he is corrupt and taking bribes/kickbacks.

Anonymous said...

Hamed Ali, master crook, drug dealer and womaniser

Fiji Sorrow said...

Poverty striking the people of Fiji hard and the regime diddles the books to develop more 'firsts' to put dollars in the pocket of offshore banks. Scandalous but only tooreal in modern Fiji

Anonymous said...

Who elected the dumb no school dictator to put fiji in billions of scam loan?

Anonymous said...

Fiji cant even pay interest alone forget the loan pay back.

Fiji has been CEDED by the dumb dictator at expense of this corruption/kickbacks/bribes to aliens.

Can a economist put a share of billions of loan on fiji people.

There is not even one million people-million time million equals one billion so each fijian now owes more than one million dollars loan by dictator forceline by PER.

Each Fijian arse is doomed in one million share of junta debt to pay.

Fiji is doomed.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that all Fijians putting your land in the Landbank, please take it back straightaway
because when the Govt can't pay, the Malaysians and the Chinese will go for the Landbank.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

13) Bainimarama has signed the ‘Sovereign Guarantee’ for this loan which effectively cedes Fiji to the foreign nation, like the other similar private loans

That is the threat to Fiji as a nation.You will live in a nation where it is no longer yours or in short slaves in your own country.

So sad......

Anonymous said...

As with other development there is unlikely to be jobs for Fiji locals. As has been stated Top Symphony will be bringing its own people.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10.41am

Kakua ni vakalusia na nomu gauna vei rau qori. They are both psychopaths so they have no normal emotions like normal people have. E rau na qai vakila walega ke dua e rabocaka e qaqa ni yadredrau e dua na BATINISESE se dua na BOWAI!!!

Anonymous said...

Each fijian person share is more than one million dollar debt to pay?

Who elected this junta /dictator?

Why people be made liable to such scams and corrupt deals.

This mother of all scams and so is needed a mother of all coups to arrest and put junta on trial for corruption.

Anonymous said...

The malaysia apartments will all collapse from a cyclone the one billion dollar will go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Given that all these shoddy deals are made by an illegal power, are they legally binding on democratic future governments?

Is there any way to argue that these deals can never be legally binding for any future democratic government given the circumstances they are being executed?

Come on you legal eagles out there... can it be done? Whether we sink or not very much depends on it...

Anonymous said...

what are the implications for lami, nasiniu and suva? will waila be like a gated city?

Anonymous said...

...a symbol and a manifestation of a change in the housing policy regime...

Can the dumb dictator tell me how many families are in need of AFFORDABLE housing in Fiji?

How many of those hand-picked 5000 families are genuinely in need of affordable housing?

Will the rest of the 50,000+ families genuinely needing housing also get their own multi-billion dollar cities?

Who the @#**% will be paying for all these STUPID STUPID SCHEMES?

Who gave you the mandate to make these serious decisions that will have serious long-term impacts for me, my children, my grandchildren, and great grandchildren...

Almost all other Pacific economies have been growing in the last couple of years (Solomon Islands by as much as 6%). How has our economy being faring under your authority? Get the @#%^@ out WHY DONT YOU so our economy can be rescued and nurtured back to healthy growth before it sinks any further into the hell hole you have dug!

Stanley said...

Sovereign guarantee does not mean Fiji is being ceded to Malaysia. It means if Housing Authority is unable to pay the debt then the government will make the payment on behalf of them.

Anonymous said...

Expect MORE power black outs - I am reliably informed that because the FEA staff have NOT been their PMS bonuses there will be sabotages in the very near future!!

Anonymous said...

This kind of mother of all scams of billions of dollars is why the 2006 coup was done by the gang of thugs.

The clean up campaign is to fill the junta pockets with corrupt kickbacks and bribes.

These aint saints but crooks who must be citizen arrested and put on trial for corruption scams/fraud/abuse of office/extortion. send to naboro for good.

The army boys have been hoodwinked till they wake up.

Anonymous said...

The dictator is on his way to make millions in kickbacks/bribes and doesnt care who will pay the billions in loans back.

Fiji wont so Fiji will be bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.50pm

Everything will be sacrificed for Fiji's SOTOMA kei KOMORA.

Waila City is cursed even before the first stone is laid...


Anonymous said...

@ STANLEY 8.47pm

Same difference...One way or another, where the #@%**# is Fiji to get the money to pay??? Bottomline, no where so...

BUT, why should we pay in the first place. We, the people of Fiji DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE PEOPLE TO MAKE THIS OR ANY OTHER DEAL FOR THAT MATTER on our behalf. They were declared illegal two years five months ago so nothing they do or say since then can be binding on any future legally appointed government!

Naim Cendera and Top Symphony can go to HELL!

Anonymous said...

Better not stock up on butter or it will be maumau esp. with all the blackouts coming up.

Anonymous said...

Let's see who is given tender as well for this project, no use if you're thinking of putting yours foward, govt already has it's pet.

Anonymous said...

There has to be an international law that David Pfliger of Air Pacific, can be prosecuted for being the brain trust and sponsor of the Essential National Industries. He needs to be reported to the American Embassy in Suva for meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Pfliger's actions are illegal and ILO needs to haul him in before he destroys Air Pacific and Fijian tourism. I call on the tourism stakeholders to lobby government for his deportation. He is destroying Fiji's remaining business - tourism!

Anonymous said...

Ask the dictator how many zeros in one billion-no school

Ask the dictator how much is the interest and loan amount to pay each year by Fiji-no school.

The dictator must be charged for abuse of office and sent to gail to cause fiji to become bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

This man must not only be sacked but his ass kicked out but before he must serve gail time in fiji for decree to make workers of fiji slaves.

Anonymous said...

The mother of all scams.

What is total amount the crook dictator has loaned for Fiji?

Many billions and each fijian ass is now in debt of more than many millions per head.

Each fijian is now farked and will have to pay back these scams.

Basic Legal. said...

Any contracts entered into with this illegal gov have no standing in law (anywhere) - not worth the paper there written on - believe in fact there's a very strong case to counter sue anyone who knowingly signes one?
Banks take note.

Anonymous said...

PM well looked after in Hamed Ali's luxury Denarau home

Anonymous said...

When you are corrupt by way of receiving kick-backs, have never SEEN that kind of money in your life, when you have not a single iota of how the REAL world operates and when you have a wee, wee and pee brain, what do expect? They are simply and clearly "making hay when the sun is shinning".

Anonymous said...

To Anon 30/09 [12;48am] - You sure hit the nail on the head!!
Blackouts [power] are sure on its way.
Word has it that all is not good at the FEA because:
01. Sam Dean, who used to be the CEO and is now the current Chairman, does not have the qualities and determination to take the FEA forward. He is not prepared and dead scared to take risks. Furthermore, he cannot "think outside the box".
02. Hasmukh Patel, the current CEO, like Dean CANNOT think outside the box also. He currently runs the FEA like Kasabia's where he was previously employed after being kicked out of the FEA.
03. The morale of the staff is at a record LOW. This is mainly due to very poor leadership and the fact that they have NOT received their contractual PMS bonuses which was due in May.
04. All the highly qualified engineers and technicians are leaving in droves. I understand that they are averaging TWO farewell functions a WEEK!!
05. When a post becomes vacant Patel and Dean offer a salary much below than what the incumbent was getting.
06. Because of its core function FEA USED to have an on-going maintenance programe. That is now history - all in the name of 'cost cutting" according to Dean and Patel.
07. Dean being the Chairman interferes too much with the daily running of the FEA. Patel on the other hand does NOT have the balls to tell Dean to back off.
The solution ; Sack both Dean and Patel!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was in Fiji in January and couldn't believe the amount of billboards in Waila - all promoting Chinese companies and banks. So that was the new city

Anonymous said...

I used to work for the FEA and the comments about all is NOT good at FEA is damn true.
The FEA needs people like Rokoseru Nabalarua [ex CEO]. It was during Mr Nabalarua's term that the Nadarivatu Hydro Scheme and the Butoni Wind Farm was hatched. Certainly not Dean and Patel's tenure. Like the illegal government, they now want to take credit for it!! Hut sala!!!!

Anonymous said...

If, and I suspect, is true about the FEA, then I ask the question - WHAT ARE U DOING ABOUT IT MINISTER NATUVA?
Are u like them also cannot take decisive decisions? Can you think outside the box? Are u prepared to take risks?

Vanua. said...

@ M&M.

No its called stupidity by those advising investors.

None of these contracts - loans included - are (will be) enforcible - under rule of law.

Like signing an aggreement with someone too buy a stolen car and then sue for compensation when it's siezed - in other words - you cannot sign (enter into) a binding legal agreement with a known illegal entity.

Basic conerstone of of both Law & Common Sense.

Just sit back and enjoy and watch the greedy naive fools as they all rush in.

Anonymous said...

The writer's facts are incorrect. The contractor, Top Symphony, is not connected to, and has nothing at all to do with Naim Cendera. Datuk Abdul Hamed Sepawi has never been a western Fiji resident and he does not operate a London restaurant! I do not think Datuk Hamed can be considered a personal friend of Bainimarama. I think the writer got the wrong person.

Anonymous said...

Please..lets not be fooled by purchasing a house in Waila City!! Our families may be heading for dooms day!!

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