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Monday, September 12, 2011

New Council for a Democratic Fiji established

A new council has been formed to co-ordinate the efforts of all of the different groups wanting a return to democratic rule in Fiji.

The Council for a Democratic Fiji has been formed on the initiative of the FDFM in New Zealand, FDFM in Australia, trade unions, churches, chiefs, the Fiji Labour Party and the SDL Party.

According to a statement released a short time ago, the Council will have the job of  reassuring the people of Fiji "that the return to democracy will occur with minimum disruption and will provide support, guidance and advice to organisations and groups on the ground looking for a speedy return to democracy."

The statement says CFDF is an independent body made up of all the major stakeholders in a democratic Fiji, "which would have responsibility for effectuating a peaceful transition to an administration in accordance with the 2009 Appeals Court rulings to hold elections with the 1997 Constitution - the only legal Fiji constitution."

The statement says the Council will be disbanded once an interim government is in place.

No names have been released but the Council will have an initial membership of 11 people, with one representative from the Great Council of Chiefs, the SDL party, the Fiji Labour Party, the United General Party, the Methodist Church, the Indian religious community, FTUC, FICTU, NGOs in Fiji, FDFM in New Zealand and FDFM in Australia.

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The path to democracy said...

An excellent decision. time to clean up this junta mess. With regards to the member of the indian religious community - under no circumstances is it acceptable to have any representation from any indian religious group that has supported the junta and has not taken the opportunity to speak out against it. This will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for democracy

This is what is needed, the people power council.

Now the 800000 people democratic voice will be heard and all overseas government will recognise this national alliance for democracy.

Who elected this gang of dozen thugs and tin pot dictator who must be citizen arrested for their crimes/scams/corruption/treason.

Anonymous said...

This is good news. I hope they make the most of this and stick to the guidelines of returning fiji to democratic rule ASAP. Its time to join together in this fight and not be distracted by the past and fight for the future. Unified action is what is needed instead of people doing their own thing in a disjointed manner. All the best with this initiative which I'm sure will have the full support of the people.

Vanua. said...

You can form all the committees & boards you want - this gang - Vore & Nailatikau especially will not give up power voluntarily because they know what awaits them if they do. If anyone believes for one moment this proposal (or any like it) has any chance of success - your delusional.

Anonymous said...

I think this is potentially a very important development. Pro-democracy groups, formerly divided and drifting, with agendas of their own, should come together against a regime that is daily getting more repressive and drunk on power. It would be good to get some real international names from outside, people of clout and influence but not politically involved actively, who could act as advisors, mentors and advocates. People like Don McKinnon. But for that happen, the new body should be properly constituted and transparently run. Let us forgive the sins of the past and work together. That is the challenge for Mahendra Chaudhry and Laisenia Qarase.

Anonymous said...

only way to depose this junta is ,by force and no other means,these people only understand language of force-time for email, fight , blog fight , cat& mouse race , is over-time for real action

Anonymous said...

the path to democracy -if your comment is only restricted to indian relgious org then it fine , but not all the Indians supported the coup or baini thug gang , I am Indian never supported them , likewise many more.

mark manning said...

This proposal sounds promising.
Does anyone know who initiated it and what its mandate is etc. ?
How will it function ?

Anonymous said...

This is people power which will do the people revolution coup to arrest the junta gang of thugs and put them on trial for their crimes.

The people have power.

The junta has no power.

Anonymous said...



Radiolucas said...

@ MM

I think I saw an initial list of names and if it was correct, the list of people involved will amaze us all.

I think there is far more hope in this than anything else we have seen before.

Radiolucas said...

Another wakeup call.

The last line in the paper is probably most relevant to those banks and foreign governments that have chosen to aid and support the regime.

Anonymous said...

I fully support this document.
This is only way to get regime out.
Well done people.
john prasad

Anonymous said...

Well done FDFM OZ and NZ!!
To bring these bullies and illegal idiots to their knees, a concerted and well coordinated effort and strategy will HAVE to be put in place.
There is a philosophy in military strategy that you have "to think like the enemy, in order to beat him".
Now we are getting there!!!!
All the best and God bless from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

A good start. Before people, both civilian and military, put their lives on the line they need to know what and who it is they are fighting for and who is to lead them forward.

Anonymous said...

The GCC and the Methodist Church? Are you kidding?

1/ There's nothing democratic about hereditary chiefs. They owe their positions solely to an accident of berth.

2/ Religion and politics should be separate as in any other democracy like the US, Britain, France, Australia etc. Why the Methodists and no other mainstream religion?

Fix this and we can start talking. Otherwise, this is just another front for the old order that brought Fiji to its knees in the first place. A duck is still a duck even if it tries to pretend it's a rooster.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of complainers here can't even agree that everyone deserves a say "no Indians, no Chursh, no Chiefs" no bloody wonder we suffer under Baini...put your egomaniacal prejudices aside and read the statement - the Council will dissolve once democracy is restored - democracy will give everyone a chance for representation.

On problem...again no one is tsanding up in Fiji - these people really want to lead, announce yourselves at a Press Conference (foreign press invited) at a resort in Nadi. If you have to, fly out again for saftey, but imagine the ripples you will set in motion (especially if the foreign press are smart about sneaking in, cameras, hotel room, filw the group and interview, release in foreign media,distribute locally) and do it soon!

mark manning said...

Not trying to put a dampener on things, but trying to push the envelope just a little more, to challenge the establishment beyond its current boundaries.

Inclusive of the new Council, should a Women's Group or Groups be represented, along with a Fiji Youth Group and any New Political Party they may wish to present to contest the next Elections ?
Should said New Political Party, reflect the wants, needs and aspirations of the above Groups collectively, as one Movement or as a New Political Party, which in turn, would be inclusive of the New Council ?
Having gone so far as to stand by the Newly Appointed President and Vice President and the subsequent Appointment of a " Neutral " " Caretaker " Prime Minister and Cabinet, in accordance with the Fiji Court of Appeal Ruling of April the 9th. 2009, should the Newly formed Council also stand by the Appointment, again by the President, of a New Commander of the Military, as determined by the Newly Appointed Caretaker Cabinet ?
Should there be a " sunset clause " on the GCC itself, the Appointments of the President and Vice President, and on the Caretaker Prime Minister and Cabinet and their subsequent recommendation and President's subsequent Appointment and or approval therefore, of a Commander of the Military ?
Should the Newly Appointed Commander of the Military also have a " sunset clause " ?
Should the Council also stand by, while the necessary Legal Apparatus, such as Judiciary, Courts, Police, Special Operations and Tactical Response Squads and Units and Legally Commissioned Officers of the RFMF are put into place by the Caretaker Cabinet, Prime Minister, President and GCC ?
And finally, should the Council, in advance, inform the General Public, of the function etc. of a " Caretaker " Prime Minister and Cabinet, in order to allay any fears they may have and fully explain the workings etc. of that Caretaker Prime Minister and Cabinet etc. and the extent of its Powers under the Constitution ?

Will outside help be sought to help restore Fiji's Government and Democracy etc., will Bank Accounts be frozen in advance and the property of people implicated in the coup, confiscated, will the International Authorities be alerted and Ports in Fiji, for those who might otherwise choose to flee Fiji's Shores and Justice ?
Initially, for the sake of stability, will the GCC, President or Caretaker Government, declare a State of Emergency and Martial Law and put in place an immediate curfew in Fiji ?
Will " Rules of Engagement " be established in advance, for Soldiers, Sailors and Fiji Police in dealing with matters of a Serious Criminal Nature, such as looting and destruction of property and acts of violence etc. and Mutiny by fellow Soldiers and Sailors and Sedition by any member of the population ?

mark manning said...

@ Radiolucas
A masterstroke I reckon !
But I've suggested an extension and some further refinements !
Yes the FDFM was the 1st. Ripple of Hope !

Forget the above, just in from Suliasi on matavuvale.com :-
Permalink Reply by Suliasi Daunitutu 1 hour ago

The FDFM Australia is not part of this council as claimed in this press release. This is an intiative of Stuart Hugget, Rajesh Singh and an Indian man by the name of Andy who want to take control of what FDFM worldwide has already been doing.

Anonymous said...

Replacing one group of thugs with another and we call this democracy. The Great Council of Chiefs have to shed its anti-Indian position and in 1987 and again in 2000, this bunch of losers blamed Indians. Again when there was an opportunity in 2003 to do something right following the Court of Appeal ruling it took the nationalist path, allowing SDL to continue pillaging the country.

FB has not done better but let see which one is a lesser evil and all of a sudden FLP and SDL coming together. Smacks of opportunism among pathetic politician.

Also the 1997 Constitution is unworkable and did not work from 1998-2009.

Fiji Lover said...

What Fiji needs is a removal of the regime by force and throw the thugs in jail.

This needs to be done NOW!

Anonymous said...

Stuart Hugget, Rajesh Singh and this "Andy", you have no right to use the FDFM name without their permission. This is illegal and very irresponsible of you all, and you shall be taken to task.

Anonymous said...

@9:28 PM. The 2006 coup was illegal and the'97 Constitution is the supreme law of the land. See the Appeals ruling on this.

Miaw said...

All hot air off the rear from ex-gravy train passengers !!!

Coup 4.5 said...

Clarification is being sought on this.

Will bring you a story as soon as we can - C4.5

Anonymous said...

can we say VRF is this groups military?

Anonymous said...

The two treasonist leaders of the lunitic council will not step down. All this talk is only useful in that it continues to bring pressure to bare by informing the people about the subject.
There is no denying, the use of force is the only way ... It is unlikely they will be taken aliVe into custody. It is far more likely that a stRategically placed small lead weight will do the trick, making them Feel a little unbalanced, fall oVer and bang theiR heads on the edge oF their respectiVe desks, or trip walking down/up some steps.
The resulting cRanial injury will cause a anurism to the cerebral plenum and a slow painFul death.
Small lead weights are quite common in a military coup culture and although the weights themselVes are almost oveRlooked they are secretly-and even subconciously, greatly Feared.
The irony is that the people who originally made all the threats against others are the ones who liVe with the most feaR. As the days go by that Fear is fully justified by the Very fact that all the enemies they piled on the side of the pathway of tReason, gradually meet and shake hands and become Friends, united with a common ... Very important goal / purpose slowly get more oRganised to the point where nothing can be done to stop the Final outcome.
Vitally Rambunctious Fellowship.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
:) happy days will come again, the skies above will be blue again, we will sing a song of loVe again, happy days will Rule again.......
.........think Freedom.
It is Vital too keep youR sense oF humour. What eVer happened to the caRtoon Funnyman.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Rajesh an assistant minister who got the sack from Qarase ??

An early coup supporter ??

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs a coup by the people and the Council to be the interim government and elections in 3 months time.

Out with the junta and in with people power.

Anonymous said...

This is a good platform to unite and than fight. In previous times this was impossible. It's amazing and we should all rally behind the Council. FDFM issue should not override the ultimate goal of removing the dictator. Vinaka Stuart & Co

Anonymous said...

1st vrf, now this council.atleast things are moving in the right direction..
lets just be supportive, and see where it takes us..

lets just be supportive, and see where it takes us..

Journo said...

Oh please, this was an initiative by FDFM NZ. Let hotheads calm down and remind yourself/selves of the big picture! The enemy is not FDFM NZ or names mentioned here, rather swallow your pride and remind yourself who the real enemies are! As a united front, Council for a Democratic Fiji all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea but same chor again - RAJESH SINGH

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Disagree with 6.37pm - Rajesh Singh ( Ousted and failed Politician , Shau Khan ( Sherrif of Nottingham) and Sahil Shah ( Radio Humm Owner), please stop writing about John because you couldnt pay him $$ owed - he is an innocent man - LOL

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop writing crap on this site about Rajesh Singh - he has been the saviour of so many people and has never borrowed money - he is my pick for Minister of Finance in Greece.

Real Kaiviti said...

How many council do you need to get your message across? Too many chefs spoils the soup. Eda sa oca mai na rogo council, levu ga na vosa ebatini tanoa, bini tu na da e teri samaki rawa. Au kerea moni yadra mai sa levu nai boi riri na levu ni bose kei na vakamacala, I a sa laba voli ga o Bainimarama kei nona karua o kaiyum. Pliz ppl wake up n take the land in action not just words : ) Vinaka

Anonymous said...

The only group to fight from day one fictu and methodist church and sdl and nfp. All the others are new comers and opportunists. FLP and FTuc have no moral standing. Get your facts right you idiots.

TOMU said...

to the above so-called group..dont waste your time in trying to lead Fiji...its of no use

Anonymous said...

@ 9.28 anon,,, Couldn't agree more to your first two paragraphs.

Even when recently Rewa was asked to take non racial stand...the Chief said they want to have the racist barriers.

However as a national body of chiefs, GCC they have indeed corrected their old position of 1987 by giving the 1997 constitution which is protecting the rights of everyone and shows the indegenous people are not above others, not below others but equal to every other.

Individual chiefs can have their own feelings in their own Vanua.

But when it comes to GCC as the national body...they are bound by the rule of law under the 1997 constitution.

They said in 2000 law must be followed at all times and one must give credit to GCC Secreteriate for that and to the Chairperson for showing direction as to what the 1997 constitution meant.

I ask if SDL did not deliver after 2001, why blame the GCC? It was Qarase who updated GCC on matters and he was allowed to give speculate law and convince GCC that law was taking its own course.

GCC did not have powers to do anything, rather call for law to be followed at all times.

When law is not followed...then it was the President who was to act...BUT he too acts on advice of the Govt only.so SDL carried on ruling.

Then we had a Judge placed in Vice President's role. So he can interpret law and advice President based on Law.

But again as VP his role is to be a 'mailboy' for the Govt just passing on Govt's message to President. and not his own opinion to over-rule the govt.

If the SDL has run down the constitution by ignoring law...and claiming to be democratic...then by any chnages to 1997 constitution will not bring back law that was breached for so long.

No amount of changes to the constitution will make those changes law...but will be 'invalid'.

You must be from RFMF by the sounds of your comment.

Fact is you cowboys have been taken for a ride by ASK. Tell your PM to find someone who can achieve the objectives of true democracy to replace this idiot...or wait to sink with him.

And stop blaming GCC for them to having stuck to rule of law ever since the 1997 constitution was adopted. They do can discuss within the council matters...but they cannot change the law or 1997 constitution any more as the constitution is unabbrogateable.

You cannot compare 1970 and 1990 constitution changes and feel the 1997 constitution is similar...it is not.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 13/9, 9.44am, vinaka for the clarification. Makes a lot of sense.

mark manning said...

Thank you for the clarification Suliasi and the FDFM of Australia and New Zealand.
I have a couple of questions, is this splinter group is trying to deliberately divide and conquer us by causing division between the various organisations and groups in order to benefit the Regime in Fiji or are they sincere in their endeavour ?

The fact that they are misrepresenting the FDFM of Australia and New Zealand, suggests to me, the calibre of the people involved.
It seems to me that they just don't have any scruples at all and will use any measure to further their own cause, without regard for others.
Not a recipe for success I suggest.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Fijian Race is alive and kicking, GCC and the Methodist Church will REMAIN their front.. The Fijian Race is a silent and deadly mover..

Always quiet and observant copping every abuse on the chin and moving on until enough is enough... They are definitely a race with not much words but when the shit hits the fan I hope the talkers with their mountain of spurting can take cover from it.. Haven’t we all learnt from the past yet? They are best left alone to deal with matters that are dear to their heart.. Simply, as we always do, we leave and make a home elsewhere..
I can smell fire from where I am and my heart just goes out to my brothers and sisters (indo Fijian) who will pay the price for those of us sitting in the comfort of our homes abroad and tapping away on the keyboard.. One thing is for sure, we will go back to being indo fijians and fijians as fijians when this is all over.. you bet..

Anonymous said...

I'm giving CDF the benefit of the doubt that they are indeed fighting for democracy in Fiji and think this is the best way forward. I would suggest however that since FDFM is already in place and has contacts whether they could work within that instead of creating a seperate organisation. I like the concept of 11 representatives from each group but if possible can it be done within the FDFM framework.

Anonymous said...

Form as many Councils as possible.This goes on to show that there is no unity amongst this so-called democracy fighters.It seems that they not pushing for democracy but have their own hidden sinister Agendas.No wonder BAI and Co are having a field day.Before taking on this regime,lets get our house in order first.Appoint a leader who has the guts to fight for everyone and not a particular race.Find a leader who is genuinely interested to bring back Fiji to where it used to be pre 1987.Find a leader who can bridge the gap between the 2 major races.Find a leader who can rise up to the challenge of uniting Fiji.Only than we can topple this regime.
"May God bless Fiji and its people"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rajesh why talked to Mara, is he your President or Rasiga is your President. Shut UP and follow the line, you will never be a Minister again. Was this so called COUNCIL in the FDFMnz minutes or not??

Anonymous said...

kemudou na noqu tau mai Rewa, dou tokona nanomudou marama. She got the guts to lead Fiji as have been proven thru this turbulent years that she never shaken or fall. All other orgarnisation overseas please unite as one to rid of these unelected junta.we will succeed today or the day after but we will succeed.