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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Fiji film studio prompts revisit of story of minister who ran off with government-owned furniture

MOVIE MAKERS IN LAHLAH LAND: But will the real Ganesh Chand movie ever be made?

The regime supporter, Ganesh Chand (left), is boasting his Fiji National University now has the largest film and TV studio in the South Pacific Region.
But w
ould the university founder be happy to have students make a movie at his new $500,000 state-of-the-art film studio about a former housing, environment and national planning minister accused of stealing government-owned furniture and other household items?

In 2006, the Fiji Times and reporter Margaret Wise, revealed that a former minister had stripped a government house in  Richards Road, Suva, of all household furniture, including air conditioning system, washing machine, stove and refrigerator.

The minister was named as Ganesh Chand, who had been living in the house but who was vacating it to return to Lautoka. The PSC quarter clerk had inspected the house (which was being prepared for new occupant Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara who was making room at his previous residence for the new president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo) and reported to the police that items were missing. From there, came the Fiji Times story Chand Faces Theft Probe

Chand's defamation claim was dismissed and the case transcript makes for interesting reading. (see attachment)

Bloggers might recall, too, that Chand and fellow talking head Mahendra Reddy caused an academic coup earlier this year with the closure of the TPAF National Organization for Technical and Vocational Training and Streamlining.

Critics say Chand and Reddy manipulated the FNU board, whose sitting members are all the Permanent Secretaries and the Minister of Education, to transfer $3million from TPAF coffers to set up the Fiji Employment Centre, an organization the duo proposed to sustain the rising unemployment in Fiji. 

It's maintained the Chand/Reddy idea was just a cut and paste programme of the work TPAF (which is recognized by institutions in Australia and other parts of the world), had been doing. In pulling off the coup, the pair also managed to get more than 20 million dollars in TPAF funds transferred to under Chand's control, along with the one per cent TPAF collects from all employers in Fiji.

Fiji court upholds Fiji Times story on Ganesh Chand running away with government-owned furniture


  1. Ganesh you thieving son of a bitch!

  2. Only surprise here being he wasn't connected with FSC or the Bank.

    Will Indians ever realise you can't eat money?

  3. They think they can eat money, it's all in their heads.

  4. Lights, Camera and Action !
    I have a Screen Play ready for Production.
    It's called " coup coup land " and stars a demented tottering, blubbering idiot as the Military Commander of the local Army !
    It's Soldiers consist of sissies, incapable for standing up for what is Just and Right, too scared of their own shadows. Boo !
    An illegally self appointed Attorney General, played by a Narcissistic, Taliban leader who wears pretty suits.

  5. Will Fiji now be known as " Vitiwood " ?

  6. Dare I say Shittywood?

  7. Chand one of the corrupt ones that needed to be brought out in the open

  8. Jai Ganesh!Jai Tappoo!Jai Dr Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap Nandan!Jai Nil Sharma!Jai Professor Chandra(the chancellor)!Jai Mahend Reddy!Jai John Samy!Jai John Prasad!Jai Francis Narayan!Jai Robin Nair!Jai Thakur Ranjit Singh!Jai Dewan Chand!Jai Dick Singh!--Jai ho--Jai ho--jai ho --jai ho!!!!!

  9. gandus and gandus , aryse, all are gandus so the people of Fiji

  10. The Fiji High Court declared
    (a) The plaintiff (now Appellant, Jai Ganesh Chand) is a thief and crook.

    (b) He had stolen valuable goods and items from the Government of Fiji which he is a Minister.

    (c) He was a dishonest person and not a law-abiding citizen.

    (d) He was guilty of abuse of Office.

    (e) He had spent a great deal of unauthorized government money to improve a premises where he himself was residing and/or that he had spent a great deal of government money on his own personal house.

    (f) He was deceitful and dishonest and unworthy of respect.

    (g) He had stripped all the furnishings and fittings from a government house which he occupies and has converted the same to his own use and/or unjustly enriched himself."

  11. Ganesh Chand's lawyer was Mishra-the one who was fined with Dr Sahu Khan who has run away and hiding in NZ.Ganesh is a coup apologist-like Dr Satendra Nandan-was nobody in Canberra-so returns to Fiji-writes stupid silly cheap good for nothing bullshit books without any regard for the trees he is destroying.Nobody reads his books-mostly crap---ask Dr Brij Lal or any market vendor for that matter.Jai Ganesh.Jai Sri Yukt Nandan--the miser-the kanjoos.

  12. Do Army Officers read this blog? Let them see in broad daylight what they have done to Fiji, the people of Fiji and especially the Fijian people to which most them supposedly belong. They have been hoodwinked (lawakitaki) by Ganesh Chand and Sayed-Khayum and other prominent Indo-Fijians so called, to destroy our land and our people. Ni bau yadra mada mai na nomuni mocelutu tatadra, moni raica na vakaloloma levu oni sa vakavuna tu vei keimami. Oni sa vakamaduataka na yaca rogo vinaka ni Mataivalu ni Viti.

  13. Ganesh Chand’s FNU Studio does not make sense if it is meant for Fiji. We do not have the talents to make successful movies or TV series. Fiji is not a Philipine or a China or a India or Mexico, which has storytellers, film makers, dancers, actors and actresses, musicians and generally the talents to be successful in making major film-making. I watch Phillipine, English and Hindi movies and am always impressed with talents in India for instance. Seeing that I realise that Fiji Indians simply have no talents whatsoever, in any of the human resources needed in filmmaking (that is apart from the accounting of course. Fijians have not as yet been introduced to film-acting so what is the studio for, I ask? I suspect to get Bollywood to come and make film in Fiji at our Government’s expenses for the Indian Film Industry. Wherever money can be made you will see these Indo-Fijians at work.

    Catch on fast people. Do not allow these people to get away. Enough is Enough. Sa gauna me vuki kina na uto.

  14. Fiji Employers are numb (and dumb too) – why are they allowing (by keeping quiet) the 1% Training Levy to be used by one Training Institution only (FNU) when it should be available to all Training Institutions in Fiji. The Training Levy is estimated at about $17million per annum. That is a lot of money (public funds) Shoot this people down

  15. Ganesh looks like a Teletubby.

  16. Someone will put a bullet in his head.very soon. just wait people.

  17. Sounds like a kenneth zinck story..we've heard it all before...pathetic

  18. There has to be an international law that David Pfliger of Air Pacific, can be prosecuted for being the brain trust and sponsor of the Essential National Industries. He needs to be reported to the American Embassy in Suva for meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Pfliger's actions are illegal and ILO needs to haul him in before he destroys Air Pacific and Fijian tourism. I call on the tourism stakeholders to lobby government for his deportation. He is destroying Fiji's remaining business - tourism!

  19. The facts and the truth must be told kenny. Not hidden. Kenneth Zinck


  21. Ganesh Chand was a summer school economics lecturer at Lautoka USP center when he gave a clerk at FSC an A+ because this clerk (a student), was mixing his kava and also ensuring that there is heaps of chaiser during the class sessions.

    Former students at USP know all this...please guys speak up now...we need to get rid of this fake academic and his croonies.


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