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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ngamoki-Cameron still in the job but investigation underway

The New Zealander Carl Ngamoki-Cameron is to stay in the role of chair of the Fijian Holdings Ltd until an investigation by the regime is completed.

Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
A spokesman for the office of Fiji's unelected prime minister, Pio Tikoduadua, has told the Fiji Sun that despite the special audit, Cameron, a lawyer, will continue in his position as chairman.

Tikoduadua says the audit is being done by officials from the office of Frank Bainimarama and the Ministry of Finance and that a decision on Cameron’s position will be made after the audit is completed.

The man appointed by Cameron to run Merchant Finance has, however, been moved on by the regime. Greg Cathcart has 'resigned' according to a statement from FHL.

Cathcart's appointment is one of several decisions that have led to Ngamoki-Cameron being investigated.

Other allegations that have surfaced include claims:
1) He requested management to customize the official appointment letter to himself with new clauses without Board's approval;
2) He verified unilateral appointment to several subsidiaries as Chair without consent and consensus of other Directors;
3) He did not consult other Directors nor did he give them adequate opportunities to be part of subsidiary Boards;
4) He wilfully obstructed payments which are contractually due to other Directors, namely Mr. Lutu for insurance;
5) He facilitated a friend to conduct an internal examination of MF at company cost;
6) He applied undue pressure at the HRM, Management and Directors, to recruit that consultant as the GM for Merchant Finance even when the consultant has not applied for the position;
7) He did not follow the process even after being reminded by the HRM and acting GM-MF;
8) He penalized acting GM-MF for highlighting the wrong process;
9) He acted against the agreed majority decision at interview panel at the interview of GM-MF;
10) The Board of MF was not consulted in the appointment of the new GM and not allowed to facilitate setting discretion of authorities limits, KPI;
11) He incurred capital expenditure without due board approval process.

The unauthorized expenditure were for:
(i) Apple noteback which was not compatible with FHL system. No quotes were called for and was purchased in Auckland and demanded reimbursements for;
(ii) Purchase of a second notebook, IPAD from a friend GM-MF and requested reimbursement from FHL;
(iii) Purchase of a wireless printer from FHL funds.

12) He incurred unauthorized expenses such as phone bill, subscriptions course fees;
13) He used FHL office for private work including use of office phone, board room for meeting with private clients;
14) He selected management staff to report directly to him;
15) He communicated directly with staff and suppliers without following proper process;
16) He willfully delayed to review expired staff contracts (7 middle managers);

Suva Yacht Club
17) He selectively invited shareholders to a part(y) at Suva Yacht Club using company funds - Directors and Management were not invited;
18) He had no justified reason for a quick travel to PNG at an exorbitant cost without prior Board approval. During this travel he incurred a cost of 14K to travel back to attend a private Fiji NZ business council meeting;
19) He was accompanied by newly appointed GM and MF;
20) He approved the sponsorship of FRU without prior board's approval;
21) He used external consultations/friends for BLC and PR consultant for FHL without Board's approval; and
22) He made unilateral decisions without giving due respect to other Board members.

See the blog Intelligentsiya for another take on the story, including the revelation Tikoduadua is going to bat for Ngamoki-Cameron.


Price Check said...

22 wrongs - started from 1 contaminated seed. Fiji is full of 'weeds'. Root them out people.

jamieson said...

woah!!!!!!!!! these are the reasons why the board wants him out? seems like a case of petty rivalry and someone is obviously pulling the race card in that board room....sad...of all the things a body like FHL had to come up with its this? pathetic

TURUKAWA said...


We have not heard anything else from Roko Ului and co..what other evidence they got or when is his next video?

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's been having the time of his life at the expense of Fijian holdings...not satisfied with that he gets a few mates on board to ride the gravy train with him. Well if Bai can do it so can Carl! After all it was Bai who backed him for this in the first place and will continue his backing even if they came up with a video of him stealing. He'll just do another "Teleni" job on him, isn't it obvious by now? Bai's family and friends can do anything they want in Fiji and get away with it scott free! No wonder all the conman are lining up outside his door!

Anonymous said...

Isa all the hard work by Siti etc now going down the drain.
This Carl came to Fiji cause he couldn't make it in NZ. Anyway, he is dating the daughter of Jawal Mangal ATS HR Manager. Jawal is a close relative of Khaiyum. Jawal opened the doors for Carl. Jawal was also involved in the sacking of the last ATS Board who were investigation him and Jone Raqona (ATS Union President) for thousands of dollars worth of fraudelent travel and fraudelent refunds within ATS. Little did the Board know that Jawal was already talking to Kaiyum who sacked the Board before they could sack Jawal. Jawal has the same mentality as Kaiyum - they wear Fijian sulus to mislead Fijians - just like snakes.
Anyway ,,,Carl has zero corporate and business experience and little leadership experience. Such people's heads go dizzy when they suddenly have people working for them. Just like Kaiyum and Jawal - very nice guys to talk to but real cunning and back stabbing snakes!

Anonymous said...

Yo Jamieson, pre coup days every cent coming in and going out of that company was well accounted for because its a business they were running there and they were well aware of their accountability to the shareholders. Everyone that came after the coup saw the pot of gold and uhhmmmm... you know the rest.

Anonymous said...

Suck mishaps would have been greatly accepted by the likes of Siti. Good to see suck being picked up now. I remember Siti and them all going to Honh Kong for board meeting WTF!....and yes every year!

Anonymous said...

Cameron?Another thief! appointed by the illegal regime...sa maumau na nodai lavo. Birds of the same feather flock together. He is modelling what is happening in the top echelon.
Corruption breeds corruption. And to ascertain annon 5.10pm message regards Jawal Mangal...Yes he is, as he claims, kai Lomaiviti, is a cunning brat. (so beware)
Thanks coup 4.5

Anonymous said...

Mr Suck @ 6.25pm can you tell us more abt FHL board meetings in HK? First time I am hearing of this.
Thanks, Concerned Shareholder..

Bendover Bai said...

Bai put Carl there under kaiyum's orders.

Anonymous said...

To Mr/Ms price check.......Roko Lui and all the mara siblings are like the house of windsor....spent force....never had any power...just rode on daddy's skirt(sulu) Ganilau's are no wit inferior!Fiji is going through a change of massive proportions....the losers will serve their use by date and and be disposed off...except( aiyaz) doesn't know it yet...we will send Aiyaz,Nazhat ,Nur ,Aslam, et al to the dust bin when they have done what we need them to do....they are our cheapest sluts to date....land of hope and glooooory!!!!!!!!blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.28pm....Mr suck here hee hee. Sud hav bin 'such'. Wai le. Ok, wen Siti and them were on the board of FhL, board meeting were convenintly organised in overseas locations like hong kong, sydney or auckland or depending whever there was a major sporting event. This meant all directors and senior management flying over for these meetings. This was stopped wen new board came in.

Anonymous said...

Carl Cameron was Bob Lowres lawyer during the setup of Naisoso Island land contracts... hard to tell who is the bigest thief and cheat.
may they both rot in hell and thumbs up to Fiji

Anonymous said...

Only a moron like David Pfliger can promote a receptionist like Shaenaz Voss to CEO of Pacific Sun over more qualified people in Air Pacific. Has Pfliger bothered to ask her role in the bankruptcy of Air Fiji? This Fijian airline was bankrupted by her. Ask the former Air Fiji staff, they will support this statement. In all of S Voss's Air Pacific profile and media release not a single one makes any reference to Air Fiji where she spent over over 20 years - how is this possible Pfliger? You may be a spin doctor but our coconut wireless is unbeatable. By the way we don't believe the runour that you have an on-going personal relationship with SV - which is why you publicly defended yourself in the media. You are running out of time mate! The staff and people of Fiji see right through your bull! You will pay for the Essential Industries Decree and for what it is doing to human rights and worker's rights.

Anonymous said...

Former Board Chairman Isoa kaloumaira and MD Sereana Qoro should be restored. The rest are crooks! What was FB thinking firing these two God fearing people? The Islamic spirit is in charge!

Joshua E. Bourne said...

no matter whether you use feelings for a great friend AS WELL AS that you are not sure from just about all how these are going to help react AND ALSO This is driving an individual nuts. its day in order to play your game. looney tunes bird