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Monday, September 5, 2011

Once upon a time Fiji , too, was at the Pacific Forum.....

SPOT THE BODY LANGUAGE: Bainimarama at the 2007 plenary session on the opening day of the Forum in Nukualofa. Writing on the wall?

DIPLOMATIC MANOUVERING: Deposed PM Laisenia Qarase with then Australian PM, John Howard, on Denarau Island in 2006....the year Qarase was toppled and Howard was on the outer with Melanesian countries.

The Pacific Forum starts tomorrow in Auckland and as has been the case since 2009, Fiji will not be taking part. Lobbying is underway by Melanesian countries for Fiji to be allowed back into the annual gathering but it's unlikely to happen - and should not happen - with Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum at the helm. And as the PM of host nation, John Key, said today he would be stunned if Fiji was readmitted.


Anonymous said...

They are all crooks,Fiji never had an honest government.

mark manning said...

Accepting Fiji back with the Regime in place would send the wrong signal to all would be coupsters in the other Island Nations.
Bottom line, the Pacific Way, is dead and buried, a product of a bygone era, no longer sustainable nor applicable in the 21st. Century.
It's just a fad for Aiyaz and their cronies to use to fool the Islanders.
We've got this Regime on the run now, let's keep the momentum up from all sides.
thumbs up !

Anonymous said...

Bainimaram.........full of nothing and empty of everything. Dua la na dakai bitu me tavu mai muri.

Anonymous said...

the pics dont lie. he shows a very uneasy feeling amongst the REAL leaders... but he just cannot stop pretending!! Oh my!

Madrasi Anna said...

These bakewa countries totally relay borrowed money have no identity in the global market and amongst them is the big time crook Frank Bai ni mai chodana.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Fiji is not at the forum is because the big two are too embarrased to admit that Fiji is no longer under their thumb. Fiji has proven that standing on her own two feet as she is now, Fiji can now demand it's rightful place in the world and that the forum needs Fiji more than Fiji needs it. The entire Melanesian section wants Fiji at the forum table and there are some among the rest that also do. This forum lacks any authority or mandate without the participation of Fiji

Anonymous said...

SMH online has this interesting article


Anonymous said...

Opportune time for VB and Khaiyum to re-asses and possibly re-consider their leadership style and the damage it has done to Fiji...Does Fiji deserve to be left out?..NO!!. Why are we left out then?...It is a Forum of democratically elected governments only..governments which uphold rule of law,respect all aspects of fundamental human rights of its citizens and do not have compulsive liars as its leaders.


Samoa’s PM says Fiji should not be re-admitted to Forum

Posted at 18:31 on 05 September, 2011 UTC

Samoa’s Prime Minister says Fiji should not be re-admitted to the Pacific Island Forum, until it makes moves to restore democracy.

A number of countries have called for Fiji’s suspension to be lifted, following a meeting in Nadi last week.

Fiji has been suspended from the Forum since 2009, over its refusal to hold elections until 2014.

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says Fiji must follow the Forum’s rules.

“Those rules are there to be observed. You can’t just throw overboard the rules just because of a colleague that is outside and does not wish to observe the rules.”

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says the Forum is doing a lot to engage with Fiji, but the ball is in Fiji’s court.


Shamima Ali of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre


A prominent Fiji human rights advocate has launched a strong attack on Pacific leadership, saying it encouraged nepotism, corruption and cronyism.

Shamima Ali of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre also hammered the Fiji military regime of Voreqe Bainimarama.

She risks arrest upon return to Fiji for her outspoken comments.

But speaking to a conference ahead of this week’s Pacific Forum summit, Ali said that most Pacific countries were poorly led.

“We cannot ignore leaders who have become rich and powerful and there are many examples of those who believe they are above the law,” she said.

Many Pacific leaders believed their country was “their own empire and that they are not answerable to any one”.

“There are many who are believing they are above the law.

“This is providing a very furtive ground self-serving and opportune and old boys club of leadership,” Ali said.

“I am not talking about all Pacific leaders, these are the emerging trends of leadership.”

She pointed to Fiji, “a country ruled by the gun”.

“Pacific countries need to demilitarise. Militarisation turns people upon each other, as we have seen in Fiji where the military oppresses its own people.”

In Pacific countries leaders believed they had to be “strong men” and that only encouraged other “stronger men” to take them on.

Ali called on Pacific countries to promote the rule of law and understand that “the strong man must understand the law is above them.”

She urged her audience to “find out about the reality of Fiji and support us in our return to democracy.”

September 5, 2011

mark manning said...


Josephine Yee Joy said...

Bai the evil really looks uneasy in the picture. Firstly, he doesn't even look like a leader, more like a evil liar, secondly, he is so dumb that he surrounds himself with idiots like Kaiyum who dictates to that coconut head what to do. Then you have that ugly white pig Sharon who writes all the propaganda shit on this blog, yes, Sharon, we know it you.

Take a hint, why don't you go and piss off to where you came from? Hang on, don't do that because the peole of Fiji want to send you to jail. Yes, JAIL, Sharon. Time to rot in the Fijian prison with Bai and Kaiyum. Then, you can pump as many decree as you like for all your other cronnies that will be joining you.

Josephine Yee Joy said...

Time for a major change in Fiji. Remove all the crooks and give an international trial for Bai, Aiyaz and David (Air Pacific CEO). They have ruined this country and they need to be held accountable. Enough is enough. I cannot sit and watch my country go down with these crooks running the show.

Time to lock these idiots up.


Anonymous said...

fiji needs the forum
simple ans -democracy .
stop all the bs play by the rule of law.
god bless

Sharon S said...

The notion that the Pacific Islands are democratic nations governed by accountable and transparent governments is seriously flawed. Cleptocratic and corrupt governments are the rule, not only in Melanesia but everywhere else. In Fiji we have a corrupt military dictatorship that has replaced a corrupt civilian rule. In the absence of populations that are smart enough to make sure that they are governed properly, it is the expatriate community that holds things together, military or non-military rule. It would perhaps be better to put the entire Pacific mess back under colonial rule. Anybody who has visited French Polynesia or New Caledonia and has seen the standard of living that the indigenous enjoy can appreciate where I am coming from. So Fiji should be re-admitted to the Forum.

Anonymous said...

How can a Dictator talk about democaracy issues in a forum of democratic leaders.Will they understand him?No. I don't think ,his face will show that he is a liar. Liar to his people, to the members of the Forum,to the world.He may say good things his doing but it is still not right.There is no pacific way. Either right way or highway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Air Pacific CEO - Pflker is public enemy number one. With his brigade of "unemployable consultants" are surely and truly destroying our national airline. When democracy returns to Fiji, they need to be held accountable with their political master ASK and FB. Before our very own eyes this former army pilot, who has a "dodgy CV" and no airline experience will destroy our $1billion airline asset in no time and is too damn dumb to know any different. Throw the SOB in jail and let him taste real "native hospitality."

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes the lot of you...
What you really want is to replace this govt with a fresh lot of crooks that you know??
Better the deil you know.....?

Anonymous said...

@Annon.8:24am...You are one dillusioned Fijian.Just stop comparing Fiji under this worthless thieving regime with Australia and New Zealand,we`re no where near them.The mere attendance of the two international organisation representatives throws a wet blanket over the chair person of MSG.It will be interesting to hear the outcome of the pow-pow John Key will have with individual MSG member countries.Fiji is not even in the Agenda of this PIF meet.SA BAU UNPROFESSIONAL DINA SARA GA NA NOMUDOU I VAKARAU NI VEILIUTAKI..so you are confined to splashing water around the local qoliqoli boundaries.What a huge backward fall!!!.correct you on your post,Fiji is not standing on it`s two feet...it`s on it`s fours and VB.Khaiyum.&Co have been taking turns in the gang bang of democracy and PIF is witness to that..dou leuta mada i liu na malamala mai na matamudou me rawa ni da raica na wakolo.

Anonymous said...

A face of look busy doing nothing......full of lies,lies and lies....but only there to please everyone that he is doing something great to the beautiful Islands of FIJI,otherwise he is just rapping and rapping and reapping the countries coffers!!!
Wake up fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

The beauti of Aussie & NZ aid to Fiji right now is that its not going to the Govt-so is this the way to run business in the future with regards to Aid? Govts of all persuations have always directed aid funds to their own prioritised personnal programs-ie sometimes to their village etc.But on the other side of the coin you will also note that when Aussie gives aid to countries like Fiji about 70% comes back to Australia-WHY? Because all the highly paid staff are from Aussie-we get the crumbs. The interesting thing is althought Australia has cut aid to Fiji-the Govt has now improved its management of its funds and cut out all the crap in the system- of greater importance is the fact that we now know we can't depend of AID forever!Its this dependency that has left countires like Samoa without any sizable economy fully dpenedent on NZ for their survival.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic pic of the PIG!!
Vakaloloma na kemu i raiarai Vuaka!!
You seem very LONELY and ISOLATED me boy!!