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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mara: outsourcing of elections a hoax

By Ratu Tevita Mara

Fiji’s illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Khaiyum’s statement (of September 21) to the Diplomatic Corps in Fiji that “it’s better to outsource (election voter registration) as it creates transparency” is another scam, dishonest and despicable.

To all intents and purposes, it is another subterfuge to con Diplomatic Representatives in Fiji that the 2014 elections will be free and fair. The illegal AG Khaiyum neglected to name one country in the world that outsources the arranging and conducting of its National Elections.

Why did the illegal AG not select the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the European Union, the British, American, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian Governments to handle the elections? They may even finance it. Private companies can be bribed or bought if the price is right, and, who knows, the price may be right just like the price paid to an American Law firm through a public owned Fiji company, to write the iniquitous anti-Trade Union Decree.

The only voters in Fiji who have faith in and trust the Military Junta belong to the families of the murderer Bainimarama and the illegal AG and their cohorts. Everyone else regards the regime as totally corrupt.

The illegal AG Khaiyum likes to use the word transparency but he and the junta do not practice it. The word transparency refers to the quality that makes something obvious or easy to understand. So how will outsourcing voter registration to a private company be easily seen, open to questions and be easily understood by the Fiji voters? The illegal AG Khaiyum’s whole idea and plan for outsourcing the voter registration, if it is done, is to prevent openness and transparency.

The use of voting machines, supplied by overseas companies, that are not inspected by any international and independent professional electronic engineers reeks of fixing.

The machines can and will be rigged by the illegal AG’s preferred supplier to ensure the junta’s selected Political Party wins the election.

Since there will be no Ballot Slips to mark, will the voting machines print and issue a paper slip receipt to show the voter the accuracy of their vote? On the basis of transparency, fairness, openness and accountability, there must be a paper slip receipt issued by the machine to satisfy the voter. These paper slip receipts will also need to be signed by the voter and all collected and counted by an independent international body. The total count of the paper
slip receipts should equal the total electronic count.

From our independence to today, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections was responsible for arranging and conducting all General Elections in Fiji. The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is also responsible to ensure fairness, honesty and independence. All this work was done in Fiji and subject to consultation with all Political Parties, discussions and inspection. In fact, the 1970 Constitution, the 1990 Constitution and the 1997 Constitution contained such requirements. Why then is the power-hungry Khaiyum changing the system. This also provides another reason why the 1997 Constitution was abrogated...to give the illegal AG the power he needs to “fix” the next elections.

There are also other important issues that must be considered. They include:

    * First, how can the promised elections be open, fair and honest with the existence of the Public Emergency Regulations, which prevents free speech, assembly, political meetings, media freedom and freedom of movement

    * Second, will the presiding election officers and Poll Clerks be military officers or supporters of the ruthless, power drunk junta or bribed officials.

From this analysis we can safely conclude that there are far too many unanswered questions that suggest that the electoral system proposed by the Illegal AG and Military Junta (to outsource the registration of Fiji voters and to use voting machines) is nothing more than another scam. It is also dishonest and a despicable attempt to deceive the people of Fiji and the world.


Anonymous said...

The evote election will be a massive scam.

1. Massive inflated price to be paid to company- this corruption.

2. Kick backs and bribes to be collected by junta/dictator/illegal AG.-corruption

3. Machines and software to be rigged to make junta party win- corruption.

4. Massive tax payer funds to be paid for support, maintance and elction cost to comepany-corruption.

5. Junta party under PER and election scam will show it has won election and become democratic.-election fraud.

All overseas countries must be informed of the election scam worth billions of dollars to come.

All parties must boycott the elections.

Anonymous said...

Just like the corrupt price paid to us firm to make fiji decree-workers rights gone.

Taxpayers billions will be paid by puppet master to bribe a company to rigg the elections.

People power revolution to arrest these junta thugs is the way forget the election.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cut all the hoo ha guys.Every election after 1997 has not been fair but it allowed Fiji back on track with the international community.Just let the IG do whatever they want with the Election process.Atleast they are making noises that the Election will take place in 2014.This allows all the so called champions of democracy of this blog ample time to prepare.So rather than shooting yourselves in the foot,get to the grass roots and start your campaigns.No matter how much rigging the IG will do if you so called leaders have the numbers,you will bring them down.Remember how Marcos was deposed despite been in power for more than twenty years.It was peoples power that brought him down and not the extremist,violent and sometimes racists ploicies which is sometimes preached on this blog.If the owners of this blog are true democracy campaigners,they will publish these comments.

Anonymous said...

The only election that will be held is one where there is certainty in the result. Otherwise why would you have an election? Think about it!!

Anonymous said...

The writer of this article seems to have based his statement that it is a 'scam' purely on supposition. It contains no actual facts that prove a scam has, or will happen.

It's most likely that if everything required to provide voter registration systems was undertaken totally 'inhouse' some will scream that it needs to be outsourced for transparency.

Any system can be rigged, inhouse or outsourced !

Anonymous said...

Voter boycott not the only way. Fiji Tax payers STOP paying Tax NOW! The junta thugs will be unable to finance their election scam. Civil disobedience is best way to show these corrupt thieves the people of Fiji have had enough. Strangle hold on junta finances will bring them down!

Anonymous said...

Thank you RUM for continuing to expose the corrupt illegal junta. Only the people of Fiji have the power to bring these treasonous dogs to their knees.

Anonymous said...

Who appointed Gibson Guiter in US to buy Fiji mahogny?

Where is tender?

How come dictator gone to US company to collect bribes?

Why are landowners sleep?

Which PM in world would make a deal direct with a company?

Is this PM or crook?

Anonymous said...

The regime can rig elections to prolong their hold on power but it will not change the fact that judgement draweth near...and that day will come like a thief in the night...that stone will hit the stature at it's most weakest position and Babylon will come crushing down...!

Do not fear or be discouraged my fellow countrymen...even the wicked of most wicked was allowed to rule, but their time was numbered and so shall it be to all who suppress God's people...

Nebuchanessar was handed a brain of an animal to live for seven years....truth must told what this regime will get for all the've done will be far worser.. woe to them for their know not their day of reckoning!!!

Anonymous said...

fru managers in nz doing the same thing as the boss bai/ag.
they f think they own the fiji team.
no fans/ex players like vidri was allowed in the room to talk to the boys.
madua na kaiviti.
well fiji officials will get no respect from the fans.
players will get the support/cheers.
i had the players said 17 officials came.managers/coach paid 5k a week and players 500 a week.what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Roko Lui.
Thank you C4.5
@Anonymous 9:32 You can predict a persons behaviour by looking at their past record. (That is why people conduct interviews and look at references when people apply for any job).
We know that Bai and Khai are liars and totally corrupt.
It is therefore only logical to assume that this will be another BIG lie and another BIG scam.
Just as Bai showed the MSG Spearhead group his smelly backside, just a few days ago,he is now doing the same to the Diplomatic Corp.
This is all a lie my friends.
We are dealing with snakes here and there is no way these two will allow true and fair election.

There is no other alternative, Bai and Khai and the Shameem sisters MUST be put away in Naboro.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

RU's comments are correct. It needs to be added that that the elections carried out by the government in the past elections were fair and the process transparent.

The loudest voice of election rigging and corruption came from Mahendra Chaudhry and his groups of crooks, but they could find nothing afterwards. They simply used corruption as an excuse to carry out the coup.
I will agree that we could have a bit more improvement in some of the procedures, but the voting process by the individuals was ok. Corruption came in the form of vote buying through bribery, but that is not going to be resolved by a transparent electronic election system. It is outside of it. All we need is for the people to be transparent and God willing to do the right things always.

Only God can help Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Yes--the locals can do it. How about hiring DR Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap Nandan from the Fiji University.Am sure he can take time off from writing those books.And the forest will be preserved

Anonymous said...

@ 11.56 U R Absolutely correct. How does the sold out mindset for those voters change that were already bought off by the scam?

And Ratu Ului may not be aware that I was chased off following the ballot box police truck in March 1977 election. Ballot boxes never reconciled by many constituencies and boxes tallied at booth became different at the counting stations!!!!

Anonymous said...

@1.01pm the scam has to be dealt with as a problem not just associated with election, but everywhere it appears. Catch them and put them through the courts.

Mindsets are changed by education and teaching people the right things to do always.

Being chased by police is one of those process which can be improved - change the process or change the mindset of the police to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

AG is thinking of outsourcing to China.

Anonymous said...

u shud have shot kaiyum when u had a pistol ului!!!

Anonymous said...

Ului: I must ask that you pause and consider - HAVE YOU ASKED FOR YOUR NAU'S [ MARAMA NA ROKO TUI DREKETI] FORGIVENESS??
I will take you back to Dec 2006, when you said to her 'See you in Nukulau Nau!" Remember????

Anonymous said...

fijian arm have no balls to remove baini, if anyone can than do it now or suffer

Anonymous said...

anon 7.39pm ,,,dont bring up family matters here ,,,,,,stupid and immature

Crosbie Walsh said...

My understanding is that only voter registration will be outsourced (that probably means setting up the system, not actgually registering the votes), and that the idea of electonmic voting has been adandoned.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Here is good article why not to vote.


Oracle said...

RUM, why don't you return and with your military skills lead a revolution. Talking from off-shore will not change anything. These guys are immune to slander, corruption ethics and morals and the only pathway is revolution. Blood has to be shed before we can end this misery. Fiji will have one last coup - has that not been prophesied?

Anonymous said...



Vanua. said...

@ Oracle.

You seem very keen on asking others to shed blood for your ideals? Please don't use the Bible in attempting to do it.

Anonymous said...

@Croz, So you dont know either, using words like "my understanding" and "probably". piss off.

Ratu Vuaka said...


Why don't you do something first instead of calling on others to do it for you.

Kanti & Yogesh Tappoo said...

The message is loud and clear, Bai and Khai and the Shameem sisters MUST be put away in Naboro.

There is no question about this. These idiots are putting the country at great risk and the Tappoo family have decided to go against the regime at last.

Bai and Khai and the Shameem sisters, time is up for you guys to go to jail.

All the very best,

Kanti and Yogesh Tappoo
In Cannes, France

Anonymous said...

Only a moron like David Pfliger can promote a receptionist like Shaenaz Voss to CEO of Pacific Sun over more qualified people in Air Pacific. Has Pfliger bothered to ask her role in the bankruptcy of Air Fiji? This Fijian airline was bankrupted by her. Ask the former Air Fiji staff, they will support this statement. In all of S Voss's Air Pacific profile and media release not a single one makes any reference to Air Fiji where she spent over over 20 years - how is this possible Pfliger? You may be a spin doctor but our coconut wireless is unbeatable. By the way we don't believe the runour that you have an on-going personal relationship with SV - which is why you publicly defended yourself in the media. You are running out of time mate! The staff and people of Fiji see right through your bull! You will pay for the Essential Industries Decree and for what it is doing to human rights and worker's rights.

Verebau. said...

Croz - whats an old nagasi like yourself doing in a place like this? Bro suggest both your time & intelect could be more productively employed on other more urgent matter - appears somebodies kerekeried your wwwflag counter?
Overwhelming number of bloggers here are called Anonymous for a very simple reason - drop the photo - this blog is not about you - never has been - suggest ask yourself this basic entry level Q?
What part of "institutionalised torture & murder" of its own people don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

RE: "outsourcing of elections a hoax "
Fiji is wasting its time and money having an election that is orchestrated by Bai-Arse.

I could tell you the outcome of the elections now, and who would hold the Ministerial portfolios!

If the elections were outsourced to the Australian Electoral Commission, this would be a different story.

Obviously this wont happen, the company that will win the outsourcing will be a company owned by Bia-Arse.

"RUM" we need action, all the talking has been done, we all know the truth, now ACTION please

Anonymous said...

Ulli - you are full of shit - you promised to tell us a lot but nothin of substance to date