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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pro-regime institute poll claims majority support for Fiji dictator and military

SUPPORT FOR DUNCE: He who took the country by force.

The pro-regime Lowy Institute in Australia has released a poll claiming there is majority support for Frank Bainimarama.

The poll was apparently done last month and surveyed 1,032 people. (Funny how all these things ... like the Engaging with the Pacific were done leading up to the Pacific Leaders Forum)

According to the Institute, 1000 of those surveyed don't like the international pressure being applied on the regime to return Fiji to democracy.

It says 63 per cent of correspondnets either strongly disagreed or partly disagreed with the approach being taken towards Fiji because of the 2006 coup by Bainimarama and his supporters.

According to Lowy, Bainimarama's performance as Prime Minister was highly regarded by 66 per cent and 65 per cent said Fiji was heading in the right direction.

The poll also found 68 per cent approved of the role the military currently play in Fiji and 53 per cent think the RFMF should continue to play a role in politics!

Conveniently, the survey said most people were against the church being involved in politics while 61 per cent think the unelected government listens to the people and 43 per cent think the media has become more reliable since the 2006 coup!

It's not clear how the Institute, which has criticised Australia's approach towards Fiji and tried to spearhead a campaign for a 'new dialogue' with Suva came to do the survey, which was released today to regional leaders at the Forum in Auckland.

But we think it reeks of bias and is embarrasingly pro-regime. And considering Fiji's population of 800,000, a poll of 1,032 is hardly credible.

Not surprisingly, nothing was said about how corrupt the regime is or how Bainimarama is a mere puppet or that he has allowed Fiji to be run into the ground by incompetent people he apppointed. 

Nothing said also about him using the military to intimidate people to ensure his reign continues or that he's breached human rights. This survey is totally removed from the realities of Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Only 0.129% of FIJI population were interviewed to determine the majority view is CRAP!! They dont tally, could the survey interviewers widen their sample?? We are not stupid thank you very much!!


Smell the Coffee said...

Typical Lowry - Just blurt out what poison the regime 'engine room' has injected into you i.e Kaivalagi expats who have business interests. These are the ones that reject Qoliqoli Bill & all things iTaukei. Beware people, smell the coffee!m' has injected into you i.e Kaivalagi expats who have business interests. These are the ones that reject Qoliqoli Bill & all things iTaukei. Beware people, smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

What possible use is this poll and how stupid can the Lowly institute be to conduct it? Any polls under a dictatorship will obviously be good for the dictatorship. If you polled the Libyans 6 months ago on how much they loved Gadaffi how many do you think would have said they loved him like a father? And yet where is he today? Hiding like a snake! If you're in Fiji and someone rings you up on your home phone asking what you think of Bainimarama are going to run him and the military down? Not likely as you're not even sure who the hell is calling as the common person in Fiji would never have heard of the Lowly institute! More likely they'll be thinking this is the military trying to find out where your loyalties lie! I say it again, a useless poll that means absolutely nothing! This looks like a headline grabber poll instead of a sensible one by Lowly...very low indeed!

Anonymous said...

Provided they can proof they are not corruptly taking much more pay and are not paying much higher rates in millions on contracts and taking millions in cuts overseas!!!

If they can proof this then many more will support them.

Anonymous said...

wat a waste of poll toilet paper material hardly credible


Well said C4.5. It Reeks to High Heaven!!!!!!! The fact of the matter is the PIF in its 40th years of history has never changed agreed-to positions.

Anonymous said...

E sa vakaloloma na kemu i taba BOCI!!

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the poll. Seems spot on with talk at Defence club.

Anonymous said...

Miss Sharon has mucked up allowing this pic of Dunce Frank going out was on their MINFO site I think

Anonymous said...



Me too said...

Hate to say but have to agree with the smell the coffee

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God is watching, and i am praying to God everyday that Khaiyum n bai die of the worst disease known to mankind...

actually rot to death!!!

Miss Hasina Bano said...

human flash eater cannibal pictured is a castrated chimpanzee.

Fiji Meke said...

these are some of the difficuties facing those of us wanting an elected govt in fiji. unbelieable that regiona medias sucking up this rubbish

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji will say anything. Come the election, they will vote you OUT!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, love this, you losers. Turns out the people of Fiji love Frank. Gillard has a popularity of 23 per cent in Australia. And Frank has a popularity of 66 per cent in Fiji. That makes him almost three times more popular with his own people than the Australian Pm with hers. Wake up!

TheMax said...

Hey C4.5, can't take the truth? Smell the coffee, Bainimarama will win in the end because, he is honest, genuine and just in what he is trying to do for Fiji.

mark manning said...

It sounds to me like someone in the Lowy Institute is having sex with Aiyaz or Frank.

mark manning said...

If the Lowy Institute is a think tank of Intellectuals, then Australia is in deep trouble !
I suggest that Fijians who oppose the Regime, email directly to the Lowy Institute and explain to them exactly what is going on in Fiji.
Don't swear, just tell the truth.

" The Lowy Institute is an independent international policy think tank based in Sydney. "
God help us then ! lols

mark manning said...

President Tong, the Ning Nong :-
Spike Milligan, On the Ning Nang Nong :-

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Anonymous said...

Lowy has won the DUNCE AWARD. What institute would conduct a poll when the country is under military rule. Do you think people will give you an honest answer - of course not - unless you Lowy would like to go experience true hospitality at the Fiji Military Barracks. SEEMS LIKE THE LOWY BUNCH ARE TOO INTELLIGENT FOR THE INSTITUTE....need a new requirement....common sense .

Anonymous said...

The poll is a paid scam.

The tender called for vote-election is a scam.

Corrupt deal already done for company to get tender and scam 2014 election.

Huge corrupt payments will be made to the company to run the computer and show result of junta to win the election-like africa.

Millions of public monies will be paid in corruption to win election by scam.

The scam cos the junta know they stand no chance to win the election by real people vote.

Anonymous said...

@Hasina Bano...really!!!so he can`t get it up hana..tum bhola ki khoi bhadiya khara uske. .oho!tabe to full time cannibal hai sala makachut.
Now that`s one ugly revelation for someone who takes to booze to drown his sorrows for not being able to enjoy a woman in the normal manner.Very typical of a phsyco!!!.

Dina said...

Lowly if this government have the support of the people then why all the restrictions. And the number that you interview which walk of life did you gather them from let alone that gosh what is 1032.You've gotta be kidding.We are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

If we want to solve Fiji's coup culture, Bainimarama's coup must end in a huge disaster; so that coups became such a disastrous idea that soldiers will be afraid to lead a coup in the future. Only one solution Bainimarama should be hung by the neck and left in the rubbish dump somewhere to rot and his entire family put in jail for life.

Anonymous said...

This poll is on the mark - Rajesh, Shailend and Mara may need to start living in a real world where people believe.

Anonymous said...

In case 4.5 readers dont know, chor HIMMAT LODHIA was charged with resisting to give breath test and called the biggest coup Minister of all time(Fiji Times last week Tuesday) - ratu KUMBOKUMBO to release him - the chor lodhia family need to be in jail- Himmat and Harish Lodhia in NZ ( Humm FM, Tarana AM,Shingaar Fashions and Sona Sansaar owner) - we need to bring these idiots to justice rather than good community people like Mahen patel in jail.

Non-believer said...

Upon reading this report and the section on methodology located on page 23, it is clearly written that Tebbutt Research did the field work for this "survey".

"Fieldwork was conducted by the Tebbutt Research field team in accordance with global best practice."

Tebbutt Research, Fiji's only market research company is run by Caz Tebbutt, one of Sharon Smith-Johns closest mates. That makes any results quite suspect.

Anonymous said...

So the "Lowly Institute" doesn't get out much, and they certainly don't know anything about what banana and pooibum have been getting up to ie; a list of criminal activity as long as the proverbial arm ... any of which in Australia, would see them charged and end up serving a prison term.
... now they expect the Fijians to let them of the hook for Treason, Murder, Extortion, etc, and ... actually trust them to organise an honest election- naive ning nongs!
... another bunch of ning nongs.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

bulshit figures. The day of reckoning is at hand

real jack said...

very murky...

as for the Poll by the Lowy institute guys - well they have been pushing for engagement for the last year or so.

they engaged Caz Tebbut who is one of the main proponents for engagement over here - she had been lobbying for engagement since
the eve of the December 2006 coup.

so the credibility of that Poll is questionable on that ground alone

- the pollster (Tebbut) hardly qualifies as an independant and impartial pollster given her vested interest in that issue.

Anonymous said...

@mark manning.

email directly to the Lowy Institute and others and simply explain tell them this:

"That you Lowy think-tankers engaged Caz Tebbut, one of the main proponents for engagement over here (she had been lobbying for engagement since the eve of the December 2006 coup).

"And so the credibility of your Poll is questionable on that ground alone.

"The pollster (Tebbut) hardly qualifies as an independent and impartial pollster given her vested interest in that issue.

Anonymous said...

If he's got support why is he walking around with hundreds of bodyguards...lol...support? yeah right...

Anonymous said...

Mark, you're such a bore. "Someone at the Lowy Institute is having sex with ..." Give us a break! And take your smut elsewhere. Amazed this got through the gatekeepers. But maybe you're having sex with them?

Smell the Coffee said...

History always repeats. Prior to 1874 Cession kaivalagi traders had 1 main agenda i.e Fiji was 'their oyster' to plunder. The iTaukei was their slave to work the land. Hence 'VITI for kaivalagis' has always been the mantra. This is always the pattern throughout the world in plundering the indigenous homelands. Smell the Espresso iTAUKEI

Anonymous said...

I can tell you how one of my family member was interviewed and he did say he was pro regime. However he is anti-regime and said the opposite as he wasn't sure will get the survey info. When we talk on phone we never discuss politics as beeping sound is every few seconds indicating recording. Only when they come to Auckland they speak openly.

Australia and NZ should send own people to conduct interview and let's see the result.

real jack said...

this Poll is seriously flawed - Caz Tebut who is one of the main proponents of engagement over here (and has been since December 2006) did the fieldwork and data processing in Fiji - did it over three days with her company TEBBUT RESEARCH

there is clearly no INPEPENDANCE and/or IMPARTIALITY with this poll from the word go - the field collector and processor of all the data HERSELF HAS A VESTED INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME OF THE POLL given her stated position for engagement since 2006 - she also has a business interest in the outcome because the Australia - Fiji business council of which she had been Chairwoman in 2006/ 2007 had been pushing for engagement due to the various business contracts they had hinging on the forward momentum of that engagement process


how these Lowy guys can go ahead and use that Poll, let alone instruct Caz Tebbut to do this Poll given her VESTED INTEREST in the outcome, raises serious questions about their own credibility as an institution, and the credibility of their advise. there has clearly been no TRANSPARENCY in this whole poll process from the word go.

whatever these Lowy Institute people say from here on in should be taken with a massive dose of scepticism - or simply not accepted at face value. this Institution clearly has dubious processes and practices - as evidenced by this Poll they've conducted via a person with a vested business interest in the outcome of the Poll.

and thats probably why Canberra hasn't taken their advise seriously todate

and what they are doing trying to lobby as a lobby group at the Pacific Island Forum raises even more questions - supposedly the Lowy Institute is a THINK TANK FOR INTERNATIONAL POLICY (they state as such on their website)

but it now appears that their role has morphed into something new - they are now a THINK TANK FOR INTERNATIONAL POLICY and a LOBBY GROUP - its now a blurred line - where do these Lowy guys get off ? are they an "intellectual think tank" or are they a "lobby group" ?

they can't be both

tsk tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

First take the PER out and other media restrictions, put all the blogs comments in the Fiji Times Fiji Sun and the respective reports then ask Tebutt to conduct a poll. Say interview 100,000 then see the fun.

Anonymous said...

"he who took the country by force" and he who follows the trail of the agriculture scam!


Bainimarama's staying as P.M. for Fiji is a lot like Captain Smith staying as captain of the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Lowy institute used the Tebbutt group for the poll tells it all. Tebbutt polling has very poor crebility rating in Fiji. Besides, these polls are conducted so secretively that the majority of us dont even get to hear about - that says a lot for the integrity of the polls.
In any case, I live in Fiji and the polling result does not tie in with the feelings of the people I know about the regime.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 9.21

The Lady and the Dr. from the Lowy Institute have indeed been wined and dined by the regime sometime back!

Anonymous said...

If the Lowy/Tebbutt poll is true then why are Bainimarama and Khaiyum so afraid to go to the polls? Why waste money on polling people under the rule of the gun and where there is NO free media? Honestly, you don't need a brain surgeon to tell you that your "results" would be a total waste of time. The real POLL is to have free and fair democratic elections!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This shows the extent to which this regime and their supporters will go to justify their continued existence to the world and regional governments.

I am so disappointed and now feel strongly that those of us opposed to the regime have limited choices.


Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is more popular than the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard says Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns.

* Smith Johns should spread her legs to Banimarama and PSOs!.......oiiii, me ratou veibataki koya tale!

Referring to the recent opinion poll carried out by the Australian Lowy Institute, Smith-Johns said the poll shows the difference in the leadership quality between Commodore Bainimarama and Gillard.

“With a 66 per cent approval rating Commodore Bainimarama is almost three times more popular with the people of Fiji than Gillard is with the people of Australia,” she said.

Smith-Johns said the poll has proven that the Fijian government is committed to the policies of good governance and has courage to do what is right for the people, if Fiji is to make progress.

“The citizens of Fiji approve Commodore Bainimarama and the government by a huge margin.

* This is another exgarration by the Nutty Smith Johns
*Most of the Fiji Citizens want Bainimarama out
*Bainimarama and his regime is more unpopular than Gaddafi

Taukei. said...

Respectful Taukei never place real ratu's with their backs facing an open door.

Anonymous said...

Fugly Photo.He Looks like a Pacific clown and a peacock.

Ah yes, statistics are fun....to manipulate...to make your data seem more valid. Don't like the shortness of that bar on your bar graph compared to all the other bars? Just take that bar out all together, turn that one category into a yes or no question, and put it into a bar graph all its own. Amazing how big that "yes" bar looks in comparison to that "no" bar all of the sudden. That must mean your data is somehow "significant".
You are right to be skeptical about statistics. They are really more for the purpose of comparing things to other things than providing definitive answers to questions but you have to read between the lines.

Lowly Institute Academics are a bunch of F)*ks. Get out of your offices and take your lazy bums to Fiji and do proper research. Instead of reading censored media, getting data from Tebbutt who probably squiggles the data.
Just reading your bullshit stats etc., we can see alot of contradictions. eg:-

1.majority interviewed in your poll wants Democracy, The Importance of Human Rights,The role of Church in Politics, etc., Which is quite a huge contradiction to the heading "Lowly institute poll claims majority support for Fiji dictator and military".

Anonymous said...

The only result worth taking seriously from the poll is that 98%of the respondents wanted elections.

The above result is the most important and makes the other results like Bainimarama's supposed popularity irrelevant, as they can be said to be biased and based on fear and ignorance. They don't take away the fact that the Bainimarama regime is illegal.

It is clear that Fiji people want elections, and want it now.

The foreign governments and the international community need to take notice, and put further pressure on Bainimarama and his illegal regime. We need to get them out ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Showed my 3yr old grandson the picture of bainimarama shown above and his comment did surprise me...iia!tua!!tevolo katia o oiko!!.C4.5, My young lad deserves a medal for correctly identifying the man as the devil and also correctly stating what he does...he bites people.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.57pm

Totally agree with you here!

98% eh? Wow, that is huge, that is saying a lot.

So reading between the lines, we can rightly conclude that a mere 2%, a miserable 2% only would like the Baini/arsye roadshow to continue!!!

Vinaka Denis Butt for revealing the unspoken truth to the world!

Tim said...

What is shameful (as well as naive) is the way the myth of populist support is being propagated - even on that"nice, uncontroversial friend-to-all" Jim Mora's programme on Radio NZ.

Guests included Simon [Pound?]. He repeated that little gem of majority support (probably based on his mate and WASP Fiji-born mate/colleague at TVNZ7 - Wallace) - the ones that try and be very "adult" about media.
They might be offering an alternative media perspective, but it doesn;t mean they have to descend into bullshit. Even the crew at Monty Python researched their material in greaer depth.

Kia Ora said...

Tim@7.04pm Radio New Zealand one of the worst offenders considering its links to the Pacific. Naive reporters writing copy without any balance or context and no thought given to situation on the ground in Fiji.

fiji first said...

I can't resist. There are too many WASPs and rats propagating myths about Fiji because they were born there. It's generational colonialism.

Smell the Coffee said...

Attention, this poll was done to Tebutts preferred position - 69.

Anonymous said...

To carry out such Research in Fiji Today requires permit since questions will trigger some respondents.......thus, Tebutt might have work hand in hand with Min of Information and Fiji Police to ensure their design questions is to the Regime's liking...

What a crap!

If 98% of the respondents wants Election that signifies to the Regime and Khaiyum, Bainimarama, Rokoura, Naliva, Siwa, and Nagauna that people do not care how much you develop their villages or province......we want an Election to shove you out!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:39am

That would be another coup!

But, I'm afraid, that solution is uneconomical because no kid will want to watch, on the grounds that the new host is "a tevoro...katia".

This same tevoro is at the moment gobbling Fiji up until such a time we can find the courage to kick him down to hell where he belongs!

semimiau said...

Luveni boci and sonalevulevu like your brother in law (murderer).

semimiau said...

Luveni boci and sonalevulevu like your brother in law (murderer).