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Monday, September 26, 2011

Qantas called on to explain Fiji decree from Air Pacific

QANTAS is under pressure to explain why its Fijian affiliate Air Pacific appears to be actively supporting Fiji's military regime. 
Documents leaked to a blog site show Air Pacific, in which Qantas has a 46 per cent share, has paid a US legal firm $US24,000 to draft a government decree that limits union influence.

The document shows Air Pacific's chief executive David Pflieger commissioned the New York company Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy earlier this year.

The decree was revealed by the Fijian regime earlier this month and has proved deeply unpopular with local and international unions and human rights organisations, who say it violates international conventions.

Fiji's Trades Union Congress leader Felix Anthony says the revelations, leaked to the blog coupfourandahalf.com, appear to indicate the airline is working to support the regime, which seized power in a 2006 coup.

He said Qantas, as a major shareholder, had a responsibility to clarify Air Pacific's role in devising the decree.

"As a major shareholder, Qantas can't been seen to be condoning such behaviour of Air Pacific management and it needs to make its position clear," Mr Anthony said.

"Due to its connection, it has both a moral and a social responsibility to workers in Fiji to explain whether it will accept this behaviour or not, and if not, what it will do about it."

Qantas has not returned calls, but according to the Pacific Islands Report it has indicated it wants no involvement in the matter, saying it is for Air Pacific to respond to.

The new law, the Essential National Industries Employment Decree, severely limits a worker's ability to protest unfair conditions without a permit, and unions can be fined up to US$56,000 for encouraging any "illegal" behaviour.

The government argues the decree will make workplaces more efficient and will not exploit workers.

Mr Anthony said it was an "awful backwards step for the people" and showed "utter disrespect towards Fijian workers and their rights to collective bargaining".

"It's terribly sad, really, and the problem is we can't see an end to it," he said.

The regime led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama has taken a number of steps to curtail public freedoms since gaining power five years ago, abrogating the constitution, sacking the judiciary and censoring the local media.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, Qantas wanted to sell its shares in Air Pacific. This is good time for them to tell Air Pac - buy them off or suspend the decree!!

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific shareholding is 51% fiji Junta and 49% Qantas.

Qantas have management contract of Airpacific and appoint the board, CEO, manangment and operations of the company.

The actions of law maker new parliment of junta Air Pacific CEO is actions of Qantas.

Qantas must explain.

Fiji Mandate said...

Qantas can't bury its head in the sand. C4.5 story has really exposed Dave Pflieger and Air Pacific. Good to see regional media asking questions.

Anonymous said...

No surprise at all. Remember, both the NZ and Oz Governments, AND their respective Unions are STILL pussy-footing and dragging their feet about the ILLEGAL happenings here in Fiji. Maybe the World Cup is keeping them far too pre-occupied to worry about our pleas and cries here!! What a bloody SHAME to ALL of you!!
It is this kind of attitude that will force us to support the ILLEGAL regime in their 'LOOK NORTH' policy. We do not have a choice do we??

Anonymous said...

QANTAS like their government, AND the Kiwis sure have their heads buried in the sand.
A friend of mine's son had his visitor's visa application rejected by the NZ people because his father USED to be in the army. To add salt to injury, his father has already traveled back and forth since Dec 2006 - yet they chose to refuse his son's application. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE AND JUSTIFICATION PM KEYS??!!
Why are you people punishing and making things hard for us innocent people?

Anonymous said...

Pflieger has made Qantas look stupid. Let's hope Qantas management has the balls to front up or act behind the scenes to fix thissituation

Semi Miau said...

Air Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I won't travel anymore with Air Pacific as long as it supports the Illegal Regime.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Alan Joyce is too busy counting his money. Fiji is not his problem. Its Air Pathetic's problem. I'm sure AG is lining up soon to buy out Qantas's share hence why giving Qantas all the reason to pull out.

Sorry people of Fiji, you are all just the pawn on the table.

Anonymous said...

Everyone let TWU in Australia know.


Another Qantas strike planned for this weekend. Hit them hard I say for letting this happen to us in Fiji. Shame on you Qantas!

Anonymous said...

You can also make comments on Qantas's facebook.


Let the world know.

Anonymous said...

@7.45 pm
rejection of visa will be because ur frinds son is single male......I had friends son have his visa rejected even thought I was willing to post $10k or 20k bond.

kiwis and ozies are not particularly racisit....but their government is very much still eurocentric and white australia. u only have to see how they treat us like animals outside their embassy in suva in rain and sun.....
its only we are looking north to the chinese that these fucking aholes have opened visa center in town after all these years....if not we would still be treated as animals.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Although I have no time for this illegal regime the unions have brought this on themselves. We have not forgotten union strikes stranding passengers in their plane on the tarmac in Australia some years ago. Done by flight attendants.


LOL, Qantas have no say. What can they do, really? Do you people really think that Qantas can "force" anyone at Air Pacific to do anything other than what the Fiji Govt says?

The Govt will just overrule them all the time. Qantas is the weak willed wife in the relationship, beaten and controlled by her husband, the illegal Fiji Govt.

Qantas wants to get out of the relationship, but can't because there are no buyers. So they are stuck, having to follow orders of Bai, because their only duty is to protect their investment for their shareholders.

Can't blame them.

I really don't like this new tactic of C4.5 and other bloggers, who try to lay blame on everyone else, when in fact people and businesses are just trying to get by. The real blame must ALWAYS lie with Bai, and if you are too afraid to pick up a banner and walk out onto the street in protest, then don't blame Qantas, Pfligger, and anyone else who are just like you... more interested in just making money and surviving than in fighting for your rights.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.09am. You ask us to walk out with banner and protest. Seems like you are sitting in aust or NZ. we all fear personal physical attack if we march. The way to hurt bai and AG is via the pockets. Stop the money flow and we can bring them down.

Anonymous said...

The USD 22,000 dollars paid by air pacific to the alien law firm to make the cut and paste decree to remove all worker rights in fiji, 49% or 10,900 is qantas money.

So qantas must take action against the new parliment of fiji-law making ceo of bankrupt plane company that says will share profits with wokers.

there is no profit ever to come but losses.

Anonymous said...

This is proof the illegal AG is incompetant with never gone to court to fight case.

Forget the junta dictator who listen here there and approve decrees- no school.

Anonymous said...

You can't go on about neocolonialism and other left wing BS and then blame the minority outside shareholder for anything Air Pacific does. Qantas has enough on its plate -like survival - to worry about some pissant letter sent to an LA law firm by Air Pacific's CEO.

Fiji's national airline runs itself. And the proof of that is that Qantas is doing everything it can to damage the airline by putting up its low cost subsidiary, Jetstar, on the Nadi route. It's also desperate to unload its shares in AirPac but can't agree on a price with the Fiji Government. So the whole premise of this story is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Qantas has 46% in Air Pac, Fiji Government has 51% and the balance of shares belong a few minority including Air New Zealand. They are all accountable to the Decree because Air Pac paid for the drafting. Therefore Fiji, Australia and New Zealand all have had their hands in the drafting of the Decree and has to take ownership. If any one is blaming Air Pac they are also blaming Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. So on one hand you criticise Fiji for almost everything and on the other hand you join them to enact Decrees. If such is not the case do something to rid the Decree. Otherwise just take ownership of the Decree and bow down in shame because your big mouth is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

AG is acting PM/Minister of Finance and other portfolios by Baini, now he will pay himself $14000,000 for all the work he is doing, great job AG.

Anonymous said...

whether qantas engages on this one will show whether international community really cares about fiji and its people

Anonymous said...

If there is blame to be layed on anyone, it should rest on the board of Air Pacific to decide its course of action (or inaction). A corporate organisation not a national one. Qantas Executive Management are pre-occupied with their own domestic industrial affairs. As always in corporate governance, financial gain takes precedence over political posturing. Also, it is obvious that Qantas are totally focused on a more lucrative Asian market just as Air Pacific has chosen. Someone hand some toilet paper to the guy with shit in his mouth!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean ... Munted Frogs

Anonymous said...

Shame on you QANTAS. I had thought you were better than that. You have now lost me as a customer. This is what happens with multi-national companies. They work together across borders to enslave the world's workers, to satisfy the greed of their shareholders.

QANTAS. said...

QANTAS Executive Press Release.
(edited translation).

Unfortunateky Mr. Joyce is Irish & therefore does not understand English - Australian or Fijian - but he's been tellen me that if he ever did he'd be tellin all yous non Irish speakin folk out there yous can all go an get fucked.