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Friday, September 2, 2011

Rallies call for a combined effort against Fiji regime

TIME TO FOR A JOINT EFFORT: CTU's Helen Kelly and supporters including Green MP, Keith Locke (middle), holding sign. Below: Democracy advocates fly the Fiji flag and supporters rally for Fiji brothers and sisters.

The message was clear today: people have to work together to remove the unelected military government of Frank Bainimarama.
At the Wellington rally, the president of the Council of Trade Unions, Helen Kelly, acknowledged that Fiji people on their own have not been able to dislodge the dictator and neither had the unions. She said it was time to pull together.

Today's rally in Wellington, Sydney, London and Belgium outside Fiji's diplomatic posts is the start of a united global campaign against the regime. 

Helen Kelly says today also marks the start of renewed efforts for boycotts and other industrial action saying there were a number or pressure points that could be applied. 

Individual protests will continue in coming weeks, including the Pacific Forum in Auckland and the Rugby World Cup where people will be asked to wear white arms bands as a sign of protest against the regime.

In a statement sent earlier, the Council of Trade Union and Amnesty International called for the regime to remove the Public Emergency Regulations.

The statement supported FTUC's Daniel Urai, union organiser Nitin Gounder, who were due to appear in court today charged with unlawful assembly.

Kelly said “Daniel and Nitin were detained and questioned, apparently for having met with union members about collective negotiations with hotel management and earlier in the year, Felix Anthony of the FTUC was physically assaulted.

"The regime is perpetrating a deliberate attack on trade union rights by issuing decrees making it almost impossible for unions to function and removing internationally recognized civil rights of freedom of assembly and collective bargaining.”

Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand spokesperson Margaret Taylor said “the on-going persecution of trade union leaders and attacks on worker’s rights is further evidence of the Fijian government’s assault on human rights generally.”

“Amnesty International supports  workers in Fiji and the Fiji labour movement in their struggle to defend their rights and  calls on the Fijian government to immediately repeal the Public Emergency Regulations which allows it to violate key human rights while providing immunity to those committing such violations."



Erica Lee said……. said...

We hear FICAC is launching an essay and arts competition to raise awareness of corruption. What a joke!

FICAC itself is corrupt and people in authorities under whom FICAC operates is full on with taking bribes from overseas road contractors and their governments and as well as certain plant and tourism developers.

Just ask Marasinghe, Ajit Kodagoda clown from Sri Lanka and he will tell you that he always operates on the instructions/directions of arsehole’s bai through aiyase bai’s left ball/puppet and vampire/witch Nazhat S wife of Aslam Khan of Vodafone big time sucker of arseholes bai and aiyase.

Devious Aunty Bano said........ said...

I am the naughty one but I now realize I need to come out open and clean. My nephew ASK is a arsehole and a liar of the highest order. I know what the Sri Lankan lawyers say is very very true.

I know when Mahendra Patel was found not guilty by the assessors he (ASK) directed Justice Daniel Goundar to reverse this and convict him and sentence Patel to 12 months in jail. Here he also sought help of ex High Court Judge Nazhat Shameem (wife of Aslam Khan, CEO of Vodafone and a sucker of current Military Government). This bitch of a lady I am told helped dumb Goundar in drafting the ruling/judgment. Many of Nazhat’s words that she regularly uses like Corporate Greed are mentioned in the judgement. If all this is not enough I also know our stupid PM was also involved in the whole thing. What I have said is nothing but true as not only whole of Fiji but many throughout the world know.

Ajit Kodagoda said……………. said...

I have been appointed FRCA chairman besides other numerous chairmanships like FNPF, ATH etc.

This is all becoz I am leaking kaiyum. I also helped kaiyum to find judges/government prosecutors from Sri Lanka. They are good for nothing and were without jobs in Sri Lanka and that’s why they came to Fiji.

As you know I am the main man at CJ Patel, owners of Fiji Sun and with my owner Sandeep Patel we have prostituted Fiji Sun to be government’s mouth piece and sold ourselves to government for all their business. You will note government does not advertise in Fiji Times at all.

Now being FRCA’s chairman FRCA had number of pending tax matters and legal actions against my company CJ Patel and its major shareholders Sandeep Patel and Jyantibhai Patel so what I will do is have all of them struck out.

My fellow board members Faiz Khan etc as we all are parasites of our current military government we will help each other in this.

Anonymous said...

Someone should draw a picture of the MSG meeting with Curtains drawn
-and label it "Corruption"

Why pull the curtains?
What are they hiding?

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

such protests take place daily all around the globe. It is meaningless. It will achieve nothing. Not enough patrons to make a real impact. The silent majority are happy with the regime

Anonymous said...

Can't see too many people from Fiji in these protests-is it a case of letting others to do our Fighting for us? How do we expect things to change when even those in Fiji won't get up to support the cause!

Anonymous said...

looks like a very successful rally.

Anonymous said...

And Aiyarse and Vuaka are the judges.

Anonymous said...

David Pfliger of Air Pacific is the proposer and author of the Essential National Industries Decree. As a sub-par lawyer he was booted out of Virgin, conned his way past the interview panel and landed in Fiji to inflict his bullshit on the staff of FJ and people of Fiji. I call on the Australian, New Zealand and world-wide trade unions to nab him and haul him to the ICC to be tried as a criminal. Better still give some rat poison in huge doses on his aeroplane meals. The Nadi airport union staff of Customs, ATS or Air Pacific can alert their union leaders and flight details can be forwarded to the his intending destination. This wanker and p....k is Hitler's cousin!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu NZ/AUS/UK/Belgium Trade Unions for your support. vinaka vakalevu also to the Uniting Church of Australia and the never say die FDFM worldwide. It is time to up the tempo and tighten the rope. Let them feel the pain where it hurts most. Long live Democracy! Hang in there fellow brothers and sisters in my beloved Fiji. Your destiny will soon be in your hands. God bless Fiji. Bring it on!!

David Pfliger said...

Bai and my Muslim brother Aiyaz, looks like the good times are about to end. What's going to happen to me? Will I end up in jail with you guys? Or do you want me to arrange the "great escape" for us by chartering a special flight to Beijing? Let me know my friends as big trouble is set to rock this paradise that people if Fiji simply doesn't appreciate all the nice work we have accomplished to date. Typical island coconut mentality here.

freefiji said...

Thank you Australia & New Zealand & UK Unions for your support. How can we get things be done in Fiji with this PER still in force any ideas

Anonymous said...

@Annon.4:37pm....No need to see people from Fiji to validate protests.What you will see here is the International Community is now chipping into our over `protected`sovereignty as a Nation run by a dictatorial Regime.JESUS says`Au sa tu ena ena mata ni katuba ka tukituki...toso mai Isolation.Voreqe had made the same mistake as (the 1,000 times mightier than his feeble regime)Communist Russia made, as history `dictates`..they under estimated the strength of the explosive combination of the church and the trade union as it happened in Poland.You got war on your hands Commodore.

Bai - Fiji PM said...

David, I will take your office for the Air Pacific charter to Beijing. Please arrange for this on 19 September so we can leave Aiyaz behind to run the country so he can get beaten up by the people if Fiji for all the wrong doings that I have been instructing.

Make sure the flights are well planned so once we leave, there is no coming back to coconut land. You have been a great inspiration of all illegal work done at the airline. Make sure you take a few million dollars for our enjoyment in China. The Chinese chicks are hot there. Aiyaz has been playing hard with girls there and all they say to him is Nihao ma and Aiyaz gets all excited like a monkey. He sometimes does not know when to draw a line with girls. He only married a Fijian to show the people that he is a true Fijian but the realty is that Aiyaz screws around with girls in overseas. He sleeps with prostitutes to satisfy his hunger for lust and he does this behind the wife's back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Guys.

Anonymous said...

David who?????? Pfffffft or pufta qase???? Yankee, Go Home. Before the FJ people skin you alive.
@Anon 3.59....the silent intelligent majority, you mean. You bloody lausamu, kawaca, luveniyali.....daganam.
Take that you caste less waste of skin.
We, the people of Fiji will prevail.