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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Regime fights to save Fiji's reputation as 'safe, peaceful and attractive'

Tony and Barbara Smith of Perth.

Oh, dear. This poor Australian couple have been unwittingly roped in to help prove the illegal regime claim that Fiji is a safe and attractive place to visit. 

Tony and Barbara Smith are part of what we feel is a rather desperate effort to get tourists and visitors to rave about a country that has been under military rule now for nearly five years.

The Smith's are Fiji Village's star tourist couple in a story headlined "Fiji very peaceful and calm -Tourists." While, obviously, not directly organised by the regime, the article clearly seeks to endorse its effort to defend itself from international criticism.

The president of the New Zealand law society, Jonathan Temms, yesterday released a statement saying Fiji is a totalitarian regime and that four foreigners, including two New Zealanders, had recently died in unexplained circumstances in Fiji's tourist belt. He said there was a degree of lawlessness and lack of transparency in the country. 

Temm also said the Fiji Law Society had been taken over by the regime and that its headquarters had been destroyed in an unsolved arson. And he noted the military had removed staff critical of the regime from USP, referring to economist Professor Wadan Narsey who has been fired, a story Coupfourpointfive broke last month along with the tourist deaths the regime had tried to play down.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has today tried to dismiss Temm's comments saying they lack substance.

A miffed Khaiyum says Temm and members of the New Zealand Law Society have been repeatedly invited to Fiji to meet the legal profession, including the country's Chief Justice, so they can decide for themselves "the true situation with regard to the rule of law in Fiji and the introduction of modern and just laws."

"Instead, Temm prefers to rely on hearsay and exaggerated opinions, not to mention untruthful reporting by sections of the New Zealand media. Freedom of religion continues to be respected in Fiji. At no time has anybody been prevented from attending or entering or praying, including in churches.

“Temm suggests that the four foreigners including two New Zealanders who died recently were victims of lawlessness claiming that they died in unexplained circumstances. This is a lie. Temm needs to verify his facts simply by checking with the Police.

“The hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Fiji on a daily basis will be able to tell Temm that Fiji is a safe, attractive and peaceful holiday destination for everybody, including New Zealanders. The increased growth in tourism numbers in particular from Australia and New Zealand is a testimony to this."

Khaiyum, who has been proven by this blog and others as a liar, claimed Temm's information was unreliable.

“If Temm had bothered to investigate some of these outrageous claims for himself instead of relying on untruths from sections of the New Zealand media or politically motivated individuals from Fiji, he would know, inter alia, that the Fiji Law Society has not closed, there was no arson attack on its premises, no professors were removed by the Fijian Government, and all people, including New Zealanders, have equal access to the law in Fiji." 

Khaiyum can keep extolling the virtues of the regime but the international community are increasingly speaking up about the realities in Fiji.

Just two days ago, the ILO head, Juan Somavia, denounced the regime's latest decree, the one marginalising workers and trade unions.

The following comments from the Fiji Village story on the Smiths:
We have found Fiji very peaceful and calm.
A couple from Perth Australia, 79 year old Tony and Barbara Smith have plans to visit Fiji next year as they are amongst hundreds of tourists who flocked in the Suva City for a day visit in a tourist vessel this morning.
Another tourist Ben Dubael was enjoying the sunny weather in Suva saying he found no nasty people around.
He also did some shopping for himself and his family.
Many tourists were seen buying handicraft from retail outlets, having lunch with their loved ones in restaurants and sightseeing around the capital city.


Anonymous said...

Stop the bullshit all I hear is he said she said it's time the international community do something, we all know the illegal regime is lying and buying time. So I say stop the game playing and start taking real and serious action. The poor people in Fiji are suffering they can't wait for this bullshit that's going on.

Anonymous said...

What a pity that this couple have been roped in to suit the whims and once again propagate the lies, after lies, after lies. It shows the depth that this Illegal goons will go to consolidate themselves, albeit ILLEGALLY!
On a lighter and more humane note, I have been reliably informed by families back in NZ that the Samoan community in NZ had a fund raising and have split the proceeds three-way : to the Samoan , Tongan and Fijian Teams at the RWC.
To our Samoan brothers and sisters a BIG vinaka vakalevu from all us here back home in Fiji. It is more than appreciated and it is our hope and prayer that the good Lord will richly bless you all and your families.

Anonymous said...

Al I can say is MANU SAMOA from Fiji!!
Va'a fetai!
God bless!

mark manning said...

The international Community has to deal with 40,000,000 displaced people from around the World, while fijians sit on their hands and let their own beautiful country be sold down the toilet by a handful of greedy self interested people.
Only Fijians can resolve Fiji's internal issues !
How when and if they are willing to, is a matter for them.

Miaw said...

Lovely couple.

Anonymous said...

How can Fiji be peaceful and calm when the roads in the City are dusty and full of potholes.

Anonymous said...

At 5.33am......as if democracy will fix that. Roads were the worst under SDL/Flp govt.

Anonymous said...

Bring out the guns.

Anonymous said...

Do not Visit Fiji. You are only supporting a bunch of criminal goons holding power through Fear and intimidation.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Isa poor Mr and Mrs why Fiji Village do that to them

Anonymous said...

PS You so cool Samoa!

Stan said...

by not visiting Fiji they will only be hurting the a;ready poor Fijians who work in the tourism sector...how will this change anything for those in government?

No Retreat said...

One question jinamu Khaiyum,where the hell is Anthony Gates and who is the Chief Justice now?

Thank you con man....you time is about to end soon,where you will be in Naboro with the military goons.

Anonymous said...

Tis good that they come and see for themselves that wat really is happening here in Fiji.
To let the world know of the truth.
God Bless Fiji

Stand Up Now said...

what a liar aiyaz is...look at his denials. His reality is warped and it comes from being part of an illegal government tht has no mandate to run the country.

Anonymous said...

PS anon@6.54....I think I have to agree the last few stories about the fate of tourists should be of concern

Fark Fanning said...


Pray, who is selling Fiji down the toilet ??

And who is buying ??

Fiji First said...

Saw this posted on Editor Uncensored and think it applies to this story and current situation

Dear EU, I write with regards to the article...
Filo Tuivanualevu 12:37pm Sep 18
Dear EU,

I write with regards to the article published on page 12 of the Fiji Times today 18/09/11. The article features a lady who upon visiting the UK meets the Prince of Wales. Prince Charles after insisting to see her enquires about the situation in Fiji to which she responds, “as usual very peaceful..” later on in the same conversation Prince Charles asks her to relay a message to everyone back home that he still has Fiji in his heart.

With all due respect to the two mentioned, Fiji is far from peaceful. People’s human rights are being violated on a daily basis, there are recent talks of a person’s forearm being hacked off, we are ruled by a dictator who is publicly known for instigating the beating of women, our state institutions are rigged with nepotism and untruth and here I am only skimming the surface of things. To top that of Prince Charles in “having us in mind” has yet to join the efforts in pressuring Fiji back to democracy. [In stand to be corrected on this]

Am I the only one appalled by the hypocrisy of this conversation?

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