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Friday, September 2, 2011

Regime paper work for Methodist Church restrictions: 'ensure this is monitored'

Question: What does Mosese Tikoitoga do when he's not crying about being refused a visa to attend the Rugby World Cup? Answer: He bullies the Methodist Church.
Tikoitoga is the big heavy enforcing the regime's edict to keep the Methodist Church in line. See his signature on the orders for the police to make sure the Church doesn't try to meet outside stipulated times.

The Director Operations, SSP Rusiate Tudravu, is the other bully. His is the second signature on the directive aimed at keeping the Church under thumb.

Below is a communication sent by one of the stewards to church leaders.

The Government has decided that no MEETINGS shall be permitted in all Methodist Churches until further notice.  This NOTICE applies to all of the following:
  • Any ministry meeting (Youth, Women, Men, Social Welfare, Finance & Property etc)
  • All Church and Circuit Leaders Meetings (F&P, Lay Preachers etc)

Fellowship and worship programmes are permitted to continue as usual, that is:
  • Regular Sunday service programmes
  • Friday night Youth Fellowship programmes
  • Women's Fellowship gatherings
  • Cell Group and Home Church programmes

We hope this NOTICE will not stand for long.  Updates shall be sent out by email as they come in.  If you seek further clarification you can call the Office Administrator, Eka on 3313952 or reply to this email or call the Church mobile, 9760093.  On our Divisional Superintendent's behalf, I apologise about any inconvenience caused.

(Name withheld)


  1. if church don't act know , methodist circut is finished forever

  2. These idiots obviously have no idea about how church members meet.
    You might as well try to stop the tide coming in, or shout at the wind to blow in the other direction.
    The Methodist members first reaction might be worry and astonishment, but then when the stupidity of it all sinks in, they
    should be laughing behind their hands trying not to show their amusement at being the only church in the entire world banned by its own government.
    Surely this is the most foolish nonsense and shows these fools are suffering from a severe case of paranoia and their minds are full of so much guilt that they think that they can get rid of the guilt feeling by restricting Gods activity on planet Earth ... Oh dear, how pathetic, but then God must be quite familiar with silly men shaking their fist at HIM while trying not to tremble so much that people can see them shaking.
    -Galations 6;v7
    Be not deceived, for God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    -Hosea 8; v7
    For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.
    ....just a little more patience is required of every one of us ... Gods timing is perfect.
    -Sydney tourist

  3. Go block the road and taste some lead!!!

  4. Evidently, the Methodist Church poses a real threat to the regime. Na rere sa tiko vei iratou na lewe ni Mataivalu.

  5. Security Forces... leaked documents!

    Nice one C4.5!!!

  6. Frank. F Your Father kaukauwa! Leave the Church alone. Your children and their childrens children will pay for ur stupidity.

  7. What God has built no man can destroy.. Come what may, we shall not be moved. In God We Trust.

    God Bless Fiji

  8. @Annon.10:17pm...Your reaction time is way too slow soldier!!!..you`ve been outflanked and you don`t even know there`s ieds in your bath & bed,when activated will rip your balls off...How much lead have you got anyway?.

  9. SSP Rusiate Tudravu's elder brother is a Methodist Talatala who heads a Methodist circuit in NZ.When Pilate was about to sentence our Lord Jesus he knew that Lord Jesus was innocent,he knew that if he aqquitted our Lord Jesus who was innocent he would be in Ceaser's blacklist and his position ,his authority ,his salary,his 'Pajero' etc would be taken away from him,so its better to crucify our sinless Saviour Lord Jesus,be a 'bum sucker' rather than be true to his oath ,and set free a murderer Barabas,isn;t that what we are seeing,Se vakacava Turara Levu vakacegu ni Tabacakacaka ni Ovisa,Kemuni na lewe ni Lotu Wesele ni nanumi POLIKAVU.('For my 80 years of life,my Lord Jesus has NEVER FORSAKEN ME,who am I to forsaken him now,I'd rather die')has never f

  10. regime lose...Church gain...saga na lotu io waraka namaka.....dou na yavu mai vaka na sovu bainivore and kulina crew

  11. na lialia gona nei foreqe sa laurai qoka...me yaco gona ki vei na nona viavia levu kei na dokadoka?

    uwi!! sa da oca mai na lasutaki.

  12. Leaking Like the Titanic... Copy of the Operation Directive which is in C4.5's possession came from the RFMF itself!

    that Operation Directive is dated 26th August 2011 - look below SSP Tudravu's signature

    its circulated to 6 different officers within the Security agencies - so there would have been 7 guys with copies of this Operation Order, including SSP Tudravu

    the "Received" stamp close to the top of the document says "RFMF" and its dated 28th August 2011 - which means that this is a copy of the Operations Directive which was sent to the RFMF and received by the RFMF on 28th August 2011.

    it was been received by the RFMF two days after SSP Tudravu signed it - hence the 28th August 2011 date endorsed on it

    what those little details suggest is that the copy of the Operations Directive which is in Coup Four Point Five's possession came from within the RFMF itself.

    documents say a lot of things if you look at them carefully, eh ?

  13. its an internal Operations Directive within the Security Agencies of this country - which has somehow found its way into the hands of Coup Four Point Five

    having hacked Vodafone this week - it now seems that the Security agencies of the State are also now compromised - looks like there are now massive leaks inside the Govt Security Agencies - this thing is an internal document, and a very recent one at that - its dated 26th August 2011, which is less then 8 days ago

    all this establishes is that she's leaking like the Titanic.

    alls not well in the State of Denmark

  14. wananavu!..no soli means I can put food on the table...sseeett!

  15. Frank/ASK/Mosese/others.
    the day will come when gods royal armies will get you soon.
    the church is gods body and need freedom of worship.
    keep fighting and praying church members.
    our god is greater than frank/ask/mosese armies.
    god will deliver us all from this evil regime.
    god bless.

  16. Haven't these military fools learnt anything? Suggest they study closely the fate of other dictatorial regimes elsewhere?
    Cannot believe they are so out of touch with their own people?
    Guess this is why they will untimately suffer the fate they all richly deserve...Not how or why - simply a case of when...Tic toc tic tok...

  17. Apologising for any inconvenience caused is the most STUPID thing to do.It just shows the how absent minded the person is.Tudravu,having your siganature on the memo is inconvenience itself.Apologising is am admission of GUILT.Do you know what you are saying?I think you copied this from another memo,written by someone else.It shows that you lack foresight,knowledge and above all lack spiritual guidance.You are just a RUBBER STAMP for the illegal goons.

  18. Attn Pacific Commander...I have lost your Email adress so unable to send you more cartoons...Major Blanck.
    Can I phone you for it?...

  19. MT you are a rubber stamp for the illegal PM (PATHETIC MASTER) AND ALL THE ILLEGAL GOONS. (YOU INCLUDED).
    You should be ashamed of yourself,you cannot defeat the church.This is one war that you will never win,put this in your thick empty skull,EMPTY VESSELS MAKE ALOT OF SOUND,that is what you are.Don't ever think the Methodist Church will bow down to the illegal PM (PATHETIC MASTER) & all the other illegal goons - you inlcuded.Remeber the story of the man that built his house on the rock - which is the Methodist Church in this case,and the man that built his house on the sand - which is the illegal govt...that itself should be a warning to you.


  20. anonymous 10.17:
    all you have is lead,all and the only thing we all have is god.he works in a very funny way.remember the bible story of david and golaith. golaith was very well equipt,they can not match his strengh and all.you know the ending part of the story,and may i remind you that it was real.an eg,most of you live out of the camp,you are very expose to the hands of the vrf, 24/7. the people who are sending you to do their dirty jobs are very well protected,but what about the rest of you ???.

  21. It beggars belief that anyone in Fiji is even considering entertaining the ramblings of Frank and Co.
    How presumptuous of the Regime to believe that they alone have the Divine Authority to dictate to the rest of the Community.
    Enough is enough, pack your bags Frank Bainimarama :-

    Memorabilia, Nicole Renee :-

    Aiyaz puppet :-

    It's interesting to note that Tikoitoga co signed this illegal document @ midnight, [24/00] !

  22. I am not surprised. They fear methodists and unions. Did you know-Riyaz Khaium celebrating EED at the city library park today. No permit for the brother of ASK.

  23. I thought R.Tudravu is a name of a talatala from vanualevu.If i am correct than this is how it goes.
    Na vosa na KAWA-CA e dau muria e dua na kawa tamata ena kena dau basika yarayara tiko vei ira na nodra dau yavalata na noda tiko vinaka na wekana. Oqo e dau yaco mai na veika era dau vakayacora na nodra qase ka se sega ni vakasavasavataki,me vaka na dau vakadraunikau.Ia na ka e vakaloloma kina ni ra sega ni dau raica rawa ka ra sa nanuma ni sa dau donu vinaka tiko nai lakolako era sa lakova tiko ena gauna vata koya.
    Rogoca,kevaka era cala nai talatala,kua ni ko leqataka na kalou eda qarava ena tarai ira.Kevaka talega eda cala ena tarai keda,se vakacava.Mo kua ga ni sa via kalou mo dou sa via vakayacora kina na nona part.

  24. The people believe that Mr Mahen Chaudary and Doctor Sahu Khan for
    the betterment of politics and soccer have finally gone.
    Well, dont hold your breath.
    Despite the outpouring of frustrations,!come October, Dr Sahukhan could
    still be re-elected. Even a set of jerseys or FFA donations promise for the district official's team or
    a promise of a game for their district against Manchester United could bring
    him back! Imagine ManU versus Tailevu Naitasiri (with ref Nardeo Mishra thrown in) The district officials will be impressed.

    As for Mr Chaudary, come 2014 elections,a promise of a farmers bank(again),him
    solving of land lease issues (again) or blaming NFP (again) and Mr Reddy (again) for
    the woes of the Indian community, blaming Qarase or NFP (again) for the economic woes
    despite his disastrous performance as a finance minister and he WILL be back!

    The voters from Ba will be impressed!! These two gentlemen from Ba are here to
    To those who hold joy and high expectations now that these two gentlemen
    are gone, have a cold shower! Hey this is democracy Fiji Indian style! Like
    Arnold Swaznagger, , Mahen Chaudary and Doctor Sahu Khan is still saying “ I’ll
    be back”!!!

  25. Tuidravu does not realise that he was once kicked aside by the junta and now hes pleasing them by playing their tune. Tuidravu himself is a methodist preacher, once preaching in Christchurch, NZ critising the Regime.He should be ashamed of himself especially being the younger brother of the Qase Levu for Methodist Church in NZ.
    Shame on you, a disgrace to the Wainibuka and Ra people

  26. Major Blanck: pacificinthemedia@gmail.com

  27. To the Military council,
    Please do not play pussy cat and dogs with the people of Fiji. We have had enough of your stupidity. It has been too long. Don't you realise that you have done no good to Fiji as you promised. You have segregated the people, races, religion etc.....Dou yavu lialia...ia ni dou lialia ga......look back at each of your educational backgrounds.....have you done any degrees or higher education to lead to help you make decisions and lead the good people of Fiji. I dont think you do.In order to lead us then you have to have a good background knowledge of how the world runs these days....Not just sitting around a kava bowl and making up stupid ideologies and decrees etc to run the country....ENOUGH OF YOUR ROT. Your ruler and your decisions are so stupid like yourselves that even the 12 year olds are able to tell....dou yavu ulukau.Never in Fiji has a 12 year old written a bad thing about how the gov is run...Sa laurai ga e ke ya na ulukau kei na viavia levu.

    To those supporting the coup and the Bainivuaka regime....please come to your senses....fiji is at a stand still and is quickly going downhill. Please stop and think of the bigger picture and dont just fill your pockets and leave the people of Fiji suffer.

    To those of you who are aspiring leaders of Fiji....please learn from what these gangsters have done. If you get chosen to lead Fiji, then do it for the people of Fiji....Don't be greedy. Kua ni o ni lialia baleta ni na saumi lesu tale vei kemumni. Have a clear conscience. If you think that something fishy is going on then get away from it and do not support it. Quite simple.

    To the Khaiyums, Nurbanos, Shameems,Chaudarys, Urais, Anthonys,Gates and the lot.....we the people of Fiji now know what you really are...You are just there for your greed and not for us....You have exhausted our true Fijian lolomas and we hate you for taking Fiji this way....You make sure you enjoy your last days of power as much as you can because the Prison is waiting for you.


  28. And this is the man who is ranting at NZ for not giving him a visa to attend the World Rugby games in NZ - that NZ shouldn't mix politics with sports?? Ha - look at yourself in the mirror goon, keep poltics out of religion! Something has come back to bite your a***! You are not even fit to run the FRU - you are only there like every high member of Govt, because you are a member of the military! Like them, you have no qualifications whatsoever!!

  29. I believe that it shall come to pass. We only need faith ....September 3, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    Matthew 21:21
    Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done.

    1 Corinthians 15:14-17
    And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.

    1 Peter 1:5-9
    Who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time. In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith--of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire--may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls."


  30. Good documentation C4.5

  31. I am certainly at a loss here!!
    Just who is running the country? Is it the Illegal military council, is it the Police, is it the Illegal regime??
    I would have thought that the PS Defence would have written to the Methodist Church!!!!
    Well, I guess, it is ONLY in Fiji!!!!
    They just have lost sense of all direction!!!!

  32. Another window into the quagmire that is today Fiji

  33. Please understand and know that "ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY".The Methodist Church must go through this period of persecution before a spiritual breakthrough is expected.The Church must concentrate on what she knows best ie,worship God in Spirit and in Truth.The Truth will be triumphant, after all the battle is His and not ours.

  34. The evil in this regime goes deep and the Military Council is in right up to its neck.

  35. PS The Military Council was something we didn't hear much from Roko Ului.

  36. Methodist Vhurch biggest in the country. Obviously Bainimarama does not want it to start thinking for itself

  37. food for thought, Bainimarama face looks similar to the owner of KBS night club in Nausori, arent tey broters??? no wonder, kawa i kuar battan singh, want to be kai kiuva,just ask your mum , bai.

  38. Looking at this document reveals that the Titanic of Fiji has holes from front to back (big one). everything is leaking and everyone knows what's going on.
    I can see that the right person who is supposed to sign this kind of order did not, baleta ni ra sa tekivu vodo vakamalua tiko ena basi ni Narere.
    Yadra mai Viti
    E rawa ni sa moku mada o Mo?
    se me rau fire vata i Vo.

  39. Lets organise big demonstration and create massive disturbances.Its about time to start burning down the military offices and all government building occupied by these bunch of unqualified morons.Lets burn down the commissioners offices for they were appointed by the cronies.Lets get together and fight back.People in Fiji get together in groups and lets burn down their offices or even the barracks all over fiji.I'm sure people are out there who supports the cause.Fiji more burnings is required.Please go out and joined any resistance to the dictators group like the VRF and lets fight until we destroy and defeat them.Long live Fiji.Enough is enough.If the church can't do them then someone needs to do them.Take a good look in the mirror and ask youself 'Do you want freedom? 'If your answer is no, then go to St Chiles Hospital and admit yourself for a while for you don't have guts.If you say YES.Pat youself on the back and joined any movement that will stand up and fight these BASTARDS.

  40. @ANNON.7:21AM....E sega saraga ni dua e force taki iko mo soli kina lotu.Voli kakana sara vakalevu me ratou kana ka mamau na luvemu kei watimu ena i sau ni nomu `force` taki..eat and be merry for tomorrow you shall die..make sure you pack some for your journey to Naicobocobo..old Fijian folklore says Naqanaqa`s the gate keeper there and he gives good vootooshona to mean people like you.

  41. The fact of the matter is that the so-called and toothless Military Council comprises of YOUNG KIDOS, people who have no idea how the World and society operates, people who have been inculcated and brainwashed by the Vore via promotions, back-pays, appointments etc etc!!
    They are NOTHING but a bunch of KIDS and SCUMBAGS!!!!

  42. "Eighty and six years I have served him,How then can I blaspheme my King and Saviour? Bring forth what thou wilt." Polycarp was burned at the stake for refusing to burn incense to the Roman Emperor

  43. Why does an important Police Operation directive such as this be signed by FOLAU PARETI who within one year rose from a mere W/SGT to Assistant Supretendant of Police.We still remember you in Sinai FOLAU for the affairs with fellow soldiers you we doing.LASA I TUBA E TIKO VEI IKO ASP FOLAU.



  45. evil only triumphd wen good men do nothing

  46. Ko ira na Isireli era vakamatei ena nodra talai dredre ...era sa gole tani mai na i vunau i Jiova ka ra sa via cakava na ka ga era lewa.
    O Tugaue sa via vakacegu, na dredre e tiko vei Tuikilakila baleta ni vakacegu esa na sega na nona i votavota se tutu ena loma ni lotu.... au kerea me ra vosa mai vakadodonu...Emeni

  47. itaukei:
    yalo vakacegu, ko tukilakila e sega ni rau lewa tiko na nodrau vakacegu baleta ni tiko na lawa ni lotu ka rau vauci tu kina.kua niko via siova e dua na ka ena lotu ni se tu na lawa e muria tiko. na matannitu ko tovaka tiko sa sega tu na kena lawa. rau sa qai buli lawa tiko ga qo ko bai kei aias ena decree.
    ke sega tiko nomu lotu lako vei rau me laki dua ga na nomudou mata-lotu.
    na nomudou lotu me kua na kena lawa ka kua talega na kena isulu.ko na qai raica ni sa sa dua dina na lotu LASA,dou lagasre vakalevu, o iko taura na kau ni lagasere nei bai se nei aias koya ko vinakata. O SEGA TAURI RAU VATAGA ME RAWA NI ROGOCA NA KEBA TAUCOKO NA NOMUDOU SERE.

  48. Anon @4,24pm..edua na ka e via tukuna tiko o iTaukei ka kerekere tiko vakabibi okoya....


  49. dina.
    ena sega gone ni rawa ni ra cegu ni sega na bose.na bose gona dou mai tarova me ra a sa cegu kina.na vuni noqu rarawa niu vinakata me rau sa cegu qai so na tamata lialia era mai tarova na gaunisala me rau a cegu kina, koya ena bose.na kena mai tarovi na bose sa tarova talega na cegu. e laki yacamu tu vakacava o dina ka ni ko via lasu tiko. o iko ko sa vinakata tiko oqori me rau sa baci forcetaki na nodrau cegu. oqo na ka e cata tiko na lotu me lako tani mai na nona lawa.
    au tukuna vei kemudrau erau na qai cegu ga ni sa dua na bose.
    lako tale o iko vei itaukei taura nona kau ni lagasere ia ko iko mo alto mai .
    wananavu tale tagane.


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